Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates in our latest animated short: Reunion!
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  • John Hoyt
    John Hoyt 4 hours ago

    5:38 making his grandfather Joseph Joestar proud

  • SharkDa TigerFart
    SharkDa TigerFart 12 hours ago

    3:00 That white crate had the upper shape of D.va's mech

  • TatoPotato
    TatoPotato 14 hours ago

    that is the only circumstance under which bob has missed

  • Datijsmazder Games
    Datijsmazder Games 14 hours ago

    i’m gonna rebuild bob and he’s gonna rip of your other arm
    Does that mean bob ripped off mccrees left arm

  • maximilianmus_59 59

    I'm confused if this is a trailer for mccree why does it have ashe gameplay?

  • Leah Dempsey
    Leah Dempsey Day ago

    I can't handle how the whole thing is set up like an old western movie.

  • red face
    red face Day ago

    Rdr2 dlc confirmed

  • LordZeroTheNightmare

    I come back here and Im still dyin over the comments about the pie lol

  • Will Jackson
    Will Jackson 2 days ago

    Oh Muriel came over from Paragon as a refugee

  • Baguette Thief
    Baguette Thief 2 days ago

    Made in *_Portugal._*

  • Bailey Frost A.K.A Unholy Trashbag

    Ashe: B.O.B! Do something!
    B.O.B: *tips fedora*

  • Sky - Normal
    Sky - Normal 3 days ago

    3:59 When everybody wants the team kill so bad they just wait for their ultimate

  • Twitch Shadow VO
    Twitch Shadow VO 4 days ago

    Song: Pale Rider - The Heavy Horses

  • Iram Faisal
    Iram Faisal 4 days ago +1

    What would be cool for overwatch is if they added a feature for hanzo and genji if you could do front flips and back flips while shooting

  • No Face
    No Face 4 days ago

    5:16 (Just a mark)

  • Diabolic 1st
    Diabolic 1st 5 days ago

    I hunger for pie

  • _The_ _Person_
    _The_ _Person_ 5 days ago

    b.O.B dO SOmetHinG -Ashe, 2018

  • Ang Li
    Ang Li 5 days ago

    We really need a overwatch movie 😂

  • atreyu bagin
    atreyu bagin 5 days ago

    Came here from after watching jojo star crusaders dub and hearing him and mecreedy share the same voice actor
    Ironically the actor couldn't resist a western reference for a iconic jojo showdown. Belive it goes like this
    "In the west they call this high noon!.. now pick up your piece! You only getting one shot"

  • blastroise hunt
    blastroise hunt 5 days ago

    He went to bang Ashe lol

  • Pixelated Gamer
    Pixelated Gamer 5 days ago

    Animating echos baby face and pie was 99.9% of the budget

  • Pixel Phoenix
    Pixel Phoenix 5 days ago

    when McCree showed his face I think i lost my vrginity-

  • GothBoiClique
    GothBoiClique 6 days ago +3

    Why does that remind me of Athena..?

  • lepe akter
    lepe akter 6 days ago

    Plz make a overwatch movie plz plz plz

  • G3-46 Carbide
    G3-46 Carbide 6 days ago

    What time it is?

    *yOU tHoUGht*

  • to stupid for a Name
    to stupid for a Name 6 days ago +1

    Never thought something could make cowboys cool to me. You did it props.

  • Jenny
    Jenny 6 days ago

    I'm saving my comp points for echo.

  • Geein the classic man

    You should make a show your animation is super good

  • DerDerp Red
    DerDerp Red 7 days ago

    see ya space cowboy...

    if you get the reference you get a cookie

  • Fluffy Dango
    Fluffy Dango 7 days ago

    So when are you making a new cinematic like these?
    You said you were going to make one for every hero. But you've made what, 2 so far? Or maybe 3? Mei, McCree and someone else? Dva?

    • Melon Stuff
      Melon Stuff 5 days ago

      Hanzo, genji, sombra, reaper, widow, zarya, D.va, tracer, Winston, doomfist, bastion, junkrat, road hog, Moira, and Hammond.

  • Ananimoselty
    Ananimoselty 7 days ago +1

    I wish I could tie up my teammates to the payload

  • HiyaThere Productions

    i think mcree is based on john marston instead of the signature scratches hes missing his arm instead of dutch deadlock is his former partner it all adds up

  • MadderGrandHatter
    MadderGrandHatter 7 days ago

    why they showing so much teethy

  • Pizza LovingAnimal
    Pizza LovingAnimal 7 days ago +2

    This animation is really inaccurate. No Mccreewould actually try to get the objective

  • RP Bird
    RP Bird 7 days ago +1

    What if these animated shorts were actually teasers for an overwatch movie and blizzard has been sneaking it under our noses this entire time so we would be none the wiser and when we least expect, BOOM a trailer for the overwatch movie

  • panchimp
    panchimp 8 days ago

    2:11 this reminds me to much of of red dead

  • Mvers
    Mvers 8 days ago

    bob is my favorite part about the whole thing

  • Sceptile_Bro 360
    Sceptile_Bro 360 8 days ago

    It's cool Mccree's voice actor is from an anime that is dub in america

  • E VH
    E VH 8 days ago

    My best video on overwatch.

  • Myro
    Myro 8 days ago +1

    As a McCree player, I think this short is amazing

  • Haider Mohsin
    Haider Mohsin 9 days ago


  • Wanderson Barbosa
    Wanderson Barbosa 9 days ago +1

    Graves e ashe versão blizzard

  • zion _cartoonist
    zion _cartoonist 9 days ago

    Poor Bob...
    1 Like = 1 Prayer

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister 9 days ago

    Looking forward to going to the actual Route 66 in real life

  • Emma Martinez
    Emma Martinez 10 days ago

    Now that’s one BAMF.

  • JADEN quintanilla
    JADEN quintanilla 10 days ago

    the best anomatons ever

  • BHigher
    BHigher 10 days ago

    Maybe another 1 already?

  • Shaggy/Norville Rodgers

    Can you guys make your next animated short in symetra

  • Sharon Wilson
    Sharon Wilson 10 days ago

    Die bob die

  • Jonathan Ju
    Jonathan Ju 10 days ago

    I wonder if that angel robot thing is the next Hero

  • Zoroo Belgon
    Zoroo Belgon 10 days ago


  • Minerpro 485
    Minerpro 485 10 days ago

    Ad eco

  • Papa Wuise
    Papa Wuise 10 days ago

    6:06 is that payload going to Tahiti?

  • timmyy elm
    timmyy elm 11 days ago

    overwatch make that robot into a hero WE ARE DUE FOR ANOTHER TANK

    • Number 4
      Number 4 8 days ago

      timmyy elm
      Oh echo. I don’t see how she could be a tank though.

    • timmyy elm
      timmyy elm 8 days ago

      +Number 4 No the overwatch robot that was inside the thingy

    • Number 4
      Number 4 8 days ago


  • MyFlightYT
    MyFlightYT 11 days ago

    I just came here after red dead redemption 2 depression

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 11 days ago


    McCree: gotta keep it PG

  • Wille H
    Wille H 11 days ago

    Do a movie

  • Adam Erde
    Adam Erde 11 days ago

    so, since we now know the next character is Baptiste, who is support, what are your theories on what Echo will be?
    my vote would be for a tank, since it would not fit what you expect for how s/he looks

  • Mahidrian
    Mahidrian 11 days ago

    Just realized mercy has not appeared in an animated short

  • high quality huns
    high quality huns 12 days ago

    2:16 not technoviking technocowboy

  • high quality huns
    high quality huns 12 days ago

    0:39 i suddenly want pie

  • Landon Hougland
    Landon Hougland 12 days ago

    Do you want of this for Farah

  • Gizmo aP
    Gizmo aP 12 days ago

    I love echos design

  • Solitude
    Solitude 12 days ago

    Bob should be holding a stop sign lmao

  • Zoe Mosaic
    Zoe Mosaic 12 days ago

    Echo is the real star of this short. Omg that character design. Everything else was some cliche western bullshit with vague information as they dance around the lore.

  • John Arch
    John Arch 12 days ago

    now if mccree did what he was supposed to, he'd have ashe arrested along with the rest but instead lets them go, I wonder if he thinks he can get ashe to join ow; if not why let them all go.He also allowed whoever was driving that train to die. gg jesse.

  • Animefanboy4life
    Animefanboy4life 12 days ago +15

    Blizzard: *Shows really cool looking robot character lady*
    "heres the new hero Baptiste"

    • TheLastKnight 01
      TheLastKnight 01 7 days ago +1

      Animefanboy4life she is confirmed to be a hero eventually though

  • Brandon Wu
    Brandon Wu 12 days ago

    No one gonna mention the fact that mcree just wasted some good apple pie

  • Carl Adams
    Carl Adams 12 days ago

    Echo Hero 32.

  • Pharahdise
    Pharahdise 13 days ago +5

    Video is exactly 8:08 long. B.O.B. approves!

  • GracieKAT 9000
    GracieKAT 9000 13 days ago +1

    Who else thinks Ashe and McCree are good for each other

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 13 days ago +1

      Not me because
      1. Too much of a bro and sis feel
      2. Remember ashes picture of her parents? Her dad looks an awful lot like mccree
      3. They literally tried to kill each other and they both believe different things
      4. Mccree even said he aint interested

  • Terhi Herukka
    Terhi Herukka 13 days ago

    Everyone’s talking ’bout that pie animation, BUT LOOK AT DEM SMOKE ANIMATIONS!

  • Ethan
    Ethan 13 days ago


  • Lettuce  Killer
    Lettuce Killer 13 days ago

    So is Mcree ashes dad?

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 13 days ago

      Nah, just buddy. But it does seem like they are related, her dad does look like mccree sooo-- DUN DUN DUUUUN

  • Bo-Jun Huang
    Bo-Jun Huang 13 days ago


  • Novacannot
    Novacannot 14 days ago


  • Cb Vlogs
    Cb Vlogs 14 days ago

    Who is that girl in that box like mercy’s long lost sister

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello 14 days ago

    6:51 if she was in the game, what would she be?? I think she would be a healer

  • So apparently, you can change your name on Youtube

    I dont know but the old cinematics/animated shorts are so much better than the new ones.

  • mr. swabe
    mr. swabe 14 days ago

    clint in mobile legends

  • Ya Gurl Venus THA Wolfe

    Hm, Red Dead lll has a cool trailer.

  • Cal sonic
    Cal sonic 15 days ago +1

    Why Mcree riding Ashe bike? 7:24 he stole it..

  • Nacmack VonStin
    Nacmack VonStin 15 days ago

    *guy is flung upside down*
    Helmet stays on

  • i8urCookies LOL
    i8urCookies LOL 15 days ago

    M C M E M E

  • noop
    noop 16 days ago

    Give Mercy a cinematic short!

  • weurp
    weurp 16 days ago

    I came here for the cake

  • E!
    E! 16 days ago

    6:31 new hero?

  • Peter Smalls
    Peter Smalls 16 days ago

    100000th time watching this but just now noticing the Kerrigan tattoo @1:49

  • Crimson Wolf
    Crimson Wolf 16 days ago +2

    I believe Ashe and McCree previously dated

    • VixyMix 101
      VixyMix 101 13 days ago

      Sorry but nah, they never did and never will, look at what chu posted

  • SpaceAce
    SpaceAce 16 days ago

    Biggest Bi Mood: having a crush on both Ashe and McCree

  • Mossad Bashar
    Mossad Bashar 17 days ago

    I need a key to play overwatch guys pls 😥😥

  • Jachoos
    Jachoos 17 days ago

    Finally no ptsd related bullshit. Just a cool video that makes you want to play a game. Gj, keep it this way plox.

  • Travis Lavanway
    Travis Lavanway 17 days ago

    Who els was waiting for MCCREE to do the high noon and was disappointed? oh and is bob the reason why mccree is missing an arm, because ashe said she would rebuild him and he would rip off his other arm.

  • ThatKatBoii 54
    ThatKatBoii 54 17 days ago

    The music at 2:16 gives me goosebumps every time as well

  • Miguel Leblanc
    Miguel Leblanc 17 days ago +1

    I might be wrong but i'm pretty sure jesse mccree shot 7 bullets before to reload his gun but this gun can carry only 6 bullets so how it is possible ?
    Also good trailer

  • Herbabotomusfilms2
    Herbabotomusfilms2 18 days ago

    Bob is the result if you take a B2 Battle Droid from Star Wars but make it look cute on purpose as a false sense of security thing and if you gave it another wrist blaster instead of a *WRIST ROCKET*

  • Erich
    Erich 18 days ago

    I wonder if a cigar and apple pie go well together.

  • Rockamander Seb
    Rockamander Seb 18 days ago +1

    Does anyone else see inspirations from Ennio Morricone's L'estasi dell'oro in the build up to the duel? Just me?

  • It.Happens
    It.Happens 18 days ago

    Yo that wink at 2:35 tho

  • Realtrach Zegoda
    Realtrach Zegoda 18 days ago

    Red Dead Redemption the Origins