• This game is legit scary. I didn't know what to expect going into it but I'm so happy I gave it a try because it's got scares for DAYS!
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  • Nilesh Dixit
    Nilesh Dixit Hour ago

    The way he says marcy is 😂😂😂

  • Conor Da boi
    Conor Da boi 8 hours ago

    When the kitchen door opened and you went inside, I wanted to throw my tablet

  • Conor Da boi
    Conor Da boi 8 hours ago

    And can you play on android

  • Conor Da boi
    Conor Da boi 8 hours ago

    Is this game free

  • Conor Da boi
    Conor Da boi 8 hours ago

    I am watching this in bed

  • Ordained
    Ordained 8 hours ago

    I never grow tired of that outro music

  • Karen Yang
    Karen Yang 9 hours ago


  • Bethany Barbara
    Bethany Barbara 10 hours ago

    so you mean to tell me that this man did not voice Kronk???

  • Lia Unkown
    Lia Unkown 14 hours ago

    Anyone noticed how his room is the same as the room with screen inside the game??

  • Little Goblin
    Little Goblin 16 hours ago

    Was half-watching this while writing and 32:36 legit made me throw my pen.

  • Little Goblin
    Little Goblin 16 hours ago

    Was half-watching this while writing and 32:36 legit made me throw my pen

  • Billy Clay
    Billy Clay 23 hours ago

    Man this had me scared as a mf 😂💀 Had me Covering my eyes nd everything like a lil bihhhhh!!!

  • De Kobra
    De Kobra Day ago

    40:22 Mario?

  • cjun 12
    cjun 12 Day ago

    9:18 was legitimately when I accidentally threw my phone because of his scream😂😂😂

  • HeroSquwad
    HeroSquwad Day ago


  • Genie Playz
    Genie Playz Day ago

    Shining blue objects in basement so bright they light up the room
    Mark: doesn’t even look at them

  • Natalia Vigil
    Natalia Vigil Day ago +1

    First jumpscare was so scaryyyy omgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgm 🤣✌️😭🚁😊😪😡😵👈👉👉👈🤢😱😆🤬

  • IsyaboiEthan _
    IsyaboiEthan _ Day ago +1

    U da best utuber

  • ayachi zouhour
    ayachi zouhour Day ago

    This game feels like a house tour

  • SilverFoxVideos
    SilverFoxVideos 2 days ago +1

    My wife's name is Marcy and she was so confused while I was watching this, and then she started responding to Mark everytime he said her name

  • Reqr
    Reqr 2 days ago +1

    This gave me heavy ass QT vibes

  • Buffbabygirl
    Buffbabygirl 2 days ago

    You’re reading voice is actually amazing 🙌🏽

  • Draw WithDragons
    Draw WithDragons 2 days ago

    The one thing i learned from this video:

    Don't ring stranger's bells.

  • Sunny Moo
    Sunny Moo 2 days ago

    Lol, i lost it when the jumpscare happened. I threw my toast across the room and i covered my mouth trying not to scream. While my dog runs to my toast and devours it infront of me, i have never lost so much in 20 seconds. 😂

  • kyle perry
    kyle perry 2 days ago


  • muyveryYes
    muyveryYes 2 days ago

    His meds aren't working, same as his Mom's
    I mean it would make sense, right?

  • Wire Mother
    Wire Mother 2 days ago +1

    Those mannequins sure aren't making me feel secure...

  • Kendall Smith
    Kendall Smith 2 days ago

    Mark: *spooked enough as it is*
    Game: *summons mannequins*
    Mark: *whiny man baby*

  • Jaxon Coates
    Jaxon Coates 2 days ago

    Dude no offense Markiplier but i really wish i could screen shot that face of you getting your first jumpscare!!!!! its hilarious honestly. Keep up the good work i really like your videos.

  • Bravest Emvee
    Bravest Emvee 2 days ago

    you closed the door all the way the 1st time
    I heard it click
    it opened by itsself just a lil bit👀

  • Santiago Taylor
    Santiago Taylor 2 days ago

    In the beginning I really thought that was the end

  • Natiley Gossett
    Natiley Gossett 2 days ago +1

    man i jumped up

  • Natiley Gossett
    Natiley Gossett 2 days ago +1

    u da best

  • Introverted Wolf
    Introverted Wolf 2 days ago +1

    He so scared he quoting "NICKELBACK" 17:25 "Look at this Photograph"

  • sakura chan
    sakura chan 2 days ago

    me: watching markiplier playing scary games

    Also me: watches under my bed and desk every time that there is a jumpscare

  • Shin Chan
    Shin Chan 2 days ago

    Well. I never screamed at a horror game. Thats the first time 😂

  • Mykaila Gomez
    Mykaila Gomez 3 days ago +2

    Bro is it just me or did anyone else laugh harder than they screamed when the first jumpscare hit?
    Just me?

  • Ethan Sanders
    Ethan Sanders 3 days ago

    I rarely yell when scared from Mark’s videos but 15:10 got me

  • Ethan Sanders
    Ethan Sanders 3 days ago


  • Cameron Hendley
    Cameron Hendley 3 days ago +1

    no one:
    courage the cowardly dog 19:27

  • Agustina Martínez Lagarde

    okay so, nor in my life would i ever watch an horror video because i cannot tolerate screamers n stuff like that but somehow mark changed my perspective bout it? like, he just gives off such a wonderful vibe, which makes even his horror videos funny. this is the first youtuber that makes me feel genuinely accompanied during gameplays n just wanted to say thanks n that you have a new and loyal sub!

    CRAZY CHICKEN GAMER 3 days ago

    42:33 quote of the decade

  • e m m a
    e m m a 3 days ago +1

    JUMPSCARES: (audio and visual) -
    7:47 - door closes
    8:13 - bell rings
    8:27 - light breaks
    8:40 - strange noise(s)
    9:01 - door slams
    9:11 - light falls
    10:52 - strange noise
    11:50 - door closes
    14:41 - door opens (and strange noises within room)
    15:09 - "Marcy" appears / door closes
    17:18 - door opens
    21:00 - mannequin in hallway
    21:08 - mannequin armageddon (as in armageddon outta here)
    21:36 - "Marcy" appears
    21:40 - you guessed it, mannequins
    21:46 - they see me rollin' THEY FUCKING HATE IT
    21:54 - no likey no lighty
    22:55 - live feed T pose
    23:13 - "Marcy" moves
    23:43 - camera changes, "Marcy" appears
    24:19 - music swells (no jumpscare)
    24:18 - Mark gets spooped by Manny
    26:42 - strange noises
    29:37 - "Marcy" is a dirty girl
    31:26 - light breaks
    32:20 - just a mannequin in the shower (no jumpscare)
    32:35 - "Marcy" wants some of your dick
    33:24 - lights go out
    35:10 - spookIER noises
    35:13 - Big Bang / sound of door opening
    36:51 - doggos barking
    37:14 - loud light switch (not necessarily spoopy)
    37:23 - "Marcy" just likes mazes
    37:57 - "Marcy" is stuck in the wall /lights go out
    39:48 - "Marcy" runs past doorway
    40:24 - Italian man says "hello"
    41:00 - Markiboy doesn't know the "plank on the door" rule
    41:42 - lights go out (no jumpscare)
    42:14 - "Marcy" gets into the corner (she knows she's not a baby)
    42:23 - Mark does logical thing and goes up for snuggles, you WONT believe what happens NEXT!
    45:22 - lights go bye bye
    45:38 - strange noise (drawer I think)
    46:21 - Big bang
    48:07 - Mark spots ghost lady
    50:14 - "Marcy" poppin' a squat

  • Bre Getts
    Bre Getts 3 days ago

    The fact the door was open after he closed it

  • Shiba Inu
    Shiba Inu 3 days ago +1

    this game taps into everything that scares the shit out of me, being watched, being followed, complete silence/darkness, ect.

  • Alya Jung
    Alya Jung 3 days ago +3

    my boyfriend literally screamed when scary shit happened and begged my mom to stay with us for a night, now we're living together

  • lCanadian Sweetheart


  • Squelkie Slushi
    Squelkie Slushi 3 days ago +1

    **Picks up ladder**
    "Just gonna put that in my pocket..."

  • LiamTheBloodylegend Animations

    I’m scared because I know that marcie is about to jump scare him and beat his punani

  • LiamTheBloodylegend Animations

    Me: *watches the very start of the video*
    Markiplier: w-what was th-that *BOOM* AH

  • Maddi Howell
    Maddi Howell 3 days ago

    "youre gonna grab me from behind I need to watch you" *proceeds to turn back to mannequins*

  • This Fucking Guy
    This Fucking Guy 3 days ago +1

    each time something happens I watch it twice. The first time I watch the game and the second time the mark cam.
    (sorry for my bad english)

  • Karolina Bäckstrand
    Karolina Bäckstrand 3 days ago +1

    15:52 My mom coming to my room to beat my ass

  • DeadlyNightShadegirl
    DeadlyNightShadegirl 3 days ago +2

    Mark: "*reading the wall* I gonna grab you from behind watch me..."
    Me: "*does the nae nae* whip watch me nae nae."

  • Awesome Obi
    Awesome Obi 3 days ago +1

    Going full screen boys wish me luck

  • Lupin The Third
    Lupin The Third 4 days ago

    *Who murdered Mamaplier?*

  • bulut aksahin
    bulut aksahin 4 days ago +1

    i wonder why does any1 disliked this video

  • brichan 132
    brichan 132 4 days ago

    Wait a bloody minute, when this was released the thumb nail was different!

  • Lump
    Lump 4 days ago

    Not even joking my microwave pinged at 42:32 when we saw the bell that's the freakiest thing ever 😭😭

  • J O
    J O 4 days ago

    mark had closed his door completely the first time he noticed it,,,,, WHENEVER HE SAW THAT IT WAS OPEN AGAIN A SECOND TIME I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT,,,,,,,,,m a r c y,,,??

  • Genesis Llamas
    Genesis Llamas 4 days ago

    She’s kinda hot 🥵

  • die_in_a_hole
    die_in_a_hole 4 days ago

    Watching this while we’re all quarantined

  • Sami Sings
    Sami Sings 4 days ago

    I’ve seen many (a lot more than I ever wanted to) scary games, but this one made me throw my phone about 5 times and gave me 3 heart attacks.

  • Cld_dane YT
    Cld_dane YT 4 days ago +6

    Markiplier: I’m gonna ring your bell
    Her: I’m bout to end this whole mans career

  • Rebecca Kearney
    Rebecca Kearney 4 days ago

    Bobbie Pin would be a good drag queen name

  • NoDrama MamaLlama
    NoDrama MamaLlama 4 days ago


  • NoDrama MamaLlama
    NoDrama MamaLlama 4 days ago +2

    When the bell was rung for the first time I went crazy when the lights went out and paused the video on accident. I saw the look om marks face and was like "Why are you playing this"

  • Jeff Fisher
    Jeff Fisher 4 days ago

    When marcy says Hello
    Me: Hi
    Markiboy: WHO SAID THAT!?! WHO SAID THAT!?

  • Alyx
    Alyx 4 days ago

    The doctor killed her and will kill the son too

  • Banana Burger
    Banana Burger 4 days ago

    I can't help but wonder if those are ultra sabers in the background?

  • Ashton Stewart
    Ashton Stewart 4 days ago

    40:55 wtf?!?!?!?

  • Alex Croome
    Alex Croome 4 days ago

    Jump to 15:06 for fun.

  • L. W.
    L. W. 4 days ago +1

    I literally threw my IPad across the room when Marcy started to run...😱👀

  • Maddie TV
    Maddie TV 4 days ago

    This game is soooooo terrifying 😱😱😱

  • JacksonGalaxy 13
    JacksonGalaxy 13 4 days ago +3

    why can I imagine somebody, like Amy, bursting through the door and yelling "HEY!"

    i can see it now...

  • Blizzard_the_seal
    Blizzard_the_seal 4 days ago

    oh frick, 3179 is the first part of my student ID-

  • acutelittlelady _
    acutelittlelady _ 4 days ago +1

    You made me spill peach juice on my shirt >:(

  • S A R C A S T I Cッ

    I made it half way and now i'm hiding in the comments