Follow-Up Date! Will Aaron & Kian Continue Dating? | Tell My Story, Blind Date

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Aaron & Kian went out for dinner! ❤️ But will they still want to continue dating? Watch to find out!
    It’s certainly easier to make assumptions about people than it is to spend time getting to know someone. We wanted to put assumptions to the test to see what we're missing out on because we're so busy assuming we already "know" a person. Join us as we discover why you should never judge a book by it’s cover in our series 'Tell My Story, Blind Date.'
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Comments • 400

  • Cecill Muturi
    Cecill Muturi 10 hours ago

    I'm suing! 😫😫🤧😒

  • Athena Isham
    Athena Isham Day ago

    so sad

  • Ava Robb
    Ava Robb 5 days ago +1

    I have lived my entire life in the mile high city!!!

  • Agustin Peruzzi
    Agustin Peruzzi 5 days ago

    Aaron with a beard ---> YES

  • blueeyedbaer
    blueeyedbaer 6 days ago

    Damn, Aaron is a total hottie with a beard!

  • Haven & Noma
    Haven & Noma 7 days ago

    It’s sad that when they decided to walk to the club I had anxiety every time a car would be close because of all the stories affecting gay men. They both seem like very nice human beings ❤️ especially Aaron, he seems like such a sweetheart!!!

  • Yo Yes
    Yo Yes 10 days ago

    you re putting two Vers bottoms together and think they ll end up being together???

  • Mark Lorenz Lising
    Mark Lorenz Lising 11 days ago

    omg I didnt recognized him in his beard nit until later on the video.

  • Sleepless_Shiba
    Sleepless_Shiba 12 days ago

    Dang it. You two were so cute together. But life goes on. I hope Aaron is happy with his new man :)
    edit: looking through the comments just makes me think that this is like some team Edward vs team Jacob stuff lmao. (Aaron being Edward (the better option) and Kian being Jacob (the douche)) (no offence Kian, you just didn't present well sorry dude)

  • Oopstoobad6275
    Oopstoobad6275 15 days ago

    two bottoms dont make a top

  • Nicole Woo
    Nicole Woo 16 days ago

    Aaron is so so so sweet and cute :(

  • Drew Conway
    Drew Conway 21 day ago

    Aaron seems like a really nice guy. Not sure what glasses dude didn’t see in him. Oh well, his loss is some other lucky boy’s gain! 🤷‍♂️

  • Kiam Sessoms
    Kiam Sessoms 22 days ago

    I’m gonna cry 😭😭😭

  • Leo Dinh
    Leo Dinh 22 days ago

    Whats kian’s instagram?

    • Leo Dinh
      Leo Dinh 12 days ago

      Kinda random but i like his accent so much.

    • Sleepless_Shiba
      Sleepless_Shiba 12 days ago

      You gonna slide into his dms? Because I'll tell you now, he's gonna ghost you xD

  • LillerThatIsMe
    LillerThatIsMe 23 days ago +6

    Kian, FYI, you text. That’s what you do in 2019. Even if to say you’re not interested in a second date. That simple. Is it fun? No? But you know what is even less fun? Being ghosted.
    Did it just this week. I put it off for hours cause it feels crappy to have to do. But then I remembered being ghosted earlier this year and how absolutely shitty that felt and I put my big boy pants on and was direct. He let me know he appreciated the directness and thanked me for telling him.

  • Maxwell Taylor
    Maxwell Taylor 24 days ago

    okay Kian... I see you. Honestly though, good luck to them both. They both seem super nice

  • i am me
    i am me 24 days ago

    Why did u have to make this, it broke my heart 😢😢

  • Itsjuststeff
    Itsjuststeff 24 days ago

    They had such a good connection but a cancer (🙋🏻‍♀️) would know you can’t date another cancer ,it just wouldn’t work . They would make really great friends tho.

  • Adrian Salazar
    Adrian Salazar 25 days ago

    damn if they didn't end up together, nothing's possible :((

  • Miss Lizzie12
    Miss Lizzie12 25 days ago

    Kian missed out

  • Jeremiah Johnson
    Jeremiah Johnson 25 days ago

    Yikes. Sooo basically what I gathered is LA gays are for the most part toxic and aren’t ready to settle down. Glad Aaron found someone worthy.

  • MirandaK321
    MirandaK321 26 days ago

    Keep the beard, it looks great!

  • Bandana Karki
    Bandana Karki 26 days ago

    Aaron will find someone much better ❤

  • TheStreetGourmetz
    TheStreetGourmetz 26 days ago

    Soulpancake set me up!

  • mattlion69
    mattlion69 26 days ago

    Kian seems like a jerk.

    FIZZY ALIYA 27 days ago

    Kia pn loves stripes, *i stan*

  • Then all of a Sudden
    Then all of a Sudden 27 days ago

    kian is full of sh*t

  • Brian Sherrod
    Brian Sherrod 27 days ago +1

    Favorite couple on these series. I really enjoyed their responses and the beauty of their personalities.

  • Rebellious Lost Alien
    Rebellious Lost Alien 27 days ago

    I feel bad for Aaron.

  • pluckernil
    pluckernil 27 days ago

    I knew Kian was shady from the first episode. Aaron is so much more genuine and grateful!

  • yuhuuuu
    yuhuuuu 27 days ago

    immature men always got my nerves.

    KRLEEQ 27 days ago +5

    Aaron’s Midwest is showing! Lol, he’s a ride or die, someone needs to lock that down ASAP!

  • Thisismyusername227
    Thisismyusername227 27 days ago


  • Wayne A
    Wayne A 28 days ago

    Honestly not messaging someone back after the first date ( especially the other person took the initiative already) is just about the rudest thing . I think the guy wear glasses still has some grown up to do . avoiding confrontation is so toxic and if you are not into someone , just tell them straight up in a respectful manner and move on . Is that so hard to do ?

  • bry L
    bry L 28 days ago

    Yasssssss Aaron get ur happiness xoxo

  • Yellow Mesh
    Yellow Mesh 28 days ago +1

    I love we've come to the consensus
    Aaron is good
    Kan is shady

  • Hadryel Azevedo
    Hadryel Azevedo 28 days ago

    I was rooting for. We were all rooting for you. How dare you?

  • gar jumangit
    gar jumangit 28 days ago

    Oh my G!😍

  • Jhonz Reyes
    Jhonz Reyes 29 days ago

    The guy with glasses is a jerk😞😒

  • Ruben Sentosa
    Ruben Sentosa 29 days ago

    Loved that little follow-up of Aaron at the end

  • ozki_torres
    ozki_torres 29 days ago

    This is so depressing. After an amazing first day on Tell My Story where sparks flew and now this. Ugh, there’s no hope. 😩

  • nabaimages
    nabaimages 29 days ago +5

    Aaron is such a sweet heart! The kindness in his voice is everything. 😘😘

  • Adam and Erin
    Adam and Erin 29 days ago

    Wait. I'm heartbroken!

  • mike c
    mike c 29 days ago +28

    They were both at different stages of their life. Aaron is ready to settle down and kian is still young and was probably checking his Grindr at the club.

  • Aqua Shi
    Aqua Shi 29 days ago

    Somebody is lying 🤥

  • Ryan Zad
    Ryan Zad 29 days ago

    dating is rough, and don't dance on the first date!

  • J S
    J S 29 days ago +1

    Kian, so much drama... Aaron is so cute!

  • ender romero
    ender romero Month ago

    People always want to look good in front of the camera and paint a prettt picture of themselves. Kian we aint buying it, you is a THOAT and really not looking to meet a match.

  • Flux it
    Flux it Month ago

    You can tell by eye contact who lied

  • Sparky Smith
    Sparky Smith Month ago

    Ghosting is so not mature. Grow up. At the very LEAST make sure someone gets home safe and correspond even if it's "glad you had a good time, maybe we'll run into each other again". Glad Aaron found someone

  • Kevii Manor
    Kevii Manor Month ago +1

    The tea: SoulPancake and all of us loving Aaron the most. Them giving Aaron a good follow up to the follow up.

  • Branden Barker
    Branden Barker Month ago

    Aaron dodged a bullet.

  • Samuel Costa
    Samuel Costa Month ago

    Kian was not so into him since the first time! He was able to fake it! But now we can see that he was not, Aaron was so honest about things and seemed real about it

  • B Rated
    B Rated Month ago +24

    Kian's your typical gay guy that just wants someone to play in his tail. He had no intentions of another date. She's shady 😎😎😎

  • Axel Flores
    Axel Flores Month ago


  • Rapha2587
    Rapha2587 Month ago +2

    I'm happy for Aaron, and to be honest, I didn't like Kian from start. He was interrupting Aaron every time, making everything about him... Kian seemed a little childish for Aaron.

  • Brandon De Leon
    Brandon De Leon Month ago +3

    the guy with the glasses is so annoying and was just looking for a hookup

  • Prologue TR
    Prologue TR Month ago +2

    I think Kian and Aaron are on a different stage of life,

  • asamvav
    asamvav Month ago

    So lesson here is don't wait too long before a date and just because you look good together especially on social media it doesn't mean that you are meant for each other.

  • TheGrudge
    TheGrudge Month ago

    Aaron is such a beautiful soul. ^^ #teamAaron