• Published on Dec 8, 2018
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  • Loutrey Sot
    Loutrey Sot 14 hours ago

    31:37 funiest thing

  • Loutrey Sot
    Loutrey Sot 16 hours ago

    0:11 Why did it sound like u said HAPPY HALLOWEEN GUYS!!

  • Jamel Hamed
    Jamel Hamed 16 hours ago

    He died 91 times and still won ...dashie you're a legend

  • Dickballs Channel
    Dickballs Channel 22 hours ago

    4:05 xD


    20:05 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • PiotrusHD
    PiotrusHD 5 days ago

    7:55 from 6 to 10 deaths :P

  • Katrelle Crawley
    Katrelle Crawley 8 days ago

    THREEP die inside the puh u know have RIPUH

  • Luis Cardona
    Luis Cardona 10 days ago

    21:51 got me dead😂💀

  • MAS
    MAS 14 days ago +2

    when dashies voice is high he sounds like kyle from southpark

  • Mimi Martins
    Mimi Martins 14 days ago

    i really hope dashie makes loads of episodes playing mario maker 2 - ive started from number 1 on this series watching EVERY SINGLE ONE and i pray he doesnt quit because this has become my life watching this every night. so dashie if youre reading this! KEEP IT GOING

  • Santino -
    Santino - 15 days ago

    He "next" a lot of games because of his own stupidity.

  • Fortnite YoshiFan01
    Fortnite YoshiFan01 17 days ago

    The moment where Dashie hit 50 deaths

  • DIY or BUY
    DIY or BUY 18 days ago

    It drives me nuts that he doesn't just put the spring kn the edge of the mushroom brick instead of trying to jump on it *MID AIR!!*

  • Antonio Cedeño
    Antonio Cedeño 18 days ago

    19:06 where did dash go?

  • anders kamrath
    anders kamrath 19 days ago +1

    What are the chances that I'm pausing the video at 31:36, falling asleep and the I wake up to what comes right after

  • OfficialMonkey
    OfficialMonkey 21 day ago


  • mamo esmat
    mamo esmat 22 days ago

    Man i feel sorry for dashie going through all of this hot garbage
    Really i like watching his content but some times he gets those garbage levels it kills it for him and for the viewers
    I will actually buy SMM2 and make him some decent levels cuz he deserves it tbh, the hard work he puts into his videos
    I love you man

  • TheDiamondApple
    TheDiamondApple 23 days ago

    The quote 20:26

  • Qwazyassmf Op
    Qwazyassmf Op 23 days ago


  • Qwazyassmf Op
    Qwazyassmf Op 23 days ago

    When dashie touched dachie diugh I died

  • jimmy Del Monte
    jimmy Del Monte 24 days ago

    It's like Rashid is naked without his headphonrs

    YOUND DRE 24 days ago

    what does he say in the intro?

  • Vizenex
    Vizenex 25 days ago +3

    We really have to appreciate Dashy’s effort

  • John LeVoy
    John LeVoy 26 days ago

    Please put the speed to 0.75 and play at 00:06 and then just watch the rest of the video like that

  • adalicia aburus
    adalicia aburus 27 days ago

    19:04 now we know how dashie can scream his ass off and do it again the next day

  • Youngsavage 580
    Youngsavage 580 28 days ago


  • PaeriFTW2005
    PaeriFTW2005 Month ago

    At 32:52 you can see he has 57 deaths. And at after he cuts he has 61. Dashie literally used 4 deaths to get to the pipe after the checkpoint.

  • KotyoK1
    KotyoK1 Month ago

    I am proud of you.

  • Keith Pierce
    Keith Pierce Month ago

    Dashie:I got this
    Invisible blocks: Yes but also no

  • Fluttershy Stays High420

    better fuckin believe he #1 after completing this fucked up level designed by a true sadist.. he worked hard for this one. Dashie i don't know how you survive putting yourself through this, my boy. i would have literally gave myself a stroke trying to clear a level like this. to the guy who made this level: you are one sick fuck!

  • boom 321
    boom 321 Month ago

    25:11 That’s 3😂

  • boom 321
    boom 321 Month ago


  • Dizzy Shark01
    Dizzy Shark01 Month ago

    whoever created this is actually toxic , don’t like them whatsoever

  • KoolAidMan
    KoolAidMan Month ago


  • Henry lol
    Henry lol Month ago

    20:49 😨

  • theJJgang JJ
    theJJgang JJ Month ago +3

    "Sometimes the easiest solution
    Is the last thing on your mind"
    Dashie games 2018

  • Paydon Carmon
    Paydon Carmon Month ago

    Jesus Christ that level was evil.

  • Nick Reyes
    Nick Reyes Month ago

    Dashie: "Don't die here"

  • Liam Marsella
    Liam Marsella Month ago

    11:9 was that a midair dash is?!?

  • Elite NOOB
    Elite NOOB Month ago

    - DashieGames

  • Rachelle Snow
    Rachelle Snow Month ago +1

    Omg the part in the beginning when he was screaming had me dying laughing 🤣😂😭🤪

  • Azaliah Brockington

    I cried at 20:52

  • Magmaplays
    Magmaplays Month ago

    11:23 when you think fail at life but life gives you a second chance but god say NO

  • ohitsthisguy !
    ohitsthisguy ! Month ago

    Dashie your a fucking idiot man and you piss me off, knowing how dumb you are

  • ardian shabani
    ardian shabani Month ago

    lmfaooo hes a asshole for that

  • XDM Studios
    XDM Studios Month ago

    this guy is laterally SATIN!

  • JANN LEE48504
    JANN LEE48504 Month ago +1

    39:18 did anyone notice that hidden pipe

  • Mohammed Alsafi
    Mohammed Alsafi 2 months ago

    8:17 No Dash Their were Only 2

  • Xxxjesus
    Xxxjesus 2 months ago

    46:15 tell me why I closed my eyes and open them as he said 💀

  • Mustafa Baykoz
    Mustafa Baykoz 2 months ago


  • Unicorn Magician
    Unicorn Magician 2 months ago

    DACHIE! DACHIE! So you know what to compare your racing heart to. The normal heart rate is 70😁👍

  • Marker Time
    Marker Time 2 months ago


  • BlackXッ
    BlackXッ 2 months ago

    45:11 That moment killed me 😱

  • Lui_casher 656
    Lui_casher 656 2 months ago

    When dashie got stuck in the gray blocks I was dieing 😜😜

  • monty wilson
    monty wilson 2 months ago


  • Nogard
    Nogard 2 months ago

    26:50 i have never been so happy in one of your videos like this holy shit

  • Freecadet 777
    Freecadet 777 2 months ago

    25:15 that's 3

  • BigMac STUDIOS
    BigMac STUDIOS 2 months ago

    LMAO 20:51

  • Campadoodie21
    Campadoodie21 2 months ago

    20:45 killed me😂

  • xHoly_4
    xHoly_4 3 months ago

    Every time he's drinking he's saying breaking the rule Meter can someone explain me that please

  • TDS BurgerREAL
    TDS BurgerREAL 3 months ago

    All over Google...

  • Danny Dorado
    Danny Dorado 3 months ago

    Bruh Dashie at 18:53 has me dead 😂

  • Deacon Montrell Jackson

    Never mind go ahead have your fun just kidding just don’t have a heart attack

  • uwuowouwuowo
    uwuowouwuowo 3 months ago

    daammmnn dashie with the sick beats 😤😤 24:06

  • Robyn Eskridge
    Robyn Eskridge 3 months ago

    Y'know when your next to the flame plant climb contraption, if you had the fire flower, you could've just ran all the way to the end.

  • AttemptedGamer
    AttemptedGamer 3 months ago

    this is the only video
    i understood the intro of

  • Felipe Zuniga
    Felipe Zuniga 3 months ago

    Dashie number #1 fuck you!! 😂😂😂

  • y no work
    y no work 3 months ago +2

    ik im late but ma boi did a mid air!! im so proud!

  • Ryaan Van de Velde
    Ryaan Van de Velde 3 months ago

    20:20 you so smart dash

    MY NAME IS JEFF!!! 3 months ago

    50% gameplay
    100% AAAAAAHHH

  • killtez
    killtez 3 months ago

    Omg .....

  • Daiju Kaiju
    Daiju Kaiju 3 months ago


  • SmK dawger
    SmK dawger 3 months ago

    Tbh my favorite thing to do is watch someone do a Mario level for almost an hour

  • Miles Monaco
    Miles Monaco 3 months ago +2

    Oh hi so I'm back in soup.

  • brownie elbrownboy
    brownie elbrownboy 3 months ago


  • The Paradox Zone
    The Paradox Zone 3 months ago

    We need a compilation of that scream.

  • Kerim Durakovic
    Kerim Durakovic 3 months ago

    Hey do this THREEP grab a piece of bread open it up put salt in it Boom! Your bread is now INSALTED

  • Psalmus Sapientia
    Psalmus Sapientia 3 months ago

    This is one of the best man 💯

  • Noah DeBenedetto
    Noah DeBenedetto 3 months ago

    Scream more haha

  • Dylan Wilson
    Dylan Wilson 3 months ago

    I always have snacks on deck

  • Ezclappoggers
    Ezclappoggers 3 months ago


  • corned the onion boys
    corned the onion boys 3 months ago

    Dashie could be an inspirational speaker

  • markayla golden
    markayla golden 3 months ago

    It almost took him 100 tries to beat it but it was 91 tries

  • myspacer85
    myspacer85 3 months ago

    Super thumbs up.

  • myspacer85
    myspacer85 3 months ago +3

    Best episode in a Long time. I mean they are all good but this one was gooder than a. I haven’t laughed this hard all year

  • Honar Ahmad
    Honar Ahmad 3 months ago


  • Tim Kiforishin
    Tim Kiforishin 3 months ago +4

    Nice intro just one thing.. it’s different than the other intros

  • Rolando Alaniz
    Rolando Alaniz 3 months ago

    Y'all got snacks?

  • TheGamingCookie
    TheGamingCookie 3 months ago

    Ma bois...

    I took one look at the thumbnail and I thought ma boi Dashie was uppercutting Yoshi... then I realized it was a turtle.


  • Ragingpotato91
    Ragingpotato91 3 months ago

    20:51 made me laugh to hard

  • Cristian Lopez
    Cristian Lopez 3 months ago

    what video does he start using the meters? i wanna know 😭

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    لو اخذ المشروم الوردة الناري وراح مباشر علفوز كان وصل -وضاع الوقت كثير على القفزة العالية 😂😂 بقاله يلعب سبع ساعات بهل المرحلة بقفل الفيديو اكثر من مرة لكن نفسي أشوفه يفوز 😂😂💔

  • Jacob Stallard
    Jacob Stallard 4 months ago

    He should us the Wii Sports bowling strike thing more often in his videos

  • Alejandra Cruz
    Alejandra Cruz 4 months ago +1

    Well i must say i'm a new suscriber but xD i love thia videos they are hella funny 😂

  • Caesar Contreras
    Caesar Contreras 4 months ago

    You should do a video with plathanos

  • carealoo744
    carealoo744 4 months ago

    4:03 Lol! I, legit, laughed! :)

  • Pskyecho Ramblings
    Pskyecho Ramblings 4 months ago

    DACHIE OMG YOU KILLED US!! I made a drinking game out of your SMM videos and one of the rules is: for every scream you take a drink! THEN YOU ECHOED THE SCREAMS AFTER SCREAMING LIKE SIX TIMES 😂😂😂😂 YOU GONNA HAVE US WASTED 4 MINUTES INTO THIS VIDEO AND I AIN'T EVEN MAD!! Lol much love!! 💜💙💚💛

  • Silentsniper267
    Silentsniper267 4 months ago +1

    Lew Calculator
    9 mins. Lew = 9 Hours Dashie

  • Mauro Cecchi
    Mauro Cecchi 4 months ago +1

    Im proud of you Dashie! ;) Don't give up!!

  • Johan Åberg
    Johan Åberg 4 months ago

    I laughed for at least 5 minutes straight at 39:45. I think i've lost my mind a little.