• Published on May 18, 2019
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Comments • 2 906

  • Elissa Bernal
    Elissa Bernal 4 hours ago

    They girls seem trifling af

  • The gorgues 2gurls Myah and Anostee

    The fact he ended off the video saying*she bout to play with my Ball*tf s*** funny ah

  • abigail wright
    abigail wright 12 days ago +1

    Am weak af they did not just say that lmao 😂 8:06

  • Tylesha Fisher
    Tylesha Fisher 15 days ago +1

    Why y’all do daysha like dat in the thumb nail😂

  • Zariah Hubbard
    Zariah Hubbard 16 days ago

    Not the fucking whisper challenge 😭😭😭

  • tonya noneed
    tonya noneed 16 days ago

    she pregnant she said im Feeding two 2:46

  • the0nly. Mari
    the0nly. Mari 17 days ago

    im siserr shoookk.

  • King X
    King X 24 days ago

    0:03 0:04

  • It’s all About Rai
    It’s all About Rai 24 days ago +1

    I love Clearence’s smile and laugh

  • bare young
    bare young Month ago

    Armon is nasty ass hell why would u do that in the camera

  • bare young
    bare young Month ago

    Armon to be older u childish ass hell

  • Classy._symone Williams

    Who likes trey girlfriend I don’t I like the other girl trey girlfriend is not a likable person I don’t like her 🙄😡🤮🤢

  • Bria Moniquee
    Bria Moniquee Month ago

    It’s not weird this is how it’s supposed to go I’ve been with someone for 5 years and don’t know his friends 👀

  • Jenny H
    Jenny H Month ago +1

    yall keep saying queen and Clarence relationship is fake .. why they got a baby🤦🏽‍♀️BUT IMMA JUST MIND MY BUSINESS ANYWAYS ...ARMON IS GOOFY AF I STG🤣

  • princessfuzzie Tv
    princessfuzzie Tv Month ago

    she blushing 13:00 ☺🤔- 13:04🤔😮 he approved

  • Maurice Mack
    Maurice Mack Month ago

    I think queen don't like sania and amair

  • -ace trioo-
    -ace trioo- Month ago

    16:06 look at armon, practicing to be a dad

  • Deleted Account
    Deleted Account Month ago

    Y’all wrong for not telling that girl her wig was sliding off

  • Drama Girl 101
    Drama Girl 101 Month ago

    We have the same baby thing

  • its_ jessica
    its_ jessica Month ago +1

    Ti lowkey look like cardi b 🤷‍♀️😂

  • Perfectly Summer
    Perfectly Summer Month ago

    Armon: B***h get off me H*E

  • Kaelyn Walker
    Kaelyn Walker 2 months ago

    These are some boys!!

  • Gymnastics with Angel
    Gymnastics with Angel 2 months ago

    My birthday was on the 23

  • All About Zay
    All About Zay 2 months ago

    Ti duuuuumb she said isn’t it FL 😂😂🤣

  • All About Zay
    All About Zay 2 months ago +5

    Armon is so wrong cause they do look like they doing a porn interview 😂😂😂

  • Kathy torres
    Kathy torres 2 months ago +2

    Why i thought trey was gay? ! I need to watch them more.

  • Gangel Emery
    Gangel Emery 2 months ago

    tre said my other bae im dead

  • Stacey Heart
    Stacey Heart 2 months ago +1

    Don’t trey gf look like tae gf

  • Simply Lauryn
    Simply Lauryn 2 months ago +1

    I live in New Orleans and the state capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge

  • Nyah Brazyy
    Nyah Brazyy 2 months ago


  • Miriam Dorcelus
    Miriam Dorcelus 2 months ago +2

    Armon the ugliest nigga I seen in a while ☹️😯🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Speaking of Ne
    Speaking of Ne 2 months ago +1

    "The knock off city girls" I'm still bagging up 😭😭😭

  • Alicia St Louis
    Alicia St Louis 2 months ago +1

    Y’all like the Taylor girlz more than y’all girls 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jamieson Wooden
    Jamieson Wooden 2 months ago

    Trey and ti use like each other senia and if watch Taylor girls Q&A about how they feel about senia and amari and armon and dasha was u know

  • LilMa Sage
    LilMa Sage 2 months ago

    We gone ignore the fact armon back there really talking to the baby😂

  • Fredrick Norris
    Fredrick Norris 2 months ago +2

    He gone call them the knock off city girls 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dereon Green
    Dereon Green 2 months ago

    Why it sound like Ar’mon lost his voice

  • Amanda Lawson
    Amanda Lawson 2 months ago

    I don't like there girlfriend's

  • Roberta Dixon
    Roberta Dixon 2 months ago +1

    Atleast the Taylor girls talk to them and hugged them, not like other friends they just be like *ohh yeaah we knew each other for a long time and you didn't even ask me out! 🤦 And Armon Trey daisha and ti really do have chemistry and the Taylor girls aren't winding about the boys relationships 🤷

  • colombian Mocha
    colombian Mocha 2 months ago

    These dudes look gay- are they ? They don’t look like these girls are for real with them 😂

  • Queen DJ
    Queen DJ 2 months ago

    dose anyone notice that at 12:51 amari said she was 2 months pregnet

  • Kenzie Maxwell
    Kenzie Maxwell 2 months ago

    She is not slick,, we heard her say she gotta feed two😂🤨!

  • Arione Scott
    Arione Scott 2 months ago +2

    OMG armon girlfriend is pregnant she said it to queen

  • Skye Crawford
    Skye Crawford 2 months ago

    Did armon gf says he two months pregnant or I’m just hearing something

  • kaiyah bandz
    kaiyah bandz 2 months ago +14

    how would y’all feel if someone constantly was saying that “your relationship is fake” and that “they doing it for clout” ya probably wouldn’t feel so good , just as how they probably are when reading these comments . just imagine how you would take it and react .... even if they were faking it SO WHAT ! because that is the way they want to live , that’s their life , and their business . and that’s on PERIOT ! 💅🏼

  • uneak josey
    uneak josey 2 months ago +5

    Pregnant this was the hint🤔

  • Queen Arie
    Queen Arie 2 months ago

    Is Amari pregnant

  • esokeem-
    esokeem- 2 months ago


  • YO IT’S O
    YO IT’S O 2 months ago +5

    did anyone else hear Armon girlfriend say she was eating for 2 🤔

  • savanna walker
    savanna walker 2 months ago

    2:43 😟😟😟😟huh

  • Beverly Fuller
    Beverly Fuller 2 months ago

    Trey is funny ..but he reminds me of Chewbacca from star wars lol..

  • Brxzzy. Nay
    Brxzzy. Nay 2 months ago +3

    16:08 armon just talking to legend 🥺💞

  • Deedra Chambers
    Deedra Chambers 2 months ago

    Hey a'rmon and trey

  • raedabaee
    raedabaee 2 months ago

    they pretty 😭😍😍

  • Lakerria Bonner
    Lakerria Bonner 2 months ago

    Why y'all didn't let y'all Gfs meet Jazz and Tae?

    GENESSI 2 months ago

    They always dating girls that look alike, or are twins.

  • Shaniah Marie
    Shaniah Marie 2 months ago

    Mind yall business if the relationship for clout I'm sure armon and trey already peeped maybe they paying them who cares let them do they thing lol 🤷‍♀️ subscribe to my channel tho just posted a vlog about my 1st week living in a homeless shelter and I'm pregnant how that work right lmao im going to sleep 🧐

  • Treasure Grasty
    Treasure Grasty 2 months ago

    No one :

    Literally no one :

    Armon : SLUTS

  • lil.hamna
    lil.hamna 2 months ago +1

    17:34 queen had me weak 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Melesha Rimmer
    Melesha Rimmer 2 months ago

    I dare tray lick his girlfriend armpit