• Published on May 18, 2019
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  • Nessa’sLife
    Nessa’sLife 4 days ago

    try putting all his teething/bobo in the freezer. all babies love it

  • Brittany Patterson
    Brittany Patterson 5 days ago

    My son was the same way had to put him on soy

  • Dakota mcdowell
    Dakota mcdowell 5 days ago

    We packing and stacking 😂😂

  • Heather C.
    Heather C. 11 days ago +1

    He is also teething. That could be the cause. Legend is the cutest.

  • Habibi
    Habibi 13 days ago

    Did he just say your clit and cheeks were hanging out?

  • MosesTv
    MosesTv 14 days ago

    Who did yo intro tho shits 🔥

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown 15 days ago

    Showing off

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown 15 days ago

    He looking at them bitches

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown 15 days ago

    Stop kissing the baby like ew ur nasty

  • Edward Blends
    Edward Blends 15 days ago

    his barbers dimples

  • Stephane Warns
    Stephane Warns 16 days ago

    The son looks like daddy and mummy

  • Ramon Pereda
    Ramon Pereda 16 days ago


  • Trina
    Trina 16 days ago

    Where is that baby bed 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Julie Brooks
    Julie Brooks 17 days ago

    He needs a bed next to his mommy...

  • Foreign Kerri
    Foreign Kerri 18 days ago

    You have to start getting a foldable crib or something. Cuz baby boy gonna fall

  • Foreign Kerri
    Foreign Kerri 18 days ago

    I know he be wanying.to.say favorite bearded nigga

  • Dropped my Hotpocket
    Dropped my Hotpocket 20 days ago

    Where did u get your durag from (the lime green one)

  • Leona Tries
    Leona Tries 20 days ago

    Clar: “How did that happen?”
    “Why are you on the news?”
    💈: “yeah.”

  • Prentis Williams
    Prentis Williams 23 days ago

    Yooo who the jawn at 13:27 holding the baby???!!!! I need answers


    Shower then pack

    SHEKINAH BELLE 24 days ago

    Ik ya saw that vibrater in that bag 4:05-4:10😭😭😳

  • Nakaya Oliveras
    Nakaya Oliveras 25 days ago

    He just been breezing 🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Nakaya Oliveras
    Nakaya Oliveras 25 days ago

    Baby L always got them little fist balled up 😂🥰😍

  • MiAsia Tashia
    MiAsia Tashia 26 days ago

    Lovee u guys ❤️

  • Ahmera Hughes
    Ahmera Hughes 27 days ago

    Omg it’s in his foot! There’s doo doo on his foot 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Latasha Brown
    Latasha Brown 29 days ago

    Bruhhhh you stay cheating in rock paper scissors!!! Gotta keep a closed fist until shoot! Be loose handed like a mug😂🤣

  • Domonique Robinson
    Domonique Robinson 29 days ago

    Your barber is fine af

  • Abel baby
    Abel baby 29 days ago

    Im pretty sure this was for females not men

  • Semaj Tate
    Semaj Tate Month ago

    “O-oh my god there’s doo doo on his foot”🤣

  • Bahati Msingwa
    Bahati Msingwa Month ago

    I love armon and trey

  • Shaniya Johns
    Shaniya Johns Month ago +1

    Otayyy Clarebear😍🥰❤️

  • Khadijah Long
    Khadijah Long Month ago

    You guys should get him the baby suiting thing it’s like a crib but smaller version you can move around pretty easy so he can’t move around the bed

  • Gio Guz
    Gio Guz Month ago

    What I like about your channel the most bro is how authentic you are. I'm tired of seeing these fake personality youtubers lol thank you for the real content king!!

  • Serenity Surreal
    Serenity Surreal Month ago +1

    Omg queen is life😭😭😭

  • Dilcely Then
    Dilcely Then Month ago +1

    Legend face after he woke up had me dead lmaoooo

  • mycheala waddell
    mycheala waddell Month ago +1

    That baby so cute he look like a little man 😂

  • Kikas VIP
    Kikas VIP Month ago

    I barber from jamaica

  • Marissa Rodriguez
    Marissa Rodriguez Month ago

    Queen needa stop with that “I look like somebody mom” 😂 You ARE a mom

  • Shinesia Tra’zonn

    Barber’s smile wild crazyyy 😆

  • Alexandria Griffin
    Alexandria Griffin Month ago +1

    I'm looking at Him like "nigga you know you not ugly😑"

  • Shemar Wooten
    Shemar Wooten Month ago

    In other words DDG not a hooper😂😂😂

  • Jillian Goudlock
    Jillian Goudlock Month ago

    Nigga u in Atlanta.. its plenty barbers there better than that nigga

  • Emonie Mitchell
    Emonie Mitchell Month ago

    Clare her what is hanging out __& cheeks 🤣🤣🤣y’all nasty.

  • Persian Brat
    Persian Brat Month ago

    Where df is patty...lol i just noticed..we need a reunite.

  • Camille Morales
    Camille Morales Month ago

    I love you so muchhhhhhh🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aaron Grubb
    Aaron Grubb Month ago

    Queen and trey singing the barney theme song in the background was so distracting and funny 🤣😂

  • Henrietta Reyes
    Henrietta Reyes Month ago

    Why yall buying stuff for yall self and not for the baby

  • Jasmine Baker
    Jasmine Baker Month ago

    Enfamil AR is the only thing that worked for my daughter who was born a month early and had a very sensitive stomach

  • Tiara Bonner
    Tiara Bonner Month ago

    Legend has been on this earth before, he's already doing so much at 3 months. 😄

  • Rosey Reweti
    Rosey Reweti Month ago +1

    Legend is the cutest❤😍💘💕💋

  • T O R R E S
    T O R R E S Month ago

    Clarence: I'm gonna have to watch u all the time
    Legend: *rolls eye to side* like 'and?'

  • De LaP
    De LaP Month ago

    Legend look like a grown ass man 😂

    MILIROC FRESH Month ago +1

    That thumbnail had me rollin🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sincerely Paula Denise

    Where’s Patty?!? I miss seeing him with y’all 😩

  • Tasheema Roberts
    Tasheema Roberts Month ago

    Yeah them allergies been wildn Clarence😜

  • Pretty Bubblez
    Pretty Bubblez Month ago

    Do you burp him every time you feed him. Usually if you don’t he will throw up

  • jordan Springfield
    jordan Springfield Month ago

    Oh look another video displaying how wealthy they are 😭

  • Diamond Too Real
    Diamond Too Real Month ago

    It's time to say good bye to the small stroller, Legend needs a upgrade.

  • Fun Sizebbg
    Fun Sizebbg Month ago

    Clare when u put legends in the stroller put the open against wall and locks the wheels so when he push against the wall he won't move and fall out the stroller💯💯

  • Sly Cat
    Sly Cat Month ago

    People were always complaining before that Queen never had CJ with her, so I guess Chris did most of the child rearing. She still doesn't seem to know what to do now.

  • Yazzy Tv 📺
    Yazzy Tv 📺 Month ago

    That’s baby is to die for he look just like you Clare 🤗🥵

  • UniqueLyan VLOGS
    UniqueLyan VLOGS Month ago

    “There’s Doo doo on his foot” yo i died 🤣🤣🤣

  • Life of Raven
    Life of Raven Month ago

    You do not have to change for no one you was fine regardless long Queen and you like it that is all that matters 💯

  • Keitriana Augustin
    Keitriana Augustin Month ago +1

    Why is he always in the stroller?

  • Mozell Williams
    Mozell Williams Month ago

    Legend is starting to look like cj 😍😍

  • Anna K
    Anna K Month ago

    Legend so freaking cute!

  • Tris Nicole
    Tris Nicole Month ago

    All the money yall have.. yall can buy legend something safe to sleep in . Clare got 100+ pair of shoes but legend sleeping in a stroller bout to fall out 🙄

  • Tris Nicole
    Tris Nicole Month ago +1


  • Rae Love
    Rae Love Month ago

    Clare looking nice, finally😁👍

  • Shatory Love
    Shatory Love Month ago

    I like y'all & everything but how come when the barber come over Queen had to put on a robe (which is fine) and cover up but when the girls over you ain't put a shirt on❕ we don't trust nobody (periodt) so cover up your stomach Clarence 👊 put a shirt on.

  • Shatory Love
    Shatory Love Month ago

    The barber single or nah

  • M Reed
    M Reed Month ago

    Try gripe water for his tummy & chamomile tea

  • Christalys Toledo Robles

    at 4:57 Legend looking at Queen like “mommy you really gonna let dada talk to me like that??” 🤣🤣💛

  • Kuanicia Sullivan
    Kuanicia Sullivan Month ago

    I love you and queen ❤️💙

  • sophier campbell
    sophier campbell Month ago

    Legend needs a portable play pin, that’ll give more room to move around in

  • Kbthemfgoat
    Kbthemfgoat Month ago

    This man was breezing😭😭😭😭 imma start sayin tha

  • Amanda Austin
    Amanda Austin Month ago

    Try Similac Sensitive it's an orange can. That's what my son uses and he still throws up thats to be expected but it's not a lot. Make sure you burping him after every 2 oz. Sit him up while feeding him and for 30mins after feeding. He should be good. Also too try giving him oatmeal cereal that will help also. Hope he feels better soon

  • Danae Alana!
    Danae Alana! Month ago

    ooouu I want my hair cut

  • Madi Boo
    Madi Boo Month ago

    Queen and trey harmonizing while singing Barney has me weak 🤣

  • Smell OfHelium
    Smell OfHelium Month ago

    I take that highway to my school

  • Angelica Batista
    Angelica Batista Month ago

    I have a baby on breast milk but one with Gensel leaveEnfamil. But with all babies. You have to let them sit up after every feed for at least 2 mins. & make sure Burped really good.

  • NellyBelle
    NellyBelle Month ago

    2:50 - 3:30 Clarence damn near killed me... it’s so cute that he’s developing queens sense of humor. 😂😂

  • ameka clark
    ameka clark Month ago

    Nigga you are so wack! True story....grown women see you for who you are!

  • kira Baptiste
    kira Baptiste Month ago

    U are using queen

  • The Basic Family
    The Basic Family Month ago

    Ugh that beard why do women like beards like that its just a bunch of nappy pubic hair

  • Michael Barrett
    Michael Barrett Month ago

    Yo whatever clothes u don’t need I’ll take them shits ASAP 😂😂

  • Suzana Moreno
    Suzana Moreno Month ago

    CLARE RENZO IS ADORABLE AND CUTE IS YOUR TWIN. 😘😍😊😉🤗👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🙏🏽

  • G Dub2x
    G Dub2x Month ago

    y’all sum really good parents😅💛

  • Vinnn Williams
    Vinnn Williams Month ago

    He spit up a lot I think he has reflux bc he’s way too young to be teething. Not saying it’s not possible but ask the doc about reflux. They gave my daughter medicine for it and she was way less cranky and didn’t spit up all the time. Also thickening his milk with beachnut rice cereal will help him keep it down.

  • Diana Jackson
    Diana Jackson Month ago

    $1000 for a haircut?

  • Damita Smith
    Damita Smith Month ago

    I can see baby CJ in legend

  • Jaystaybeasting
    Jaystaybeasting Month ago

    Try soy milk my daughter did the same thing on pro advance now she packing on weight God bless

  • Kareem Whittick
    Kareem Whittick Month ago

    Cook fi di bwoy Clarence. Home made food

  • Kareem Whittick
    Kareem Whittick Month ago

    Give Renzo homemade food y’all lol

  • yung_blk _nappy
    yung_blk _nappy Month ago

    I got the patty bro lol

  • Dimplez816
    Dimplez816 Month ago

    Clare straight be cheatin' during Rock, paper, Scissors smdh. LOL

  • Daniella Johnson
    Daniella Johnson Month ago

    Your not even ugly, you is fine lol 😂😍😍

  • Simone Hunt
    Simone Hunt Month ago

    What is that purple and grey thing in that black in white cloth

  • sandro martinez
    sandro martinez Month ago +1

    Boy when you got w Queen you had the biggest glow up can’t glow any better than that !

  • Tyjuanda Bogle
    Tyjuanda Bogle Month ago +1

    Dam the I love you song 😍they sound Soo cute😍😍😘😘