[ENG] [EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ Billboard Music Awards 2018


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  • A X
    A X 7 hours ago

    6:19 jin i cant hes such a meme😂😂😂

  • Faris Danish
    Faris Danish 9 hours ago

    song at 0:00 ?

  • kpop lover btslover
    kpop lover btslover 14 hours ago


  • kpop lover btslover
    kpop lover btslover 14 hours ago

    did anyone see on 11:15 v wearing kurta of muslim which a fan have to him

  • jkthgz
    jkthgz 16 hours ago

    4:45 ok JUST WOW singing while dancing isn't really easy (maybe it is for others but my voice shakess and i pant) but this is REALLY amazing

  • Everything Everything

    Oh My God he did plan it....all along we thought we did it was him he even this can be my birthday picture!!!...... we stan a legend

  • Fairry Khan
    Fairry Khan Day ago +1

    I really like their dance their choreoghraphy and their singing as well 🙆🙆💚💜💗💗💕 SARANGHAEYOO FIGHTING BTS😍💚💜💞👍👌✌✌

  • anupama singha
    anupama singha Day ago

    Just look at jimin back at 33.30

  • My lifeu is amaJINg

    Pharrell: We’ve got to work now
    RM: We already did (my mind immediately went to Expensive Girl 😆😎)
    And Kookie holding the mini fan at the back is beyond cute 🤣

  • ChimminiePabo
    ChimminiePabo 2 days ago

    can someone tell me what lipbalm taehyung wear at 23:44

  • park jimin stan
    park jimin stan 3 days ago

    can they come back to LA.. :( i miss them

  • Rachee On The Run
    Rachee On The Run 4 days ago

    Taylor Swift is so tall compared to BTS especially Suga hehe~~

  • shady kavinsky
    shady kavinsky 4 days ago

    yoongi eating so he could sleep while the others are worried about their face being swollen

  • selinabelina
    selinabelina 7 days ago

    Jungkook and his hotdogs = love

  • selinabelina
    selinabelina 7 days ago

    I love them

  • Tengku 7077
    Tengku 7077 7 days ago

    9:56 V wear our tradiotional clothes... one of MY fans gave itt

  • Maite Sekhwela
    Maite Sekhwela 8 days ago

    Does Namjoon ever rest when they go to award shows and all because WOW dude sure stresses the most. Especially when they go to these American shows

  • KXV237
    KXV237 8 days ago

    I love them so much!!! 👏👏👏

  • Sahrish Majeed
    Sahrish Majeed 8 days ago

    0:45 yes that is ur birthday pic😂😂😂

  • Qistina Idris
    Qistina Idris 8 days ago +1

    He really use it for his birthday

  • Allie McLemore
    Allie McLemore 9 days ago +1

    0:38 Jin’s most Iconic moment!
    Happy birthday Kim Seokjin!
    Please stream epiphany!

  • Shay Tae
    Shay Tae 9 days ago

    30:41 LMAOO Jin did that until they went on stage xD This is soooo funny and cutee

  • Once you jimin you can't jimout

    1:16 jimin looks like a dad waiting for their child to get out of the principles office

  • Once you jimin you can't jimout

    When i saw their outfits i had to breath in and out

  • brianna
    brianna 12 days ago

    peep Joan Grande behind BTS (JK) at 26:20

  • Cøsmic enthusiast
    Cøsmic enthusiast 14 days ago +1

    32:01 Jhope is cute there haha

  • Taj Fathima
    Taj Fathima 14 days ago

    I spy with my little eye, Casey Neistat at 28:09😂

  • Shim Tuan
    Shim Tuan 14 days ago

    Wow!V you did lip gloss, V was tense on the time... I can't believe it... Lol 😂

  • Spriha Ghosh
    Spriha Ghosh 15 days ago

    The way the man looks at Jin while he's singing at 30:20 😂😂😂

  • Patricia Collins
    Patricia Collins 16 days ago

    ThEy aRe eVeN cUTE wHen tHeY aRe eAtInG wTf🤠❤️💓💕💝🧡💚💙💛

  • Sa Ga
    Sa Ga 17 days ago

    33:10 RM talking to pharrell and all that is going on in my mind is "take it off now girl" (it's an original pharrell song btw)

  • JML0VE
    JML0VE 17 days ago

    몇번을 다시 봐도 멋지다! 항상 기대 이상의 것을 보여주는 BTS!! 항상 행복하길!

  • amna c h.m
    amna c h.m 17 days ago +2

    Jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook jungkook

  • Albus Dumbledore
    Albus Dumbledore 18 days ago

    Rm is so polite, he says sir and mr all the time. It’s so cute.

  • inhale the taekook
    inhale the taekook 18 days ago +1

    29:46 Jin's vocals...

  • Audrey Vasquez
    Audrey Vasquez 18 days ago

    Yoongi looked so smol next to Taylor Swift, but I met her and she tall as fuck and wears heels so it doesn’t help lol

  • Unique Corn
    Unique Corn 18 days ago

    So JK had 2 hotdogs and still asked a bite from JMN hotdog, then showcases his abs.

  • The Terrible Artist. XD

    at 30:18 did u see how that random backstage guy looked at jin

  • Poke Queen
    Poke Queen 19 days ago

    8:49 Jungkook's voice sounds just like the studio version ^^ He has great vocals~~

  • dalia
    dalia 20 days ago

    32:11 stop it yoongi

  • Monic Balita
    Monic Balita 20 days ago

    I love these guys they are supportive of each other no fights and jealousy just love for each other.😍

  • FranAnimations
    FranAnimations 21 day ago

    casey neistat at 28:08 to the right of Jimin

  • nin ko
    nin ko 21 day ago

    They are really hardworking, even dancing in waiting room, just adore how they sharing food together....never seen such a good teamwork idol such like them.... seriously love them so much

  • Potatoesquad Vids
    Potatoesquad Vids 22 days ago +2

    ik I'm late. I just found this one. Is noone going to talk about jin at 26:45. J-Hope is like hyung go.😂

  • Rafaela Army
    Rafaela Army 23 days ago

    V e seu iPhone X

  • Rafaela Army
    Rafaela Army 23 days ago +1

    6:12:não parece o Jin

  • Travis Chong
    Travis Chong 23 days ago

    25:00 respect to RM

  • Ruchika Yadav
    Ruchika Yadav 25 days ago

    tae looks so handsome even without makeup

  • Army. Blink. Carat. Elf Sone

    They still practice even though their performance is already perfect. I love these guys. They are very humble.

  • Qistina Cipher
    Qistina Cipher 28 days ago

    It's sad knowing that the actual show ripped them off by showing the audience more than them...
    After all of their hard work...

    BTBT BTS 28 days ago +1

    Jin: I feel like I'm a celebrity
    Me: I got some news for u buddy

  • sawda sawda
    sawda sawda Month ago

    how much i want to be a celebrity now

  • bts trash
    bts trash Month ago

    Where is the original video from

  • Jhona Ann Decena
    Jhona Ann Decena Month ago

    17:19 he said Gucci gang I like that hahaha yeah

  • Ms. Akawntant
    Ms. Akawntant Month ago

    It has no subtitle huhuhu

  • Osinachi Ndubueze
    Osinachi Ndubueze Month ago

    They didn't even ask of Tony#heartbreaking

  • Kemi Fakorede
    Kemi Fakorede Month ago

    jin lol

  • Ali.16 H.
    Ali.16 H. Month ago

    I love u BTS n Jungkook looks so handsome in during the rehearsals

  • Ashley Chai
    Ashley Chai Month ago

    14:07 i seriously thought Jin did a voiceover and put his laugh on that part

  • Lord Jayz
    Lord Jayz Month ago

    Jungkook is so cute at 29:38

  • Bedazzle Juju
    Bedazzle Juju Month ago

    I don’t get how worried they are about how they look. They have youth on their side and they are always gorgeous.

    • Bedazzle Juju
      Bedazzle Juju Month ago

      Their humility makes them a group of extremely sexy people. Confidence, humility = sexy.

  • Steph Hall
    Steph Hall Month ago

    As a past employee of Taco Bell I got a little too excited seeing Suga eat a taco lmao

  • hee12hee34
    hee12hee34 Month ago

    Nothing cuter than RM saying Mr Legend

  • vipasha sharma
    vipasha sharma Month ago

    Everyone is like trying different tricks to practice back stage and there is yoongi making annoying face .Guess it's his way to calm down 😘how can he always be so cuteeeeee😍😍😍😘😘

  • Park Chim Chimy
    Park Chim Chimy Month ago

    2:12 what should we call this ship

  • Jazlyn Odom
    Jazlyn Odom Month ago

    where did kookie get that scratch on his cheek when getting his make up done for Ellen

  • elizabeth roseheart

    How did I not notice this before 4:26

  • melody Rhiannon
    melody Rhiannon Month ago

    Lil pump 😊😱

  • Fitrah nadia
    Fitrah nadia Month ago

    RM looks like a very dedicating leader. Btw, he has the best hairstyle and looking too handsome....

  • Stnhrt08 Sng
    Stnhrt08 Sng Month ago

    For me it's funny that they laugh to what DJ said even they didn't understand it so well ....😂😂😂😍

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart Month ago

    I am so sad that everything you do....everybody knows about...sorry :)

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart Month ago

    Its got be hard....just love you

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart Month ago

    just be happy.....love you guys :)

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart Month ago

    like RM....Your great

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart Month ago

    Love the earings

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart Month ago

    I feel so much energy....great job :)

  • skull Heart
    skull Heart Month ago

    you guys are so a family.....love it

  • 00Chim Jim00
    00Chim Jim00 Month ago

    Haters:Bts cant sing and rap while dancing
    Bts: 4:38 5:38

  • kittywhiskers
    kittywhiskers Month ago +1

    I beg everyday for jungkook to bring this hairstyle back 😩

  • Stephanie Schnipke
    Stephanie Schnipke Month ago

    Kook is always dressed like a god damn dementor I love him lol

  • DPhiLYuki
    DPhiLYuki Month ago

    that would be me at 25:19

  • Barbara Meyer Lopilato

    V is The Gucci guy!!🍃

  • Agrim Tiwari
    Agrim Tiwari Month ago

    which song is played in starting

  • Maariya btsxkookie
    Maariya btsxkookie Month ago +1

    That lady who just kept on saying this is Hollywood in the background got me going 😂

  • Scarlet Rose
    Scarlet Rose Month ago

    How they dont vomit after performance after eating that big hotdog

  • Jayleen Luo
    Jayleen Luo Month ago

    I was there in the billboard music awards

  • Anaid Castaneda
    Anaid Castaneda Month ago

    15:13 Jkooks Face expression towards Jimins 😂

  • Got7 AhGaSe
    Got7 AhGaSe Month ago +1

    Wait do they not have *Tour Bus* in Korea? lol *9:53** they so SHOOK lol to be on one*

  • Ahtram -
    Ahtram - Month ago +1

    Whats the name of the first song???

  • khushi shokeen
    khushi shokeen Month ago

    Jin " I feel like a celebrity"
    *Sighs* honey you ARE a celebrity 😌

  • Qistina does art & more :P

    8:48 tae tae is me while my brother is recording himself singing XD

  • Kryss Louise Luces
    Kryss Louise Luces Month ago


  • Michelle Vazquez
    Michelle Vazquez Month ago

    They're eating Taco Bell? haha

  • Jinsss불타오르네


  • Margarita Campos
    Margarita Campos Month ago

    Who else felt nervous before the performance? :-P

  • Juliana Jo
    Juliana Jo Month ago

    14:32 tae's ring is bigger than my eraser

  • Sophie
    Sophie Month ago


  • KamuiLyn
    KamuiLyn Month ago

    My heart just melted when Jimin pet Junkook's hair and wished him goodnight.

  • fineapplepizza
    fineapplepizza Month ago

    I love their confidence! They're also very humble!!💖