McDonalds Tells Struggling Employees To Return X-Mas Gifts

  • Published on Nov 22, 2013
  • McDonalds' McResource website is taking the cake for suggesting almost insulting solutions to coping with their below living wages pay.
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Comments • 1 253

  • Josh Schmude
    Josh Schmude 4 years ago

    I'm sorry but that mcdonalds skit was funny as hell lol. I worked at McDonald's when i was 15 years old but wouldn't ever consider working there as an adult unless it was in management. I don't agree with there pay practices but what do you expect for unskilled labor, I guess the moral of the story is don't waste your life, write a book, make a documentary, write a catchy tune, or get skilled in a trade otherwise youll end up in section 8 for the rest of your life and have no one to blame but yourself, peace love and chicken grease homes :)

  • GoddamnMan1
    GoddamnMan1 5 years ago

    McDonalds is so ignorant, and they really know how to take a royal shit all over everything and everyone! --- BAN MCDONALDS FOREVER!

  • getredytagetredy
    getredytagetredy 5 years ago

    the corporations and the banksters with their Public relations firm=main stream media keep you from never ever ever ever ever figuring out how bad their fucking you.-----Until you wake up.----1st clue= The "fed"----it aint federal,--- its owned by the rockefellers and their global bankster gangsters. This institution was hijacked in 1913 -this is how it works----they bribed politicians to let them print the money(called currency cause it aint backed by 0) then they sell the currency back to the government(called bonds) at usury interest-which is illegal----that we didnt need in the first place because the constitution specifically states that congress shall control the printing of money so there's no interest for the people to pay which means if you work hard you can prosper without someone(gov.) stealing it thru the IRS.So they counterfiet-then extort the interest thru force.WAR makes them insanely rich-This is why our country is so fucked up and theres always War---Oh.and the ppl at the top of this NWO pyramid are parasitic,narcsisistic psychopaths who are void of empathy which means their not human--their predators superficial,artificial humans.For more info watch Bill Still's 'The MoneyMasters"

  • BurntTheCube Butts
    BurntTheCube Butts 5 years ago

    I'm only 16 and work at mcdonalds and I can't finish the video because it's giving me a panic attack about the future

  • thewess26
    thewess26 5 years ago

    Hold up...When Governing a state or sitting on Senate, was brought on in history, it was labeled a transitional job. so why are they making a lot of money. shouldn't the transitional work be paid minimum wage?

  • dogster Dela roca
    dogster Dela roca 5 years ago

    It is an entry level position...I think MC donalds did a good job shoving them reality...Even Mc donalds knows whats up. It is not MC donalds fault for them getting stuck in that crappy job

  • Deezildennis
    Deezildennis 5 years ago +1

    Isn't McDonalds supposed to be a Kids Job?

    • RG
      RG 5 years ago +1

      No, the poor soul just lack skills.

  • Natura Exitium
    Natura Exitium 5 years ago

    That's bullsh*t

  • IJizzLightningBolts
    IJizzLightningBolts 5 years ago +1

    Wow, it's almost as if the de-regulation of large corporations causes them to adopt immoral practices in an effort to maximize profits! Who could have seen this coming?

  • Jon-Luc Cayabyab
    Jon-Luc Cayabyab 5 years ago

    This video is helping me write my research paper...

  • silver love
    silver love 5 years ago


    • Tony Cappa
      Tony Cappa 5 years ago

      lol see what i did they're

  • silver love
    silver love 5 years ago

    That is disgusting riping up a piece of you food and eating it is just...werid and it MUST be unhealthy never mind the thought that they ENCOURAGE IT!!?

  • Bismarck
    Bismarck 5 years ago +1

    Mcdonalds McSucks! Makes me want to McPuke! McFuck!

  • renoloverxoxo
    renoloverxoxo 5 years ago

    The food drive at my local Walmart was actually for an employee whose house burned down before Thanksgiving... Awkward.

  • Marlin Johnson
    Marlin Johnson 5 years ago +2

    no big deal I am sure the executives won't be upset at all when the workers raise up as one and start selling barely used hearts from the higher ups. lungs and livers will also be a nice feather in the workers nest eggs...but seriously these ass wipes should really watch what spews out of their uncomprehending mouths. we will take alot but there will come a time when execs will be hunted and sold for the waste products they are made of....

  • Marcus Rush
    Marcus Rush 5 years ago

    Selling children is totally the best way to get out of debt. . . Oh wait...

  • zangell1
    zangell1 5 years ago

    Its not the companies fault u didn't go to college

  • John Dion
    John Dion 5 years ago

    @rebelliousbynature99 I hope you don't complain about people being on public assistance then. Taxpayers are the ones paying to bring the employees up to a living wage while McDonald's pockets the profit.

  • midnight rain
    midnight rain 5 years ago

    I am so glad I decided to not work there........

  • Manners03
    Manners03 5 years ago

    Don't get me wrong, People should have a fair chance at a decent wage, but I've known a lot of people who work at a minimum wage paying job, and can get by if they're responsible. Yeah, things are tight, but going out and buying a PS4 or Xbox1 isn't helping. I'm not saying this is how it is everywhere, but I think a lot of people hurt themselves, then cry about not having enough.

  • Captain Rick
    Captain Rick 5 years ago

  • Wullie Mccreadie
    Wullie Mccreadie 5 years ago

    Some sound advice there from McSatans.

  • Summer Ali
    Summer Ali 5 years ago +1

    I just can't get myself to pity people who chose to make a career out of McDonalds. Exactly what was it about a job meant for 15 year olds looking for spending money that struck you as "solid career choice"?

    • thewess26
      thewess26 5 years ago +1

      The job doesn't matter... If a person is working full time providing a service to Americans and paying taxes. that makes them just as important to our society as everyone else. and to complain that someone working 100 hours a paycheck is on welfare. like that is their fault?? WTF?? why are they not worthy of a living wage? and I seem to remember being a Governor or Senator was a transitional job 80 years ago. now they sit in lifetime terms and make millions!

    • Reneiru
      Reneiru 5 years ago

      More often than not they don't have a choice. After the recession so many people lost jobs and now they now have to resort to the ones at the bottom of the barrel to try and get some kind of paycheck. No matter how abysmal it is. There are people with college degrees, people that were fired from their previous jobs, and people with no other options because they were born into poverty and have no opportunity for a higher education because they just don't have the finances for it.

  • samsabaddass
    samsabaddass 5 years ago

    I worked at McDick's for a little and was making more than minimum wage. Then I moved.. but I don't touch McDouche's food anymore.. nor Bk's.. I worked there too and they paid worse and gave bogas hours

  • jckgrim51
    jckgrim51 5 years ago +1

    I say purge the McDonald's work force, and re-hire the group of employees the job is recommended/intended for. As for the people who are not in the group and were just fired, tough shit. Better learn to fish and make fire b.c if you really think your fall back job was McD then your fucked in life. How could you possibly think being a burger flipper, even with a slightly higher income, will raise your standard of living? People can argue with me statistics or what ever the fuck excuse is for these people's hardship, I don't give a fuck! Kids in Africa or where ever working under age doing labor I will never dream of going through, yet I am supposed to care about some fucktard working at a burger joint, b.c he is having a "tough" time? Fuck that guy!

  • Laura Leth
    Laura Leth 5 years ago

    The ironic thing is, here in Denmark; McD has been acclaimed as 'the best working place/environment' in Denmark. So McD, get your arse together and be consistent!

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable 5 years ago

    McDonalds is custy

  • Mohammad O
    Mohammad O 5 years ago

    Had no idea Ash Ketch'um needed a job, guess it didn't work out being a poke'mon master.

  • Charles Mosqueda
    Charles Mosqueda 5 years ago

    So yes let give people who work at MCDs a raise cause i really want a #1 to cost $15

  • Daniil Andreyevich
    Daniil Andreyevich 5 years ago

    This video's title is a lame attempt at sensationalizing something that isn't worth even talking about. Get it together SourceFed.

  • Kalethekill
    Kalethekill 5 years ago

    This is accurate...

  • rebelliousbynature99
    rebelliousbynature99 5 years ago +4

    If you know the job pays minimum wage and you still accept the position, who's fault is that? It's not the company's fault, you came to them and asked for a job. Nobody told you go work there. So who's fault is it? Oh, that's right, its your own fault. You applied for the job. You know knew what the pay was. You accepted the position. And now you complain about it? Such hypocrisy of the American worker.

    • IJizzLightningBolts
      IJizzLightningBolts 5 years ago

      +rebelliousbynature99 He's talking about the people who set what exactly constitutes "minimum wage", i.e. employers and lawmakers, being evil, bloodsucking scumbags who'll throw employees under the bus if it helps their bottom line. He also, justifiably, called you an idiot.

    • rebelliousbynature99
      rebelliousbynature99 5 years ago

      What are you talking about?

    • thewess26
      thewess26 5 years ago

      What happens when the greedy top tier are the ones who decide what the consequences are? maybe no min. wage so they can pay someone 100 dollars a month for a full time job? Who deems these jobs unimportant to society at least not important enough to pay for rent and food, just one or the other. If you are not rich and you are defending the people who solely base every decision on profits rather than people, than you are an idiot like they are calling you.

    • IJizzLightningBolts
      IJizzLightningBolts 5 years ago

      Hey, you're the idiot looking for intellectual conversation in the youtube comments section, of all places. Also, the only reason I trolled you was because you deserved it. And I didn't fail, because you kept responding for TWO WEEKS! Did you enjoy the abuse or something? Hah, if I really didn't get under your skin, you wouldn't have felt the need to tell me.

    • rebelliousbynature99
      rebelliousbynature99 5 years ago

      +IJizzLightningBolts Do you understand how ridiculous your somments are? Do you understand how ignorant your comments make you look? At every step you've demonstrated an inability to hold an intelligent conversation and an inability to comprehend what's being said. You've failed miserably at every attempt to insult or annoy me, as I found childish taunts to be amusing juvenile behavior. however, this does bore me as I find it to be a waste of my time to continue communicating with an individual with the maturity level of an 8 year old with a potty mouth.
      I'm pretty sure you're going to respond with some vulgar retort because you feel the need to have the last word. Well, I'm giving it to you. I'm not planning on responding to it, but feel free to continue in your vain adoloscent goading. I enjoy the laugh.

  • Angelina Beltran
    Angelina Beltran 5 years ago

    Mc. Ds can suck it, I love Wendys but I work at Jack in the box... Go figure we're all in too deep. Too dark? Sorry

  • Bryan Vandegrift
    Bryan Vandegrift 5 years ago +1

    The ad that played before this video was a Burger King commercial. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Canadianbroski
    Canadianbroski 5 years ago

    OK, I was literally tearing up during that training video. I love you guys. Hug me!

  • GhostKingviii
    GhostKingviii 5 years ago +2

    They are not underpaid. How much do u expect for flipping burgers?

  • SouthernGlitter
    SouthernGlitter 5 years ago +1

    I use to work at McDonald's. You really don't get paid enough for what you put up with. The only good thing was most of my customers I knew by name and, formed a relationship with. At least the ones that were nice. Now as for these things they suggest you do to help get you out of debt that's ridiculous. I mean seriously why should I have to sell things I either already had or, were given to me. I just don't understand it. But, that's how it goes I guess.

  • multiplezombies
    multiplezombies 5 years ago

    well this is it im now no longer buying from mcdonalds...

  • Vardo
    Vardo 5 years ago

    i think its a good thing that they are doing that. Most of the people working there are uneducated and not contributing to society in a positive way, this way it can help them kind of.

  • Pequod Senpai
    Pequod Senpai 5 years ago

    I used to work at a McDonalds, worst experience of my life.

  • PeaceAndCarrots
    PeaceAndCarrots 5 years ago +3

    Once again, I enjoy NOT living in the US.

  • TheLostfoundation
    TheLostfoundation 5 years ago

    this was really stupid

  • Oscar Ruelas
    Oscar Ruelas 5 years ago

    I work in mc donald's and it is a huge pain in the ass, first the wages are bullshit minimum wage for all crew members. And they want you to be doing everything possible as if they were paying 9 or 10 bucks an hour. Oh and don't even get me started with the managers, it appears to be that you have to be childish in order to be a manager. But a crew member are forbidden to make any sort of rude comments towards them or other crew members. And the customers for God sake, the stupidest ones are the ones that are always rude. We the crew make minimum wage or a little bit more than that while management gets 10 bucks and that's only if they have experience already. I can't even imagine how much the actual store manager makes yes they have more responsibilities and what not. But not all of those managers deserve to make that much, without the crew they are nothing.

    • toth9050
      toth9050 5 years ago

      Dude that sucks. I work at a McDonald's too and three of the four managers are super chill.

  • KiddsockTV
    KiddsockTV 5 years ago

    How McStupid.. I wonder how much the Top Brass @ McD's Make? How about a Follow Up story +SourceFed ?

  • dies rabb
    dies rabb 5 years ago

    what dicks!

  • Steven McKay Lowry
    Steven McKay Lowry 5 years ago


  • Steven McKay Lowry
    Steven McKay Lowry 5 years ago

    I hated working in mcdonalds! =[

  • Uska Ishiga
    Uska Ishiga 5 years ago

    Wow a girl I know wasn't exaggerating. Working there must suck horribly

  • James Clark
    James Clark 5 years ago +2

    It's not McDonald's that does this. They are run by a board of directors that have an obligation to make a profit in every one of their ventures. If they don't make a profit they get fired and replaced. Say they started paying their employes a higher wage. This will dramatically effect their profit and can drop stock prices. If that happens the investor market can be damaged. It is very much the investors that tell the directors what needs to be done. If the investors don't want profit to be effected by a pay raise then guess what? It is not so much the company that fucks people as it is normal people like you and me. These company's are in it for money just like every other company. They don't give a shit about you... just your money. If you have any illusions otherwise you are a fool. Oh and FYI, You would do the same thing if you owned a company and you saw that a living wage fucked your profits.

    • PeaceAndCarrots
      PeaceAndCarrots 5 years ago

      Cool, a guy who actaully knows how things work.

  • Crystal Drake
    Crystal Drake 5 years ago

    i work at mcdonalds and all of these things are pretty much bullshit, I make 8.50 and im just a crew member, mcdonalds is a job opportunity for young adults and teenagers, if you want a job to give you money get a fuckin education and stop bitching

    • Oscar Ruelas
      Oscar Ruelas 5 years ago

      you're lucky i still make minimum i have a few months there but I was promised more than minimum.

  • wooders2310
    wooders2310 5 years ago

    I don't agree with what they're doing but, if you're stuck in a shitty job with tons of debt should you really be spending lots of money on christmas presents, really?

  • mrpotterandrew
    mrpotterandrew 5 years ago +4

    i'm an engineer (surveyor) in romania and i work for 800$/ month (10hours/day) and i'm not complaining like you spoiled americans. if you didn't like going to school then you should be extremely happy working for 7 dollars/hour.

    • Shripad K
      Shripad K 5 years ago +1

      $800 in Romania is not same as $800 in us though. I am not from US, and $800 a month is salary of a good software engineer with 5-10 years experience at times here in India. And that is upper middle class income and you can live relatively comfortable life with that kind of money for family of 4.
      $15 is enough for me to buy groceries for entire week for my home.
      We really shouldn't be comparing pay in different countries. Surviving on $800 in US in anywhere in big - mid size cities is very difficult. Sure, if you live in remote part of Idaho, you can. But not in most other places.

  • Wanya Jones
    Wanya Jones 5 years ago

    That is outrageous, I have never worked at mcdonalds but I can safely say that working there is a BITCH!!!, with a clusterfuck of a city like ours people go to mcdonalds on a daily basis and give the workers so much shit...its insane

  • b07rivera
    b07rivera 5 years ago +8

    Even if Wal-Mart and McDonald's begin offering higher minimum wages to their employees. The government will find yet another way to take a significant percentage from our paychecks. Not only that, I am beginning to see that most of these comments are coming from Left/liberal side of things. How it is completely the fault of corporations, how millionaires are at fault in preventing unions and billionaires are at fault in getting away with anything. This is coming from the Libertarian side, Government is the problem, Government is the entire reason why we are in 17 trillion dlllars in debt and it is the reason why a selective amount of corporations are currently in power. We have to elected liberty-minded candidates who are not afraid to say NO to powerful lobbyists.

    • Will Flint
      Will Flint 5 years ago +3

      LOL WOW, Bo, your ignorance is showing: go home, your drunk. With that being said, Luna helps to paint a better picture of the situation. Being LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE has nothing to do with it. Whether you have a liberal or conservative in officer or local municipal governance, who do you think funds their campaigns? Next to your very small tax paying dollars, the rest of said money comes from corporations who want to make capitalization much easier and efficient for them, thus maximizing their returns while spending the least amount of money doing so. Mon Santo Foods is a good example with the proposition that was trying to be passed in California not to long ago (I believe the proposition got shut down by Mon Santo and the Government).
      In any case, the government lobbies for those who fund their campaigns: collective tax payer money often gets poured into various different resources, but more often then not it is allocated to help advance the agenda of a actor or rather group of actors. Seriously, liberalism has nothing to do with it: Liberalism and Conservatism are forms of politics, methods of how one body executes a certain fiscal strategy or even urban development regime, they are essentially two sides of the same coin. It really really bugs me when people go around spouting political nonsense without using common rhetoric and logic to figure out the greater picture: there will be times where governing a large economic and social organism will require both liberal and conservative political notions, never one of the other.
      With that being said, we need to rally for a lower standard of living, and lower inflation rates. The global economic engine drives prices up every year due to economic scarcity, but this is a man-made economic crisis that has been imposed on us through capitalism itself. If we want to see a more equal living wage from employers we will first need to see a lower cost of living and a lower inflation rate: the answer is not raising the minimum wage, but rather making the economic market more affordable. Seriously, if you want to say anything on politics, at least go and inform yourself first, you will thank yourself in the long run.

    • Lunarscribe
      Lunarscribe 5 years ago +2

      (takes a deep breath before his head explodes) Im sorry who exactly do you think the lobbyists work for? Are you that brain dead that you can't even connect two dots? The Corporations ARE the Root of the Problem the elected individuals are a symptom. Greed. If we reward Greed we can not be shocked or appauled that elected officials take bribes and money from the lobbyists that work for the Mega Corps. To speak to your absurd assertion that Government is the reason we are in 17 trillion (and the word is dollars) in about looking at how much America spends every year on our Millitary Budget. $682 B B B Billion dollars that is more than the next 10 countries COMBINED! (Statistics from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation: April 12, 2013) Not to mention they are ALL allies! And who can we blame for this rampant shopping spree with the American taxpayers money? The Idiot missinformed and brain dead voters who cast their votes for Republicans and "Libertarians" Perhaps if we cut our military spending down to only $341 Billion and then take that other $341 Billion and put it into...oh I don't know education, perhaps we might have a voting populous that could acctually process, rationalize, and assimilate know using their BRAIN and not their "gut" to tell them who the better candidates are? You think that might work Einstein?

    • Bureaucratic Barbarian
      Bureaucratic Barbarian 5 years ago +12

      Congratulations, you got me to roll my eyes.

  • Sara D
    Sara D 5 years ago

    They are called entry level jobs for a reason. Minimum wage isn't supposed to be the path to opulence, but minimum legal compensation for work done.

  • Careless' VOD Reviews
    Careless' VOD Reviews 5 years ago

    I see so often that someone who is working a bad job, I understand why you do (family, debt and so on), That stop looking for a job once they get it. I'm still looking for a better job right now, and have been with my current company for almost a year. I was with the company before that for a year, and the company before that for 2 years. My pay has gradually increased as I left bad, unhealthy jobs for slight improvements. Don't stop looking for work because you're working.
    Also consider, there is someone willing to do the job you are doing now, and you are doing them a disservice by not utilizing your potential. Keep climbing, I've doubled my pay in these 4 years, and will continue to look for work even if I can make 100k+ a year. My father makes 120k+ a year at a company he has been with for 8 years, and very seriously considered moving to a different company for higher pay. He started as a door to door meat salesman. He is very skilled and SO ARE YOU. So don't be satisfied with your current pay rate. Look for work no matter how good your job is.

  • WRFM PaRaDoX
    WRFM PaRaDoX 5 years ago +1

    Some of the comments here are appalling. The people judging these workers may as well have been the people that wrote these policies.

  • Meinstein1219
    Meinstein1219 5 years ago

    Greedy, inhumane jerks

    THIS PAGE IS DEAD 5 years ago

    THIS is why i DON'T go to McDonalds.(and the crappy food)

  • uwlaxphe
    uwlaxphe 5 years ago

    I get more and more annoyed every time I hear a story like this one. I worked in food services when I was younger and never at anytime did I think that it was a career or think it was the only job that I would need to get through life the way I wanted to live it. It was a starter job. That is what jobs like these and others are suppose to be.
    I am also tired of people blaming companies for their misfortunes. If you don't like were you are and want more, come up with a solution and do something about it. When did this become a country of "finger pointers" and hating people that have more then you vice a country of people that used those people to inspire themselves to work harder to get more?

  • Asatia35
    Asatia35 5 years ago

    Our McDonalds' start at about $12/hour or more plus sign on bonuses... It's more than what I make as a Bridal Consultant. Just saying... it all depends on the location.

  • Ian W.
    Ian W. 5 years ago +1

    Flipping burgers is not a career.

  • lendial
    lendial 5 years ago

    ross looks like a pokemon trainer

  • Christopher Zechman
    Christopher Zechman 5 years ago +1

    I work at Wal-Mart and it pisses me off to hear people bitching about how much they make work at a fast food joint or a retail store. The people who signed the job offer knew what the wages are and they should have know they would have to work holidays and weekends. It's stupid to think you should be paid more to flip burgers or to put shit on shelves. the job isn't that hard; you are doing what the pay is worth. if you don't like it go find a better job or fucking go back to school to get a better job. and if you have some kind of excuse like I cant go back to school well that's a result of the choices you made now isn't it? Wal-Mart or McDonalds shouldn't have to pay lazy assholes you bitch about their wages while doing shitty work just because those lazy assholes didn't want to stay in school or some shit like that.

  • Fu Tu
    Fu Tu 5 years ago +1

    go back to school and get a better job douche bag

    • Fu Tu
      Fu Tu 5 years ago

      +ShadyLies maybe they should of thought about it while screwing around while in high school or before college.

    • Reneiru
      Reneiru 5 years ago

      Yes because apparently these people are supposed to just pull that thousands of dollars in money to pay for school out of their ass, aren't they?

  • Peachy Roses
    Peachy Roses 5 years ago

    I sure hope no one goes to mcdonalds or tacobell expecting to pay for children and insurance. Come on. Maybe if you're an assistant manager or GM, but shit nigga you ain't gonna be makin' enough to be independently living by being a fuckin' cashier or makin' some tacos.

    • Peachy Roses
      Peachy Roses 5 years ago +1

      That's a nice way to put it into perspective. It's just that I've worked in fast food and it doesn't feel like you should be able to make a living off of it at all. I wouldn't argue with minimum being raised, but it's just such a mindless job. Why should you be paid more than is earned? There are plenty of teenagers to work at fast food restaurants it seems.

    • PhrankE
      PhrankE 5 years ago

      And yet these are still jobs in our society. Someone has to work them, and that someone will probably be a full time employee. So you're saying someone working full time in a job that is necessary but underappreciated shouldn't make enough money to survive without taking multiple of these jobs?

  • is
    is 5 years ago +6

    Honestly, the majority of these comments make me so angry. Does everyone have to agree that McD's workers should get a wage raise? No, of course not. But does being in a better situation at the current moment all of a sudden give you insight into these these workers' lives and give you the authority to pass judgement on them? Not everyone speaks english. Not everyone has money to go to college. Not everyone has choices. Not everyone has lived a life that has taught them where they should look for opportunities. To say that these workers deserve their situations and are stupid for not looking elsewhere for jobs -- does it feel good to look down on other people?

    • Oscar Ruelas
      Oscar Ruelas 5 years ago

      +Shoey free??? hahaha ninja please, in case you didn't know there is no such thing as a free lunch. All that money you say you got for college came from other places, and most of the time needs to be payed back. And yes they are many scholarships and other ways to fund college and that's still somebody else money. You may not have to pay that back but you most likely had to something for it not just because you ask for it you will get it.

    • "Citation Needed"
      "Citation Needed" 5 years ago

      Last time I checked College is free for the poor. I got Pell grants and took out loans.

  • Raydiance Williams
    Raydiance Williams 5 years ago

    As a former employee of McDonald's it wasn't hard to get raises.. and managers made pretty good money... just shift manager pay starting was 15 an hour.. it wasn't a corporate mcdys though. . The owner would give loans during the holidays and actually cared. . But the big ceos now just don't care

  • Jake Turcotte
    Jake Turcotte 5 years ago

    I worked at McDonalds for three and a half hours... Then they realized I was too young after reading my date of birth off a piece of paper in an interview and a training session. So after I watched all their training videos and was ready to leave, I was paid in coupons to their restaurant that I will never use because I refuse to put that food in my body. Another good reason to not work for McDonalds!

  • Michael Kowatch
    Michael Kowatch 5 years ago

    Go Fuck yourself Ronald!

  • Spikewess
    Spikewess 5 years ago


  • DioDeLosMuertos
    DioDeLosMuertos 5 years ago

    If they're using these kinds of figures no wonder its fubar:
    UK National Minimum wage:
    Year 21 and over 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice(under 19)
    2013 (current rate) £6.31 £5.03 £3.72 £2.68
    US equivalent (today)$10.23 $8.18 $6.03 $4.35
    Average cost of living UK = £500 per month (approx) = $810
    Average cost of living US = $460 per month (approx) = £285
    Every country is getting underpaid or over taxed, McDonalds needs to increase their wage but the amount people are asking for is ridiculous, its classed as an unskilled job which is why the wage is low. I support them needing a higher wage but to more than double it?

  • Mike Grissom
    Mike Grissom 5 years ago

    Employment with McDonalds is not a CAREER. Its a job. There is no way that the majority of employees in these places are worth more than minimum wage.

  • Chris Norton
    Chris Norton 5 years ago

    I'm in Canada :p minimum wage is 10.25 where I am :p suckers lol

  • spector52
    spector52 5 years ago

    A lot of the people that bitch about only getting $7.25 from McDonald's probably buy those $100 jeans and just have to have the pair of shoes to go with it.

  • Kottobeh
    Kottobeh 5 years ago

    i dont get it
    its the biggest company in the whole world, it has shit loads of money, if you have money then why are you not playing the employees ? its confusing, someone please explain.

    • TheGiantBunnysaid
      TheGiantBunnysaid 5 years ago

      That's a joke right? There is something called profit.

  • James Nelson Jr
    James Nelson Jr 5 years ago


  • Sahil Patel
    Sahil Patel 5 years ago

    Right before this was a burger king ad

  • Pete Jimenez
    Pete Jimenez 5 years ago +22

    If you work at McD's its because you are attending college & only need the money for gas, books etc. If you work at McD's because you have dropped out of high school or w.e other lazy reason well that's your fault & you deserve to get paid minimum.

    • rebelliousbynature99
      rebelliousbynature99 5 years ago

      Comprehension doesn't seem to be a strong suit with you. I said the person doesn't deserve to get paid more. If the employeer chooses to pay you more, that's on the employeer and it is the employeer's right to make that decision. However, that doesn't mean the person deserves the raise.

    • thewess26
      thewess26 5 years ago

      So you shouldn't get raises? Because it's more than you agreed upon when hired? You don't make sense.

    • rebelliousbynature99
      rebelliousbynature99 5 years ago

      People deserve to get paid what they agreed to work for. When someone agrees to work for minimum wage, they get paid minimum wage. When they agree to work for more, they get paid more. No one deserves to be paid more than what was initially agreed to when the person was originally hired.

    • thewess26
      thewess26 5 years ago

      NOBODY deserves to work their butt off generating millions of dollars for someone only to be handed less than what is needed to eat and have a roof! what is so hard to see about that! what about small towns with no jobs available except for transitional jobs? what then? none of those people should be allowed to live with the basic necessities that others get. sheesh... no wonder people would rather choose welfare. if their full time job pays $9.15 per hour and welfare gives them $9.00 why wouldn't they? don't the companies that profit the most from the cities they live in. realize that with a little more balance to the money earnings they could solve a lot of problems. why isn't this the question? why is there someone standing on a mountain of money calling their employees greedy because they can't afford to get off of welfare, even with a full time job? Burger flipping or not. providing a service to Americans, and paying taxes on wages makes them just as important as anyone else. why do they not deserve to have what is needed to survive?

    • rebelliousbynature99
      rebelliousbynature99 5 years ago +1

      Supposed to be treated equally? No, were not, that'd be foolish. Equality occurs when there is parity between to parties, when they are equals. When talking about human rights, yes, there is parity and everyone should be treated equally. However, when discussing positionary parity, which this video falls under, that doesn't exist, as someone will always be one step higher. A parent is over a child. A teacher is over a student. A boss is over a worker. A company is over its employees. there is no parity therfore there can be no equality.

  • Not Fit For Television

    All i have to say about this is, Entry-Level jobs exist as entry level. If McDonalds workers were given raises, then what about everyone who has jobs within that $7 margin that have higher requirements for hire? they would want more pay as well. with that means higher cost for all these companies, resulting in higher prices and probably less business. with that comes cutbacks, companies close down some of their shops and lay-off workers to save a little more. then we end up in an economic backlash leaving everyone screwed. the world is tough, and because you couldnt find work elsewhere education or not you choose fast-food. it is not glamorous, and it does not pay well. if you have an education this should be a stepping stone to either move up the mcdonalds ladder, or until better work is available. if your a high school drop-out or lack ambition, this is what happens. its not nice to say, but thats how it works. you cannot go into a starter job demanding high pay and get expected to get it, especially when half the high schoolers are willing to take that job for such a low wage.

  • Giovanna Greeff
    Giovanna Greeff 5 years ago +7

    I'm shocked at the amount of people that say not to blame the employer and instead get a better job. When the economy took a nosedive there were tons of men and women with degrees and had been with the company for 20+ years that were laid off. They searched for a job and ended up getting stuck in retail and fast food, or call centers. They live off food stamps, and still managed to put aside their pride for their family and come to work at places that were considered jobs for teenagers. NO JOB is made specifically for teenagers anymore. You have to work wherever you can sometimes because that's what life has handed you. I've worked multiple jobs at a time myself while living with my parents and trying to go to school and still coming out with hardly any money to do anything I enjoyed. I had to take semesters off because I refused to get a student loan due to such high interest rates, and wasn't able to get scholarships. I ended up paying out of pocket for every semester, and got my associates, but don't have my bachelors just yet. Now I'm married, my husband thankfully makes enough that we can pay to go to school, but now I'm pregnant expecting our first child and am having to take a semester or two off while I get the hang of motherhood. I want to get back out into the working world and make some money to help our income a little, unfortunately the cost of putting my child in daycare would be so much that working wouldn't give us money, it would just cost us more to have someone watch her then it would to have me stay at home and find a way to run a business from home. Couples that want to expand their families need to be a dual earning household these days just to keep up with the inflation that is going on and the bills. If you haven't worked in food or retail then consider yourself lucky, but don't bash hard working people that are willing to take on those jobs. They aren't easy. When I worked at one establishment they would schedule you for 39.5 hours so that they didn't have to offer you benefits. One place I worked would give you a promotion but base your raise off of your evaluation, which was so strict that if you made even one mistake, no matter how small you didn't get a raise. On top of that there are people in the world that would come in with a mindset of the workers being uneducated and would end up throwing hissy fits in order to get things that were against our policy. One retail location I worked I had parents that would drop their kids off to play in the toys so they could try on clothes and would come up to me after leaving the fitting room and yell at me because their child was missing....watching their child was definitely not my responsibility. I had one person yell at me over the counter once for putting sour cream on their taco when they said no sour cream, but what he doesn't realize was I'd been making tacos for quite some time that day already, and it's so mind numbing that you go on auto pilot sometimes, but you apologize and fix it. On top of that it was my second week working there. I was just trying to remember what went on what, and they refused to pay for it even though I made them a new taco completely, and apologized. People need to hold their tongue and realize that yelling at the people making your food or cleaning up after you in retail locations are human beings. They have kids, they have school, they have bills, and they a lot of times have degrees. We are not stupid, and we deserve respect even if you feel like we're idiots. Try working those jobs and see how well you do. I don't think that McDonalds needs to pay their workers $15 an hour, but a raise to 9 or 10 is definitely something that needs to happen.

    • Giovanna Greeff
      Giovanna Greeff 5 years ago


    • "Citation Needed"
      "Citation Needed" 5 years ago

      it's not that you wrote a lot. It's the fact you didn't use any paragraphs which makes it very difficult to read.

    • Giovanna Greeff
      Giovanna Greeff 5 years ago

      Gotcha, I know I wrote a lot but if there's an issue that I'm passionate about then I'm going to write enough to make my point.

    • "Citation Needed"
      "Citation Needed" 5 years ago

      That wall of text...

    • Giovanna Greeff
      Giovanna Greeff 5 years ago

      What does that even mean? I didn't say anything in my post that was rude or communistic. Please enlighten me Shoey.

  • fightlol4
    fightlol4 5 years ago

    sad but true.....

  • hellohello223
    hellohello223 5 years ago

    Corporatism is different from capitalism.... Corporatism a few corporation controlled the market while capitalism have free market system where everyone is free to compete....

  • vasily5088
    vasily5088 5 years ago

    just rude... if these people made a wage that was decent then it should not be a big deal. yet McDonalds is out for profit gains and has no concern for their employees. just as walmart does not care about their employees.. the stores are so disorganized that hardly anything gets done.

  • MIMisguided
    MIMisguided 5 years ago +1

    McDonalds was never meant to be long term employment for adults. They plan on high turn over not career employees.

  • A L Kit
    A L Kit 5 years ago

    I have a family member that works for a big box retailer (no names, but its a big red box) and to "help" their employees get more hours to, they are now giving full time employees 40 hours one week and 0 hours the next instead of cutting everyone's hours down to 18-20. Now they can't complain that they are not getting 40 hrs as full timers.

  • TinyTyranitar
    TinyTyranitar 5 years ago

    the fact that the advice is coming from the ones that give them the low wages makes it all that much worse.

  • Alexander Burchnell
    Alexander Burchnell 5 years ago +1

    I'm just so thankful I don't work for that company anymore. There is no way an average employee can survive by working there. Most of the employees that wasn't a manager had to have a second job and was on food stamps. Several even had college degrees! Something needs to change!

  • DasFlamme
    DasFlamme 5 years ago

    Implying McDonalds was ever supposed to be a living wage paying job,

  • Joseph Long
    Joseph Long 5 years ago

    i am so tiered of people thinking that fast food jobs are something to make a living off of and they never have been and never will.

  • WumbologistPhD
    WumbologistPhD 5 years ago

    Fuck McDonalds

  • NWPaul72
    NWPaul72 5 years ago +2

    The race to the bottom is running full throttle... USA! USA! USA!

    • Achilleas7
      Achilleas7 5 years ago +3

      Greece has won this race before..we can win it again !!!! lmao

  • Starcatraz
    Starcatraz 5 years ago

    These McJokes are Really McAnnoying

  • Ronthewk
    Ronthewk 5 years ago


  • Julianna
    Julianna 5 years ago

    Am I the only one who got a mcdonalds commercial for this...

  • CCItoCCI
    CCItoCCI 5 years ago

    Good thing Where I
    Live min wage is at 11 dollars now, when I worked as a teen I started at 10.50 and in two years I was at $15

  • Nic Fernald
    Nic Fernald 5 years ago

    Great shit Nismo!
    Agreed completely

  • Shawn Carriere
    Shawn Carriere 5 years ago

    Funny because it is true. I recently had a bad experience with McDonalds and have made the decision to never waste money in one of their so-called restaurants again. It would be great if the rest of the world hated this company as much as I do, and they went belly-up.

  • Todd Curtiss
    Todd Curtiss 5 years ago +11

    There has to be A bottom somewhere.There is no reason you should be working at a McDonalds for any long period of time .Anyone who has drive and half a brain can make something better of them self's if they really wanted it bad enough.Unless you have a felony then your fucked.

    • Todd Curtiss
      Todd Curtiss 5 years ago +2

      I make mo cake n g3t da bitchz doe. Yolo swag 420
      Capital kilaa shoot ya wit me gat and make ya head runny.

    • Will Flint
      Will Flint 5 years ago +1

      LOL if you even bothered to read any of my posts, I never said raising minimum would be beneficial. I find it very funny that you are now insulting my use of time as a last resort ditch to gain some ground. I commented on your comment and a few others because of how fucking outrageous they were. You continue to justify your ignorance with your moot excuses, then target someones use of time: who the hell are you to judge how people invest their spare time. Also, it would appear that your judge of character is far from spot on - you are one jaded fuck. However, the nail in the coffin was your in ability to READ what was posted before continuing to make an arse about it. Well done sir -golf claps-

    • Todd Curtiss
      Todd Curtiss 5 years ago

      Do some research before I post a comment. Lol you replyed to like a thosand people in the comment section of this video. Its obvious that your a hatefull person who has nothing else to do with there day then argue with people who have a diffrent opinon. The fact that you are basicly arguing that we should raise the minimum wage to whatever the hell you think it should be and there will be no economic repercussions makes you ignorant my friend. Now go do somthing with your life instead of trolling the internet prentending to be smart because you know some things about a couple topics but are ignorant in most.

    • Will Flint
      Will Flint 5 years ago +1

      Well you should at least do some general research before making such outrageous ignorant claims. Seriously, it took a total of 5 minutes to find out half of that information off of google alone. Seriously, quit justifying your ignorance with such bullshit claims, that is by no means an excuse for what you said. Also, new comment section has jack all to do with this, you brought this on yourself son. Take ownership of it, you ignorant prat.

    • Todd Curtiss
      Todd Curtiss 5 years ago +1

      Why do any of you even care about my opinion, or for that matter commenting on my comment like its a fucking thread.I never claimed I knew everything or anyone should take down notes while reading my comment. I made a youtube comment. Get over yourselfs. Damn I hate the new comment section.

  • 97BuckeyeNut
    97BuckeyeNut 5 years ago +2

    I stopped watching SourceFed as often as I once did because of Ross. I find him neither funny nor interesting. This video confirmed that once again. He is everywhere and his is boring. Goodbye, again, SourceFed.