• Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Flight Report onboard KLM Boeing 777-300ER from Tokyo Narita NRT to Amsterdam Schiphol AMS in Economy Comfort class.
    Economy comfort explaination by KLM :
    Economy Comfort seat on intercontinental flights
    Finish your work, or take a well-deserved break. With our Economy Comfort seat, you can treat yourself to more comfort. Located right behind Business Class you’ll be amongst the first passengers to disembark the aircraft. Furthermore, these seats have the same service as the regular seats in Economy Class. However, the Economy Comfort seat provides more legroom and more recline than regular Economy Class. On all aircraft (except the 747’s), the seats in this zone also feature a power socket for charging your laptop or smartphone. Economy Comfort is available on all KLM flights.
    -10 cm (4 inch) more legroom than regular Economy
    -4-5 cm (1.5-2 inch) more recline than regular Economy
    -9-11 inch personal entertainment screen
    -In-seat power on all flights (except in Boeing 747)
    -Seats in the front of the Economy Class
    Flight Report by SkyPriority 2, Shot with Gopro Hero 5 Session.

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Comments • 31

  • One World Flyer
    One World Flyer 15 days ago

    Brilliant video! I really like the light coloured economy seats that KLM has compared to the black ones on CX and SQ, makes me feel more relaxed I don't know why haha

  • Saad Didouh
    Saad Didouh 20 days ago

    I can help you to protect your chanel i see in full screen there is no signe or logo say that your chanel is protected or semilar to any chanel youtuber please add this one in your full screen

  • Daniel DI GIACOMO
    Daniel DI GIACOMO 22 days ago

    Dommage pour un francophone de faire un blog en anglais. Sinon very interresting

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD 22 days ago

    Fantastic video man! Liked!

  • Nor Nik Man Ramli
    Nor Nik Man Ramli 22 days ago

    What boring flight

    • Patrick
      Patrick 19 days ago

      Next time KLM will add some Geisha's to the flight from Tokyo.

  • claus stimpfig
    claus stimpfig 24 days ago

    thank you. O.M.G. is that a bad cabin. SOOO many Y/CL seats. And what was the "comfort"??? A few Inches more legromm and thats it??
    Meal is the same like in Eco.
    Air France is so much better with a real PremEco cabin and upgraded meal with champagne. Well, not to mention their upscale La Premiere product. The best F/CL in Europe.Thats a Bonanza of luxury.
    I feel very sorry for KLM. But then au revoir merci bien poor cette video and auf wiedersehen!

  • Luca Channel
    Luca Channel 24 days ago

    Awesome video!

  • Tre86Q
    Tre86Q 24 days ago

    Awesome video!

  • flygwada971
    flygwada971 25 days ago

    What is the difference between seats in pure Economy and Confort Economy? At least with Air France you have the feeling to be in a different class with seats different from Economy and catering is a bit more elaborat...

    • mikrokupu
      mikrokupu 23 days ago

      They are two different products. AF has Premium Economy, which is a class of it's own while the Y+ of KL is just a Economy seat with a better seat pitch.

  • Marcus Fey
    Marcus Fey 25 days ago +1

    Sorry to say: I liked you other videos a tiny bit more. In this one the cabin wall played (too) big a role, on the other hand I would have loved to see the meals in more details.
    Anyway: I'm looking forward to your next trip report! :-)

    • Marcus Fey
      Marcus Fey 24 days ago

      @SkyPriority Thanks for your understanding!

    • SkyPriority
      SkyPriority  25 days ago +1

      Thank you for your feedback Marcus Fey,
      I agree that the quality of this video is lower. The video was shot by my Partner and he has an outdated camera (that explains the shaky picture) and less experience but we are working on it together and the next videos will be only getting better and better.
      Anyway thank you for your support !

  • jan8 1998
    jan8 1998 25 days ago +1

    J'adore ta chaîne et tes vidéos. Continue comme ça! 👍😀

  • jan8 1998
    jan8 1998 25 days ago +2

    Moi aussi je préfère l'ancienne livrée de KLM.

  • Laen
    Laen 25 days ago

    Nice trip report. Your voice is very soothing. 😊

  • TheAmtrakRailfanner 6275
    TheAmtrakRailfanner 6275 25 days ago +1

    What is that Delta 757 doing in NRT?

    • Patrick
      Patrick 19 days ago

      waiting for it's passengers? :p

  • SkyPriority
    SkyPriority  25 days ago

    Hi everyone !
    I just correct a few mistakes. This is a 777-300ER and not a 200 as i say in the video. And this cabin is called Économy Comfort and not Space plus.
    Thank you all for watching and make sure to leave a like and a comment, I read them all

  • Frédéric Forster
    Frédéric Forster 25 days ago

    When have you done this flight as I am flying the route very often from Nouméa to CDG via Amsterdam? The last time it was on July 27 2019.

  • DIREXX 78
    DIREXX 78 25 days ago +1

    My new trip report:tvclip.biz/video/XNmf22BXOsI/video.html

  • Владимир Ржевский

    Над головой моей пролетел)))

  • Harold Yeoh
    Harold Yeoh 25 days ago

    Hell no the seat width is super tight and cramped, no thanks, even is economy comfort.

  • Edgar Mesropyan
    Edgar Mesropyan 25 days ago +3

    Oh really cool video !! Love your channel !! watching all your videos😍 thank you a lot and also you inspired me to start my own channel 😊 thank you for that too 😍😊😊

  • Nagy 41260 - Paris Airports Planes Spotting

    Is it 200 or 300 ER ?

  • spiros.traveller
    spiros.traveller 25 days ago +1


  • Agustin Alamo-Garcia
    Agustin Alamo-Garcia 25 days ago +1

    Sorry but there is ZERO privacy when flying in any type of economy type cabin.

  • fluffycat savage
    fluffycat savage 25 days ago

    Wait, was it a 777-200 or a 777-300ER?