The Girl Across My Table Called Me Ugly

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • This is a story about a girl with very low self-confidence. She looked in the mirror and didn't see the image she had hoped and the spiraled out of control with the realization that she wasn't as attractive as some people are. It took her a while to realize that it really is about how you look on the inside and not how you look on the outside. Everyone has flaws, you just have to learn to live with them. You may not be Angelina Jolie, but the secret is realizing that no one (except her) is! So accept yourself and love yourself no matter what! ❤️
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  • Ranchez u w u
    Ranchez u w u 22 hours ago

    Why would someone call her ugly up to her face?????

  • Oprah Cakey Poo
    Oprah Cakey Poo 3 days ago

    Story:i didnt shave,i wore baggy clothes
    Me:THat soUNdS ExaCTLy LIke mE

  • Red Miners
    Red Miners 4 days ago +1

    Girl: You ugly
    Me: NO U

  • coolkid23 m
    coolkid23 m 4 days ago

    No no no hell no you don't cry when a boy said ugly or ask is that a girl you slap the first one in the face and you kick the second one in the balls😊

  • coolkid23 m
    coolkid23 m 4 days ago

    No no no hell no you don't cry when a boy said ugly or ask is that a girl you slap the first one in the face and you kick the second one in the balls😊

  • The Pee pee poo poo man group poop

    Hey, no one is ugly! Everyone is pretty in there own way!

  • _*Mochi Mochi!*_
    _*Mochi Mochi!*_ 7 days ago

    People say I’m too skinny but I’m actually just on the lower side of AVERAGE. And I have chubby cheeks 😂

  • Débora Santos
    Débora Santos 7 days ago

    I wanna die

  • Raymond Rivers
    Raymond Rivers 8 days ago

    Why am i laughing at this 💀 I'm sorry

  • Taylor Swift 13
    Taylor Swift 13 8 days ago

    I hate being underweight.

  • Traven Garnett
    Traven Garnett 10 days ago +1

    NOBODY is ugly. When we’re all 80 and dying, nobody is going to think about “that girl/guy was really cute” they are going to remember your personality. Looks fade, but kindness stays.

  • FanGirlNation
    FanGirlNation 11 days ago +2

    Funny, when I tell people I'm ugly, they say I looked beautiful...and a BOY said that! I still feel ugly...

    STREET TRASH MEMES 12 days ago

    Bitch a b is still good

  • Hilary Whiting
    Hilary Whiting 13 days ago

    why would she trust a test? they are never true. like me if you agree!

  • Djuka I Mimi Djujic
    Djuka I Mimi Djujic 14 days ago

    Truth to me

  • Hapstablook49
    Hapstablook49 15 days ago

    Honistly shes not that ugly iv seen worse

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod 17 days ago

    When you cry bevause someone calks you ugly

  • _.TylersYellowFlowers Josh


  • Dede Love
    Dede Love 18 days ago

    I Always thought I was ugly but with myself as a person n how I kept up with myself I got a boyfriend to a husband

  • Chat Blog
    Chat Blog 19 days ago +1

    Shaving doesn’t make someone pretty 👀

  • Wei7125
    Wei7125 20 days ago

    When i have a beautiful, young-look, fit, fashionista, model mom. With a rich, kind, intelligent dad and a handsome, tall, skinny big brother. Me like "Daddddd are you sure i'm your and mom's child????". We go out together, everyone praised my family, they just praised me for growing so fast when I hadn't grown up for 2 years. Me be-like ". . . .Mommmm are you sure you didn't pick me up at the landfill???". (At least internet said i'm pretty lol :DD)

  • Isabel Franco
    Isabel Franco 21 day ago +1

    Don’t worry ur not the only one who has harry legs

  • Asma Khatun
    Asma Khatun 21 day ago

    Brothers will always call you fat

  • sickcutepanther j
    sickcutepanther j 22 days ago

    Pretty much sums up ny frickin school. They call md ugly and thats not a lie. Its everyday

  • Dani For
    Dani For 23 days ago

    C mamo

  • Miki Krofna
    Miki Krofna 23 days ago +1

    the girl in the video:
    Gets called ugly

    Rest of the world:
    First time?

  • Crystal Meme
    Crystal Meme 23 days ago

    I wasen’t ugly until food started to flirt with me.
    I didn’t know I was ugly until I looked at the mirror
    Ok I’m not that bad but I think I am a little ugly

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams 23 days ago

    i feel this, im ugly af.

  • Itz Lincy
    Itz Lincy 25 days ago +1

    Your not ugly!!
    Your beautiful! And the most important of that is that you have a kind heart inside you no one can be beautiful without a heart like yours!😁

    (Also your lucky you dont have pimples)
    Cuz i do! 😑😭😂

  • Mohamed Valaarman
    Mohamed Valaarman 25 days ago +1

    Are you me Cuz really same

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    This video should have shown a real picture because there is no way ....I an sure people just said that because they were jealous or saw her as an easy target since she didn't cry in front of them of fight back

  • ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    A lot of these minute video's are so effed up

  • Noojan Sadr
    Noojan Sadr 26 days ago


  • Shumila shumila
    Shumila shumila 26 days ago

    I think your bootifoll 🙂

  • Nathalee Wilson
    Nathalee Wilson 26 days ago

    I feel ugly too

  • Shrek I am the real shrek no click bait

    *me everyday*

  • Trolly Cat 2000.2
    Trolly Cat 2000.2 26 days ago

    Hey i am ugly too so what i know it and i am in 6. class

  • Trash Man
    Trash Man 26 days ago +5

    "Was that a boy or a girl?"
    *walks home crying*
    Imagine James Charles.

  • Gooper box
    Gooper box 27 days ago

    im sorry i had to say this:

    *No One* :
    *MinuteVideos* : A Girl Across My Table Called Me Ugly

  • Isabee The Orginal Bee

    This is my accurate life story

  • A Unoriginal Username
    A Unoriginal Username 27 days ago

    Girl across table: *Ugly*
    Girl: *Rethinks life*

    • A Unoriginal Username
      A Unoriginal Username 27 days ago

      Before ANYONE comments, this is a joke please don’t turn me into roasted chicken

  • 박지영
    박지영 28 days ago

    girl: *gets A to a B* cries like there is no tomorrow
    me: *gets an E* yES i pAsSeD

  • christina lim
    christina lim 29 days ago

    Her :"I cant change that"
    plastic surgery : *hold my beer*

  • Tiffany Lantigua
    Tiffany Lantigua Month ago

    Think is how much punches who calls you ugly 10000000000000000000000000000

  • Volmes
    Volmes Month ago

    Oh no! Someone called me ugly! I better post it on MinuteVideos!

  • Um Nobody/Gay Maximilianmus

    I really related this

  • Laylah Johnson
    Laylah Johnson Month ago +1

    Artist: how much blue

    You guys: 3000

  • Quinn Foley
    Quinn Foley Month ago

    those cheekbones michael jackson who?

  • Not T_fue
    Not T_fue Month ago

    This girl is the softest bitch I had ever seen she needs to get a check first

  • n a d i a
    n a d i a Month ago

    there's nothing wrong with baggy clothes.

  • katie cook
    katie cook Month ago

    those girls know nothing. they are the ones that are ugly, not you

  • loading.
    loading. Month ago

    You aren't ugly you're just broke.

  • Robert Greiner
    Robert Greiner Month ago

    A b in a class thats not bad at all

  • Rani Begum
    Rani Begum Month ago

    Is this supposed to be ugly I think she looks nice

    AMIA HARRIS Month ago

    What's wrong with a B on your grade

  • Kill me Slowly
    Kill me Slowly Month ago

    Yeah love being called a boy. It’s so fun.

  • Thanorilla FlexZ
    Thanorilla FlexZ Month ago

    Everyone calls me ugly but I just keep walking if they call someone ugly truths they are the real ugly ones

  • Bald headed Baddies

    was she smoking crack?

  • Xx_sin_xX Gaming/animation

    Glad you are OK now

  • Powerpuffgirls
    Powerpuffgirls Month ago +1

    y’all should let me make a video abt the day that my teacher read my love note out loud to my class. true story, it happened to me about 2 weeks ago💀

    • Nanako SA.
      Nanako SA. Month ago

      Powerpuffgirls Have you sent it to them?

  • Shaylynn Welle
    Shaylynn Welle Month ago

    Your beautiful just the way you are

  • 何ファックファックユー

    Oh no, she has a face!

  • Magical girl Unicornia

    *Is underweight. Is extremely ugly. Doesn’t shave. Wears baggy clothes*

    How did I get in this video?

  • Tibni Valle
    Tibni Valle Month ago

    The girl I live with calls me ugly ( my sister) it's ok I tell her the same know, sisterly love❤️

  • c0nceited shaa
    c0nceited shaa Month ago +1

    im sorry but @1:16 and @1:20 was too funny😭😭.

  • Sailor Star
    Sailor Star Month ago

    I will yell at those people faces that called you ugly

  • Sister Crack
    Sister Crack Month ago

    If someone other then my friends (as a joke) called me ugly i would either roast them and be like "not as ugly as your personality" or bitch slap them as hard as i can

  • Garbage Animations
    Garbage Animations Month ago

    You know who’s beautiful?
    Hint: read the first word :)💫🌻

  • Itz kawaii studio
    Itz kawaii studio Month ago

    Lol shes not ugly in video sges just suuper skinny

  • Itz kawaii studio
    Itz kawaii studio Month ago +1

    So u think in primary ur beautiful and then u ugly in highschool ?
    But what if this ugly brat that wriyes this tirns into beaity ?