Young Thug - Hot ft. Gunna (Official Audio)

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Young Thug - Hot ft. Gunna
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  • Y0UNG LIF3
    Y0UNG LIF3 6 minutes ago

    When you shooting niggas in the gta 6 you bought from ebay: 2:02

  • rastaewabeach
    rastaewabeach Hour ago

    Not really a fan of mumble rap but the Beat is HOT.

  • Pickle Cheese
    Pickle Cheese 3 hours ago

    0:06 When your food is hot

  • Peyton Salinas
    Peyton Salinas 4 hours ago

    Low-key thought it was a clash of clan base no lie

  • Justin Janki
    Justin Janki 5 hours ago

    How many of you try to whistle

  • Omar Carrillo
    Omar Carrillo 7 hours ago

    Cant even understand wtf they’re saying

  • Mahamef Ahmed
    Mahamef Ahmed 7 hours ago

    Yessir best sound every in my life

  • Noah Deitrich
    Noah Deitrich 8 hours ago +1

    Just realizing this shit look like a clash of clans base

  • Pratyush dtewari
    Pratyush dtewari 8 hours ago

    *Mufasa u no u are fire right*

  • Hi how are ya?
    Hi how are ya? 9 hours ago +1

    Aw that's hot,that's hot

  • Jacob eguia
    Jacob eguia 20 hours ago

    Courage the cowardly dog- hot feat gunna.

  • Donnell Johnson
    Donnell Johnson 20 hours ago

    Turn her whole top floor to Hoe Houes....

  • Michael Vaughn
    Michael Vaughn 21 hour ago

    Young thug makes the alphabet have a seizure when he raps in this song for example all I heard was this the whole song😂😂😂
    Jskfkfkwksiddrrttjwdyt jejfnfkfn4bfufktjtndifjehsigktnt

  • Bambi Cherry Blossom
    Bambi Cherry Blossom 22 hours ago

    1:47 for future me

  • ELITE Brix
    ELITE Brix 23 hours ago


  • Keon Thomas
    Keon Thomas Day ago

    1:30 Young Thug 🔥

  • OG LOC
    OG LOC Day ago

    Middle child on drugs

  • Heart Cool
    Heart Cool Day ago

    Young Thug singing in Arabic wallahi


    Nba Champs theme song

  • james Alex
    james Alex Day ago

    This song is terrible just like the genre rap itself

  • Lil Alex
    Lil Alex Day ago

    *Bdosbsjehehejebdjdbdbdhdhdhdjrbdsbe heuristic uhc u.c i.c u.c bj wiwiwbwiwh&&&*

  • Lil Alex
    Lil Alex Day ago


  • dr death
    dr death Day ago

    "Young thug"

    Alien conspiracy in now in motion
    All will die
    -dr death

  • Heartbreak Dugatti

    I tested these niggas and seen their true face
    I heard these niggas and hear the fake

  • Ariba Betts
    Ariba Betts Day ago +1

    So good

  • Kai- -per
    Kai- -per Day ago


  • Rashawn Hamilton
    Rashawn Hamilton Day ago +2

    Who else noticed that the people in the pic are all gunna lol look close thug in the white

  • Laioung
    Laioung Day ago

    Check my new video out “CHASE THE MONEY” 💰🏃🏾‍♂️💨

  • 2 Notorious
    2 Notorious Day ago

    When they add this to gta 5 😶

  • Crash_Under_Coot 000

    Why does it look like A clash of clans base?

  • Destin
    Destin 2 days ago

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  • nightmareonElmstreet

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  • Ak Roxx
    Ak Roxx 2 days ago +1

    After effects of eating red chili 🌶

  • Ulugbek Shukhratkhon

    Yoooooo I just realized people walking in the picture 👀

  • lil skeet
    lil skeet 2 days ago

    Bruh this shit tuff

  • Lemuel Gamer
    Lemuel Gamer 2 days ago +1

    Esse e o comentario brasileiro q vc procurava🇧🇷♥️✍🏼

  • my dad left me
    my dad left me 2 days ago

    I threw up 7 times last night leave a like so i get better

  • Sivan -
    Sivan - 2 days ago

    *Gunna has more features than iPhone 11*

  • Rayshawn Farmer
    Rayshawn Farmer 2 days ago

    I think the original version better

  • Midas Touch
    Midas Touch 2 days ago

    Playboi carti👀

    SHERKHAN 10TOESDOWN 3 days ago

  • Parravix
    Parravix 3 days ago

    0:01 when you mute ur mic

  • dessy c
    dessy c 3 days ago

    If pain hurts what doesn't . I can say how I'm feeling and ask for what I need. I can use my words. I have no control over what happens next -- hurt feelings, disappointment, anger, or understanding, acceptance and love -- and that's perfectly alright because I only need to have control over myself.

  • GØ4T
    GØ4T 3 days ago +3

    1:50 when your ankle clanks into the side of the scooter

  • everything V
    everything V 3 days ago +2

    I love the diss of this song

  • v6
    v6 3 days ago +3

    everytime i hear the begging i say yo breath than the song say hot

  • code source
    code source 3 days ago

    ah man this synthetic weed you cant smoke in the rolls

  • Loopy Lu
    Loopy Lu 3 days ago +2

    I'm here to read the comments while listening 👀

  • Malik KING
    Malik KING 3 days ago

    Young thug: asghahdhbvhfruhaajjjjjjj yeah slimee slatt

  • Clash
    Clash 4 days ago

    That flute is mesmerizing. Lol

  • Samantha Mosby
    Samantha Mosby 4 days ago +1

    That's that shit that beat go hard asf. Imma still be listening in 3020

    ROOTSTOWN RIDERS 4 days ago

    Sound like a faster version of middle child

  • Herodude 321
    Herodude 321 4 days ago +9

    Young thug sound like a grandpa u didn’t know was fire in the studio lol

  • Fastrada
    Fastrada 4 days ago

    Do any of y’all actually understand young thug 😂

    TITIANIMALS 4 days ago

    I just love this song!!!

  • Hasoun Austin
    Hasoun Austin 4 days ago

    This beat hard as hell

  • Tayla Williams
    Tayla Williams 4 days ago

    Leave a like

  • Leon Rutherford
    Leon Rutherford 4 days ago

    I wish Gunna verse was longer. Fuckit I wish it was just him riding that beat🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Tayla Williams
    Tayla Williams 4 days ago


  • peanutbutterrobot
    peanutbutterrobot 5 days ago

    so young and j cole used the same sample? so confused