ALLERGIC TO ALTITUDE w/ Joseph Vincent | MEGANBYTES EP. 79 | MeganBatoon


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  • Julia S
    Julia S 5 months ago

    the line for that whole foods was because it was being shut down... thanks a lot sprouts. (in case anyone cared)

  • Steve Interpreter
    Steve Interpreter 5 months ago

    ...and your lipstick didn't even smudge. Cool.

  • JaySilva
    JaySilva Year ago

    I know I'm late, but does anyone know the name to the Outro song? Thanks

  • Jedie Justiniano
    Jedie Justiniano Year ago

    neva eva

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    Neva Eva.

  • Alysha Garcia
    Alysha Garcia Year ago

    the best of the best when it comes to vlogs! Daebak!

  • Jonee Jibes
    Jonee Jibes Year ago

    Thanks, Megan. That bit at 5:27 cancels out all the bad things that happened to me this month. Hahaha.

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago

    neva eva

  • Briana Ribillia-Ramones

    Peeep that young lions beanie 🙃

  • saigonbond
    saigonbond Year ago

    Skip the diffuser for calming... just smoke some weed

  • Anna Vidiyah
    Anna Vidiyah Year ago


  • Rob Ameri
    Rob Ameri Year ago

    neva eva ;)

  • Elijah Keona
    Elijah Keona Year ago

    low key, i don't even watch about what she's talking about. I only watch to see her sometimes

  • makaela a
    makaela a Year ago

    neva eva

  • smit mehta
    smit mehta Year ago i want ice cream and its 2 freaking am..aaaagh

  • Morfal' Flies
    Morfal' Flies Year ago

    neva eva. I find your new ending song pretty nice. Could you give us the name of this song ? Thanks Megan.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago

    So....with all those hugs at the meet and greet....
    Do you now consider yourself to have joined the mile high club? 3:)

  • Andrew Park
    Andrew Park Year ago

    I'll be visiting LA in May/June, are there any events or anything where I would be able to see/meet you Megan?

  • Chaerin Wu
    Chaerin Wu Year ago

    What is altitude sickness?

  • Hugo Esteves
    Hugo Esteves Year ago


  • Aj Paulino
    Aj Paulino Year ago

    what background music do you use megan?

  • Jay Styles
    Jay Styles Year ago

    megan, don't missed our Philippine dirty ice cream

  • Amy Mondragon
    Amy Mondragon Year ago

    Megan neva eva fails to Entertain me :)

  • AJ T
    AJ T Year ago

    OHHHH Maa'Braadaaa

  • ELPAdog
    ELPAdog Year ago

    If you have breakfast socks do you have to eat breakfast every meal or switch socks every meal?

  • Danielle H.
    Danielle H. Year ago

    neva eva

  • babydoll0124
    babydoll0124 Year ago +9

    Am I the only one that's gonna say something about Megan wearing that Young Lions beanie...

  • KyrraDailey
    KyrraDailey Year ago

    Neva eva, will I never ever not watch your videos!

  • Chris Obijuru
    Chris Obijuru Year ago

    Loml without a doubt

  • Apurva Veldurkar
    Apurva Veldurkar Year ago +4

    tenacious d!!!

    • Danielle H.
      Danielle H. Year ago

      I laughed so hard at that part lmao

  • Dilara d
    Dilara d Year ago

    Neva Eva :D

  • Reel-Living Films
    Reel-Living Films Year ago +5

    If i was there i would've asked for a picture with amanda too :(

  • N. Traveler
    N. Traveler Year ago

    Typical LA gals. Eating ice cream in the snow... Oh neva eva.


    The thought of Megan Batoon engaging in anything sexual seems so far fetched that it makes it that much more of a turn-on to cling onto the idea of it. Like c'mon, this woman is an absolute babe. Take-home-to-mom-10. All you fangirls take notes.

  • Nicole Raqueno
    Nicole Raqueno Year ago +2

    I really don't know why I got a bit sad when I saw she was wearing a YL beanie.. :-( but can u record your shows please megan! I MISS WATCHING YOUR MOVEMENTS OF THE BODY!

  • Humberto Rodriguez

    Nice Vlog

  • Israel Wheeler
    Israel Wheeler Year ago +1

    😭😭😭😭 me because I live in Colorado and was not aware that you were even here. #Fakefan 😢😢😢😢 hopefully you come again soon. My Dance studio loves you

  • it's an ellane
    it's an ellane Year ago

    omg joseph vincent ❤

  • zefz
    zefz Year ago

    whenever megan uploads I smile so hard

  • KYYC edits
    KYYC edits Year ago

    Anyone know if Megan has a Spotify playlist with her songs on her Snapchat?

  • Ember Ann
    Ember Ann Year ago

    What exactly is altitude sickness?

  • lexinut7
    lexinut7 Year ago

    neva eva

  • SimplexxityGamingOfficial

    That performance at Culture Shock and meeting you was so awesome

  • annavupie
    annavupie Year ago

    I glanced and read it as Backpage Stories 😂

  • Jeremy Zeeky
    Jeremy Zeeky Year ago +1

    Damn that pink hoodie look DOPE

  • JaknTuck
    JaknTuck Year ago

    what beat is that for your watch more screen?

  • Ethan Ignacio
    Ethan Ignacio Year ago

    Neva eva

  • MasterStar16
    MasterStar16 Year ago

    neva eva

  • Bill Shaw
    Bill Shaw Year ago

    You're definitely a warm weather person! Of course I grew up in MI so I'm used to snow!

  • Nikki Claudette
    Nikki Claudette Year ago

    i want that diffuser!!!

  • Abby Ignacio
    Abby Ignacio Year ago +2

    see you stuntin in a young lions beanie

  • TheShiftBar
    TheShiftBar Year ago +1

    Man I'll take some pics with Suki

  • Minh Vu
    Minh Vu Year ago

    Ahhh your videos always put a smile on my face.

  • Derrick Do
    Derrick Do Year ago

    Yo! that's me at 4:00

  • Stefan Petrov
    Stefan Petrov Year ago

    neva eva

  • santanaoutlaw
    santanaoutlaw Year ago

    wtf Ive never seen a line outside of whole foods. hell they sellin in there

  • Samantha Savage
    Samantha Savage Year ago +3

    Gotta try that Lucky Charms ice cream. Looks bomb!

  • A Slytherin
    A Slytherin Year ago

    I really love meganbytes!!!! i live and breath for meganbytes!!!! PS: Big fan of Michelle

  • Dancer In Mask
    Dancer In Mask Year ago

    Lol FOUND ME!!!! Thank you Megan for the amazing performance much love from COLORADO!!

  • TheSquadCast
    TheSquadCast Year ago

    fun fact: If you go to colorado, dont do any exercise for a couple weeks, so that way your lungs get used to the air. Thats why the olympic training center is in Colorado.

  • Lindsey B
    Lindsey B Year ago +4

    Hey got some new music for ya: Lot to learn by Luke Christopher and Crooked Smile by J. Cole. Thought you might like...

    • Luffy1045
      Luffy1045 Year ago +1

      Lindsey B Anything J. Cole is wirth it. Good choice 👊

  • remi thi
    remi thi Year ago +4

    what the heck
    sukie is literally right there, id wanna meet her too 😂

  • Charmaine Mendoza
    Charmaine Mendoza Year ago +1

    neva eva

  • lifeofzuris
    lifeofzuris Year ago +1

    When food is bae so you end the video. Also when you're addicted to nude clothing so your wear your nude sweater as much as possible lol. Love the video

  • Lauren Sky
    Lauren Sky Year ago +2

    Noticing that she's wearing Young Lions beanie

  • msixhun6206
    msixhun6206 Year ago

    Megan's gonna put it on him later

  • dad 98
    dad 98 Year ago

    you came to my university and i didn't know ffs

  • Jonas Vanden Broecke

    Guys it's Febyuwewi ;) 0:29

  • Gabby Alexandrea
    Gabby Alexandrea Year ago +1

    Anyone else loves Megan's vlogs

  • Zak Mik
    Zak Mik Year ago

    Megan you really look like Octavia from show "The 100"

  • Mai L. Cranmer
    Mai L. Cranmer Year ago

    Sweet cow is the best!

  • Anna Duong
    Anna Duong Year ago +4

    When you see yourself in the vlog. Omg I still can't believe I met you guys xD I'm so freakin happy

  • bananaboomer
    bananaboomer Year ago +2

    Are you gonna do something special for meganbytes 80

  • Bee
    Bee Year ago

    ever heard of a mini car diffuser? it's great, you can ride you're stress away.

  • Alejandro Coronel

    1:52 Megan trying to hit that Super Saiyan

  • Kim R
    Kim R Year ago +2

    Saw myself for a split second :p So happy I got to see you at Culture Shock !! And thank you for meeting us even when you weren't feeling great :) You are amazing and I hope you come back soon :)

  • Claudia Crampton
    Claudia Crampton Year ago +3

    TREEd it and weep... no?

  • Vallilia Bridge
    Vallilia Bridge Year ago


  • Vince Lymburn
    Vince Lymburn Year ago

    LOVEE Colorado! Beautiful weather!

  • Leslie Mendoza
    Leslie Mendoza Year ago

    Why are you so pretty??/.\ the trip looked so fun!:3

  • K. Phen
    K. Phen Year ago +1

    neva eva

  • K. Phen
    K. Phen Year ago

    i like snow

  • Sukiestyles
    Sukiestyles Year ago +21

    no pants crew.

  • Candido B
    Candido B Year ago

    3:06 moment at 3:29
    If looks could kill, I'd be dead.

  • Olivia Goodwin
    Olivia Goodwin Year ago +1


  • Kym B.
    Kym B. Year ago

    Neva eva! What brand is that tiny diffuser?

  • Nadia Vazquez
    Nadia Vazquez Year ago +38

    I was peeling an orange the whole time not watching the video and just listening made me happy... Megan's voice makes me happy 💕

    • Nadia Vazquez
      Nadia Vazquez Year ago +4

      Wow Megan replied.... that's the closest I'll ever get to communicate w her and yes Megan made eating an orange enjoyable

    • MeganBatoon
      MeganBatoon  Year ago +15

      keep us updated

    • bananaboomer
      bananaboomer Year ago +17

      Nadia Vazquez was the orange good

  • Hannah Franco
    Hannah Franco Year ago +1

    I love Megan ☹️☹️💓

  • Wanou Tan
    Wanou Tan Year ago +1

    these vlogs make my day

  • Jeanette Rodriguez
    Jeanette Rodriguez Year ago +1

    Love you girl!!! 😭😭

  • Klaus
    Klaus Year ago

    I'm jealous! Not the fans but of the ice cream 😩 Hahaha kidding. I'm definitely jealous with all of them who get to meet you 😭 Hopefully I will also meet you soon ☺❤

  • Elisa Mijares
    Elisa Mijares Year ago


  • Fadwa
    Fadwa Year ago


  • mrmongo673
    mrmongo673 Year ago

    @ 1:25 "squeeze it real hard"

  • Pamela Douangsavanh
    Pamela Douangsavanh Year ago +2

    Yay thank you for coming to Boulder and meeting all of us!! :)

  • ea0529
    ea0529 Year ago

    Under 500 club?

  • VeILoCiTy
    VeILoCiTy Year ago

    if you like colorado you'd like tahoe

  • Darth Celsius
    Darth Celsius Year ago +67

    I used the last of my data to watch this. Worth it

  • Rajeswari Devi
    Rajeswari Devi Year ago

    would love if you could reply pleaseee!

  • Houda Benomar
    Houda Benomar Year ago