Jorja Smith - Let Me Down ft. Stormzy

  • Published on Jan 11, 2018
  • Lost & Found, the debut album, available June 8th:
    Listen to 'Let Me Down (feat. Stormzy)' -

    Track credits:
    Performed by
    Jorja Smith - jorjasmith_
    Stormzy - stormzyofficial
    Produced by
    Ed Thomas - edthomasartist
    Paul Epworth - paulepworth
    Mixed & Mastered by Engine-Earz - EngineEarz

    For tickets, vinyl, merch etc., check out Jorja's webstore -
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    SLIM- SHADY 2 days ago +1

    I love how he starts his verse saying "yeah" His voice is just addictive

  • 갸르륵
    갸르륵 5 days ago

    진짜 나만 알고싶은 노래 중 하나다 진짜

  • Rainy Malone
    Rainy Malone 9 days ago

    Powerful words and so true x

  • Sarah Sno
    Sarah Sno 13 days ago


  • Alp Arcan
    Alp Arcan Month ago

    Bayılıyorum şu ses tonuna o kadar muazzam söylüyorsunki

  • Giovana Melo
    Giovana Melo Month ago


  • John Blake
    John Blake Month ago +1

    Sometimes she sounds like Rihana sometimes like Sia.

  • Nancy C
    Nancy C 2 months ago

    well this is a bit of a sticky one init

  • Ellie A
    Ellie A 2 months ago +4

    If your reading this you have amazing music taste

  • Pauline Mponda
    Pauline Mponda 2 months ago

    Her voice beautiful it is so came

  • Hebba Snobar
    Hebba Snobar 2 months ago


  • Layla
    Layla 2 months ago

    This song makes me understand how beautiful this world is

  • CodeCommand
    CodeCommand 2 months ago

    would be a 🔥 fucking bond song this

  • Unicorn Rainbow
    Unicorn Rainbow 3 months ago +3

    He let maya down

  • JKthefirst
    JKthefirst 3 months ago +15

    Here we are after the drama

  • MW
    MW 3 months ago +59

    who’s here after stormzy clapped her cheeks

    • MW
      MW 3 months ago +1

      Luc Hemeury barely a rumour tho

    • Luc Hemeury
      Luc Hemeury 3 months ago +1

      can we just stop these rumours

    • MW
      MW 3 months ago +1

      Manifestation Hustle tape?!!

  • Ashley G
    Ashley G 3 months ago +3

    I thought this was SIA when I heard this on American Love Island. The song is good but it doesn’t sound finished. It feels like it’s missing a verse or two. And like Dark Horse it didn’t need the feature. It slaps but it’s a couple of verses short of powerful.

  • Lebcir Nassim
    Lebcir Nassim 3 months ago +2

    Tu as une belle voix bon countuniation

  • G Shields
    G Shields 3 months ago +1

    Still a tune

  • Hiab Vigano
    Hiab Vigano 3 months ago


  • Sophie M.
    Sophie M. 4 months ago

    The start of it sounds like Breathe me by Sia

  • fatima
    fatima 4 months ago

    Le texte est une merveille

  • Blue Marrr
    Blue Marrr 4 months ago

    This song straight up makes me cry 😭

  • Sanai H
    Sanai H 4 months ago

    She sounds JUST LIKE sia

  • Stephanie Trevizo
    Stephanie Trevizo 5 months ago +1

    Definitely relatable): always letting me down when all I do is provide him with loyalty

  • Anastasia Wall
    Anastasia Wall 5 months ago

    okaY SIA

  • Marc Walsh
    Marc Walsh 5 months ago +1

    I’m a heroin dealer

  • Commander1SUV
    Commander1SUV 5 months ago +3

    This shit angelic omg Stormzy just isn't needed
    The next Sia

  • Giorgia Scala
    Giorgia Scala 5 months ago

    I need a slowed version😩😍

  • stuart cochrane
    stuart cochrane 5 months ago

    I just want to marry her and have beautiful babies and she could sing us to sleep, thanks.

  • Chevy Bee
    Chevy Bee 5 months ago

    She sounds so melodically delicious!

  • Maureen Maureen
    Maureen Maureen 6 months ago +1

    Love this girl...playing her every day ❤️🎶❤️💃❤️

  • Theresa Weßeler
    Theresa Weßeler 6 months ago

    who downvotes this :(?

  • Iteb Grine
    Iteb Grine 6 months ago +1

    Jorja smith is the best ❤ feelings, voice , behaviour, beauty she's on fire ❤❤

  • Brigeta Rivera
    Brigeta Rivera 6 months ago +1

    I wish that dude rapping didn’t jump in on this track his part so wack asf he fuked the whole song up.

    • Biggie Smalls
      Biggie Smalls 6 months ago +1

      Brigeta Rivera thought the same tbh but a actual prefer he’s in it now

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 6 months ago

    That was to Jorja

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 6 months ago

    Sing on dance music please.

  • Aesthetic Hannah
    Aesthetic Hannah 6 months ago +1

    The night he said he loved me is the night when he dumped me and I’m heartbroken again it’s like a pattern who can agree they wanna put a fragile tape around there heart 😭💔

  • KitKat86
    KitKat86 6 months ago


  • Tiana Tea
    Tiana Tea 6 months ago

    1K thumbs down?? HOW SWAY!?

  • boi human
    boi human 6 months ago


  • Shadownils
    Shadownils 6 months ago

    The beginning of the song makes me singing "I remember years ago, someone told me I should take, caution when it comes the love...."

  • Stephanie Trevizo
    Stephanie Trevizo 6 months ago

    He let's me down all the time 🙁

  • kataa aa
    kataa aa 6 months ago +3

    She reminds me of sia. Love her voice!

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 6 months ago

    Strong vocals from both.

  • Taya T
    Taya T 7 months ago

    This song touches differently. 😥👼🏽

  • Clara Larher
    Clara Larher 7 months ago

    I love you jorja for real

  • Sophie Bucher
    Sophie Bucher 7 months ago

    The next Bond song ✌🏻

  • Bebee 11
    Bebee 11 7 months ago


  • Natasha MPM
    Natasha MPM 7 months ago

    jorja's voice resembles sia

  • PrimePresents
    PrimePresents 7 months ago


  • glam rosé
    glam rosé 7 months ago

    Sia Vibes

  • B Hitchcock
    B Hitchcock 7 months ago

    this voice *_*

  • Julian Makarov
    Julian Makarov 7 months ago

    i'm like a little boy felt in love

  • Daniel Flannelly
    Daniel Flannelly 7 months ago

    Let it go girl. That is wicked talent.

  • Borja Marcos
    Borja Marcos 7 months ago +1

    someone know where can i find the instrumental of this?

  • Gabriela D.
    Gabriela D. 7 months ago

    the greatest voice ever

  • Naëgë Hm
    Naëgë Hm 7 months ago

    Her voice 😍

  • Luiza Bender
    Luiza Bender 8 months ago

    Que diva

  • gaia
    gaia 8 months ago

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