Tallahassee Mall - Tallahassee, FL - A Deadmalls.com Presentation

  • Published on Apr 18, 2018
  • Our walk-through of the Tallahassee Mall, now known as the Centre of Tallahassee. Filmed 11/2017. Pictures range in date from 2013 to the present day. All photos © deadmalls.com unless otherwise noted.
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  • sprkl sprkl
    sprkl sprkl 12 days ago

    Very sad state of affairs for this dead mall.

  • Hope Lisson
    Hope Lisson Month ago +1

    Last time I was there it was Dec 31 2014 and there were two anchors a belk and a movie theater and an old anchor building was use as a ice skating rink

  • OptiLancer TV82
    OptiLancer TV82 2 months ago

    The Era of Malls is finished....Yang2020...

  • Tyler L
    Tyler L 2 months ago +2

    Many of us Tally folks spent good amount of our childhood and teen years here. The holiday season of 2008 was the last time i really remember this place thriving. It started going downhill from there. I remember when it was brought by the current company the title was switched over for $100.

    • EnoVat
      EnoVat 2 months ago

      I remember going to chic fil a across from the Picnic at the Park food court. I would then run over to the cookie place just right of the hibachi restaurant that was at the end of the food court. The sweet ,sweet memories.

    • Evan Wilhoit
      Evan Wilhoit 2 months ago

      Very true... So many memories were made from going to the AMC theater or the food court with friends. It's sad to see what has become of a once thriving establishment...

  • cwctlh
    cwctlh 2 months ago

    A number of state offices are moving into the interior spaces this fall - including in the area previously occupied by Dillard's. The businesses opening to the parking lot, such as the movie theater, Barnes and Noble, Belk's, and Ross Dress for Less will remain open. Burlington Coat Factory has moved across the street from Governors Square Mall. Governors Square Mall, the sole surviving mall in town, has a lot of empty spaces, and Sears is either closed or in the process of closing.

  • terrica m
    terrica m 5 months ago

    they are revamping it again. they also have a school there. its not dead. the structure and design has changed and the old shops aren't there anymore because rent is too high.

  • Mr. Napoleon
    Mr. Napoleon 5 months ago

    Honestly as somebody who grew up with this mall it’s never going to be popular. A few mouths ago me and some friends went to see a movie and afterwords went to go dick around in the new out door area that they had built, the place was a absolute ghost town. So other than guitar center barns and nobles and even the big concert hall they built the mall is dead in the water.

  • foxman362
    foxman362 7 months ago +1

    Maybe trump can bring back this tallahassee mall.

  • Caleb Wheeler
    Caleb Wheeler 7 months ago +1

    I spent a lot of time there from the 80s, 90s, till around 2006. My first Army recruiting office was in the second floor on the left as you was walking towards the Belk. I probably saw over 100 movies at the AMC and spent $5 - $10k there. Tallahassee is a dying city as is. Not just this mall. So glad I left.

    • Tyler L
      Tyler L 2 months ago

      Indeed. When I was finally able to drive I spent so much money at AMC. I saw movies like The Prestige , The Dark Knight, and Inception there 4 to 7 times

  • Elevators 101
    Elevators 101 9 months ago +1

    This place is a sinking ship

    • Evan Wilhoit
      Evan Wilhoit 2 months ago

      It was a sinking ship... The majority of the shops in the video have long since closed from the time this was posted.

    • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?
      IsThisTheKrustyKrab? 8 months ago

      Who ruined it?

  • Jeremy Marsh
    Jeremy Marsh 10 months ago +4

    I remember when this was the place to go to in the 90's. It was nice after AMC moved in and when you could catch a movie and have some drinks at the restaurants. It does not take long for the young black youth in town to ruin this. Years later TPD had to camp out on Friday and Saturday nights at the AMC to break up the fights in the parking lot.

  • Hope’s Hacks
    Hope’s Hacks 10 months ago

    I remember it once in either 2015 or 2016 I went to the food court and there was one or two restaurants a subway and another one that has really great food

  • amazingdakota
    amazingdakota 11 months ago

    shit. i remember this mall like it was yesterday, it was my one stop shop for barnes and noble and instruments. they didn't do anything good and just let governor's square take over.

  • Davi Edmond
    Davi Edmond 11 months ago


  • crazycutederpy
    crazycutederpy Year ago

    Update: the movie theatre is going to be eventually moving and becoming its own freestanding building and as for the other businesses there is a Burlington coat factory, Belk, Ross and a few other businesses but other than that not much is happening and as for everything else the mall is not doing well.

    • Tyler L
      Tyler L 2 months ago

      Id be interested to know where AMC intends to move to. I know they have a 50 something year lease on the building, and it's one of the highest grossing theaters in that AMC market (which isn't saying much).

    • CloutxGod
      CloutxGod 6 months ago

      Burlington Coat Factory moved to where Hhgregg was on Apalachee Parkway

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young Year ago +1


  • Aytxh Bee
    Aytxh Bee Year ago +3

    Lots of amazing memories here. I remember coming here as a little kid with my brother and mom. Looks like they have done a little updating since I was there last... there was also a lot of structural damage and obvious water damage around the ceilings last I visited.

  • Smoke A Shit Cigar
    Smoke A Shit Cigar Year ago +4

    Stone Age is the only shop I even go to

  • John Dubay
    John Dubay Year ago +8

    I remember it in its hayday. It was a great place to visit.

  • Fierocious
    Fierocious Year ago +6

    Those escalators have been broken for years.

  • Eric Eberle
    Eric Eberle Year ago

    so relaxing

  • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?

    What do you expect? It's Tallahassee.

    • amazingdakota
      amazingdakota 10 months ago +2

      you realize this stuff happens all year long, not just in tallahasee?

  • crazycutederpy
    crazycutederpy Year ago +1

    There is some hope that the amc theatre will help the mall but there is a new movie theater being built in the tallahassee area so hope for this mall is dwindling away and any of the good stores even in the other mall are just going away Tallahassee just does not do well with shopping malls at all and probably never will the only semi popular thing for this mall was an ice skating rink for a short amount of time and other than that nothing really so yah that’s an update on the mall for ya

  • Christena B.
    Christena B. Year ago +1

    Lived there for 3 years and it wasn't a good mall then. Governors Square is much nicer.

  • The White Rabbit
    The White Rabbit Year ago +3

    I love the history lessons involved it's always nice to know the back stories on these fascinating places..!!

  • UnalignedAnt
    UnalignedAnt Year ago

    so much childhood spent here, but good riddance. malls suck, and the plan for "centre of tallahassee" was pretty terrible

    • Kyle desean
      Kyle desean Year ago

      frfr i was like really the" centre of tallahassee " they could have came up with something better

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B Year ago

    What a beautiful retirement community, golf cart included?

  • Elevators 101
    Elevators 101 Year ago

    I went thare in 2017 late Dane no one was thare bell had 7 custumers I like the mall

  • BoratWanksta
    BoratWanksta Year ago +2

    Nice video here, thanks for posting it. And interesting in the video that you mentioned Guitar Center, since I read an article that they are in trouble as a company. Quote from the article: "Guitar Center, the largest chain of music equipment stores in the U.S., is reportedly facing “imminent bankruptcy." Digital Music News said that financial service firm Standard & Poor’s recently downgraded the business to CCC- status, indicating that a default event is expected in the near future." More info here(says they only recently narrowly paid off a debt service payment, and came close to default): ultimateclassicrock.com/guitar-center-imminent-bankrupcty/

  • Its a Rome Thing Everyday

    Malls will soon be nothing more then memories

  • overbanked
    overbanked Year ago +2

    Malls with a notable city's name in it are very tacky sounding.

  • Caleb Douglas
    Caleb Douglas Year ago +1

    Great video again

  • Dennis W
    Dennis W Year ago +2

    New Life? Looks comatose to me.

  • DaranDragon
    DaranDragon Year ago +5

    Gamescape is is one of their bigger renters and even they are moving to their new location. I think AMC is a really nice theater and Dreamland BBQ is nice but, it is just getting sadder as time goes on.

    • Hope Lisson
      Hope Lisson Month ago +1

      DaranDragon I am a teen and the only thing about that mall anyone talks about if they ever do is the movie theater but usually when they talk about the movie theater they are talking about the other one and when they say the mall they are always talking about governor’s square

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young Year ago +1


  • Flynn Larson
    Flynn Larson Year ago +6

    I don't really think it's moving forward with the outdoor complex. All of those businesses are struggling, and they have only had two shows in the ampitheater: Smashmouth...and blink 182. The developer of blackwater resources also recently passed away. All of this was his vision. I think you should acknowledge that there is an expanse of space that is unfinished and will remain unused for years ahead. It's not in the center of Tallahassee. The center is the capital, and this is 4 miles away. Cascades park will soon become an urban commercial center, and this place will continue to rot. AMC is all it has. The belk has water damage and the threat of tons of competition.

    • Tyler L
      Tyler L 2 months ago

      on the concert thing, that isnt exactly a venue issue (we now have several good options) Tallahassee has almost always had a shaky rep with promoters for big events being poorly attended. A few big names make it through every year but not in the amounts that our fellow Floridian cities do. I dont remember if it was the one at the mall or the amphitheater but there was whispers of one of the big name promoters (in the area) was in serious talks with Christina Aguilera booking team trying to negotiate a show with her recent tour to no avail.

      Also with when Limpkin Park was taking bookings for their tour that was intended to be "college town oriented" they reached out to Tallahassee showing interest but negotiations failed over an issue with the technical rider...the water bottles required. Yup you read it right.

    • CloutxGod
      CloutxGod 6 months ago

      With them turning parts of the mall into state offices I'm hoping they are not going to close down AMC 20

    • anthony evans
      anthony evans 7 months ago

      What I heard from my mother who lives there, is that the state will come in to renovate the space and turn them into state run offices. Since the owner died, this is the reason the projects never materialized, however the state is interested in the property and will move in to start business there..

    • Aytxh Bee
      Aytxh Bee Year ago +1

      There was a pizza place called Broadways and a restaurant called Garfield’s with an open area between the booths and the mall.. so many meals there before movies. Sad to see this is its fate but it is not unique. Sign of the economic downturn, rise of ecommerce and wage stagnation.

    • Fierocious
      Fierocious Year ago

      You can’t also forget kids bop live lol.
      It’s ded

  • Nancy Darling
    Nancy Darling Year ago

    Great video. Very interesting mall. It's sad that it's dying. The interior design of the two story portion of the mall was very nice looking. Great footage. Really liked the music. Thanks for filming this.

  • G-MAC Johnson
    G-MAC Johnson Year ago +1

    Wow that's sad deadend Mall's like this

  • Doomie Grunt - Dead Malls & Derelict Digs

    Well, the two floor section looks nice. Just a shame as always to see another mall dead.