Sean Evans, Binging with Babish, and the Needle Drop Review Melons | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • Three of TVclip's most recognizable bald men are teaming up to review the only food that truly matters: melons. Can cantaloupe seeds completely ruin a fruit salad? Are bitter melons really that bitter? Does watermelon live up to the hype? Sean Evans sets out to answer some of life’s most vexing questions along with his brothers in baldness, Anthony Fantano (the Needle Drop) and Andrew Rea (Binging with Babish). Find out which melon reigns supreme in the anime crossover of your dreams.
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  • Ziyad Mubarak
    Ziyad Mubarak 2 hours ago +1

    I would eat those melons, if you know what i'm saying.

  • Dylan Brandt
    Dylan Brandt 7 hours ago

    How does one join the skin-head youtubers?

  • Brandon Hudspeth
    Brandon Hudspeth 18 hours ago

    You need to let cantaloupe become well over ripe. Like to the point you're not sure if it's still good - where it's a bit squishy on the outside. It concentrates the flavors more. Like dry aged steak, potatoes, black garlic and plenty of other things.

  • Fatih MaulSyukur

    6:05 see that guy on the left? See what he’s doingv

  • Santiago Alava
    Santiago Alava Day ago

    2:58 coming in hot with the roast having the guy in front of him

  • Viviana Bonura
    Viviana Bonura Day ago


  • Cliff P
    Cliff P Day ago

    You did great guys!

  • Baileigh Tonks
    Baileigh Tonks 2 days ago

    ThaiLand got YeLLoW WaterMeLon 😆 my dad luv ya vids & energy 👌💚💛 frm AuStRaLiA

  • Richard K
    Richard K 2 days ago

    My boy Needledrop has embraced the memes and there for has ascended to living meme status! MELON BLESS

  • keeponrockin
    keeponrockin 2 days ago

    0:46 In awe of the size of this lad. Absolute unit.

  • TheGreatYukon
    TheGreatYukon 3 days ago

    Liked for the best melon in the game.

  • Saint Noodles
    Saint Noodles 3 days ago

    Melon eating a melon... Melonception

  • MachelTheDestroyer
    MachelTheDestroyer 5 days ago

    Krenshaw melons are the best by far. You should find that and eat it.

  • Pealge Ace
    Pealge Ace 7 days ago

    Really really nigga water melon water😀😄😄😄

  • modwlego
    modwlego 7 days ago

    The bald trinity

  • Samuel Nilsson
    Samuel Nilsson 9 days ago

    It's true that most melons are part of the cucumis (cucumber) genus, however the watermelon is not one of them. Watermelon is part of the Citrullus genus, and melons like cantaloupe, honeydew and horned melon are in the cucumis genus. That being said, they are all part of the cucurbitaceae (gourd) family. c:

  • Uxcis
    Uxcis 9 days ago

    6:54 LOL

  • BRITISH Twat
    BRITISH Twat 9 days ago

    Any one see that cow chop hat?

  • Summer Rain
    Summer Rain 9 days ago +1

    i love how passionate andrew is about his hate for cantaloupe seeds

  • Sweaty Chaw
    Sweaty Chaw 10 days ago

    Damn = cantaloupe

  • Nicholas Alexander
    Nicholas Alexander 12 days ago

    these bald niggas so intimidating

  • Fiend S
    Fiend S 13 days ago

    What band is on his shirt?

  • M.S
    M.S 15 days ago

    U don’t bite the damn seeds u swallow it

  • M.S
    M.S 15 days ago

    America doesn’t have good 🍉 market

  • Kyle Purser
    Kyle Purser 15 days ago

    I feel like Anthony doesn't belong their😂

  • Ski_106
    Ski_106 16 days ago

    Favourite bold people

  • bbb GgG
    bbb GgG 16 days ago

    bald pride world wide

  • Manoj BS
    Manoj BS 17 days ago

    Andrew rea needs to be in an episode of hot wings!

  • LilianaKali
    LilianaKali 18 days ago

    Where's the Japanese muskmelon with the fancy T-handle? Sequel episode?

  • Amen Tamrate Abshir
    Amen Tamrate Abshir 19 days ago

    So Damn is the cantaloupe of albums

  • Bob
    Bob 19 days ago

    get karl pilkington on

  • Bob
    Bob 19 days ago

    i didn't realize Anthony Fantano was such a hunk, he looks like a beefy Freddie Mercury

  • Buki Makinde
    Buki Makinde 19 days ago

    Head was clean, tony fantano

  • Dylbie Sparkes
    Dylbie Sparkes 19 days ago

    Cantaloupe is the second worst melon, second only to honeydew.
    I'd sooner eat a paddy melon.

  • Cyrus McCarthy
    Cyrus McCarthy 20 days ago

    Top 10 anime crossovers

  • Jøseph
    Jøseph 21 day ago

    It's nice of Anthony to share his meme for all to hear

  • creepypanda22
    creepypanda22 22 days ago

    bitter melon is the Death Grips of melons

  • Momo
    Momo 23 days ago

    this video would've been so much better without cuntano saying the n-word every 2 seconds

  • The Real MrMCCVIII
    The Real MrMCCVIII 24 days ago

    Currently jacking off to this video

  • Jack The muffin
    Jack The muffin 26 days ago


    DOUBLE. V 26 days ago

    nr 3 is soppropro

  • Gabriel Vidal
    Gabriel Vidal 26 days ago

    That’s cannibalism

  • Alex Desjardin
    Alex Desjardin 26 days ago

    Andrew and Anthony should appear on hot ones!

  • James McHale
    James McHale 27 days ago

    Repping the Stone Island hahahaha man’s going to Millwall away right this was filmed.

  • Luke Hall
    Luke Hall 27 days ago

    Anthony and Sean are trying to be so serious but Andrew’s just like “I like the seed placenta”

  • Lo-Fi
    Lo-Fi 28 days ago

    Hold the fuck up. Why am I just discovering this video now?

  • Lindsey Beck
    Lindsey Beck 28 days ago

    why did fantano blow on his melon @ 6:04

  • TeodorMusic
    TeodorMusic 28 days ago

    Is that a green screen or actual grocery store?

  • SmellsLikeNothing
    SmellsLikeNothing 28 days ago

    the absolute madmelon actually did it

  • Henry Keller
    Henry Keller 29 days ago

    wow. Rejecting the watermelon simply because of its ties to the black community? too far tony, too far

  • uncle redd
    uncle redd 29 days ago

    That antoine guy literally copied Mr. List from thatistheplan

  • daconor91
    daconor91 Month ago


  • Amir Pourghoureiyan

    No love for honeydew?

  • The611
    The611 Month ago

    I want to rub their heads for luck

  • David Sucgang
    David Sucgang Month ago

    Look at all these melons

  • Clesham
    Clesham Month ago

    literally nobody knows the guy who isn't Antony or Sean

  • jif peanut butter
    jif peanut butter Month ago


  • Biscutbuu Horror Reviews

    Classic melon

  • Leo OD
    Leo OD Month ago

    DAMN. is just a cantaloupe to you Antoine?

  • Spcsmrf
    Spcsmrf Month ago

    Why no post melon?

  • maz
    maz Month ago

    internet's busiest melon

  • Leonardo Carvalho
    Leonardo Carvalho Month ago

    Reported for depictions of cannibalism

  • jjoosseepphh
    jjoosseepphh Month ago

    2.46, thats 1 too many anthonys on the screen right there

  • carlos caban
    carlos caban Month ago

    Missing coyote Peterson

  • Tom Ramirez
    Tom Ramirez Month ago

    I'm suprised Andrew didn't use parchment paper and a thermometer...

  • anh nguyen duy
    anh nguyen duy Month ago


  • oof
    oof Month ago +1

    Anthony blew on his horned melon as if it was hot, melonhead.

  • Mário Santos
    Mário Santos Month ago

    Three random, bald ugly dudes rating fruits they really don't know shit about and are getting paid for doing this fuckin thing. Welcome to the interwebz.

  • Reverend Ghoul
    Reverend Ghoul Month ago

    Y'all have heads like FUCKIN' oranges.

  • Praise Kek
    Praise Kek Month ago

    ok but why is anthony so fucking *THICC*

  • John Ck
    John Ck Month ago +1

    6:04 did he blow on it before he ate it

  • Rupert Steffler
    Rupert Steffler Month ago

    Fantano finally gave a 10

  • Julia_aaa
    Julia_aaa Month ago +1

    God Anthony is THICK

  • A Confused Nigerian

    Nothony Mictano

  • Spike Aitchison
    Spike Aitchison Month ago

    Get babish and needledrop on hot omes

  • Peyton Spain
    Peyton Spain Month ago

    Honestly I hate watermelon. Its so blade, practically eating cucumbery sugar water.

  • chuckles thecheat
    chuckles thecheat Month ago +1

    This is cannibalism

  • Rabid Parrots
    Rabid Parrots Month ago

    Actually, all of these are related to the cucumber.

  • Luke Jackson
    Luke Jackson Month ago +1

    Holy fuck, Melon is becoming the so thicc it's uncomfortable.

  • Henrikus Andrian
    Henrikus Andrian Month ago

    damn.. Pare.

  • Erikzon
    Erikzon Month ago

    0:06 cute anime girls cuddling

  • Sollersisst
    Sollersisst Month ago +1

    fantano blowing on the spoon at 6:04

  • Brandon Willis
    Brandon Willis Month ago

    The best teeth, in the fucking game!

  • Megan Quick
    Megan Quick Month ago

    Love me sum Sean & Binging!!!!!

  • Duncan McIntire
    Duncan McIntire Month ago

    0:06 Dugtrio

  • Troy Zon
    Troy Zon Month ago

    I've never been so hyped for a video in my life.

    • Troy Zon
      Troy Zon Month ago

      What the fuck you have Damn the same score as cantaloupe? You have to realize by noe your scoring have consequences

  • Aryaman Sinha
    Aryaman Sinha Month ago


  • Esk
    Esk Month ago

    6:05 that melon ain’t hot why u blowing it

  • AvalancheofNeed
    AvalancheofNeed Month ago

    "I would give it a DAMN, too" lol

  • Jone Malone
    Jone Malone Month ago +1

    “I’m gonna give it a DAMN.” Too soon

  • Passionate Drive.
    Passionate Drive. Month ago

    Why don't the three of them make their own channel and workstation?

  • CheradineFans
    CheradineFans Month ago +1

    How you gonna come out here and give a cantaloupe a better score than MBDTF you fucking cuck melon BITCH

  • Caitlin Bergman
    Caitlin Bergman Month ago

    I am so grateful the internet allowed this to occur

  • João Pedro Silva de Queiroz

    Sean Evans' a melon contrarian smh

  • Yesh
    Yesh Month ago

    Cursed video

  • Frank Tran
    Frank Tran Month ago

    Bittermelon CAN be delicious. The sign of a great cook is one who can make bittermelon tasty. Compliments well with meat, or meat stew.

  • Tim Liao
    Tim Liao Month ago

    You don't cook bitter melon alone... You use it in a stir fry with pork and most importantly, fermented soybeans.

  • Abs To Flabs
    Abs To Flabs Month ago

    The melon men

  • Tensen01
    Tensen01 Month ago

    Watermelon is boring, and I have had MANY bad watermelons. More bad ones than good ones.

  • Mangorine24
    Mangorine24 Month ago

    Bitter Melon? You mean Anthony when King of Limbs dropped?