• Published on May 16, 2019
  • I created a game for Mariah to play and she won the grand prize!!
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  • janet moffett
    janet moffett 19 hours ago

    I love you guys together

  • Chrystian Merfalen


  • hays vallejo
    hays vallejo Day ago

    Mariah is literally the best person ever 💙 she has such a big heart ❤️😭❤️

  • Tanakah Magudhu
    Tanakah Magudhu 4 days ago

    i love you guys ❤️

  • Tanakah Magudhu
    Tanakah Magudhu 4 days ago


  • Dezy Parks
    Dezy Parks 5 days ago


  • Michele Chapman McAdams

    You and riy are freaking adorable. She's a real one. Boy you better put a ring on it. Once you start making money the insta thots all of a sudden find you irresistible. Your adorable but riy is great and looks better than most of those girls.

  • Jokers Game
    Jokers Game 6 days ago

    Watched this 3 times and i tear up every time ❤️

  • Deanna Weaver
    Deanna Weaver 10 days ago

    That was the sweetest thing I have ever seen ❤️

  • andrea
    andrea 13 days ago

    am I crying over spicy noodles or this vid? the world may never know

  • duck dude
    duck dude 17 days ago

    I got quit music teacher

  • Rick James
    Rick James 17 days ago

    At 6:06 🤣🤣

  • Bethany Allen
    Bethany Allen 17 days ago

    you guys are so cute relationship goals

  • Joshua Whelan
    Joshua Whelan 17 days ago

    you two are literally the most adorable thing ever

  • Christine Marti-Millward

    Y’all are gonna get married I can see it

  • Kaylee Lick
    Kaylee Lick 18 days ago

    I cried because I laughed way to hard💀🤣🤣🤣

  • Grabacadaver
    Grabacadaver 19 days ago

    a f ing dorable

  • Molly Jackson
    Molly Jackson 19 days ago

    Im crying 💞

  • Francesca Stahl
    Francesca Stahl 19 days ago

    This is so cute omg❤️❤️

  • Amanda Simmons
    Amanda Simmons 19 days ago

    If you love Heath and Mariah and how they call each other bubba click here

  • Imogen Bowyer
    Imogen Bowyer 19 days ago

    he was so cute at the start !!😻😻

  • Rocio Amaya
    Rocio Amaya 20 days ago

    oh my god ! what a lovely couple! and a really original video =)!

  • Awesome Person00483
    Awesome Person00483 20 days ago

    7:41 Part of game of thrones was filmed in ireland

  • Teresa Argueta
    Teresa Argueta 21 day ago

    These two are perfect together!

  • Jewel B
    Jewel B 22 days ago

    Man I always laugh my ass off y’all two are wonderful together Mariah’s arms I’m dead cop cop 😂😂😂

  • Daisy Barraza
    Daisy Barraza 22 days ago

    Love you and Mariah, you guys seem so so genuine

  • kristine sordia
    kristine sordia 23 days ago

    this is really funny video good job heath

  • Sugnightk 2
    Sugnightk 2 23 days ago

    7:40 the two cutest guys in the world

  • Carmen Ceja Garcia
    Carmen Ceja Garcia 24 days ago

    i love there nick names for each other “bubba”❤️❤️❤️❤️😫😫

  • Poetry Bandit
    Poetry Bandit 24 days ago

    When she tried to pay him back 😭😭💕

  • Emma Williams
    Emma Williams 25 days ago +1

    3:51 “I’m so single”
    That lowkey hurt me 😂

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga 25 days ago

    I love how even after she got the Mac, she was excited that she thought she got a backpack too.

  • K B
    K B 26 days ago


  • Ella Hunt
    Ella Hunt 28 days ago

    Heath and Mariah are so cute ❤️

  • Ella Hunt
    Ella Hunt 28 days ago

    Do I get a backpack 🎒 lol 😂

  • Hannah-May Slater
    Hannah-May Slater Month ago

    She started crying and I like balled my eyes out,
    Also the next lot of clips made me cry laugh, I’m just a mess hahaha

  • Umm_ Ivy
    Umm_ Ivy Month ago


  • Kristina Kerr
    Kristina Kerr Month ago

    bubba hits hard🥺

  • Soph Amorg
    Soph Amorg Month ago

    Made me cry too I love them so so so much 😢😢😢😢❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Emma va
    Emma va Month ago

    we must protect her at all cost

  • Erica Sayaphone
    Erica Sayaphone Month ago

    Good god relationship goals 😍

  • Vasilia Larocca
    Vasilia Larocca Month ago

    This makes me so single but I have happy tears like she deserves this bc she’s amazing 🥺🤧

  • Cilla Bean
    Cilla Bean Month ago +1

    So cute ♥️♥️

  • J McLean
    J McLean Month ago

    That’s the cutes thing ever that health tried to help build up her confidence for her memory

  • Sienna Wilkin
    Sienna Wilkin Month ago

    I’ve always wanted a mac

  • Valentines Hernandez

    That was the sweetest thing! ❤️

  • Xander Paragon
    Xander Paragon Month ago


  • Kathy Easey
    Kathy Easey Month ago

    You two are toooo cute!!

  • Parkie Bear
    Parkie Bear Month ago +1

    Hands down the best boyfriend ever.

  • Yoitsabelina
    Yoitsabelina Month ago

    Heath, got me in my feels and crying like a little bitch. Yo go Heath!! Treat that queen of yours!!!

  • Aliyah Ortiz
    Aliyah Ortiz Month ago

    I love her

  • Jayden Croes
    Jayden Croes Month ago +1

    OMG Mariah is the cutest
    I swear to God Heath, if you hurt her in any way, your dead twice

  • Cami v
    Cami v Month ago

    the whole arm bit killed me i love them sm 😂😂

  • Lizette Romero
    Lizette Romero Month ago

    I literally love Mariah she's amazing

  • Eliza Nun ya
    Eliza Nun ya Month ago

    this called me single in 500000000 different languages.

    ThisQUEENisSHOOK Month ago

    i swear if they brake up..........

  • Emmalee Arias
    Emmalee Arias Month ago

    Awwwww!!! They are still cute!!! Did they break up??? Please tell me no. First Liza and David, they can't die!!!!

  • Stoopy
    Stoopy Month ago

    4.06 is sooo cute I LIVE THEM

  • Edén Delgado
    Edén Delgado Month ago +1

    I’m the blonde girl in the back
    “I’m so single” 😂

  • Sydnee Gorham
    Sydnee Gorham Month ago

    Omg marry her!!