Annabelle: Creation - Movie Review


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  • Kieran M
    Kieran M 8 days ago

    The link back to the first one was amazing

  • Michael :v
    Michael :v Month ago

    whats weird was a little later after i watched this video, I went to go see aquaman and there was an annabelle doll in the ocean

  • jamesbond007hot
    jamesbond007hot Month ago +2

    Great review, I really liked this movie.

  • Syrus Angi
    Syrus Angi 2 months ago

    Chris, are you sure you liked the movie or did you give it a good review cuz Annabelle was watching you?

  • Just tryna smash
    Just tryna smash 2 months ago

    What I liked about this movie was the character development, the mystery, the deaths and the tie in to the first film. What I didn't like was when Janice was chasing the other girls around. It was obvious that they wasn't gonna get hurt. Other than that it was a great film

  • JesusSavedJoshua
    JesusSavedJoshua 2 months ago

    More foul language from a foul mouthed sad. You are capable of so much better work and word choices Chris.

  • suskirk
    suskirk 3 months ago

    Hej Chris 😀 just a recormendation, you sound really watch a haunting of hill house og netflix! Its The most beautifuly made horror ever, in My oppinion. I would just absolutely love to hear your thoughts! My boyfriend wont watch it so i have not been alle to process 😣 its so amezing. Greetings from Sus ✌️

  • oldschool1987
    oldschool1987 3 months ago

    Loved this movie

  • JoeMilano9
    JoeMilano9 3 months ago

    Yes everyone noticed the doll.........

  • Phil S
    Phil S 4 months ago

    They need the gross from original or first one to spend more for sequels lol

  • NERD Incorporated
    NERD Incorporated 4 months ago +2

    When it tied into the first film SO well I too gave an applause. I did NOT see that coming! Also the end credits scene with Valak was cool too.

  • NERD Incorporated
    NERD Incorporated 4 months ago +1

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

  • Keyz Smith
    Keyz Smith 4 months ago

    Everyone complained about the first Annabelle film but I like both of them

  • Abhilash Sathe
    Abhilash Sathe 5 months ago

    Fun? Seriously? 😂

  • Phil S
    Phil S 5 months ago

    Why can't they get it right first main one?? Lol

  • Alan Alban
    Alan Alban 5 months ago

    Chris always sounds psychotic when he curses.

  • Alex Joseph
    Alex Joseph 5 months ago

    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Annabelle - D and Anabelle Creation B+ !! You reviewed the first Anabelle movie as extremely dumb and here you say the second movie is an interesting one cause there's characters one can keep interest in. But how can you spare this movie of its extra overload of dumbness too. How on earth you explain little girls' abnormal levels of curiosity. For Christ's sake when its obvious that the room has a ghost in it. Who on earth will walk right in again and again and again? It does not matter how many cool scares the director puts in the next sequence, its just dumb to begin with. And what about when Lulu Wilson's character is on the top bunker and the Annabelle doll or the spirit runs around her room and she can see the doll peek at her from below her bed. Next scene. Lulu Wilson wakes up after a good night's sleep. Excuse me Hello?! how does anyone like ever in the history of ghosts get a good night's sleep with a ghost right below their bunk. Crazy. Just cause in the first Annabelle movie there's no more than two character's on screen for most of the movie - the mother and the child, that does not make it a bad movie. The lift scene (which you do mention also) is damn good. In fact its one of the best scenes in the Conjuring series. And there's little to pick on with the other scenes in there. The opening sequence totally makes sense and depicts the possessing of the doll on the crime scene (a man choosing to check on the neighbors due to some audible commotion is more way more realistic than little girls taking on ghosts in tiny rooms). I just can't believe how you rate both movies on such double standards!

  • ChIlL ViBeZ
    ChIlL ViBeZ 5 months ago

    theorey lulu wilson makes bad movies good annabele ouija both bad but seconed ones good

  • Tenticle Ass
    Tenticle Ass 5 months ago

    Nigga this movie was shit af

  • D_ estroyz
    D_ estroyz 5 months ago +1

    It wasn't scary .-.

  • Anthony Merriweather II

    This film has a post credit scene.

  • Fien Reusen
    Fien Reusen 5 months ago

    that doll on the background moves

  • Mary Williams
    Mary Williams 5 months ago

    I hate dolls

  • Thomas H Cullen
    Thomas H Cullen 5 months ago

    I want to exit the universe without using magic, so that the original human being will give me the power to enter Annabelle Creation and turn Janice into a real person

  • Quinn Minear
    Quinn Minear 5 months ago

    I actually thought this was pretty good.

  • Garry Williams
    Garry Williams 5 months ago

    It started off so creepy and atmospheric, then after the 'Your Soul' moment it went waaaaay downhill. worse then the first one imo

  • Sarah Illingworth
    Sarah Illingworth 6 months ago

    Love this film. 😊

  • Muja Kina
    Muja Kina 6 months ago

    wait? why she is moving? :o

  • Rebeca Jimenez
    Rebeca Jimenez 6 months ago

    Everyone is tipping their hat to Chris moving the annabelle doll and here I am, getting slightly startled when I noticed halfway thru the vid lol Curse you for getting me like that :D

  • Matteo Muscas
    Matteo Muscas 6 months ago

    nonono man, this is not right for me. After seeing annabelle and annabelle 2 and seeing your reviews... no. I mean personally i enjoyed the first more than the second, but what makes me disappointed is not that we don't agree, but the fact that you say that the first movie was bad because it was dumb even if the second was WAAAAAAAY dumber. like, think about it for just a second.

  • Bomholtz
    Bomholtz 7 months ago

    No! Just no! These Conjuring films keeps getting praised for all the wrong reasons! I like a good horror movie. Hell, I like a bad horror movie once in a while, but this is just an empty piece of glittery shit. Good production value does'nt equal good writing or entertaining frights. The first Conjuring movie did at least make me wanna stay awake for the ending and the first Annabelle had a scary and well written opening. This has next to nothing of substance. It's a series of reused horror tropes that feels insulting to the viewer and packed with boring build up. And the dialog is so flat and unengaging that it was almost unbarable to watch. This franchise should really be laid to rest before it bleeds to much into other mainstream horrorfilms more than it already has. Damn, is this all you expect your horror to be like? I surely want a lot more of an A-list horror movie that is for sure.

  • Mighty Kamina
    Mighty Kamina 7 months ago

    Actually one of my favorite moments in it isn't even a scary moment. I love the scene where Janice is looking around in the couple's deceased daughter's room and her reactions to a lot of the toys the daughter had.

  • BlasterSW MW
    BlasterSW MW 8 months ago

    Nice demonic pocsesed doll

  • FlyingPaladin
    FlyingPaladin 8 months ago

    The ending was rather depressing

  • DonutsRYummy
    DonutsRYummy 8 months ago

    What is with Prequel Presequels???

  • Rust Cohle
    Rust Cohle 8 months ago

    "Enjoyable" means sucking ass and forgettable, in stuckmanese

  • Vikram Bam
    Vikram Bam 8 months ago

    When I saw the doll in the review I thought to myself 'If I was doing this review, I'd make it move around randomly between jump cuts'. You read my mind Stuckmann. You read my mind.

  • john smith
    john smith 8 months ago

    the doll!!! the doll!!! look out behind you Christopher stuckman!!!!

  • CWD Gaming
    CWD Gaming 8 months ago

    I saw that doll moving around.I thought that in the end would do a jumpscare

  • Joshua Adams
    Joshua Adams 9 months ago +1

    Anyone else notice Chris’ Annabelle doll moving around in the background?? Lol

  • Mitchell Berndt
    Mitchell Berndt 9 months ago

    My only problem is I watched it home alone at night lights off was not expecting to be this scary scared the shit out of me never will do that again haha definitely gave me nightmares

  • Annabelle Shutlar
    Annabelle Shutlar 9 months ago

    Damn this doll...

  • Bombis Edelfelt
    Bombis Edelfelt 9 months ago

    I think that beyond the unnecesary jumpscares, the actual storyline is pretty weak... its like forced and not argued why things happened in the movie happen. Sound, actors and cinematography are great, but i think you need more than a good 60's soundtrack and performances in order to success with a horror movie. The script is terrible, too predictable, cliche, overdone, easy way out to make a movie only for entertaining and earn some coins... Horror genre has lost his way, and this movie is one more of the thousands existing that proves it.

  • OddBoyKahn
    OddBoyKahn 9 months ago

    Damn Stuckmann it took me 3 minutes before I realised you had a Annabelle doll behind you 😆 ..... & it keeps moving... well played 👏

  • Know Never
    Know Never 10 months ago

    Creation was a joke. Complete waste of time. I seriously don't know is Chris talking about here. Maybe the standards have fallen low. Annabelle: Creation is a completely forgettable horror film. Barely a solid scare, concepts that make no sense at all, a mediocre story that also tends to make no sense, mediocre and unreal acting.
    Not worth your time.

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    I have the Annabelle doll you have!!!

  • Slytherin Pride
    Slytherin Pride 10 months ago

    I watched it, was scary and well made, am never watching it again.

  • Emilin Maria
    Emilin Maria 11 months ago

    there was a scene near the beginning when we see janice look out the window at the other girls looking very lonely and behind her, unfocused, the demon

  • 305shib
    305shib 11 months ago

    Ok.. *Spoiler*alert..
    Yes it did hv some good jumpscares... Bt help me figuring this out.
    If the possessed doll was locked up for 12 years and then when the girl opened the closet it comes out and starts to do its thing. Bt if it was locked then how did it approached the girl in the 1st step? It was locked in right?? . And even if it had that capability then why is that it never tried that to her parents?

  • Ana Campos
    Ana Campos 11 months ago

    Si da miedo eso es malo para los niños 😇😦🙏🙏👹👹👽🔫🔫

  • Callum
    Callum 11 months ago

    This is a prequel of a prequel

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown
    Pennywise The Dancing Clown 11 months ago +1

    Let's call it...

    The Lulu Wilson effect!!

  • Garnalenpeller
    Garnalenpeller Year ago

    Could you do a review on The Others?

  • dustin naughton
    dustin naughton Year ago

    Way better than the first Annabelle move. Real edge of your seat moments. I made the mistake of watching it on my own, In the dark....with headphones.... 😱

  • Athira Raj
    Athira Raj Year ago

    Glad that you liked this movie. I hated Annabelle and Ouija but liked Creation and Ouija 2.

  • Banana Bonez
    Banana Bonez Year ago

    The Anabelle doll moved 5 times

  • The Dragons Flame 7

    I didn't give a shit about the charaters. I don't even remember the their names.

  • The Dragons Flame 7

    More like boring and forgettable.

  • spock_elvis
    spock_elvis Year ago

    The Conjuring wasn't well received?

    • oh yeah yeah
      oh yeah yeah 4 months ago

      he's talking about the first Annabelle movie

  • Tyler
    Tyler Year ago

    I have never disagreed with you more chris, this movie was truely AWFUL, complete garbage and has NOTHING of what made the conjouring movies good

    JOEY CAROMANO Year ago

    wtf to all these comments saying this movie was not scary. If this isn't scary than what is

  • spooko spagett
    spooko spagett Year ago

    I love this one

  • Alexander Adams
    Alexander Adams Year ago

    You nailed it perfectly Chris it's just a fun horror movie

  • C H
    C H Year ago

    Just watched this movie yesterday (January 20, 2018). Though there were some scary moments, I found this movie to be quite disappointing. The characters never really seemed that scared when absolutely terrifying events would happen. They'd be scared for a minute, & then just shrug it off. The movie would seem more realistic if the characters were genuinely scared over such horrific visions & such. Also, the characters were all idiotic. This room is scary as I am just going to keep on going back into it over & over. Really??? The story is supposed to be based on an actual doll that is haunted, but, not only does the doll in this movie look completely different from the original doll, but I am thinking that there is probably about 1% truth to this whole story. BTW, the doll in this movie, no kid in their right mind would ever want to own such a creepy thing.

  • Kathryn S
    Kathryn S Year ago

    I'm about to watch this movie and wanted to watch the review first to see if it's worth my while

  • OJ Productions
    OJ Productions Year ago

    peep that moving annabelle doll in the background

  • Saad Imtiaz
    Saad Imtiaz Year ago

    This movie sucked chris much like its predecessor unfortunetly

  • Aliana Jacobs
    Aliana Jacobs Year ago

    This movie isn't bad I liked it!

  • Aliana Jacobs
    Aliana Jacobs Year ago

    Can you do a review of the Autopsy of Jane Doe?

  • m mm
    m mm Year ago +1

    Chris, this is sad, please don't give shit movies a good rating just for money.
    Everything points to a prequel of a prequel being shit, and it was.
    We trust you, we rely on you.
    Don't do this to us.

  • Laura Rivera
    Laura Rivera Year ago

    Anabelle 2 Is much better than 'The conjuring 2' really

  • xXReApErXx xXKiLlErXx

    Time to break some dolls!

  • Nathan M.
    Nathan M. Year ago

    The only thing that really bothered me about this movie is the nun character...she was obviously wearing make up in the movie. That's vanity! They could have toned it down to make it more realistic.

  • turbo dog
    turbo dog Year ago +1


  • Jay GAMING
    Jay GAMING Year ago

    Annabelle moved did anyone catch that

  • anakin.
    anakin. Year ago

    Thank you for giving love to David F. Sandberg! He deserves a lot more and I can't wait to see himself grow as a Director in the horror genre. He's gonna do great things ✨

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B Year ago

    Annabelle creation or ouija:origin of evil

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B Year ago

    I love this and lights out

    NEFALINO Year ago


    CLASSIC Year ago

    I wish they would make these films more realistic, it's what everyone wants, right ? I mean, a demon that can morph and materialize through walls, but a little girl can out smart it by running into a loft crawl space and putting a latch on the door.

    OG- MRSHADOW Year ago

    Did anybody else see Annabelle move

  • pickle tarts
    pickle tarts Year ago

    They cut out the "you're not real you're no real" where the girl is covering her face with the scarecrow in front of her.

  • Allos Anthrwpos
    Allos Anthrwpos Year ago

    "its a thing. we have to accept it" you re killing me Chris !!

  • Tremaine Brown
    Tremaine Brown Year ago +3

    I thought this one was going to be trash for sure. Boy was I wrong. Excellent movie.

  • Afshan Adil
    Afshan Adil Year ago

    The characters in this Movie doesn't care about talking to someone what they seen or heard and the other people they talk to just talk Back on them.
    When Mr Mullins Dies they just Seem Cool with it and Comes the Exposition Bomb and then his Wife Dies.Its Too Cliche and OH MY GOD the Characters, they just don't care.

  • Elii jah
    Elii jah Year ago

    I hope this isn't the last movie of the Annabelle sequel 🤞🏻

  • Basel Anabtawi
    Basel Anabtawi Year ago

    dude, it was shit.

  • 웅이
    웅이 Year ago

    Honestly I was so fucking annoyed with the girl with the crutch. I went from emphasizing with her, as a viewer should, to just wanting her to die. She kept doing all the things she was told NOT to do.. fucking dumb bitch.

  • Eric
    Eric Year ago

    My roommate and I have been watching a lot of scary movies lately and this one was by far the creepiest. I definitely recommend it.

  • ahmed essa
    ahmed essa Year ago

    Really loved the Movie !!

  • LordJaeger6277
    LordJaeger6277 Year ago

    I was honestly expecting a jump scare with the Annabelle doll at the end of the video, with all the moving around it does.

  • XenoKaiju
    XenoKaiju Year ago

    Okay... so he's completely chill about accepting a Conjuring movie series, but he loses his head over the Monsterverse?

  • TheDeniableToast
    TheDeniableToast Year ago

    The way Bee died at the beginning was really shocking.

  • Nox Tinker
    Nox Tinker Year ago

    Movie sucked the beginning was boring and the characters where blander than wonder bread the nun was basic with no other interesting thing than I’m a nun the stuff with the doll maker was underplayed and the only good act was the end that’s it the rest was garbage

  • Dexyuing
    Dexyuing Year ago

    i liked the moment where the woman shows a picture with other nuns and you see the Conjuring 2 demon, Valak. And at the end when the parents give Janice a doll, it is the actual annabelle doll in the real world, it was just like that.

  • leo black
    leo black Year ago

    "I want your soul" hhahahha are you fucking kidding me , this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life.

  • trevor stevenson
    trevor stevenson Year ago

    New sub thnx a lot for your informative opinions on movies. Your way ahead of the competition.

  • DBZTech
    DBZTech Year ago

    i like the doll moving in your vid

  • Andrew McKenzie
    Andrew McKenzie Year ago

    You should go all Marlon Waynes on your doll lol ;)