Beats by Dre | Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Edition Beats Solo3 Wireless

  • Published on Nov 10, 2018
  • It was all started by music. Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Disney’s Mickey Mouse with these special edition Beats Solo3 Wireless.
    Beats Solo3 Wireless delivers up to 40 hours of battery life, driven by the efficiency of the Apple W1 chip.
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  • Radiation VanBoi
    Radiation VanBoi 7 days ago

    I just bought 4 pairs for a giveaway on TVclip

  • Arturo McNeil
    Arturo McNeil 2 months ago

    It was all started with being a fan of Disney theme parks and the movies from vhs tapes to dvd rooms and the video games and the Disney game shows I love the Beats By Dre headsets of Mickey Mouse I got em and if I can afford another one then so be it you know I love Mickey Mouse I’m going to Disneyland for the 9th time this year in December so Mickey Mouse I love you and Disney we love you as well

  • Opughd Yang
    Opughd Yang 4 months ago +2

    Slap a mouse into he headphones, everyone buys a pair even tho they already have it, zoinks

    Btw couldn’t u just purchase a skin instead? Bruh

  • おれさま
    おれさま 4 months ago

  • Mori Jin
    Mori Jin 6 months ago +1

    Easy crop

  • Anime Weeb
    Anime Weeb 9 months ago +8

    Happy 90th birthday mickey!❤

  • 成宮シスト
    成宮シスト 9 months ago


  • Ella Murphy
    Ella Murphy 9 months ago

    It's so awesome to look at this commercial now, being a huge Disney fan, after getting these and think if it wasn't for this commercial, I would have never been able to know these existed.

  • u a Walmart god
    u a Walmart god 10 months ago +1

    I shouldve gotten these ones......... I seen them at the Apple store and I wanted them but I didn't have money at the time so I said another time then u forgot about these and I got a different kind

    GOBIC ROY 11 months ago +3

    Nice. Still buying the skullcandy crusher because it actually delivers good bass instead of this crappy 300 dollar investment

  • けたやみんたかお
    けたやみんたかお 11 months ago +1


  • Anna Akhmadullina
    Anna Akhmadullina 11 months ago


  • たまちぃチャンネル

    What is this music name?

  • Xx Rina
    Xx Rina Year ago


  • expiditious
    expiditious Year ago

    man this is awesome

  • Jeremiah Archer
    Jeremiah Archer Year ago +37

    I literally just bought these headphones because they had Mickey on it

    • fluffypenguin888 Ramirez
      fluffypenguin888 Ramirez Month ago

      Jeremiah Archer how the sound

    • Hichem Boubel
      Hichem Boubel 5 months ago

      NickyMousePlays نحن خراطيم انتبهوا من المشاركات للعضو عند الله تعالى في سوره مريم و جودي المولد النبوى الشريف محمد عبدالله الشعيبي في

    • Hichem Boubel
      Hichem Boubel 5 months ago

      Jeremiah Archer ضصعيننرمرمستيه هو ميح

    • Dude Rana
      Dude Rana 6 months ago

      Mol last

      I'm b

    • NickyMousePlays
      NickyMousePlays 9 months ago +1

      lol same

  • Sir Ders the 3rd
    Sir Ders the 3rd Year ago +3

    It is fun to listen to music
    hard to produce eghongh harder to sell I got a son im working on needs a video

  • John Samsung
    John Samsung Year ago +8


  • Nevsome 45
    Nevsome 45 Year ago +3

    0:09 it has the name of song

  • John Yao
    John Yao Year ago +1

    Do you think my son will like it? He’s 15-16 yeas old and is there a guy will like this headphone?

    • ok
      ok 11 months ago

      No there too childish

    • Wesarizona21
      Wesarizona21 Year ago +1

      John Yao yes! A lot of guys buy them

  • Spikes 47
    Spikes 47 Year ago +1

    Please make beats with good sound quality It only cost $14 make them 😭

  • だけどもだけど

    Whose remix is this?

    • チャンネル登録者0人
      チャンネル登録者0人 10 months ago


  • Tenip Lia
    Tenip Lia Year ago +17

    I wanna listen to full version of this remix

    • Anthony Torres
      Anthony Torres Month ago

      Anne Marie 2002 speak your mind

    • Vanessa Martinez
      Vanessa Martinez 3 months ago

      Tenip Lia un

    • チャンネル登録者0人
      チャンネル登録者0人 10 months ago


    • SAKU_*39
      SAKU_*39 10 months ago


    • Tenip Lia
      Tenip Lia 11 months ago


  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh Year ago

    Where can I get these?

    • Uthman Baksh
      Uthman Baksh Year ago

      Cayce John found them on Apple’s website. Thanks!

    • Cayce John
      Cayce John Year ago

      Uthman Baksh or the beats website

  • Tom Tech&Games PRODUCTION

    Listen with my Studio3 Red 😉

    • Sana Niamat
      Sana Niamat 5 months ago

      Er3wee is a very 4 year old boy 4

  • Kool k Video
    Kool k Video Year ago

    Like song plz make this type of song full again plz

  • KUBBZMUZIK - Download Beats Instrumental

    Good instrumental, never stop ! 👌💪📈

    • Keila Delgado
      Keila Delgado Month ago

      KUBBZMUZIK - Download Beats Instrumental

    • Simo Abidat
      Simo Abidat 3 months ago +1

      KUBBZMUZIK - Download Beats Instrumental

  • Tfue
    Tfue Year ago

    Yalls are garbage I have the solos and only have em for about a year and they are falling apart hint of advice keep em kn a case tho

  • Rizzle Dizzle
    Rizzle Dizzle Year ago


  • Yokkun-KKK :
    Yokkun-KKK : Year ago +1

    What is the name of this music?

    • Yokkun-KKK :
      Yokkun-KKK : Year ago

      和梨 ありがとう!普通に画面に書いてあったw

    • 和梨
      和梨 Year ago


  • tanner garcia
    tanner garcia Year ago


  • Always Right
    Always Right Year ago

    I like it but it's childish more for a kid around the age of 5-9 years old

    • Always Right
      Always Right Year ago +1

      @Emmy Johnson yea I like the design of it but I want a mature looking head phone but I will buy them for my nehpew he is 6 years old for Christmas 😂

    • Emmy Johnson
      Emmy Johnson Year ago

      Always Right you funny,the cartoon made it more dope

  • Batman
    Batman Year ago +1

    I need this!

  • Mon -Life
    Mon -Life Year ago

    BeatsX Disney no? Naaaaaa

  • Frozen gamer
    Frozen gamer Year ago +4

    Micky rocking some beats

  • Sir. B3N613
    Sir. B3N613 Year ago +10

    Mickey ♡

  • Hi-Fi Insider
    Hi-Fi Insider Year ago +1


  • Brooklyn Elijio
    Brooklyn Elijio Year ago +3


  • Three llamas
    Three llamas Year ago +2


  • Indian.techsupport
    Indian.techsupport Year ago +17

    Man I just bought matte black solo 3

  • Anthony Samuels
    Anthony Samuels Year ago +7


  • Dude Dank
    Dude Dank Year ago +8

    Cool flex but ok

  • Yezzaii Entrepreneurship

    Where can I get one ?? Dope 🔥

    • Lalito Hernández Esquivel
      Lalito Hernández Esquivel 10 months ago +1

    • Filip GDR
      Filip GDR Year ago

      Beats website or just the apple website the beats website gives more information about the headphones.