A Smith Family Vacation


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  • Cosmic Thanos
    Cosmic Thanos 3 hours ago

    His daughter sound like Raven Symone

  • Chutimu
    Chutimu 3 hours ago

    Y pensar que sus antepasados eran esclavos

  • SelenaBolognese
    SelenaBolognese 3 hours ago

    At 5:18 I randomly pointed to the video like “ayyee” then next thing Will pointed at the camera I was shook.

  • MaiFaRi by Maiana
    MaiFaRi by Maiana 3 hours ago

    Me adota

  • Fuck Google
    Fuck Google 4 hours ago

    Why does will Smith have a TVclip channel? Lol

  • Blacksons Tv
    Blacksons Tv 4 hours ago

    if you're scared you can see beauty! I take It. Thank You will, for sharing whit us this beautifull moment whit your family, you are the men

  • Gacux Samohung
    Gacux Samohung 4 hours ago +1

    You say VOLCANO everything lol😇

  • Lanka Bajinka
    Lanka Bajinka 4 hours ago

    Like you guys so much

  • amine samir
    amine samir 4 hours ago

    Please the name of the intro song, anyone ?

  • Uchiha Hikaku
    Uchiha Hikaku 4 hours ago

    Willow has beautiful eyes.

  • MrGonzaless
    MrGonzaless 5 hours ago

    haha is Jaden talking about "The Meg" at 5:40 starring Jason Statham and not Will Smith?

  • Valentino Elago
    Valentino Elago 5 hours ago

    Willl is having a midlife crisis 😂😂😂

  • Noah Sarey
    Noah Sarey 5 hours ago

    Love it man

  • Chivo Gaming
    Chivo Gaming 5 hours ago

    Sorry but...Willow is delicious...

  • Nicole sanchez
    Nicole sanchez 6 hours ago

    my biggest dream in the world is to meet 2 people. 1. Will Smith 2. Ellen Degeneres BUT 1. WILL SMITH. you’re love for people inspires me everyday day. I want to travel the world, help, and touch as many peoples hearts as possible. You inspire me to work hard so that I one day, can accomplish my goals and aspirations. you’re the best man.

  • Jermelle Austin-Wynn
    Jermelle Austin-Wynn 6 hours ago

    Live life to the fullest Mr. Smith. 💯

  • muhire patrick
    muhire patrick 6 hours ago

    best to find his channel here

  • Gerrod Jones
    Gerrod Jones 6 hours ago

    Will came back into reality after that oooww that's a volcano lol 😂😂 😂

  • linkinlady06
    linkinlady06 6 hours ago

    Lol willow is like me asking all the questions before you do anything 😂😂

  • Lord Krishna the Black Skinned He who is like God

    I love being reminded that I wasn’t born into money.

  • ريم !
    ريم ! 6 hours ago

    I admire your words

  • vedu Bhai
    vedu Bhai 7 hours ago

    I am sure his son is gay

    • Curtis Nolin
      Curtis Nolin 6 hours ago +1

      no one gives a fxck if someone's gay, straight or an alien😘💞

  • Rahim kasem
    Rahim kasem 7 hours ago

    Where is this

  • D Hinez Media
    D Hinez Media 7 hours ago

    is that Duane Martin sitting next to Jaden at 6:03 ?

  • Bwøy Dwäyñë
    Bwøy Dwäyñë 7 hours ago

    I'm a smith too but I wasn't there😭

  • D Hinez Media
    D Hinez Media 7 hours ago

    "She shouldn't have came" lmao

  • 이종관
    이종관 7 hours ago

    유교사상...경제에 미치는 영향....인류 생존...본질적 문제를 현 시대 맞춘....가족들의 이상적 풍경으로...재해석....이상적 가족의 풍경...좀 더 구체적으로....상류층 가족들의 이상적 풍경...이런 소비문화 👍

  • Marina Bassetto
    Marina Bassetto 7 hours ago

    Ciao Will, esperienza unica su Vulcano vero? Fantastico girare le Eolie tenendo come base Lipari 👍

  • huntergaming
    huntergaming 7 hours ago

    jaden's mind: why is a camera lens circle but pictures come out square?

  • Mandisa mthombeni
    Mandisa mthombeni 8 hours ago

    They look like they had fun.

  • Sebring Superlative
    Sebring Superlative 8 hours ago

    Yall got that??????
    I'm trying to absorb it hard so I can apply it....it's been ruining mine.

  • Narmada
    Narmada 8 hours ago

    Oh man. I'm that girl who gets told " you shouldn't have come".😰

  • Mr. RRock
    Mr. RRock 8 hours ago

    Will can you see Stromboli? It is a real active Vulcano in Eolie’s Island. It blows lava every 8 minutes. Welcome in Sicily 😀.

  • Favour Anyalewechi
    Favour Anyalewechi 8 hours ago

    Will Smith is now an old man but still looks like he is in his 30s.....so so young😎😊😊😊😊

  • Diana Rose
    Diana Rose 8 hours ago +1

    They should give the Smith family a show, instead of the stupid Kardashians

  • Sebring Superlative
    Sebring Superlative 8 hours ago

    Epic!...type shit
    Camera pans out...epic
    We are so small but so grand ....
    Makes me tear up
    This exp. would be overwhelming for me...I'd cry bc of how beautiful this is...
    Ppl dont get to do shiy like this...
    Big ass world and most will die without even stepping out their porch...that makes me emo to think about ...
    Will. I. love. you.
    I grew up with you. You are my big brother like Brandy is my big sister

  • Sebring Superlative
    Sebring Superlative 8 hours ago

    Will! You are big bro man.
    Grew up on Fresh Prince...since I was like 6 7 8 yrs old
    Big bro let me get 3% of your TVclip money. I'll work for you!!! Pleeeeeeease. I need it! Thanx big brother
    Whatever u want to give😂
    I love you Will
    Never told any TVclipr that I loved them lol!!

  • tenebra nera
    tenebra nera 8 hours ago

    🖤 Grande Will ☻☻

  • Patrick Maloney
    Patrick Maloney 8 hours ago

    Why is this Scientology crap on my feed?

  • EYE
    EYE 9 hours ago

    Smith Family - "the best of the best "

  • olivier odimba
    olivier odimba 9 hours ago

    You should have gone to goma eastern Congo

  • RicherVapours
    RicherVapours 9 hours ago

    Enjoy with love your family time. They grow so fast! And chatty!

  • Juan Pablo UrregoFans
    Juan Pablo UrregoFans 9 hours ago

    No entiendo Ingles pero aun asi estoy suscrito a si canal

  • Sincerely_BP
    Sincerely_BP 9 hours ago

    I loved everything about this. Will is a great father and content creator!🤗

  • Bint Dubai
    Bint Dubai 9 hours ago

    Lovely vacation Smith family .... but where is your wife Will??? I love Jada so much and miss her in here honestly

  • Gus Putin
    Gus Putin 9 hours ago

    The Smith are actually vlogging now

  • king zubby
    king zubby 9 hours ago

    Italy? Oh mio dio...però bella vacanza

  • debedabaday
    debedabaday 11 hours ago

    Willow is so fine..

  • Teddy Griffin
    Teddy Griffin 11 hours ago

    he's not a regular dad. he's a fun dad.

    PENIAMI NARISIA 12 hours ago +1


  • melanny
    melanny 12 hours ago

    this is family goals

  • Dana Govain
    Dana Govain 12 hours ago

    Willow is the spitting image of Jada.

  • Gabriella Moore
    Gabriella Moore 12 hours ago

    such a good video, I need some people like that, who make me be a better person, leave fear behind and have adventures with.

  • dmoney5276
    dmoney5276 12 hours ago

    Niggas in love with the enemy fall in love and get emotional with me for breaking down the real game. Tryi g to help you keep perspective cause they keep nigfas drunk off that shit and suck them dry. How many rich niggas are really just marks for richer people and see their money decline past their earnings and never keep their money cause they never learned to keep it. You out here spending and tricking but that money don't even go through no black persons hand the game is fucked up. Know this and plan around it.

  • Margaret Williams
    Margaret Williams 12 hours ago


  • dmoney5276
    dmoney5276 12 hours ago

    Why niggas get rich and turn white!! Can't fight the force right? Niggas need to stop doing the same shit white people do with their money we have too many problems that's how niggas stay going broke. Nigga in a lamb at 22 broke at 34. In the regular you made all that money Now your breaking your back to give it back. Just to be a rich nigga. All right superstar the whole world loves me!• give me a break that shit is actually very gay!!! For real but I have no strings so my luxury is to speak the truth. I'm just saying don't forget we are at war. Niggas slip up and be penniless in days.

  • suende Gomes
    suende Gomes 12 hours ago

    Não entendi nada, mas adorei assistir !

  • Raffy G
    Raffy G 12 hours ago

    I really love it.

  • Gabrielle Vasseur
    Gabrielle Vasseur 12 hours ago

    Will you be my Dad..lol!! Or at least my Uncle. Cousin?? Just joking!! My family is dope too and we love each other a lot. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  • mierak AK
    mierak AK 13 hours ago

    WS has some ugly mother fucking kids

    SIESIE CHAMPION 13 hours ago +1

    4:48 the way Gayden sitting💀

  • Gilbert Cruz
    Gilbert Cruz 13 hours ago

    Your video very nice so much 😇 😇 happy for you

  • Zoraina Nunn
    Zoraina Nunn 13 hours ago

    He said it all right there "Fear Ruins Life". Get out and Enjoy Your Life!!

  • Breeze
    Breeze 13 hours ago

    Please tell me this was just part 1.

  • Kylie Healey
    Kylie Healey 13 hours ago

    Wow, when you were in OZ you were shitting yourself about the ocean. Now look at you. It's so sick people loving the ocean! Thanks for sharing. Remember everyone anytime you go to beach take 3 for the sea (rubbish).

  • J Armellin
    J Armellin 14 hours ago

    4:58 MIND BLOWN! If you're a movie star and then become a youtuber, you can use clips from your own movies to make movie reference clip jokes! DAM, I need to turn notifications ON for this channel!!!

  • karen fishburne
    karen fishburne 14 hours ago

    why the hell yall up their lol

  • Evelyn Barrios
    Evelyn Barrios 14 hours ago


  • Xam Clay
    Xam Clay 14 hours ago

    thankyou Mr. Smith. "fear gonna kills your ability to see beauty"

  • Clare Votta
    Clare Votta 14 hours ago

    Beautiful family adventure 💕💕💦

  • somav8
    somav8 14 hours ago

    That is not healthy at all, except the excercise

  • fernweh feminae
    fernweh feminae 14 hours ago

    "Fear kills your ability to see beauty." Will, dropping truth bombs. This is applicable to so many parts of life.

  • ashley nathaly mendez
    ashley nathaly mendez 15 hours ago

    i love jaden sm :’)

  • sebastien brady
    sebastien brady 15 hours ago

    Will momentarily forgot what the thumbs up means during a dive...haha

  • AL
    AL 15 hours ago

    damn willow so pretty now

  • gre ta
    gre ta 15 hours ago

    State bene voi

  • Crystal Grose
    Crystal Grose 15 hours ago

    "Fear ruins life." ~Will Smith

  • Kimbalie Sterling
    Kimbalie Sterling 15 hours ago

    You guys have a cool dad.

  • Erick Laser
    Erick Laser 15 hours ago

    his kids need to eat lol

  • Mikey Whitto
    Mikey Whitto 15 hours ago

    These are horrible people

  • Daniel A
    Daniel A 15 hours ago


  • Eduardo Vazquez
    Eduardo Vazquez 15 hours ago


  • Rafael Souza
    Rafael Souza 15 hours ago


  • 6243012
    6243012 15 hours ago


  • vangoghmatisse1
    vangoghmatisse1 15 hours ago +1

    Beautiful family, so much fun!

  • imlovingtheday
    imlovingtheday 15 hours ago

    That was some good wholesome content

  • Anne Cuthers
    Anne Cuthers 15 hours ago

    at 4:24 when the dude was talking am I the only one who thought it sounded like doodle bob?

  • Junie W
    Junie W 15 hours ago

    Hi a Barbados friend here love the smith's family

  • Twuan's World
    Twuan's World 15 hours ago


  • Eduardo Vasquez
    Eduardo Vasquez 15 hours ago

    smith family > kardashian family

  • Stephen Pentagon
    Stephen Pentagon 16 hours ago

    Jada 😍😍👸🏽 Mama Still Looking Top Notch 🙏🏾

  • Drawing With Me
    Drawing With Me 16 hours ago

    Jaden fine af ❤️❤️💦

  • Alicia Johnson
    Alicia Johnson 16 hours ago

    So beautiful🌏 put I would of not came I would be still at the beginning 😂😂

  • Kryptonite
    Kryptonite 16 hours ago

    i have a crush on willow

  • Lennys Moreta
    Lennys Moreta 16 hours ago

    So close to me and didn't have the chance to find you.

  • Navajo Underground: New Generation

    Do it up homie!!! Enjoy ur time with the fambam and be in the moment.....cheers from the navajo nation

  • paneska
    paneska 16 hours ago

    Soundtrack, please. That low-fi music fits perfectly.

  • Reneisha Brooks
    Reneisha Brooks 16 hours ago

    Amazing! I want to be in the Smith family. Lol

  • Mari Schroedinger
    Mari Schroedinger 16 hours ago

    4:50 dude picking up the fins looks unamused by thought of any of em with "tactical knives"😂