This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • This ultra modern tiny house on wheels is truly something to behold. With it's jet black exterior, super clever design and incredibly high quality of craftsmanship, this tiny home is sure to blow your mind.
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    Inside, the home is every bit as practical as it is beautiful. Constructed by couple Matt and Lisa, this tiny house has absolutely everything the young couple needs and many extras on top! As far as tiny home’s go, this one is especially spacious and packed full of clever smalls space design ideas.
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    If you’re a fan of modern downsized architecture, this tiny home is sure not to disappoint. Enjoy the full video tour of this spectacular home on wheels.
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Comments • 27 976

  • DarcyKnox21
    DarcyKnox21 3 hours ago

    If I ever want to build a tiny house I’m hiring this guy he’s a master craftsman and I hope she helped financially to build this??? If not, he should take it when they breakup

  • julie froman
    julie froman 4 hours ago

    cleanliness is next to no kidness.

    SHUKKOOR SHUKKU 5 hours ago


  • Coraline T
    Coraline T 7 hours ago

    I've dreamt about it for years

  • Blueberry Ninja
    Blueberry Ninja 7 hours ago

    I wish i could get this but im not gona get it cuz im poor lol

  • David Bustamove
    David Bustamove 8 hours ago

    Cousin of lisa has never been invited over, family huh.

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S 10 hours ago

    I don't think that any person would be so committed to his partner's dream unless he or she's deeply in "love" judging whatsoever 😊
    In my opinion, the idea of considering such cabin as a "home base" is somehow cinematic, for me i would use it for weekend gateways or for a bit longer escapes faraway from the bustle and hustle of the city;
    it won't remain ideal for young couples for longtime (maybe for hippies or matured people it would).
    So, since moods & circumentances normally evolve and change over time, the couple should anticipate and plan all possible scenarios, otherwise the achievement might turn into a bad investment and a regret.
    But In general, it's trully an artistic work...😊

  • Syed Arif
    Syed Arif 12 hours ago

    This is awesome.....I watched the whole video for the first time in my life ....and I liked the kitchen and the stairs wow amazing...

  • Tetedasilva1
    Tetedasilva1 14 hours ago

    each day humanity is showing how horrible they are....the point here is to show a incredible tiny house. So many details to see, so many great ideas and you ALL guys crucifying the couple!!!!! unbelievable, shame on you all. Maliciously people!

  • 16 hours ago

    This is so coooool!

  • Reno Simpson
    Reno Simpson Day ago

    Dude she is playing you, when will use you until she finishes school, gain an excessive amount of weight then proceed to make your life miserable until you move out. Sh will then claim rights and you will have to pay or give up your interest. This is life dude and this is what i see for your future, Sorry. When it gets naggy or hostile it's too late, Have a game plan and protect your assets. And no this didn't happen to me, I am just coherent on judging people's actions by only a small input. They targeted you in that pub..

    • Reno Simpson
      Reno Simpson Day ago

      I thought I was somehow special and insightive, Spent the last 30 min reading comments before me... Well at least I know to trust my instinct...

    • Reno Simpson
      Reno Simpson Day ago

      She was there mostly to take photos and be in them right, its evidence for her "she" helped build it. Id rather be wrong but i suspect it will happen at the most 2 years after her schooling is done, most likely 6-8 mo. after. If she is taking pills you can garantie what i m saying is valid.

  • Pandajojo Wilson

    the cat run is a good idea. like the walkway around, and be able to stand up in sleeping area

  • One Life
    One Life Day ago

    amazingly brilliant design and beautiful, well done👍


    Pls subscribe guys thanks

  • VW DT
    VW DT Day ago

    "It's a comfort for you... It's an achievement for me." 👀

  • Spence1000 *
    Spence1000 * Day ago

    OK, so my condo is definitely a "tiny house"!

  • J. Aramowicz
    J. Aramowicz Day ago

    If you don't know where the cups, towels, and Tupperware are, you absolutely do not need a composting toilet.

  • Kids World 6#
    Kids World 6# Day ago

    That’s incredible

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez Day ago +1

    Best Comment section I seen in a while. Poor guy, I get it great challenge but now whats next.

  • ImaCyclePath
    ImaCyclePath Day ago

    Oh my lord.... build her an outhouse with a composting toilet. About 2 meters long and 1 meter wide (nice and tiny like she likes it). Put it on the other side of the property. Then put a bed in it so she can live there by herself. Lastly put a lock on the house which only you have the key to.
    Sorry not sorry. That woman seems awful.

  • Alex Abris
    Alex Abris 2 days ago

    Этот пиздобол восторгается всем подряд.

  • Parzival Gripex
    Parzival Gripex 2 days ago


  • Autarky Bear
    Autarky Bear 2 days ago

    having two bedrooms is awesome and super ideal, but I think it would be nice if you put another wall with a door for privacy.

  • Autarky Bear
    Autarky Bear 2 days ago

    there just seems like too much awkwardness in this relationship dynamic. The girl seems to be enforcing her will over him and he just goes with it. Very weird.

  • The Wide Awake Club
    The Wide Awake Club 2 days ago

    7:40. I especially like the ‘Chemical Detective’ book. I bet that’s showing all the chemicals put in foods and drinks that we all consume. Including baby formula milk and baby food.

  • Skye Chavis
    Skye Chavis 2 days ago

    Dude built her a tiny house n he just wanted to bring his huge tv and she wouldn't let him wtf 😂

  • waqas haider
    waqas haider 2 days ago

    $80000 to $90000 i can buy 2 houses bigger than that house in my country
    ... lol

  • Koel G
    Koel G 2 days ago +2

    Her: I’m currently studying a useless degree with no income or marketplace skills.
    Him: I’m currently running a kitchen and bath company.
    Him: I worked hard and built us this home.
    Her: he worked really hard and built me this home!

  • Rudragouda B
    Rudragouda B 2 days ago

    Simply superb

  • area859
    area859 2 days ago

    Geez, she seems so fkn selfish! All about her! Hope he doesn't regret meeting her! Never get married! Good luck buddy hope she's treating you with respect!

  • Николай Богданов

    *Это мастерство. Простор для творчества. Безумные проекты как искусство. Каждый человек имеет право. Это право -выражать эмоции в том количестве на сколько ему хватит денег*

  • Laurel McAra
    Laurel McAra 2 days ago +1

    No washer and dryer though.

  • LaKendra Sashe'
    LaKendra Sashe' 2 days ago

    These comments 😂

  • Carol AndDaryl
    Carol AndDaryl 2 days ago

    'It's a dream come true...for you' - poor guy

  • mayling Burry
    mayling Burry 2 days ago

    That isnt tiny

  • J Swartz
    J Swartz 2 days ago

    Let’s be honest she’s worth an 80k home all day! He should be proud of his accomplishment.. I’d be

  • Henry Pancake
    Henry Pancake 2 days ago

    That's a tiny house? Kinda BIG!!!

  • Erica May
    Erica May 2 days ago

    Wow the most amazing tiny house I have ever seen 😲

  • Hanz Volt
    Hanz Volt 2 days ago

    How much time does he spend in the cat sanctuary away from the witch?

  • Danii Danz
    Danii Danz 2 days ago

    I love this house I want one!!!!

  • Kare Dreher
    Kare Dreher 2 days ago

    Perhaps my favorite tiny home❤️

  • just Rei
    just Rei 2 days ago

    The Most best very very best tinyhomes design ive ever seen.

  • independent independent

    Gorgeous house. Why a lor of Americans ladies are talking like her. Ugly, artificial voice. All of them. Including HGTV show. Ya-ya , voice from inside their stomach.

  • troy vo
    troy vo 3 days ago

    As he talks about the budget she looks down and not say anything... lol

  • {504} Little Puppet {504}

    What I understood from this interview was:
    SHE - thinks he drinks too much and is spiteful of his "rich" upbringing..
    HE - resents her for talking him into this bcuz shes spoiled & thinks she runs her mouth too much!
    Anyone else see all the signs?
    JK folks.. im sure they wont be fighting over this house in court after two years, not being married & all.. no way, never that 😵😒😂

  • INF1NI73
    INF1NI73 3 days ago

    Say what you want about their relationship but I could use a few fucking trees some cats and a skylight after this fucking apartment in vancouver.

  • Umer Warraich
    Umer Warraich 3 days ago

    80,000 USD .......... with that money medium sized home can be bought in most countries in this word.......but still that small house is amazing

  • Kentucky Baby
    Kentucky Baby 3 days ago

    I wanted to see that cat thing outside and looks like dude got hit by the mothman (if you’ve seen the movie you know what I mean).

  • meetoobaa
    meetoobaa 3 days ago +8

    She is good, even convinced him the flushing toilet was his treat.

  • Pratibha Sah
    Pratibha Sah 3 days ago

    dark circles ajajega na tab batna kaun sa face

  • Valquiry 07
    Valquiry 07 3 days ago +1

    Bryce: where u got that scar at near your eye mate?
    Matt: i fight zeus!!!

  • Jonny Gonads
    Jonny Gonads 3 days ago +9

    The white Australian version of "Get Out"

  • C. A. J.
    C. A. J. 4 days ago

    Something was off about those two. The dude.. I dunno

    • Mpho Rejakong
      Mpho Rejakong 3 days ago

      You read my mind, I think they may have broken up

    • Mpho Rejakong
      Mpho Rejakong 3 days ago

      My point exactly, you typed my comment. I think they may have broken up, just came together for this show.

  • mrschi1000
    mrschi1000 4 days ago +1

    My absolute favorite tiny house, hands down! He did an amazing, amazing job as a DIY!

  • R Nickerson
    R Nickerson 4 days ago

    What I see is a super, overly excited and interested host and a pair of people who are definitely not used to having people ask them questions or being in front of a camera.
    I honestly didn't see how bad the relationship looks until I came down to the comments. First I was like, "nah they're exaggerating!" And then I was like, "oh my god this guy is stuck with a woman who still isn't happy after getting something she's always wanted."

  • Amanda Richardson
    Amanda Richardson 4 days ago

    What a stunner!

  • ari ari
    ari ari 4 days ago

    Its dreamest living home... Recommend

  • Priscilla Garay
    Priscilla Garay 4 days ago +7

    She didn’t know where the cups or wash cloths were 💀

  • Brasspineapple Productions

    Its a very awesome abode.
    $80,000+ hmmm a bit much.
    Its on his property, so if IT doesnt work out for her, she can leave, and another more appreciative girl can move in.

  • Sky Boy
    Sky Boy 4 days ago

    It's awesome can u search some gay couples in tiny house 🥰