Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 1976 Chevy C10 Part 7

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  • Connecticut Martial Arts

    Really great work Alex. I'm so impressed with your commitment to using factory parts and methodology. So many people will use whatever bolt or rivet they have on hand. Ordering the OEM parts takes discipline. You're awesome!

  • Michael Aniszewski
    Michael Aniszewski 8 days ago

    Go too a welding shop and buy your clothing for welding and grinding

  • mercmanwon
    mercmanwon 10 days ago

    Why not use the rear half from the original frame? Everything is all set, splice is easy.

  • Edgar Nolasco
    Edgar Nolasco 15 days ago

    Hola me gustaría arreglar mi tacoma 2014 me hicieron un trabajo muy mal 🤕😔😔amo my tacoma

  • Brandon Sanders
    Brandon Sanders 16 days ago

    We’re do I buy this kit at?

  • Low1979 Whocares
    Low1979 Whocares 26 days ago

    What goingbon with this truck

  • Flashrocket Chapman

    If your going to be grinding, I suggest a full face shield, Denim Pants, Steel Toe Boots, and better yet, a Welding Jacket and Gloves, as well as a non flammable cap such as a baseball cap. And depending on what else goes on in the shop, Earplugs are a must. If there happens to be any welding that goes on in your shop, such as Welding or Plasma Cutting, invest in a welding curtain.

  • Flashrocket Chapman

    If your going to be grinding, I suggest a full face shield, Denim Pants, Steel Toe Boots, and better yet, a Welding Jacket and Gloves, as well as a non flammable cap such as a baseball cap. And depending on what else goes on in the shop, Earplugs are a must. If there happens to be any welding that goes on in your shop, such as Welding or Plasma Cutting, invest in a welding curtain.

  • 60redfish
    60redfish Month ago

    Denim and watch fire.

  • Jake Baxter
    Jake Baxter Month ago

    FR clothing!

  • Stephen Clark
    Stephen Clark Month ago

    What's wrong with your face

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones Month ago

    Get some cintas pants and shirts they will wash them for you weekly so I'd get 9 or 10 pairs of pants and shirts

  • Timothy mulholland t.n.t customs

    Damp welding protective gear

  • decibeldanny
    decibeldanny Month ago

    I think they're called jeans man. Jeans. They sell them everywhere.

  • Jose M
    Jose M Month ago

    Are you going to sale the truck when you're done

  • living in a desert
    living in a desert Month ago

    I watched the first episode. Vowed to stop and wait untill the whole series is over. I want to binge watch this one.

  • Matthew Clarke
    Matthew Clarke Month ago

    1. Put the disc on the grinder the right way up!
    2. For the love of god put the Guard back on the grinder!
    3. Buy your self some proper work clothes and you wouldn’t burn.

  • Scott Simmons
    Scott Simmons Month ago

    Jeans. FR jeans would be even better. They are a little more expensive but they will last longer. Also you should consider wearing a FR shirt too or welding smock/apron, and a face shield. You don't want to lose an eye. Grinders are extremely dangerous if not used correctly.

  • shawn mcfarland
    shawn mcfarland Month ago

    I smell a Milwaukee tool sponsor coming- ran out of Batteries....

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme

    Using cordless tools where you have access to power is pretty silly. When I took welding classes we had leather chaps to prevent sparks from burning up your clothes. You young kids today really amaze me.

  • Matthew Reardon
    Matthew Reardon Month ago

    Overalls be a good thing to use whilst grinding and the sticker faces inwards on the grinder mate good to see your having a go thou but yeah I wouldn't be leaving all of them brackets with just bolts thou I would be getting onto a good welder to weld it all up nothing worse then g ping down the road and all it hard work falling apart better still all your money going down the drain and it's not a safe thing either

  • dooner1979
    dooner1979 Month ago

    Drill doctors are great for sharing bits instead of tossing them or needing to run to the store.

  • Justin White
    Justin White Month ago

    Lol it’s all fixable even the frame u just can’t do it lmao

  • mxwizzard
    mxwizzard Month ago

    Also use the shroud with the grinder regardless of disc type used

  • mxwizzard
    mxwizzard Month ago

    Please for your sake (safety) use the grinding disc and cutting discs label up (towards the tool)

  • Chris Starnes
    Chris Starnes Month ago

    Carhartt welding pants

  • Corey Whitt
    Corey Whitt Month ago

    Just find "FR" Ware for your clothing

  • Trey Symons
    Trey Symons Month ago

    You should sharpen you used drill bits it is very easy and keep up the good work 😎

    PIPER DOUG Month ago

    You can sharpen yer drill bits eh, are you selling on the twisted frame as the rear section should still be good.

  • trainman Mills
    trainman Mills 2 months ago


  • Kalle Hultman
    Kalle Hultman 2 months ago

    BLAKLADER - safe and comfy safety pants

  • deckhanddoug
    deckhanddoug 2 months ago

    Cotton or FR clothing for grinding or welding

  • Curtis
    Curtis 2 months ago

    Welders gear

  • Sat 2
    Sat 2 2 months ago +1

    Wow when you’re doing the Sponsors merchandise take a breath, God damn you got me use my asthma pump

  • Brian Proffitt
    Brian Proffitt 2 months ago

    Not welding the c notches ? 😅

  • btoad
    btoad 2 months ago

    You need to listen to these older gentlemen, I think they are gentlemen, but safety clothes is a must. Cotton workclothes and get some fire-retardant clothing for grinding. These are cotton clothes with a fire retardant added to the weave. It does wash out after about 20 washes but it will protect you during grinding operations. Also there is available welding sleeves for putting on your arms during welding to protect the arm from splatter. Just saying.. Love watching you videos and the progress on the vehicles.

  • Tommy Ocklind
    Tommy Ocklind 2 months ago
    Hi from Sweden. Works for me in the Garage, hope you can se. Keep Up the Good work.

  • Fredjohnpat Strong
    Fredjohnpat Strong 2 months ago

    Looking at the old frame they obviously welded up the seems , I would go with the same idea , like you say it's just going to peel the powder coat off anyway and you cant really weld it once its coated , you are doing good keep it up

  • Easy_S
    Easy_S 2 months ago

    Alex, I think you should get a professional to help you with this. It's pretty clear you don't really have any idea what you are doing and if you continue this will become a very dangerous vehicle. If you're taking on a job like this you have to know how to weld or know someone who can because you can't just bolt stuff on (actually I find a bolt-in notch kit beyond believe, stuff like that needs to get boxed out and welded for rigidity), you have to know how a grinder works, you have to know where lock washers go or use Loctite (threadlocker), etc. I know it's tempting to try to make a career out of restoring/modifying vehicles, everybody seems to be doing that nowadays, but you gotta know what's what. Otherwise you'll end up with a dangerous piece of equipment that could kill someone. Imho what you are making now is not safe.

  • Shawn Beck
    Shawn Beck 2 months ago +1

    What grade of bolts are you using? I guess you need it to be rock solid of course! I remember this build. Shawn

  • Shaun C
    Shaun C 2 months ago

    100% cotton blankets won't burn. Same with pants get some jeans

  • christopher creech
    christopher creech 2 months ago

    How much did that step notch kit run you Alex?

  • anastyb
    anastyb 2 months ago

    He "grinded" and "fitted".
    This is the same as watching your kid do paint by numbers 😂
    If you drilled the wrong hole " we'd be pretty much screwed".
    I'm guessing you can't handle a torch by your grinding skills so welding a hole closed and re drilling is out of the question and you'd be looking for another frame LOL 😜😉

  • preit preit
    preit preit 2 months ago

    Just get yourself a pair of blue jeans bud or just dont ware pants at all then you can't burn them

  • trumbley22
    trumbley22 2 months ago

    Haven't heard of coveralls?

  • PhilTube
    PhilTube 2 months ago

    HEY ALEX! If you are drilling a lot of metal.......... get yourself a Drill Doctor! I was skeptical at first, but after I got it, damn it works good for keeping my bits sharp! Keep up the great work! And no, I am in no way offiliated with Drill Doctor :)

  • Dusty Bellamy
    Dusty Bellamy 2 months ago

    That would be not sweat pants pretty boy.

  • Dusty Bellamy
    Dusty Bellamy 2 months ago

    What about all the bare metal your covering up behind those me thats potential issue down road unless just off it and pocket cash an no worries.

    BURGUNDY SUPREME 2 months ago

    Welding jacket , gloves and proper eye protective glasses, 501 Levi blue jeans 👖 and a welding blanket , ear plugs 👍🏾

  • Wayne Pirihi
    Wayne Pirihi 2 months ago

    Get on with it

  • Russell Mccown
    Russell Mccown 2 months ago

    When you trimmed the frame you left stress risers that will lead to cracking this can be dangerous down the road! You need to learn a few things before performing things like major framework. Please consult an expert before continuing!

  • Dean Foley
    Dean Foley 2 months ago

    Hey alex ur grinder wheel has being put on up side down ,dickhead

  • Steven Felmeten
    Steven Felmeten 2 months ago

    Fire resistant pants they use them in the oil fields that should help you they're called FR. Carhartt makes them too

  • Justin Chism
    Justin Chism 2 months ago

    Buy some FR coveralls. Oil field workers have to wear them.

  • playlist école Ouellet

    Go buy some clothes like big bill or dickies work clothes. FP clothe (fire proof)

  • G35GUY04
    G35GUY04 2 months ago

    Never had Levi's ever catch fire...

  • Jennifer Stacy
    Jennifer Stacy 2 months ago

    Along with what everyone else has mention I would like to add. Why are the lock washers on the head of the bolts and not by the thread where you thread the nuts onto the bolts?

  • William Powell
    William Powell 2 months ago

    We're denim when grinding and welding. Canvas works well too. The best though is leather.

  • Mondo357
    Mondo357 2 months ago

    Carhartt FR Clothing, also you probably had to remove your sparks shield from the grinder because you installed the disk backwards the label should be facing up not away from u also face shield when grinding

  • Mattdog2020
    Mattdog2020 2 months ago


  • Fanklin Walker
    Fanklin Walker 2 months ago

    Yes she can try call Hart's Dickies pants.. or try from a welder's supply store.. Harbor Freight makes blankets too as well

  • Clayton Hill
    Clayton Hill 2 months ago

    While grinding you might think about getting a face shield to perfect you from the sparks. Also the black part of the grinding wheel should face the material you are grinding or cutting

  • DaLaw
    DaLaw 2 months ago

    Why not weld them in? Looks cleaner and stronger...

  • DaLaw
    DaLaw 2 months ago

    Why are you not using tools that are not cordless?? Cordless is nice some times but not when the battery dies.... More power= more work

  • Curtis Fisher
    Curtis Fisher 2 months ago

    I would had weld the frame pieces together than powder coat it. Maybe an good investment to get yourself an grinder with an cord and full face shield mask. and jeans will help but if you dont like wearing jeans (I know some people dont like them) buy an welding apron instead

  • Rick Hobson
    Rick Hobson 2 months ago

    For your sparks problem try fitting a guard to the grinder

  • Terry Petty
    Terry Petty 2 months ago

    When I removed those heavy "hot rivets" from a frame I shortened, I used an air hammer with a chisel. And ear protection.

  • Terry Petty
    Terry Petty 2 months ago

    Welder's blanket, Dicky's work pants.

  • Greg Dyck
    Greg Dyck 2 months ago

    Alex I love watching your videos. I have to say that your lock washers were installed on the wrong side for some of your bolts. I'm not being a hater just thought I'd mention it. Keep up the awesome projects.

  • steven howard
    steven howard 2 months ago

    Good job that's going to be a really nice ride.

  • Grahame Rosewarne
    Grahame Rosewarne 2 months ago

    Keep up the good work all the way from Australia

  • Franke Diamonds
    Franke Diamonds 2 months ago

    I didn't even watch this video. Thanks to the self made commercial in the beginning

  • RZ’s Redesigning Suspension Co.

    All those bolts scare me, weld all the joints... and wear some jeans lol... you can use welding blankets they’re made of fiberglass you can find them at harbor freight like your vise grips... and use oil for your drill bits..

  • Steve Garmier
    Steve Garmier 2 months ago

    He gouges the hell out of the new part of the frame. Why didn't u take a sharpie and mark the lines take the bolts out then cut it? This was u didn't do that. Then like others are saying weld the shit out of all that. It's already a flimsy frame without it being boxed. Gotta give u some props tho just jumping in like this without ever doing it before i would've been having a panic attack lol. That's a lot of money that can easily be ruined.

  • Tim Grantham
    Tim Grantham 2 months ago

    Dickies pants work good an you can pick them up at Walmart pretty cheep an a good FR shirt

  • Rob Reid III
    Rob Reid III 2 months ago

    Be a man and buy some jeans. Not skinny jeans either. Denim wont burn when sparks hit it. Your work quality is shit. Weld the frame, dont just bolt it together. Do you even know what youre doing?

  • Houston Hotdog
    Houston Hotdog 2 months ago

    Use a "kiss the cook" apron ! Has a super duper fire retardant coating and truck will smell like backyard bar-b- Q yum yum 😋 also will double ur views .

  • Mobile_Mech
    Mobile_Mech 2 months ago

    Sweat shirt material is not pants...

  • hayden oliver
    hayden oliver 2 months ago

    just buy a good pear of jeans

  • Goodspeed's Reviews
    Goodspeed's Reviews 2 months ago

    FR are Jeans from the