Working After Your Two Weeks’ Notice Is a Sweet Gig - Dusty Slay

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Dusty Slay reminisces about quitting his job at a buffet restaurant and explains what designated drivers are really like. (Contains strong language.)
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Comments • 2 228

  • vlad luck
    vlad luck 9 hours ago

    hey man your wife leave?
    well they're leavin

  • vlad luck
    vlad luck 9 hours ago

    we're having a good time

  • Matias Sobarzo
    Matias Sobarzo 12 hours ago

    why does he look like tom hanks as the running man from forrest gump?

  • Perri Murray
    Perri Murray Day ago

    They went over board with the inserted laughs

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 2 days ago

    Literally put my two weeks in last week. Tuesday is my last day, but I'm calling out tomorrow.

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams 3 days ago

    Just watched him live at Seven Springs Resort, it was hilarious.

  • steve conn
    steve conn 4 days ago

    How does this guy have 2M views? He sucks. Must be the red-neck hipster vibe in his profile pic.

  • Super R
    Super R 6 days ago

    Thank God they zoomed in on ..
    ... _The Laughing Woman_

  • Big Paulie
    Big Paulie 7 days ago

    He's right! The best two weeks ever! Lol

  • A1 Piece
    A1 Piece 7 days ago

    It’s a Tight Joke lmaoooooo

  • Timothy Spencer
    Timothy Spencer 7 days ago

    I wish he make it at Hollywood

  • charles manson
    charles manson 7 days ago


  • Ravine Seder
    Ravine Seder 7 days ago

    Ok jokes but please stop doing that thing with your glasses and hat. but especially the glasses because it's either a nervous tic or an affectation and you don't want either one.

  • Wade Hutchinson
    Wade Hutchinson 8 days ago +1

    about as funny as a wet fart with a prize

  • DEJ
    DEJ 8 days ago

    We’re havin’ a good time

  • Nicholas Wilson
    Nicholas Wilson 9 days ago +1

    you only get 2 DUI's don't waste em

  • Jack Sock
    Jack Sock 9 days ago

    Eaten at Hyman's in Charleston. It's fantastic.

  • Guy Incognito
    Guy Incognito 9 days ago +1

    Somebody tell that audio engineer to cut 125Hz!!!

  • Nando
    Nando 9 days ago

    That last one got me lmao

  • krono069
    krono069 10 days ago

    Man that lady with that ANNOYING, fake-sounding, LOUD laugh ruins this bit. Shut up lady!

  • Chase McPickle
    Chase McPickle 11 days ago

    i live in South Carolina...

  • ultranitro
    ultranitro 11 days ago

    This guy is just like John Foxx.

  • Mutant Tugboat
    Mutant Tugboat 12 days ago

    Looked up Hyman thinking it was an old timey way of saying Highwayman, ended up realizing why being close to sticky fingers was so funny lol
    Edit: Shout out to South Carolina! Not from the low country so didn't even know those restaurants existed.

  • Warren Puckett
    Warren Puckett 12 days ago

    I give companies the same courtesy and respect they give me.

    • Warren Puckett
      Warren Puckett 12 days ago

      I don't bother with 2 weeks. I just leave. No explaining. They usually know why and do not care. I have worked with some companies many times and others well,, they were lucky to get two weeks total from me.

  • Not a Fan
    Not a Fan 13 days ago

    That one chick laughs so aggressively

  • TrendSettaRico
    TrendSettaRico 13 days ago


  • michael preston
    michael preston 13 days ago

    I know what he's saying ! A six month notice !

  • Uriel Jimenez
    Uriel Jimenez 14 days ago

    That bitch was annoying

  • geezusispan
    geezusispan 14 days ago

    The LOUD laugher is a paid shill.

  • SportsFan JW
    SportsFan JW 14 days ago

    I died at the end 😂 hell of a storm

  • Kyle Renneberg
    Kyle Renneberg 14 days ago

    Annoying ass bitch in the crowd fucked this clip over

  • Bob Smithereens
    Bob Smithereens 14 days ago

    WAY better than David Letterman

  • harryrooster1
    harryrooster1 14 days ago +5

    Way to drunk to text your ex...just get in your car and drive home...lmao

  • Nathan Carnevale
    Nathan Carnevale 15 days ago +10

    I Worked with this guy like 10 years ago at Hymans. He used to carry a notepad with him everywhere he went to write down jokes haha

  • Sandeep Sinha
    Sandeep Sinha 15 days ago

    In India its 4 week notice and salary date is 7 or 10. Working days is 6, some company has alternate Saturday off. Working in Indian companies is worst.

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 15 days ago

    I was severely hoping that when they panned over to the audience they were gonna show that loud ass girl.

  • Dwyne S
    Dwyne S 15 days ago


  • Ricardo Chavez
    Ricardo Chavez 15 days ago

    Video pops up day my two week notice is filed

  • Ethan Gibson
    Ethan Gibson 15 days ago

    This guy is hilarious!

  • justajumpingypsygirl
    justajumpingypsygirl 15 days ago

    That sounds like a country song

  • Southern Fried Funky Monk

    I've been to Hymen's. GREAT seafood!

    YOUNG VIGILANTES 15 days ago

    At least you can sleep when you get to jail lol

  • David Nowak
    David Nowak 16 days ago

    That was a hilarious routine. Had me in stitches, got to check this dude out.

  • Jacob Navara
    Jacob Navara 16 days ago

    Billy Ray Cyrus?

  • WillWilsonII
    WillWilsonII 16 days ago

    This guy was almost funny

  • Jack Adams
    Jack Adams 17 days ago +3

    Not a moment of lapse between laughs! This guy is great!

  • Jack Gerke
    Jack Gerke 17 days ago

    I got laid off at the end of a real good paying short term job but had it a little rough cause I got on the wrong side of the foreman. 15 hours days seven days a week for two months. When the foreman gave me my pink slip for reduction in force, lay off, I said if you weren't so ugly I'd kiss you.

  • Bruce Langlois
    Bruce Langlois 17 days ago

    This audience needs to drink more, this set is bulletproof!! Hilarious!

  • MegaChrisTerry
    MegaChrisTerry 17 days ago

    How many more videos can we find of the ridiculous laughing woman? She's very prominent in this one.

  • Hippity Hopotus
    Hippity Hopotus 17 days ago

    I knew there was gonna be at least one Budweiser joke when I saw this guy in the thumbnail

  • Viktor Hill
    Viktor Hill 17 days ago


  • Stephen McGuire
    Stephen McGuire 17 days ago +36

    "You only get 2 dui's, make em count" haha I liked that one,hope this guy makes enough money to find better fitting glasses.

  • Fred Donoso
    Fred Donoso 17 days ago

    I feel like I'm watching a Charlie Sheen character doing comedy

  • Vinny FatStacks
    Vinny FatStacks 17 days ago +24

    It’s like he’s telling us to steal 3rd. Tap Hat, glasses, switch hands mic, hat again.

  • Carlos Castro
    Carlos Castro 18 days ago

    Hey man you been crying alot? Hahahaha

  • Schyler Brown
    Schyler Brown 18 days ago


  • mellonie Walker
    mellonie Walker 18 days ago

    He is pretty good

  • The Controversy
    The Controversy 18 days ago

    This guy was really good I hope to see more of him I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Die ziy
    Die ziy 19 days ago

    4:52 that lady straight up screamed laughed

  • dntworryboutmyname
    dntworryboutmyname 19 days ago

    not bad

  • Richard Freeman
    Richard Freeman 19 days ago

    It's a tight joke.

  • Mousek801
    Mousek801 19 days ago

    "Hell, you can leave right now..."

  • Daniel Kustra
    Daniel Kustra 19 days ago

    Omg someone smack that chick in the back cackling. Fuckin A.

  • Trey Smith
    Trey Smith 19 days ago

    The drunk driving thing an the job shit was funny af 😂

  • Benin Badyal
    Benin Badyal 20 days ago

    Funny guy

  • A fine Murican
    A fine Murican 20 days ago

    4:03 pulled a sneaky on yuh

  • vegan penguin
    vegan penguin 20 days ago


  • doug peters
    doug peters 20 days ago

    Funny stuff!

  • Adolfo Mont
    Adolfo Mont 20 days ago

    Love the two weeks notice. Almost got my first write up in those last two weeks, for being relaxed and happy (giving the impression that I was in hell) because I was leaving.

  • Homer The Don
    Homer The Don 20 days ago

    Im one tear away from hell of a storm.

  • Stoopid Head
    Stoopid Head 20 days ago

    That was refreshing

  • alex beckley
    alex beckley 20 days ago

    That chick must not know he is married

  • Bernadette Ewing
    Bernadette Ewing 21 day ago +18

    "Enjoy that joke on your own time." 😂

  • JLR Writer
    JLR Writer 21 day ago

    "hey man your wife leave." lol

  • MrFrankenstein92
    MrFrankenstein92 21 day ago

    That one bitch laughing loud as shit at EVERYTHING was hella annoying.