Adam Rippon Savagely Ranks Olympic Sports | Cosmopolitan

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Adam Rippon has some pretty serious feelings about curling.
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Comments • 639

  • Jordan Sacred
    Jordan Sacred 2 months ago

    I'm crying. Everything he says- Adam is a legend and no one can convince me otherwise.

  • Geoff McLay
    Geoff McLay 2 months ago

    I had no idea what half of these where

  • Testra
    Testra 3 months ago

    what a fucking savage, this guy is hillarious XD

  • youdbettertube
    youdbettertube 3 months ago

    adam you're the cutest but gurl what are u wearing? did u bring that outfit from home, or did u buy the materials at michael's on the way?

  • Ísis R.
    Ísis R. 4 months ago

    He's eyes are beautyfull

  • Youp954
    Youp954 5 months ago

    thumbs up on the video but thumbs down on the outfit

  • AFanOf Fiction
    AFanOf Fiction 6 months ago

    I freaking love this guy

  • Kidedaion Symoti
    Kidedaion Symoti 6 months ago

    "They loved me when I was there, that's a cuality in people that like, I love"

  • Kidedaion Symoti
    Kidedaion Symoti 6 months ago

    From hardest, to curling

  • Hannia Yong
    Hannia Yong 6 months ago

    “Cause we’re all a little bi... athlon”

  • shilloh ruth
    shilloh ruth 6 months ago

    Y'all known this is some dirt talk but just in denial... Lol

  • Opulent Queen
    Opulent Queen 6 months ago

    does that mean he's into women too?

  • Upbeat_Garbage 030
    Upbeat_Garbage 030 6 months ago

    I do speed skating on rollerblades and that shit is so hard plus the injuries can be crazy. I know someone who crashed into a wall when she was training, broke her knee cap in half and the top half of the bone completely shattered

  • jlbpr00
    jlbpr00 6 months ago

    What the hell is he wearing. I'm all for fashion, but that outfit is not doing justice.

  • TheCMLion
    TheCMLion 6 months ago

    I'm fully athalon, too.

  • Liam Vic
    Liam Vic 7 months ago

    The absolute apathy in all of this is the best shit in the world

  • Janos Pergely
    Janos Pergely 7 months ago

    rythmic gymnastics is the hardest!

  • Al11na
    Al11na 7 months ago

    0:55 this part just destoyed me! XD

  • Wintərly Heīghts
    Wintərly Heīghts 7 months ago

    Why does everything he say sound so unintentionally sexual?
    "...move this at the top", "at the bottom", "hard for me", "lay down on the sled", "I'm a sucker", "so long"...
    Love it :)

  • Jillian Jacques
    Jillian Jacques 7 months ago

    honestly I'm into curling and I'm not even offended.

  • Janina Lee Del Rio
    Janina Lee Del Rio 7 months ago

    Love everything about Adam 🙏🏾😘🇨🇦🇵🇦

  • heliosphaere sonnen_wind_kind

    so now i want him to judge my colleagues.

  • Catherine
    Catherine 7 months ago


  • Sophia Ellis
    Sophia Ellis 7 months ago

    😂😂😂I love Adam he’s up there with the new generation of olympian that like... tweet and over sleep and aren’t homophobic, and still win
    “when I was little I though I was bi...-athalon” honey ME TOO

  • ruoweii
    ruoweii 7 months ago

    "this is making me look like a [expletive] i need to make figure skating harder" skfjnakfls

  • tiff chiang
    tiff chiang 7 months ago

    omg i love him

  • Emily
    Emily 7 months ago

    "Poor curling. Jesus Christ, all the way so far down" * pans downward 3 feet away from all other sports * omg lol I'm dying

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 7 months ago

    "Chloe Kim could literally eat a churro and still win gold" *iconic*

  • Mindy McNamara
    Mindy McNamara 7 months ago

    I just LOVE him

  • Nat Morgan
    Nat Morgan 7 months ago

    I’ll keep her close to me, but lower

  • Carol Lipton
    Carol Lipton 7 months ago

    And Adam's dual, or should I say, bi-career as an Olympic athlete and standup comedian, is officially underway

  • Dxc3 B2a2
    Dxc3 B2a2 7 months ago

    We're all a little bi...athelon

  • Sunnydaysinparadise AT
    Sunnydaysinparadise AT 7 months ago +1

    Adam is a mood

  • Amelia S
    Amelia S 8 months ago

    Adam Rippon is a mood.

  • Jaina Wollowitz
    Jaina Wollowitz 8 months ago

    He looks like he's wearing waders AND the fishing net LOL

  • jodiebug1
    jodiebug1 8 months ago

    Omg that outfit is the worst

  • Trashbag Motel
    Trashbag Motel 8 months ago

    ok this outfit is a toot

  • Alyan Khan
    Alyan Khan 8 months ago

    If I don't watch this video at least once a day, I can't feel iconic literally 🔥🔥🔥

  • ♤♧♤♧
    ♤♧♤♧ 9 months ago +2

    Every interview with him makes me smile without fail

  • Anna Forbes
    Anna Forbes 9 months ago

    I love this man

  • Anand Chitnis
    Anand Chitnis 9 months ago

    i watch this whenever im sad and then im happy again

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 months ago

    WHAT is she wearing??!

  • Silver Pie
    Silver Pie 9 months ago

    The video didn’t even start and I’m already dying of lauhgter

  • k rsche
    k rsche 10 months ago

    i just fucking love this guy

  • mat 412
    mat 412 10 months ago

    Sounds difficult cause.. it involves trees LMAOOO

  • Ella Worsley
    Ella Worsley 10 months ago


  • Dancer 1965
    Dancer 1965 10 months ago

    I swear everything he says is iconic

  • Kelly Russell
    Kelly Russell 10 months ago


  • Sal Sannon
    Sal Sannon 10 months ago

    This is absolutely garbage

  • Kailey Ryan
    Kailey Ryan 10 months ago

    “We’re all a little Bi...atholan” ICONIC

  • Darshini Rajawati
    Darshini Rajawati 10 months ago

    His posture is impeccable!

  • Alexandra Jacobson
    Alexandra Jacobson 10 months ago

    I cant with adam rippon!! lol

  • rian Mangubat
    rian Mangubat 10 months ago +1

    Hardest to curling

  • Mia Tang
    Mia Tang 10 months ago

    “ski jumping. yeah im gonna put this at the top because these people are f*ckin nuts” i CANT

  • Gleek Phan
    Gleek Phan 10 months ago

    "Hi my name is Adam Rippon and I like judging people" honestly mood

  • PoIsOnDiVx
    PoIsOnDiVx 10 months ago

    Holy fuck he's sexy

  • NH Tra
    NH Tra 11 months ago

    Damn it these days i keep falling for gay men what the f is wrong w me urgh!!!!!

  • Lilis
    Lilis 11 months ago

    Anyone else’s having an Adam Rippon marathon?

  • yugyoem for lifeu
    yugyoem for lifeu 11 months ago

    His outfit is giving me life😍

  • Rachel Garber
    Rachel Garber 11 months ago

    Love you Adam, but cross the straps on your pants in the back X

  • S W
    S W 11 months ago

    He's everything holy fuck I love

  • intl_bohemian
    intl_bohemian 11 months ago

    He is beautiful ♡♡♡

  • Jamie van Niekerk
    Jamie van Niekerk 11 months ago

    Why is he so hilarious. 😭❤️

  • Claire Sena
    Claire Sena 11 months ago

    "and i love judging people" you are my hero.

  • Hayden Levy
    Hayden Levy 11 months ago

    Ok but the biathlon joke

  • Luna Midnight
    Luna Midnight 11 months ago

    “We’re all a little bi” 😂

  • Dakota Blair
    Dakota Blair 11 months ago

    "that's equality; the same, but better" fdguhsijodk Adam you're right again aren't you

  • Dakota Blair
    Dakota Blair 11 months ago

    "when i was a teenager i also thought i was like... biathlon. And then later in life I realized, no, im not. I'm fully Athalon"

  • Jerald Collins
    Jerald Collins 11 months ago

    Adam is an absolute natural. He almost makes love to the camera.

  • The OddBookworm
    The OddBookworm 11 months ago

    I always watch this video if I need to smile. Thanks Adam!!

  • luna jack
    luna jack 11 months ago

    He’s so cute and funny 😆

  • The New!Chillzone
    The New!Chillzone 11 months ago

    Adam Rippon is a merman.

  • Pigmented Hoe
    Pigmented Hoe 11 months ago


  • harley and her aesthetic
    harley and her aesthetic 11 months ago

    I'm a little bi ... athalon

  • kk k
    kk k 11 months ago

    „They loved me - that is a quality in people I love „

  • ben avery
    ben avery 11 months ago

    What the fuck are you wearing

  • Cherry Bandit
    Cherry Bandit 11 months ago +6

    “Ranked from hardest to curling”
    This man is a literal national treasure😂

  • Sophia Markstrom
    Sophia Markstrom 11 months ago

    An icon

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood 11 months ago

    Biathlon. FUCK lol

  • Gerin Jera
    Gerin Jera 11 months ago

    hardest to... curling lol

  • Ruby Hagrid
    Ruby Hagrid 11 months ago +1

    "from hardest, to curling."

  • Elinor Brunner
    Elinor Brunner 11 months ago

    "Because Chloe Kim could literally eat a churro and still win gold." I love Chloe too, Adam.

  • Coby Anne
    Coby Anne 11 months ago

    Q u e e n

  • Jigglypowned 13
    Jigglypowned 13 11 months ago

    Even but higher

  • Produce 101 :D
    Produce 101 :D 11 months ago +2

    Cos we’re all a little bi..... athlon🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Joon Nation
    Joon Nation 11 months ago

    a true fully-athalon icon we don't deserve him

  • Trev S
    Trev S 11 months ago

    This guy just cracks us up

  • Elizabeth DeHoff
    Elizabeth DeHoff 11 months ago

    Ranked from "hardest" to "curling" brb dying 😂

  • R QPereira
    R QPereira 11 months ago

    Became Adam Rippon's fan. I mean, he put skijumping on top. And, yes, they are *****nuts.

  • Ly Le
    Ly Le 11 months ago

    OMG I love his personality so much. He deserves everything!!!

  • Justyna S
    Justyna S 11 months ago

    this is so amazing I'm watching it for like a 10th time and still laughing

  • J Cole
    J Cole 11 months ago

    "-and there you have it: most of the olympic sports ranked from hardest, to curling. bye."

  • Ender Wiggins
    Ender Wiggins 11 months ago +1

    I love him so much

  • Justine Castruita
    Justine Castruita 11 months ago

    "I'll keep her close to me but lower than me" THATS EVERYTHING

  • crispy merchant
    crispy merchant 11 months ago

    Cute outfit

  • Allie
    Allie 11 months ago


  • Alyssa Fizzy
    Alyssa Fizzy 11 months ago

    what is he wearingggg

  • Helloworld 9449
    Helloworld 9449 11 months ago

    “Hi I’m Adam Rippon and I like judging people.”


  • Cody Q
    Cody Q 11 months ago


  • Bryne Josava
    Bryne Josava 11 months ago +3

    "That's equality, like the same, but better" Adam Rippon (2018)