What caused the French Revolution? - Tom Mullaney

  • Published on Oct 27, 2016
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    What rights do people have, and where do they come from? Who gets to make decisions for others, and on what authority? And how can we organize society to meet people’s needs? Tom Mullaney shows how these questions challenged an entire nation during the upheaval of the French Revolution.
    Lesson by Tom Mullaney, animation by Sashko Danylenko.

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  • Mas Amirul Syahmi Amirul

    Such a good way to learn History. I love it!

  • Shru Parf
    Shru Parf 19 days ago

    better than my History class in school

  • Pandora *4915*
    Pandora *4915* 26 days ago

    Now I am in eleventh and youtube has recommended it to me.... Its a 9th class concept

  • Robert •
    Robert • 27 days ago +1

    The 1870 (not 1871) Republic was the 3rd Republic (now France is at its 5th) and indeed it settled the matter in favor of the people. But until then it was actually a three-way struggle: those who wanted to restore the monarchy, those who wanted to restore Napoleon's empire, those who wanted the people to hold an important stake. A lengthy and hard fought process, indeed.

  • dontuse rname
    dontuse rname Month ago

    why should you read a tale of two cities😂

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez Month ago

    as always something that start wiht good intentinos gets ruined. Leaving religion and beheding killing to many people leading to its downfall

  • mimi keghida
    mimi keghida Month ago +1

    Professor of French history here... I love the video but have a correction. It is well known that there were many aristocrats and members of the Church who believed feudalism must end. Many willingly joined members of the third estate when they found they were locked out of their meeting hall. David's painting "The Tennis Court Oath" clearly shows members of the other estates taking part in the celebrations. Plus, they had been writing about this issues for decades. The evening of August 4th was long in coming, but anticipated by many.

  • varshini priya
    varshini priya Month ago

    Louis VI made a law that , handkerchiefs should be square shaped😂😂😂😂

  • Saundra Monette
    Saundra Monette Month ago

    The pronunciation is horrendous. I’m not even French but I have a teacher that knows French who taught us this.

  • Aleksandar Vil
    Aleksandar Vil Month ago +2

    Me and the bois storming The Bastille in Paris, July 4th, 1789,

  • Aleksandar Vil
    Aleksandar Vil Month ago +2

    518 dislikes?!?

    *_T O T H E G U I L L O T I N E!!!_*

    Haters: *_"OoooOooOooHH NooOoooOOOo--"_*

  • mo brown
    mo brown Month ago

    It’s like money and resources start every war

  • Eddee What
    Eddee What Month ago +1

    Interesting but I’m confused as to what type of government it is. I thinking figure head monarch within population control

  • altair91100
    altair91100 Month ago

    Brotherhood, equality, freedom or death, you forgot to mention

  • Kaycee Whitham
    Kaycee Whitham Month ago

    "Do you hear the people sing"!

  • Mr. No Name
    Mr. No Name Month ago

    This is the vanilla version.

  • Chloe Zhao
    Chloe Zhao Month ago

    it is always unsure to me whether Marie Antoinette is the cause of the evolution.

  • Crystal Kitty
    Crystal Kitty 2 months ago

    You did leave out stuff but ya

  • Nathan Remix
    Nathan Remix 2 months ago +1

    Me : Teacher why french had freedom
    Teacher : America

  • Diana Torralbo
    Diana Torralbo 2 months ago

    What I really would like to know is how the french became sooo posh, cheesy, classist and fashion victims. At some point all went out of hand.

  • Darkness
    Darkness 2 months ago

    Wair, I thought the king had given Porsche to Catholic Clergy and Nobility before the revolution broke out /s

  • Destinys Passion
    Destinys Passion 2 months ago +1

    But no King Louis XVI actually raised taxes on the first two estates and actually lowered taxes on the 3rd estate :(

  • Hitesh Sindhura
    Hitesh Sindhura 2 months ago

    let them eat cake

  • Volkorel
    Volkorel 2 months ago

    Okay so basically

  • Thobeka Gazu
    Thobeka Gazu 2 months ago

    0:16-0:20 cracks me up!

  • 4th Chamber Music
    4th Chamber Music 2 months ago

    Sounds like United States of America, the american people are the only one's who pay heavy taxes and the rich luagh while we suffer. Look at amazon who pays no taxes and so on. Its sad and pathetic as a human race we make each other suffer and act like we are one.

  • achintya itagi
    achintya itagi 2 months ago

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    Got interested in this topic after playing Assassin's Creed... and people say video games aren't educational.

  • 海明威
    海明威 2 months ago

    Why are these revolutions born not by democratic regimes but by more horrific dictatorships?
    Why is the British revolution, the American revolution can be perfectly transformed, and the privilege is abolished. Is there anything special about Britain and the United States?

    • 海明威
      海明威 2 months ago

      Even when the British revolutionary ago, there was Cromwell's dictatorship.
      So why isn’t the United States so bumpy?

  • viscous warrior
    viscous warrior 2 months ago

    This was the first chapter of my history book in 10th

  • deca gon
    deca gon 2 months ago

    please make a video about the origins of conflict between north and south korea

  • alecia jessica
    alecia jessica 2 months ago +1

    I love these animations that keep me educated about everything. But can you do a video on the People Power Revolution in the Phillipines? I think that would be interesting

  • Alex L.
    Alex L. 2 months ago

    Why do *Monarchys* still exist?

  • GoD
    GoD 3 months ago

    Good animation. It helps in understanding properly

  • mahaveer prasad
    mahaveer prasad 3 months ago

    from India.

  • hblaub
    hblaub 3 months ago

    Why is it not solved by now? We had so much time to figure out a solution ;-)

  • 13th Reaper
    13th Reaper 3 months ago

    Should have mentioned Marquis de Lafayette, another key figure in the Revolution

  • Alpnah Duevalia Neville

    America soon to come.

  • mohit singh chauhan
    mohit singh chauhan 3 months ago +1

    " The king charged with treason" well that's interesting.

  • Jason Spreyer
    Jason Spreyer 3 months ago

    Vive La France

  • Karl
    Karl 3 months ago

    It removed many parts of the drench revoltion so , a bit misleading.

  • Ryan Sheffield
    Ryan Sheffield 3 months ago

    Bonaparte Appetite

  • Perplexion Dangerman
    Perplexion Dangerman 3 months ago

    "its not france, its the rest of the continent ! " ~ napoleon

  • AnnoyinglySalty
    AnnoyinglySalty 3 months ago +1

    Marie Antoinette's reputation is actually completely false. She actually attempted to restrain the spending of the nobility during times of hardship, promoted more modest and simple dress styles, and invited children of poorer families to the palace and they played with her children, because she wanted her children to know the average person. She never said "Let them eat cake" and all the paintings of her in fancy clothing were from before the calling of the Estates-General, before the summoning of the Assembly of Notables, even before the hire or dismissal of Jacques Necker. She wasn't a bad person, put the revolution has ingrained into public perception the opposite.

  • MagicForDummiez
    MagicForDummiez 3 months ago

    Such a squeaky clean presentation. There was blood on the streets and it was probably worse when Gadaffi fell.

  • Shadowhunter
    Shadowhunter 3 months ago +1

    Urgh.. Why do I read these comments in a French accent? -_-

  • Ananda Krishnan
    Ananda Krishnan 3 months ago +2

    Isn't it an amazing insight into philosophical questions, repetitive insights into human behaviour and the cyclical nature of time all encapsulated in a 5 minute video? Kudos to teded♥️🕊

  • Dan 7
    Dan 7 3 months ago

    Assassins Creed Unity

  • Ae Ea
    Ae Ea 4 months ago

    Yesterday version :
    *French people* : * can't afford bread *
    *Marie-Antoinette* : " let them have cake "
    Nowadays version :
    *French people* : * can't afford fuel*
    *Brigitte Macron* : " let them have electric cars "
    *French people* :
    * challenge accepted *

    I SWEAR on my LIFE she said this. I am not even kidding 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Ae Ea
    Ae Ea 4 months ago

    Something you could have perhaps said too (but perhaps the video is too short) is that the State has turned to a police-state's authoritarian regime with a certain repression through fear. Bastille was actually as a political prison because everyone could be jailed just on order.

  • Archita Das
    Archita Das 4 months ago +1

    Vive la France!!!!!

  • Jeffery Handerson
    Jeffery Handerson 4 months ago +1

    Louis XVI wasn't bad, he was just incompetent of ruling to stabilize the state or controlling them nobles. He was a man of many things but the ruling the Kingdom of France wasn't one of them. He would've made a better keysmith or a locksmith than a king.
    And Mari Antoinette wasn't the kind of person to say 'Let them eat cake.'
    She was a person who liked simple things than the French Aristocrats, although still being simple among the nobles still looked like noble to the people's eye. She was just a princess of Prussia who married the wrong person at the wrong time.

    • Ae Ea
      Ae Ea 4 months ago +1

      Yet, the guy should have became actor or soccer player than keysmith or locksmith.
      Wait, aren't you talking about nowadays France?

  • Karthik Dulam
    Karthik Dulam 4 months ago +1

    I don't understand the last line.

    • Ae Ea
      Ae Ea 4 months ago

      They mean the problems stay the same : the same are taking wealth, while people can't get out of the situation.

    FRANCO PEREZ 4 months ago +1

    the actual/correct word is craftspeople not craftsmen

  • Jrytsray iyuk77
    Jrytsray iyuk77 4 months ago +1

    Every attempt to change the government in EVEL ways,..can make disasters to the people in self. They will be another opportunity for the next EVEL government replacement, it's NEVER end, unless the people make it the change it in good ways.

  • Prince of Chaos
    Prince of Chaos 4 months ago

    Lies lies big lies!! Middle class (merchants and business classes) wanted to capture authority over Europe. They used farmers for it. They conspired against the dynasty and hijacked European power. Napolean was just a puppet.
    Earlier it was kings and nobles, later it became merchants and business aristocrats.

  • DoubleDS9
    DoubleDS9 4 months ago +2

    An excellent summation of the Revolution's key facts and contexts. Well done!

  • Mikaelah Perez
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    bruh the animation is ted-ed never disappoints.

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    thanks to help me for my exams ;D