Sufjan Stevens - Tonya Harding (Official Audio)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2017
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    Tonya Harding, my star
    Well this world is a cold one
    But it takes one to know one
    And God only knows what you are

    Just some Portland white trash
    You confronted your sorrow
    Like there was no tomorrow
    While the rest of the world only laughed

    Triple axel on high
    A delightful disaster
    You jumped farther and faster
    You were always so full of surprises

    Are your laces untied?
    What’s the frown on your face for?
    And just what are the skates for now?
    Tell me which is your good side?

    Are you lonely at night?
    Do you miss all the glory
    And the mythical story
    Of the Olympian life?

    Yamaguchi in red
    She had high rise and roses
    And red-carpet poses
    And her outfit was splendid

    Nancy Kerrigan’s charm
    Well she took quite a beating
    So you’re not above cheating
    Can you blame her for crying?

    Tonya, you were the brightest
    Yeah you rose from the ashes
    And survived all the crashes
    Wiping the blood from your white tights

    Has the world had its fun?
    Yeah they’ll make such a hassle
    And they’ll build you a castle
    Then destroy it when they’re done

    Tonya Harding, my friend
    Well this world is a bitch, girl
    Don’t end up in a ditch, girl
    I’ll be watching you close to the end

    So fight on as you are
    My American princess
    May God bless you with incense
    You’re my shining American star
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  • spectreluna
    spectreluna 2 days ago

    I love this so much. I don't think I can listen to it without crying.This girl never stood a chance but God bless her for trying, fuck's sake.

  • —
     4 days ago

    i don't care if i sound pretentious. i feel like this song and video has a lot of hidden treasures behind it. it's packed with them. desire, power, hope, hopelessness, failure, victory, oblivion... i just genuinely adore the concept

  • —
     4 days ago

    this is the song that got me into sufjan stevens. before being in love with him i used to listen a lot of people talk about how good carrie & lowell was but i never paid attention. then i saw this song being published on pitchfork and i was like meh ill give it a shot and i ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. i cry almost everytime i see the video ..the lyrics somehow resonate a lot with me and JUST everything about the song is flawlesd

  • Melanie M
    Melanie M 7 days ago

    The beginning of this song reminds me of Levitation by Beach House lol not sure why

  • joanelmak
    joanelmak 10 days ago

    Tonya Harding wins!!! Flawless victory!!!!!

  • indianrunner70
    indianrunner70 16 days ago

    honest and heartful tribute to Tonya...

  • sonico
    sonico 19 days ago

    imagine sufjan stevens writing a song about you and your reaction is to be pissed about it

  • jesse moorhouse
    jesse moorhouse 29 days ago

    this bloke has a nice voice i will give him that but he makes light of something that hurts who it is about its a part of her life id imagen she would like to forget

  • Vitor Gusmao
    Vitor Gusmao Month ago

    *Quem assistiu o filme e veio aki pesquisar sobre ela?*


    Playing on auto repeat mode all over again. Wonderful song.

  • Trevin Hughes
    Trevin Hughes Month ago +1

    This isn't a diss song, it's praising her while noting her history and public image.

  • pawrlPaweł Bargielski

    so genius star is born star is down . Beautiful song .

  • Kodak Orange
    Kodak Orange Month ago +1

    I reallly love this song and John Wayne Gacy. Does he follow this anti-hero anthem theme on any other songs?

    • Christopher Gartland
      Christopher Gartland Month ago

      He likes doing a lot of Portraits songs about complicated American Figures and issues. "To the workers of the rock river valley region i have an idea" and "Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)" are some good ones.

  • SuperTsita
    SuperTsita Month ago +4

    This song is a beautiful and very moving tribute to Tonya. Her story is so tragic, the deck was stacked against her from the beginning, having to fight all alone to overcome the hurdles of a poor background, an abusive mother, an abusive boyfriend, class snobbery and elitism from the skating community, and yet she shone like a diamond in the rough.

  • MaxAttak Studios
    MaxAttak Studios Month ago

    the 500 dislikes are all of tonya harding’s fake accounts

  • Term
    Term 2 months ago


  • marinda puspita
    marinda puspita 2 months ago

    Damn sufjan I love you! This is beautiful song especially for tonya harding and for what happen in her life, breathtaking :”) ❤️

  • Marisol Cortez
    Marisol Cortez 2 months ago +1

    i finally got around to watching "I, Tonya" last night and kept waiting for this song. weird it's not in the film.

  • Artur Ryba
    Artur Ryba 2 months ago +3

    Music matches the video perfectly.

  • Crystal Felicia
    Crystal Felicia 2 months ago

    Asthmatic Kitty Records what kind of pos are u to highlight a rude comment made to a person for having an opinion.???? My comment wasn't against the music u dumb bitch. Oh & yes u losers Tonya is a cunt.!

  • Crystal Felicia
    Crystal Felicia 2 months ago

    Wtf Sufjan ur music is amazing but ur a Tonya fan.???? WTF That cunt doesnt deserve this attention.

    • Crystal Felicia
      Crystal Felicia 2 months ago

      No u asshole u hv no point other than u not liking my opinion lol. U like Tonya & I dont thats the problem u piece of trash. But Kitty records ur even bigger trash unless this is ur alternate AC.

    • Inessence4
      Inessence4 2 months ago

      And I rest my case.

    • Crystal Felicia
      Crystal Felicia 2 months ago

      Bitch u dont know me.! He wrote it cuz it made him money. WTF do u know about her.? U probs weren't even born during that time. Also I can have my opinion if u dont like it fuck off.

    • Inessence4
      Inessence4 2 months ago

      Crystal Felicia he wrote it because of assholes such as yourself.

  • Tom Manning
    Tom Manning 2 months ago +2

    You're loved once again, Tonya.

  • hmmm
    hmmm 3 months ago +2

    to watch her dance so beautifully to such a gorgeous song that was written about her... it’s absolutely breathtaking

  • Stacey Martinez
    Stacey Martinez 3 months ago +1

    You could tell she worked so hard

  • Jose mateus de freitas Freitas

    The song and the Tonia's body moving on is the same thing!

  • Yarno Bosk
    Yarno Bosk 3 months ago

    Wow I’m shook, such a beauty storyteller

    CEKROM 3 months ago

    *Unique* =D

  • skeemag
    skeemag 3 months ago


  • sydney shortman
    sydney shortman 3 months ago

    This is so chilling in so many ways and perfect in a way I can't explain

  • luisafonsoandre
    luisafonsoandre 3 months ago

    This song gives me the chills. That's when I know it is a great song :)

  • Bereunicornio Phyloni
    Bereunicornio Phyloni 3 months ago


  • Christopher Seegars
    Christopher Seegars 4 months ago

    Beautiful song, awesome performance... Tonya Harding

  • adnan tanveer
    adnan tanveer 4 months ago +2

    it should have been used in the Movie '' I, tonya''

  • Trevin Hughes
    Trevin Hughes 4 months ago +2

    Can you blame her for crying?

  • Ahava Collado
    Ahava Collado 4 months ago

    o it sad

  • Aria
    Aria 4 months ago

    Thanks to Sufjan for an amazing song, and to Tonya for an amazing performance!

  • Mark Murray
    Mark Murray 4 months ago

    Look at that beautiful, amazing performance.

  • Irene Diaz
    Irene Diaz 4 months ago


  • Turtleproof
    Turtleproof 5 months ago +1

    I have no love for religion but Sufjan's capacity to empathize with monsters and create such beautiful music about them brings me to tears, God bless him.

  • Rob Gaeta
    Rob Gaeta 5 months ago

    Tonya Harding is/was a legend.

  • Gen Valencia
    Gen Valencia 5 months ago

    Man, okay, I love how the commentator explains the stakes at the start

  • xMrPumpkinx
    xMrPumpkinx 5 months ago +2

    My moms been watching tonya Harding videos and I've been watching sujfan Stevens videos both on my account so this title was very strange to see

  • Irene Birungi
    Irene Birungi 5 months ago

    why the fuck am i crying!

  • Kip Walker
    Kip Walker 5 months ago

    Very inspiring!

  • danielk neto
    danielk neto 5 months ago


  • RandomStranger
    RandomStranger 5 months ago

    I do love this song! I have to cry every time when I think about how it had been for Tonya to be out ot skating forever

  • Megha Majumdar
    Megha Majumdar 5 months ago

    He's a legend.

  • Vince Miller
    Vince Miller 5 months ago


  • Roots In The Sky
    Roots In The Sky 5 months ago

    Was this written before or after the movie?

    • Inessence4
      Inessence4 5 months ago +2

      Roots In The Sky he began writing it 20 years ago.

  • Rosesnow Fall
    Rosesnow Fall 5 months ago

    She's such a inspiration for me

  • daisy 101
    daisy 101 5 months ago

    amazing 💕

  • Braden Schuster
    Braden Schuster 5 months ago

    I've never heard sufjan swear 8|

  • Braden Schuster
    Braden Schuster 5 months ago

    Does anyone know of any possible way I can submit a song and have him sing it? I'm a songwriter or at least am trying to be and I want to hear him sing something I wrote.

  • Rahul Dhargalkar
    Rahul Dhargalkar 5 months ago

    I cried

  • Jackson Snyder
    Jackson Snyder 6 months ago

    I was a big fan, but more. I loved Tonya. This is a fitting tribute.

  • NavMiguel
    NavMiguel 6 months ago

    He could've read the obituaries to this music and still turn a profit from those gullible enough to fall for this gimmick. lol

  • GuppyPal
    GuppyPal 6 months ago +1

    Been listening to a lot of Sufjan Stevens since crying my eyes out to "Visions of Gideon" alone in an empty theater at the end of "Call Me By Your Name." Among my favorites is "Tonya Harding," a romantic and historically accurate tribute to the two-time figure skating Olympian and US champion. With charming lyrics chronicling her career and 1994 Olympic debacle, describing her as "Just some Portland white trash" and "...God only knows what you are," the song plays over her 1991 World Championship performance, one that couldn't have been more perfect and beautiful. I wish I could have been there to join in her deserved standing ovation. What a fucking psycho.

  • GuppyPal
    GuppyPal 6 months ago

    I can't even describe how much I love this.

  • Amie Parker
    Amie Parker 6 months ago

    The music is so beautiful!

  • Jason Castro
    Jason Castro 6 months ago

    hace poco vi la película y fue hermosa

  • Katie Parker
    Katie Parker 6 months ago +1

    Watching this video with this music is as heartbreaking as seeing a kid trying to be laugh at a bully's jokes, when he's the butt of them. So vulnerable and obvious and devastating.

  • James Math
    James Math 6 months ago

    Absolutely Brilliant

  • Sarah Ellis
    Sarah Ellis 6 months ago

    I get so many goosebumps throughout this. Look how happy she is when she nails each jump. Her performance, combined with the song, conveys so, so much.

  • Andreas Meissner
    Andreas Meissner 6 months ago

    Without you, Sufjan, and your music, our world would be much poorer.
    Melodies for the heart and texts for the spirit.
    Many Thanks!

  • Luis Alves
    Luis Alves 6 months ago +1

    Each time I hear this song I substitute "Tonya Harding" by "Edward Snowden"

  • Arts Collective
    Arts Collective 6 months ago

    What a good cry, thanks

  • do nut
    do nut 6 months ago

    This song is very sad and sympathises with Tonya. However I think it would’ve been too sad to be in the movie.

  • Malk Jol
    Malk Jol 6 months ago

    Each time I hear this song I substitute Tonya Harding by Edward Snowden, which makes totally sense

    • Luis Alves
      Luis Alves 6 months ago

      Inessence4 you’re right, you don’t see it, I see it, end!

    • Inessence4
      Inessence4 6 months ago

      Sorry, Nope. "Just some Portland white trash", "Triple axel on high A delightful disaster, You jumped farther and faster", "Are your laces untied? What’s the frown on your face for? And just what are the skates for now?", "Do you miss ...the mythical story, Of the Olympian life?", "Yamaguchi in red She had high rise and roses And red-carpet poses And her outfit was splendid Nancy Kerrigan’s charm Well she took quite a beating So you’re not above cheating Can you blame her for crying? Tonya, you were the brightest Yeah you rose from the ashes And survived all the crashes Wiping the blood from your white tights", "Tonya Harding, my friend Well this world is a bitch, girl Don’t end up in a ditch, girl I’ll be watching you close to the end So fight on as you are My American princess" ... But I suppose you can imagine whoever you want. I just don't see it.

    • Luis Alves
      Luis Alves 6 months ago

      Inessence4 “well this world is a cold one, but it takes one to know one, and God only knows what you are” “ you confronted your sorrow like there’s no tomorrow while the rest of the world only laugh” “ you were always so full of surprises” “are you lonely at night?” “Do you miss all the glory” “ you were the brightest yeah you rose from the ashes and survived all the crashes” “ has the world had it’s fun?” They build you a castle then destroy it when they’re done” “so fight on as you are” “you’re a shining American star “... is this enough against the stupid triple jump?

    • Inessence4
      Inessence4 6 months ago

      Triple Axle on high?

  • Anthony Urbanski
    Anthony Urbanski 6 months ago

    Killer job on this video,I cried.

  • jane doe
    jane doe 6 months ago

    The reason I love someone like Sufjan above anyone else, is the amount of empathy and honesty you have to have to make a tragedy beautiful enough to make someone cry. He has done it for Serial Killers, sociopaths, nameless souls, and himself. Like Bob Ross and a paintbrush, nothing but a moment captures simple and clear, with no effort seen no matter how many times you watch.

  • spacecowboy
    spacecowboy 6 months ago +3

    s h i n y a m e r i c a n s t a r

  • Philipp
    Philipp 6 months ago

    Tonya, you were the brightest. And one of my earliest childhood memories.

  • bluepuppydan
    bluepuppydan 7 months ago

    Beautifully written and sung , the video is perfect too .

  • Mitchell Ayres
    Mitchell Ayres 7 months ago

    Reminds me of Harmony Korine

  • Locks are Masculine Objects

    A ballad for all of us white trash trump supporters. Thank you, sufjan.

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith 7 months ago

    The great, the legend, the most amazing figure skater in US history: Tonya Harding.

  • Cornelius Attenborough
    Cornelius Attenborough 7 months ago

    Couldn't help but notice a similarity to another ice skating themed music video from a few months

  • Gallant
    Gallant 7 months ago +1


  • Padraig Burke
    Padraig Burke 7 months ago

    Beautiful performance beautiful song

  • blahblah blahblahb la
    blahblah blahblahb la 7 months ago +3

    I feel like he wrote this song specifically for this performance.

  • Wildstyle Jewelry
    Wildstyle Jewelry 7 months ago

    Just no. Tonya's skating is so much better than this dumb song.

  • bartok75
    bartok75 7 months ago

    I wonder what Tonya Harding thinks/feels when she is listening to this song.

  • Actual Internet trash
    Actual Internet trash 7 months ago +1

    I only started to listen to him ever sense Call Me By Your Name, but I instantly fell in love! He has an absolute breathtaking voice, and a heart of gold😆

  • chainsaw barbie
    chainsaw barbie 7 months ago

    This is why I love Sufjan Stevens.

  • Pedro Pires
    Pedro Pires 7 months ago +2

    Poor Tonya Fuck'em....

  • unclejohnthezef
    unclejohnthezef 7 months ago +1

    I’ll bet she will like this song one day soon... it’s a beautiful portrait

  • Aditya Pathak
    Aditya Pathak 7 months ago

    Sufjan has a crush...

  • Elian
    Elian 7 months ago

    Iconic queen. Ugh, her mind. It amazes me

  • dear boss
    dear boss 7 months ago

    damn. if it wasn't for that stupid 90s style hair and make up [nothing tonya could do] she would have been fine in the looks department.

  • vidya sagar
    vidya sagar 7 months ago

    damn now i feel sorry for the producers who rejected this beautiful to i tonya..he should have nominated for sure ..but i think a person like this no need music he is also magicain with beautiful voice and i wonder how i lost in the voice.wanna sing those song near my girl friend sure she gonna cry..thanks to him

  • Anthony Pinkos
    Anthony Pinkos 7 months ago

    Top shelf. So perfect.

  • juanlovesjuan
    juanlovesjuan 7 months ago +1

    fuck, this song makes me really emotional

  • SandCannon
    SandCannon 7 months ago

    Crane Kick @ 3:17

  • Jarred Stancil
    Jarred Stancil 7 months ago

    I prefer the version in Eb, although this is still very good.

    • ZimmerSquash
      ZimmerSquash 7 months ago

      Two Too To Productions E flat major version of this song. Check it out on youtube! It's also written and recorded by Sufjan Stevens.

    • Sir Phantasmic
      Sir Phantasmic 7 months ago

      What is Eb?

  • rock soul
    rock soul 7 months ago

    I love you with all my heart, Sufjan

  • ibs11
    ibs11 7 months ago

    Its not fair! Story of Tonya is so sad!

  • Les Shiaman
    Les Shiaman 7 months ago +1

    I've been mesmerized to watch this beautiful moment in time. I wonder if Sufjan composed and arranged the song to fit this incredible historic clip. It's as though it were a work 25 years in the making, a unique work of art with many levels of meaning to explore and to appreciate, to follow the rich arc of a journey. So much is expressed in her skating I have to wonder what may have followed had she not become embroiled. However, this was clearly her moment. Ephemeral and beautiful as music.

  • Ginny Oxtail
    Ginny Oxtail 7 months ago


  • Starrah Miah
    Starrah Miah 7 months ago

    holy fucking shit this is gold. anotha 1 sufjan

  • Misty & Me
    Misty & Me 7 months ago

    Awesome song