Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”


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  • Pyro382
    Pyro382 14 hours ago


  • trainbow26
    trainbow26 14 hours ago

    I like how you can feel the intensity at 4:23

  • Pavel
    Pavel 15 hours ago

    Jennifer Hale yay

  • MegaLCRO
    MegaLCRO 16 hours ago

    Splat Bob: He does it!

  • Mr Hobo64
    Mr Hobo64 16 hours ago +1

    Is anyone gonna talk about Mccree not finishing that pie slice.

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 17 hours ago

    Arthur Morgan?

  • Victoria Cagande
    Victoria Cagande 17 hours ago

    To ship, or not to ship, that is the question.

  • Raynell Gregory
    Raynell Gregory 17 hours ago

    so um my overwatch wont load anything at all

  • Epsilon
    Epsilon 18 hours ago

    best one yet

  • Saiko Suika Sarada
    Saiko Suika Sarada 18 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure there was a 666 under that teacup. . .

  • PeyPey 101
    PeyPey 101 19 hours ago

    Overwatch I think making BOB as a hero would still be cool even though he is Ashe’s ultimate. As a hero he could be a tank. He could have a charge ability that throws enemies into the air. He could have a big jump ability. He just seems like he would be a cool hero!

  • Mr Snowy
    Mr Snowy 19 hours ago

    Wait is that robot girl Athena? She sounds a lot like her....

  • wolverine 321
    wolverine 321 19 hours ago

    Who here thinks that blizzard should do a short about zenyatta.

  • Da man dude 123
    Da man dude 123 19 hours ago

    4050 anyone

  • Phil Geren
    Phil Geren 20 hours ago

    So glad they finally made a McCree animation!

  • TriOfDerp ‘
    TriOfDerp ‘ 20 hours ago

    Paladins had an Ashe first

  • TriOfDerp ‘
    TriOfDerp ‘ 20 hours ago

    can Paladins get some love

  • ZackFnaf 335
    ZackFnaf 335 20 hours ago


  • Theodore Malkowitz
    Theodore Malkowitz 21 hour ago

    I cheat and blatantly admit it and i am still high ranked , I get money from streams and just tell people im good I even post it b latantly here and still I have never been banned since the game came out. I think everyone should know and stop pretending.

  • Master Seagull
    Master Seagull 21 hour ago +1

    Sorry but I already choosed Bob

  • jarhead shots
    jarhead shots 21 hour ago

    Is that bot supposed to create the new lootboxes

  • Bat Maul
    Bat Maul 22 hours ago

    This is so sad. B.O.B, do something!

  • 100 subs with no videos plz and thank you

    Ashe do something

  • Dragon Tomas
    Dragon Tomas 22 hours ago

    Echo is hella creepy

  • Kira Yoshikage
    Kira Yoshikage 22 hours ago

    Why didn’t they add that robot at the end instead

  • Leit0
    Leit0 22 hours ago

    Patriarchy wins again

  • Delgermaa Bataa
    Delgermaa Bataa 22 hours ago

    apple pie

  • Freeching Productions
    Freeching Productions 23 hours ago

    i already choose mecree

  • Asylum117
    Asylum117 Day ago

    Blizzard. Make a TV series of this for goodness sake. A movie wouldn't just cut it, especialy when it comes to the insane amount of characters you have in the game.

  • Mauricio Fuentes

    so commander shepard as cowgirl in overwatch... nice!!!


    Would it have killed Overwatch to create a playable Black female character?

  • Yash Permalla
    Yash Permalla Day ago

    I really wanted Ashe to win :(

  • Night Blade
    Night Blade Day ago +1

    Better than Sony Animations

  • Le magicien Trumps


  • Vinas Benzinas
    Vinas Benzinas Day ago

    Congrats ya rippedoff paladins

  • Yusri KH
    Yusri KH Day ago +1

    Blizzard copy rocket star

  • Thatshadyguy Meme

    The 6.3k that disliked this are Team Fortress 2 players

  • Lorenzo Carrillo-Leyva

    That bi moment where you're simultaneously attracted to Ashe and McCree

    U OOF OOF Day ago

    I'll be tracer

  • Nuclear Ninja
    Nuclear Ninja Day ago +1


  • petey
    petey Day ago +1


  • Shawnprg
    Shawnprg Day ago

    And this is why I'm a mcree main

  • Johnny Begood
    Johnny Begood Day ago

    It's hiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Eveline Van Schooten

    Mcree had to say. "It's high noon!" 😂😢

  • Yus Tree
    Yus Tree Day ago

    realized the clock said it was high noon

  • 브론즈
    브론즈 Day ago

    한국인 손

    VEGITO BLUE Day ago

    I Love Overwatch and League of legends

  • WunPunnyGuy
    WunPunnyGuy Day ago

    It would be pretty dope if Clint Eastwood did a reaction video for this.

  • AvramAlex
    AvramAlex Day ago

    The old friend robot will be a new hero

  • Long Hoàng
    Long Hoàng Day ago

    I'm a League (LOL) player in Vietnam. I like this game because League's animation is great
    But I find that Blizzard is making it better. I will play this game whenever i have a chance.

  • Trygve Plaustrum
    Trygve Plaustrum Day ago +1

    Yup. Ashe says "Oh, *shoot*."

  • Meme Nite
    Meme Nite Day ago

    Like if Ashe is over powered...

  • G Animations
    G Animations Day ago

    ¡Oh!,¡this is really cool! ^^

  • Jayman
    Jayman Day ago

    im already tracer

  • Chris Pena
    Chris Pena Day ago

    So that hero at the end coming soon

  • Magscorch
    Magscorch Day ago

    *cough* TF2 is better as well as the animations *cough*

    I'M VEGAN NOW Day ago

    7:39 *T H I C C*

    I'M VEGAN NOW Day ago

    The new RDR trailer look good

    ESPANISH TROLL Day ago +1

    wow toy story 4 sneak peak is looking great

  • なでしこ各務原


  • Chase L.
    Chase L. Day ago

    Teammates still respawning: McCree! Stop you can't 1v6!
    McCree: Hold my apple pie.

  • Micah Sheldon
    Micah Sheldon Day ago

    After all those years, she still kept his picture on the dash!

  • Republic 117
    Republic 117 Day ago

    I wished he said "Its high noon!"

  • FliddyFace
    FliddyFace Day ago +2

    The thing about this is...

    I don't really like pie

  • Sienna The Great

    I want that pie

  • Silas Schwartz
    Silas Schwartz Day ago

    Does anyone know the song in the beginning?

  • NPC 0491fb61h962m62964137bsdg794

    I want to be tracer

  • CRAZYMAN1112234567890

    Please stop putting black bars to make it look like 21:9 , and actually make the video 21:9. It ruins the cinematic effect on actual 21:9 screens!

  • Alekay .23
    Alekay .23 Day ago

    This is Ash from Paladins?

  • Alpha Crepe
    Alpha Crepe Day ago

    Why can’t pie look that good in real life

  • Mr
    Mr Day ago


  • XxDragons_EyexX
    XxDragons_EyexX Day ago

    It’s highhh noon

  • Some person that likes roller coasters

    Finally a short for my main 🔥🕛

  • TheJollyG4mer
    TheJollyG4mer Day ago +1

    You can hear the rule 34 artists mobilizing

  • Garrett Savidge
    Garrett Savidge Day ago

    Alright. Please don't get mad. Who was the robot at the end?

    • FN Danmark
      FN Danmark Day ago

      Garrett Savidge Her name is Echo, and that’s pretty much all we know. Though she’ll probably be a hero later.

  • goldenfreddyfan 7.0

    Mecree is officially a badass

  • Doodlescnof
    Doodlescnof Day ago


  • never_was_there_ never_was_there_

    Its his story where it begins

  • BlackLion
    BlackLion Day ago

    7:28 I SHIP IT

  • Hayden Weil
    Hayden Weil Day ago

    Matthew Mercer is one of my favorite voice actors. Fun fact he voiced Tygra in 2011 Thundercats series.

  • Marvin Connelly
    Marvin Connelly Day ago +101


    B.O.B. : no


    • Murderist
      Murderist 18 hours ago

      Marvin Connelly lmao 😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel's Plushie Pizzeria!

    I want to be winsin

  • Jean Marie
    Jean Marie Day ago +1

    *this reveals 3 new heros.*



    *T H E A P P L E P I E*

  • Jackson Darman
    Jackson Darman Day ago

    I've got a snake in my boot.

  • Vergewohltaeter
    Vergewohltaeter Day ago

    I hate how much thought, references and care is put into these shorts, because now I really want to watch The Good The Bad and The Ugly AGAIN. Gotta love the people at Blizzard.

  • Multiplex117
    Multiplex117 Day ago

    “Why is production taking so long? Blizz con is is 2 weeks!”
    “Well sir the apple pie”

  • Epix28
    Epix28 2 days ago +1

    red dead redemption 3 : *time traveling john marston*

  • Rev Nuke
    Rev Nuke 2 days ago

    Blizzard > Pixar

  • Ryan Buck
    Ryan Buck 2 days ago

    Too bad brig made me uninstall

    HUMANCONDlTION 2 days ago +48

    It's interesting that despite Ashe being the new hero revealed, she gets completely clowned in this animation

    • Mike7998
      Mike7998 Day ago +7

      HUMANCONDlTION what did you expect? She was facing off against the third best marksman in the entire roster

  • Vasilil Stan
    Vasilil Stan 2 days ago

    I am disappointed because I was expecting much more of the overwatch animated shorts team. They are a very talented team but this short is not as good in its storytelling as the rest...
    The animation is great, but it's not everything

  • smatusevych
    smatusevych 2 days ago

    It's SO BADASS!!...0_0 T_T 0_0

  • plasma prismarine
    plasma prismarine 2 days ago +1

    Love this but it would be cool if you made an Ashe skin with the deadlock bandana over her mouth. Like if you agree

  • Giraffe Man
    Giraffe Man 2 days ago

    Now I just need a Lucio short and my life is complete

  • DeltAlpha
    DeltAlpha 2 days ago

    "I wouldn't drink a coffee. It tastes like boiled dirt."
    rlly mccree? rlly?

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H 2 days ago

    Who is that female robot person?

  • Leo Romeli
    Leo Romeli 2 days ago

    Its a shame OW is so toxic...
    Blizzard has some dope character design and animation

  • Kwstas CS
    Kwstas CS 2 days ago

    worst game overwatch..suck game,suck teammates,suck everything for this game..SUCKWATCH/DEEPTHROATWATCH

  • küçükmemuş
    küçükmemuş 2 days ago

    Buff overwatch cash legendary 500 to 1000

  • SebasTheGuard16
    SebasTheGuard16 2 days ago

    *I already chose Mccree*