Rocket Launch 360: Delta IV Heavy NROL-37

  • Published on Oct 31, 2016
  • Step onto the launch pad as ULA’s Delta IV Heavy blasts off with the NROL-37 mission for the National Reconnaissance Office. The Delta IV Heavy is nearly as tall as the U.S. Capitol and generates more than 2.1 million pounds of thrust off the launch pad.
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  • Backpacker Thrulife
    Backpacker Thrulife 26 days ago

    This is the meaning of "awesome", not some kid's new earphones.

  • Q Vet
    Q Vet 3 months ago +1

    How did they do that with the screen? I can move it. Mind blown!

  • Pickleninjas
    Pickleninjas 6 months ago


  • Juno Berries
    Juno Berries Year ago +1

    ULA ULA ULA!!!

  • NSEP of Doggerland

    That rocket looks very clean.

    • Russell S
      Russell S 11 months ago

      Liquid hydrogen as the fuel, instead of the much more common (and sooty) RP-1 kerosene jet fuel. Only exhaust byproduct of LH2 and O2 is WATER !! : ]

  • piponwa
    piponwa Year ago

    this is amazing in VR!

  • birdy thompson
    birdy thompson Year ago

    way cool

  • Bane BlackGuard
    Bane BlackGuard Year ago

    would have been better without all the chatting blocking out the sound

  • Homeworld Channel

    Траву зачем там отрастили? Не хватило денег на бетон?

  • Andrew Luxton
    Andrew Luxton Year ago

    u guys this is fake! XD

  • Brooks Silber
    Brooks Silber Year ago +4

    I predict the worlds nerdiest space pun in history will be a delta V rocket.

  • Vulkan Animations
    Vulkan Animations Year ago +1

    will this be on Littlestar again?

  • stgkillerkill
    stgkillerkill Year ago

    thx a lot ULA, greatest vid of 2016 for me. delta IV heavy is really my favourite rocket, i really hope to see one someday if i can make the drive from canada!!! keep doing the nice work you all do and thx a lot again for this amazing video.

  • Alpha Adhito
    Alpha Adhito Year ago

    Whoa, it was so powerful. And watchout for that grass fire at 3:01 haha

    • Russell S
      Russell S 11 months ago

      If you only launch your biggest rocket once or twice a year, you're gonna fool a lot of dumb grass into growing where it doesn't belong. Not to worry: CCAFS has its own fire department.

    • Alpha Adhito
      Alpha Adhito Year ago

      I hope it didn't trigger any grass fire like before :-D
      +GoToSpace Nice! I will see it

    • Captain Blackbeard
      Captain Blackbeard Year ago +1

      I wonder if they replace the grass after every launch. :D

  • nicola facciolini

    The Proton are the best

  • whuzzzup
    whuzzzup Year ago +1

    Nice. Thumbs up. Love the video.
    3:02 look down, grass burning.

  • chris topher
    chris topher Year ago

    spacex :)

  • MrAtlantis646
    MrAtlantis646 Year ago

    ...And now with an Atlas 551

  • Sobociq
    Sobociq Year ago +6

    why the hell are you using imperial units?

  • Bruce Haddow
    Bruce Haddow Year ago

    I see how Falcon gets its carbon blacking now.

  • Kerser Wun
    Kerser Wun Year ago

    amazing vid!

  • Caleb Knight
    Caleb Knight Year ago

    You burnt the grass!

  • iworms
    iworms Year ago +8

    3:00 set the grass on fire!

  • Mark McCombs
    Mark McCombs Year ago


  • Slow Mosho
    Slow Mosho Year ago

    super #Ecuador

  • Sam Cherubin
    Sam Cherubin Year ago +8

    Next, you guys should add a 360 camera to the rocket!

    • Chuck Norris
      Chuck Norris Year ago

      Sam Cherubin there isn't really a great place to put it.

  • Brian Streufert
    Brian Streufert Year ago

    Love the IV but dangit, I am a lover of solids!!! Heck, I love all of it. But a fully loaded Delta with a full complement of GEMS is a personal fav of mine.

  • UBERKalti
    UBERKalti Year ago +4

    Crank up the volume and hug that sub woofer tightly! Thanks for sharing o7

  • Notre Univers
    Notre Univers Year ago

    Yes ! A 360 Video by ULA !!

  • Noah van der Molen
    Noah van der Molen Year ago +21

    The Delta lV Heavy is my favorit rocket. Who's with me?

    • xc5647321 xc5647321
      xc5647321 xc5647321 3 months ago

      Falcon 9 Heavy and /or NASA SLS may become my new favorites..

      RRIA AMERICA 10 months ago


      RRIA AMERICA 10 months ago

      Noah vd Molen no, space shuttle is better.

    • QuietElite
      QuietElite Year ago

      Saturn V, Saturn IB, Titan II, Titan IIIE Centaur, Atlas-Agena, Atlas-Centaur are probably one of my favourites. Also a Saturn V MLV variant with UA1205 strap on booster would be on the list if it would have existed.

    • Noah van der Molen
      Noah van der Molen Year ago

      Alpha Adhito, damn yeah that looks awesome too!