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  • nermen aly
    nermen aly 6 hours ago

    هلا بالعرب👽

  • Clarice Shriver
    Clarice Shriver Day ago

    This boy really kissed a dancer then YEETED her away to make room for the next two 😂😂😂
    (the plural form of yeet is yote; he YOTED her away)

  • Pax Paxton
    Pax Paxton 2 days ago

    Who’s in the yellow, I must know.

  • Minhon 2k9
    Minhon 2k9 5 days ago +1

    1:40 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1:41

  • RSMHM 64
    RSMHM 64 5 days ago +1

    Is nobody gonna say anything about Minos dance at 1:18 😂 Classic

  • Katrina Joyce
    Katrina Joyce 6 days ago

    choreography is on point!

  • taekook fans
    taekook fans 6 days ago

    the girls are so lucky

  • Muzn Vlogs
    Muzn Vlogs 6 days ago

    قلوبهم تحب البناتتت 😂😂♥️

  • 상큼한베리
    상큼한베리 6 days ago

    OH!넘 잘생기고!
    모든게 완벽해💜❤

  • 한서
    한서 7 days ago


  • 한서
    한서 7 days ago

    승훈이 댄서...

  • Darani Ari
    Darani Ari 8 days ago


  • Kpop Girl group balacha


  • 고란
    고란 8 days ago


  • Kathreena Alexa Blanco


  • Asma Axmed
    Asma Axmed 9 days ago

    I’m shook

  • Mobile legends
    Mobile legends 9 days ago

    It's my first time watching N they are so cool

    BLACKPINK IS LIFE 10 days ago


  • Random Virus
    Random Virus 10 days ago

  • uwu발렌티나
    uwu발렌티나 12 days ago

    2019¿? 😍💕

  • I sHiP JiNaN aNd jUnHoe


  • Lorena Cabañas
    Lorena Cabañas 13 days ago


  • Anna Xx
    Anna Xx 14 days ago


  • Kimberly Labrador
    Kimberly Labrador 14 days ago

    2:40 until 2:46 is a new dance in Zepeto

  • Ayu Nababan
    Ayu Nababan 16 days ago +1


  • kathrine mae
    kathrine mae 16 days ago

    Im fucking inlove with Mino

  • 고의림
    고의림 16 days ago

    위너는 진짜 까리한거 같아 비주얼도 그렇고 춤이나 노래도 세련되게 잘 뽑음

  • Pierce Familypp
    Pierce Familypp 16 days ago

    After listening to this I realize my song is trash 😅

  • bangtan bunny
    bangtan bunny 17 days ago

    I wish I was one f those girl dancers lol

  • Shada Jaleel
    Shada Jaleel 17 days ago

    Lol jinwoo looks like he’s going in a business meeting or something❤️❤️😍😂

  • Bunga dwi raisa oktaviani Channell

    Jinwoo sound is killing me😖😵

  • Veth 's
    Veth 's 20 days ago

    1:40 me kede azi :O jsjsjsjsjjs

  • Lee jung suk
    Lee jung suk 20 days ago

    mino..the best

  • Kpovt
    Kpovt 21 day ago

    I love winner so much and this choreo got me shook. When bts do something with girls the internet would be shook but like winner it's just like omg they slaayying. You now what I mean?

  • Ganesh Baro
    Ganesh Baro 23 days ago

    I love It everyday song😘😘

  • Bangtan boys I’m your area

    Damn lucky female dancers .

  • Mrs Rara
    Mrs Rara 24 days ago

    Jinwoo mino🤗🤗

  • Jeon JenKook Lover
    Jeon JenKook Lover 24 days ago

    I'm a new fan of Winner and I could say they are really different from the other boy groups their music is just different but in soooooo much beautiful way♥️💯

  • brianbrian brian
    brianbrian brian 24 days ago

    I love everything from YG

  • Gabriela Asencios
    Gabriela Asencios 25 days ago

    Prefiero a las chicas del MV no sé por que xdd, igual estan bien guapos 7u7

  • Isabel Córtez
    Isabel Córtez 25 days ago +2

    They sound very good though. I like their music and dances. But not the girls. God no.

  • Isabel Córtez
    Isabel Córtez 25 days ago +1

    This is my first song listening to them. And I prefer other groups more. Like BTS, ikon, Blackpink, Wanna One, Seventeen, Momoland, and the new band that is coming out 6Aces. And all I see is girls stripping on these boys. If I was a fan. I would probably get assessed with them and be very angry that "GIRLS" are on them. I know some of you guys are going to criticize me because " it's just a music video, chill, gosh." Not to be racist but you white girls or shall I say American girls are probably saying " OMG what ever your name is. Whatever freak it your name is Billy now, stop acting like a butt cheek on a stick, darn you Billy"😂😂 ok that was a little harsh. But funny though. And why are these Ho*s even on these "BOYS." An I know I am taking this to literal. But that's just me. Anyway if you are a BTS fan or any of the groups I listed this does not go to you. So sorry. I am very sassy for a 11 year old aren't I. Trust me I would never act like this in real life. Mostly because of my brother. My brother and I are in the same grade so I make sure I don't act up. He will go straight to our mom. Who knew twins could be so different. I never tell him. Because I know for a fact he would do something. By everyone who were strong enough to read this!😁😁 Plz like and comment

  • Haechan's Sunshine
    Haechan's Sunshine 25 days ago

    This video attract me to read the comment section 😂

  • Lee Areum
    Lee Areum 27 days ago

    Damn all their songs are awesome😱😭I regret not stanning them earlier... I having a difficulties to choose seunghoon or mino for my bias😂

  • Jenn Marlu
    Jenn Marlu 28 days ago +1

    Esperando por el Dance Practice de Millions, vine a deleitarme con ellos en Everyday ♡

  • Vania Channel
    Vania Channel 28 days ago +1

    Mino...... 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Maxpein Moon
    Maxpein Moon 28 days ago +2

    This got me addicted😍😍😍

  • Ennya Thresia
    Ennya Thresia 29 days ago +2

    Yoon really captured my eyes 😍

  • chariza cabillada
    chariza cabillada 29 days ago +1

    No one is talking about my Mino? :(

  • cathlene estipular
    cathlene estipular 29 days ago +1

    can you please tell me here....who is mino what is thr color of his he the man with white hat

  • U U
    U U Month ago +3

    Seung Yoon...
    You're killing me EVERY DAY DAY EVERY EVERY DAY

  • Raya Jeschelle
    Raya Jeschelle Month ago +1

    1:40 did hoony just kiss that girl in her fore head

  • hoe for exo
    hoe for exo Month ago

    did seunghoon just kiss the backup dancer? ok
    don't talk to me, im broke.

  • NaZz0
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  • 해CS완
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  • Marcia Sanchez
    Marcia Sanchez Month ago

    Me encanta ver cómo ha mejorado Jinu en el baile, tan orgullosa de ver este dance practice. Todos lo hacen tan bien pero Jinu robó mi atención ♥ Y eso que soy Mino biased ajjaja *se va corriendo*

  • 밀떡말랑한
    밀떡말랑한 Month ago


  • Kwon Jiyong
    Kwon Jiyong Month ago

    ❤😁😁😁I'm so happy watching them dancing

  • 박인서
    박인서 Month ago

    입덕중 재입덕 발생

  • N
    N Month ago

    Im listen to this everyday❤️

  • i snatch yo weave .-.
    i snatch yo weave .-. Month ago +1

    *Lets all wear jackets and not tell Minho*

  • N
    N Month ago


  • Queenie Ahmayda Abantas

    Im drowning 😍😍😍😍

  • Zaliyana Sazali
    Zaliyana Sazali Month ago +1

    I jealous at the backup dancers

  • Hera Nugraha
    Hera Nugraha Month ago

    Hoony salanghae😍😍😍

  • 김정은
    김정은 Month ago

    다 좋은데 카메라는 고정 좀 해주라 춤을 보고싶어도 집중이 안돼

  • Tiana Correa
    Tiana Correa Month ago

    mino temum Lindovocal

  • Cilla Cilla
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    KIMJINSOO IC Month ago +2

    I have a request... plz release an official dance practice of 'hello'... the choreography is super cute and it juz captivating to watch.. please showcase more on their dancing skills...because without no doubts they r a collection of true entertainer with superb skills on singing, dancing, visuals and modest artist... please1000x

  • Kristine Kim
    Kristine Kim Month ago +1

    Now I’m addicted to them💕

  • Kathryn Yang
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  • Diana Fitra
    Diana Fitra Month ago


  • D'nur Aziz
    D'nur Aziz Month ago +1

    I'm in this fandom since 2013 but after observation i just find my bias this year that is Seung Hoon 😂😂....

  • ᄏᄏᄏ
    ᄏᄏᄏ Month ago

    1:41 OMG!! I’M DIED

  • Regular As Always
    Regular As Always Month ago +1

    Unpopular opinion: BIG3 (YG, SM, JYP) are not loosing it. I know bighit is like, really successful, but I don't think it's ready to take a place in the top companies. Here's why:
    SM: Though their 3rd generation groups; Red Velvet, EXO, NCT kind of pale in comparison of popularity, they are on another level for their music and vocals. EXO has always released top quality music. Though they are often considered rivals to BTS, I don't think the two groups are on the same platform. I mean, we like BTS because they are relatable and crazy af with talent to back it up. We like EXO because it gives nothing less than perfection, a trait SM is known for.
    Red Velvet is practically living under the label '3rd' best girl group after TWICE and BP, but again, Red Velvet strives for perfection rather than popularity. It's kind of hard to explain, but anyway. Their music is more advanced. They experiment with their music, which is amazing. This is something only a big3 company can afford to do, 'experiment'. Red Velvet uses it's extraordinary vocals to it's advantage.
    NCT isn't even like other boy groups. SM was again trying to experiment. I mean, NCT song's are catchy, they have superb dances. SM is trying to set a new era of boy groups, which focus more on an eye-catching choreo rather than many other things. A similar concept, according to me, is followed by STRAY KIDS, but anyway. Moving on...
    YG: Among the big3, I think YG has experimented the most along with SM. Winner isn't a band YG focuses the most on, but I think this is the group that holds the YG flag. This group has laid back cool music, that is not that popular, but extremely likable. They show YG signature traits, and were formed from WIN. They are most likely the follow up to BIG BANGS 'swag' and 'cool' music and personalities.
    IKON is the main boy group of YG. It was formed to compete for popularity in the music industry. Their music still has YG swag, but it is more like something to appease the crowd. If you get what I'm saying.
    BLACKPINK is the main girl group of YG and their success was planned unlike WINNER's. This is the girl group that represents YG in the 3rd gen, and I think they're constantly achieving their goals.
    JYP: I think GOT7 was supposed to be the company's main boy group, but it's success isn't as much as it should be. BUT the group is still amazing. They still release better music and are talented by big3 standards.
    I'm being honest and saying that I feel JYP didn't expect TWICE's success and when they got successful he put all his effort in maintaining the success. THis is because companies usually don't expect groups formed from reality shows to gain success.
    I don't know much about STRAY KIDS, but they are doing great by sweeping all rookie awards along with G(I)dle
    Reasons why I think Bighit shouldn't be part of the above list:
    -They released only one successful group, the b3's trainees are more talented than many idols and I feel they got lucky with this group because of the amzing selection.
    -BTS produces their own music mostly, bighit is more like the BTS company.
    -that's it, don't get offended and bye!!!

  • ComSupport Chiangmai

    Lisa and rośe

  • Joyce ll
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  • Nurul Nuha
    Nurul Nuha Month ago +2

    1:41 that girl is so lucky............ I'm cnekdofjrjdidjedjdjcjfjri just fkfjfcjrknfcjrj

  • NaZz0
    NaZz0 Month ago +1

    What’s Seungyoon jacket brand here?

  • LSH's waifu
    LSH's waifu Month ago

    Daddy Jinu

  • Bts Jimin
    Bts Jimin Month ago +2

    Mino so handsome My bias now mino

    BLACK PINK 니노 Month ago


  • shy KOOKIE
    shy KOOKIE Month ago +1

    I have Nothing To do, it's ok☹️☹️XADD BUT I STILL LOVE THEM😍❤️💜💙💚💓

  • SusHi soo
    SusHi soo Month ago


    JIMINIE PABO Month ago +1


  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy Month ago +1

    Hehehe😂 once I graduate, I will pursue my dream. I want to be a dancer and I will start from being a back up dancer at YG Entertainment and BigHit Entertainment😂😂

  • Ким Тэхенн

    Эээээ типо, здесь же Блэкпинк, форевер янг, ии, ам, океей 😐😕🤔

  • 채영
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  • Breny Barrientos
    Breny Barrientos Month ago +1

    1:39 Como intenta besarla y la chica re: quitate perro y el re: pues vete alav entonces -la tira alav- JAJAAJAJAJAJAJA te amo Hoony JAJAAJAJJAJA

  • Lolatana
    Lolatana Month ago

    Minho tries so hard to be like GD

  • Hera Nugraha
    Hera Nugraha Month ago +1

    Hoony ahhh i love you

  • softbabyjongin
    softbabyjongin Month ago +1

    bitch i’m like in love

  • Stranded Me
    Stranded Me Month ago

    I really don't know why is jinwoo giving me tom cruise vibes😅

  • Elisabeth Lyonheart

    New fan here but man I am hooked.
    Also the Backup dancers were lit

  • Mmaythw Mmaythw
    Mmaythw Mmaythw Month ago

    นึกว่า sik-k. เสียงเหมือนมากบวกกับสไตล์เพลง

  • citrye1
    citrye1 Month ago

    울 진우 머리도 이뿌게 흔드네~~

  • Ada P
    Ada P Month ago

    This song will always be in my heart because it was the first kpop song I listened in my life ❤️

  • Hera Nugraha
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  • luz
    luz Month ago +1

    womens are not objects or awards to treat them like that.

    disappointed but not surprised

    • 엑소엘
      엑소엘 Month ago +4

      its called back up dancers...
      stupid kids, disappointed but not surprised