• Published on Nov 9, 2018
  • THIS is how to have a healthy relationship
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  • Tristan Tales
    Tristan Tales  Year ago +60

    Thank you all for watching!! Comment your best dating advice below (not that I need it cuz I'm not going on a date or anything - it's just a friendship event - but just for fun ya know?)

    • Rebecca Francis
      Rebecca Francis 8 months ago

      i dont think its a friendship event

    • Nelson Liu
      Nelson Liu Year ago

      Tristan Tales Of

    • Zakia Allen
      Zakia Allen Year ago

      Tristan Tales don't use that phone number

    • Zakia Allen
      Zakia Allen Year ago

      Tristan Tales you can call my phone my name is zamarah you can call my phone what 631 7 4 7 9 4 5 2

  • Rebecca Francis
    Rebecca Francis 8 months ago

    say dizzy

  • Victor Sonic
    Victor Sonic 9 months ago

    Isnt she with brent

  • TinaTurnUp
    TinaTurnUp Year ago +1

    Matt spitting them real facts about the world!!👌💯💯

  • Allie Lambert
    Allie Lambert Year ago

    Adulting is the worst. I’m a few days late but I’m here now!! His “friendship event” was hopefully with Tessa! Or not... it doesn’t really matter. Going to watch his other video “I went on a date...” right now.😬😬😬😬

  • Taylor Sophia
    Taylor Sophia Year ago

    I love you please pin this

  • Carlie Edits
    Carlie Edits Year ago +1

    Love you so much Tristian I’ve been her since day one luv you and please date Tessa already I don’t want to push you or make you feel like that sorry just AHHHHHH😘*Take a chill pill Carlie,* OOOOOMMMMMMGGGGGG AHHHH,*What did I say,* oh I was taking to myself sorry k bye

  • Georgieboy414
    Georgieboy414 Year ago

    I trust its mission on my sister comment on this video, like if you remember the comment. Where's the new video we are waiting to watch, give us updates on Instagram, if you're posting today are not thank you. 😘💘ILY

  • Hayden kelley
    Hayden kelley Year ago

    You tried to add me on Snapchat

  • Maddie Rose
    Maddie Rose Year ago +2

    Tristan is going on Disney channel

  • Maori RuVa
    Maori RuVa Year ago

    She looks like my cousin so much in an older version, I'm freaking out

  • Ana Olim
    Ana Olim Year ago +7

    you and tessa should prank call youtubers and tell them tessa is pregnant with your baby!!!!!!!!!!

  • Forever Cousins
    Forever Cousins Year ago

    You know tessa is the one

  • Aurora Eym
    Aurora Eym Year ago

    Love this video

  • Its me_ Lizete
    Its me_ Lizete Year ago +1

    OOOOHHHHH... tristian liked comments that said him and tesse should just date... i am so glad that at least they are being honest with relashionships lmao... loveee u tristian and go get TESSA!!!!

  • Ember Bluefire
    Ember Bluefire Year ago

    But I'm the hero I'm the rainbow unicorn 😠🦄🦄🦄🦄

  • sᴇᴀᴠsᴛᴇʀ

    Where's Tessa?

  • Marmosheh Alallaf
    Marmosheh Alallaf Year ago +1

    Can you do a video with Brent Rivera

  • chloe colleton
    chloe colleton Year ago

    omg date tessa 💗💗💗

  • Nikki Nitika
    Nikki Nitika Year ago

    Love you Tristan

  • Grace Macias Grace Macias

    Loved it very much

  • Shaira Hernandez
    Shaira Hernandez Year ago

    Heyyyyy Tristan!! How’s your day been boo?❤️🤣👌🏽🤷‍♀️

  • TLA_Blizzard -
    TLA_Blizzard - Year ago +3

    Why does she look half dead

  • CindyH Henriquez
    CindyH Henriquez Year ago

    I want him.with tessa not eva

  • CindyH Henriquez
    CindyH Henriquez Year ago

    Hmmm :(

  • Zoe Plummer
    Zoe Plummer Year ago +1

    “You literally missed the door knob 18 times” 😂 2:34

  • laura calix
    laura calix Year ago +5

    What about tessa☺☺☺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    I love you Tristan you are so blessed and I wish I can meet you one day I am about to start a TVclip channel and I need some really big TVcliprs to sub so I can get more followers I love you bye

  • Manuela Flores
    Manuela Flores Year ago +1

    Love you Tristan tales you and Eva are awuesome love you guys 💖💖👑👑😘😘😍😍😊😊😜😜😃

  • Rebecca Allan
    Rebecca Allan Year ago

    Im so excited for next friday

  • Sarah Betts
    Sarah Betts Year ago

    I Love you so much Tristan♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Jacy
    Jacy Year ago +1

    I love when you call Kayla little girl

  • Jacy
    Jacy Year ago +2

    76th comment

  • Jacy
    Jacy Year ago


  • Caily Lynn
    Caily Lynn Year ago

    Let me keep this simple, Ava date Brent. Tristan, date Tessa 😂❤️

  • Kayla Marshall
    Kayla Marshall Year ago

    Stay Dizzyyyy

  • Laini
    Laini Year ago +21

    My dating advice~ Date Tessa cause she already likes you!!!!

  • TheConcho75
    TheConcho75 Year ago +18

    Just date Tessa already, you guys would be really cute togther!!!!😂💖💕

  • TheConcho75
    TheConcho75 Year ago

    Yay Tristan!!!!!

  • Mack T
    Mack T Year ago

    Loved this:)

  • Laura
    Laura Year ago +2

    This was a funny vlog Tristan, and the best advice I have is to just be yourself. Hope you had fun at your friendship event. STAY DIZZY! Love ya

  • J-World
    J-World Year ago +8

    Love ur videos ❤❤

  • adiya loo
    adiya loo Year ago

    early 49 th comment😃

  • Yesenia Bayer
    Yesenia Bayer Year ago

    Take Rachie on a date 😍

  • cornelia
    cornelia Year ago +7

    My best dating advice is give them food and they’re going to love you forever. Hasn’t worked for me yet but hey- yeah no I’m not good at giving this kind of advice.

  • Shaira Hernandez
    Shaira Hernandez Year ago +2

    Stay Dizzy!!🌀🌀

  • Eve_ official
    Eve_ official Year ago +1

    Tristan your the best guy I've ever seen! ❤️😊Continue your social media forever! Love you soooooooooooooooo much ❤️ ❤️

  • Laini
    Laini Year ago +1

    I love you so much Tristan!!!!!!!♥♥

  • Kayla Marshall
    Kayla Marshall Year ago

    I love you and your videos so much ❣️🖤

  • Tanya .x
    Tanya .x Year ago +1

    Absolutely love ur videos Tristan u are so inspiring and I love u so much xx keep doing what u do ❤

  • xX itsjustjade xX

    I subscribed and hit that like button and also hitted the bell notification!!!

  • xX itsjustjade xX
    xX itsjustjade xX Year ago +2

    Ur TVclip channel is so good I'm gonna subscribe 😛😊

  • Noelle Lumb
    Noelle Lumb Year ago +27

    Maybe his "friendship event" is with Tessa ❤️😁 Or maybe not ... but a little girl can hope 😩

    • laura calix
      laura calix Year ago +1

      @Tristan Tales this is sad. Please date her already boyyyy

    • Noelle Lumb
      Noelle Lumb Year ago +1

      Shook that Tristan Tales replied to me 😱😱❤️

    • Tasha
      Tasha Year ago


    • Tristan Tales
      Tristan Tales  Year ago +6


  • amelia paepcke
    amelia paepcke Year ago +1

    I love you and your videos so much!!!

  • hayley jade
    hayley jade Year ago

    This video actually made my day!

    • hayley jade
      hayley jade Year ago

      Tristan Tales OMG OMG OMG
      You replied !!!
      Thank you so much
      Love all the way from England ❤️

    • Tristan Tales
      Tristan Tales  Year ago +1

      this comment made mine!

  • Mary Eliza
    Mary Eliza Year ago

    Never get likes anyways but heyyyy maybe if I get 2k I’ll start my channel and do a laxative prank on my
    Sister 💀😂

  • Jessica Mendez
    Jessica Mendez Year ago


  • cheyenne Herron
    cheyenne Herron Year ago +2

    Ayeee Tristan my sister is a big fan and she honestly loves you and Tessa so much and she will be so happy if you reply and say hi to her, her name is chanelle so if you can try and say hi and stuff ❤️ oh and the video is amazing 👍 keep it up👍✌️❤️

  • Chlo Kat
    Chlo Kat Year ago

    Hellooooooooo love u and ur vids so much keep up the good work! 💝💕
    Ps. Early!

  • Yas Lloyd
    Yas Lloyd Year ago +10

    Yay your back with another awesome video

    • Yas Lloyd
      Yas Lloyd Year ago

      Tristan tales wow thx for ❤️ it iv been watching since you were mainly on snapchat