Chances James Gunn Directs A DC Movie Next - TJCS Companion Video

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • On this special companion video, John take the viewer questions from his live shows the last day or 2 that he didn't have time to get to live.
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  • Tharun Dhanaraj
    Tharun Dhanaraj 10 months ago

    Fate works in mysterious ways.

  • Les Anderson jr
    Les Anderson jr Year ago

    I think it is funny when people act like they are the end all if a movie is good or not. I get toxic replies when I say I like The Last Jedi and Force Awakens

  • sweeneythom77
    sweeneythom77 Year ago

    James Gunn would be great for the Flash or a Booster Gold movie.

  • 3D Cartoonist
    3D Cartoonist Year ago

    Man conor McGregor is going destroy that guy looooool

  • Darkfaith 66
    Darkfaith 66 Year ago

    Gunn should do a biopic on Catholic church..already did his research. :)

  • World of HE - Heroes Evolved

    this guy is a marvel sheep

  • Plastic Life
    Plastic Life Year ago

    Cameron Diaz in the Mask.. YES Gorgeous! A debatable second place to Halle Berry in Boomerang!

  • D.C. boy D.C. beefy boy

    Bridging you have to accept changes not everything going to remain the same Monopoly Teen Titans TV series because Robbie support Batman bridging aaAaaexcept changes color changes of a

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith Year ago

    Gunn is a (potential) ticking time bomb and who really knows for certain what else could come out about him during or after a movie is made with WB/DC. I say pass. He can find work elsewhere.

  • Transformersguy On The Hunt

    I think he should try his hands at another small budget horror film before moving to a big budget production. Maybe get in touch with Blumhouse.

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze Year ago

    Don't let him near Shazam! There are little kids in it!

  • Halftime X86
    Halftime X86 Year ago

    Right now, I feel James Gunn ought to come over to Warner Bros and do a DC movie. Doesn't necessarily have to be a superhero movie but a DC Vertigo property. I Think he'd jump at that.

  • Sauvage Ascension

    Gunn doesn’t needs to direct movies for a few years. Take the severance 10 mil. & work on building his own production company.

  • Stanger_in_the_Alps

    GIve Gunn Suicide Squad 2, and then let's make an homage to the super deep cut, minor DC character "The Funland Serial Killer" (AKA Nathaniel Diskin) the one that likes to abduct children in his "favorite spot," where no body knows about him because the owners like to cover it up because they want every one to think of it as a "happy" place. And even if he can't find children to "play with him," he can always just go on the rides. Maybe show him wearing a Star Wars shirt.
    It's not like he has to show loyalty to the corporation that showed him no loyalty to begin with.

  • stryfetc1
    stryfetc1 Year ago +7

    Big win for DC.

  • SK8fourL1F3
    SK8fourL1F3 Year ago

    James Gunn for Green Lantern Corps.

  • Bobby Vee
    Bobby Vee Year ago +1

    I don't see that Marvel would make changes for Drax in Avengers 4. It is shot and mapped out.

  • Amonkai
    Amonkai Year ago

    The starwars toxicity It hasn't died down it has increased check out FB and Twitter starwars pages

    BECCA JENKINS Year ago

    Ruby Rose’s crying scene in The Meg, when her friend died, was awful. She was NOT the best actor in that movie.

    • Nobody No One
      Nobody No One Year ago

      I think he meant the best acting she has done from what he's seen, not the best actor in the movie.

  • Cinematic Galaxy
    Cinematic Galaxy Year ago

    Funnily enough I had just opened my AMC A-List app as soon as the A-List question came up lol.

  • hjames78
    hjames78 Year ago

    I don't order nachos at the movies because they simply dont give enough. Not enough nachos and not enough cheese and it cost more than popcorn which you get plenty of...

  • Siedious Swift
    Siedious Swift Year ago

    I hear yah. His mouth probably dries out from all the talking.

  • Siedious Swift
    Siedious Swift Year ago

    Yeah man that’s too Deadpool ish! It’s cringey.

  • Siedious Swift
    Siedious Swift Year ago

    Just have Drax die in Avengers 4 standing up to Thanos on principles. xD

  • Tigre Blanco
    Tigre Blanco Year ago

    They should change directors and give Kirby's New Gods to James Gunn

  • DayTripper
    DayTripper Year ago

    That would be the most epic middle finger to marvel, I mean the mouse.

    OMEGALAH Year ago

    He should direct Doom Patrol

  • Siedious Swift
    Siedious Swift Year ago

    I’m calling it now, it’s going to a year-never before he signs with WB to do a DC film.

  • JoeyBalubah
    JoeyBalubah Year ago +2

    Gunn should obviously direct a young Robin movie. Maybe have Bryan Singer produce.

    • remliqa
      remliqa 11 months ago

      Except for having Bryan Singer around, that is actually a good suggestion.

  • Rasqache Art
    Rasqache Art Year ago +1

    Crazy Rich Asians looks like the worst movie ever made. If it really is good, then giving the movie a review embargo isn't helping change anyone's mind. Judging from the trailer. you'd need an ounce of weed and a xanax to watch Crazy Rich Asians.

  • dancingdog60
    dancingdog60 Year ago

    I think Gunn should take Bautista to DC and direct an adaptation of LOBO!

    • dancingdog60
      dancingdog60 Year ago

      Damn straight, bro!

    • Alex James
      Alex James Year ago +1

      dancingdog60 your a gah damn genius. That could actually be great. Especially if DC keeps with this solo movie take they seem to be going for

  • Darth Brandflakes
    Darth Brandflakes Year ago +14

    People have been losing their jobs over tweets for awhile now but because its James gunn now u all think its unfair

    • remliqa
      remliqa 11 months ago

      Case by case basis. It was unfair that some those people who lost their jobs to social media and now you can include Gunn as one of those people who should never been fired.

    • Techno Bacon
      Techno Bacon Year ago +1

      Well it's a case by case thing. Just because other people have lost their jobs over tweets doesn't make the James Gunn situation not bullshit.

    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift Year ago

      Darth Wiley lol yup. The fickle finger of Twitter history takes people on both sides of the political isle down.

  • Chris frmchi
    Chris frmchi Year ago

    very unlikely. cernovich has been holding back new info, you'd know this john if you researched a bit or DM'd him.
    Basically cernovich and his crew are waiting for major announcements and then they release info.
    You are break the scoops...or you can make CYA reactions videos after.

  • Steven Hill
    Steven Hill Year ago

    ur crazy good accrenymes

  • Dakota Hazell
    Dakota Hazell Year ago +1

    Topic you care about 18:33

  • 4EverSteezed
    4EverSteezed Year ago

    John I'm pretty sure the person wasn't referring to there being a scene of xandar shot, I believe they were just saying that Thanos' attack could play into a potential Nova film

  • Evil Peter
    Evil Peter Year ago +1

    I still can't wrap my head around pouring liquid butter on popcorn.
    I can't seeing it bringing out more of the flavor of the popcorn itself since with all that salt you have more than enough flavor carrier. That leaves just adding the taste of butter, which is just bland and fatty. Is there something else in the butter? I do remember trying some American butter popcorn seasoning. It was absolutely dreadful but I can't say that it tasted like butter.
    On top of that it has to make the popcorn soggy, which doesn't sound pleasing at all.

    • Nobody No One
      Nobody No One Year ago

      I'm with you Evil Peter. The popcorn flavor alone is enough for me. No need to make it messy, give it more calories, and add unhealthy saturated fat.

    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift Year ago

      They compliment each other. It’s not for everyone I guess.

    • SuperShanko
      SuperShanko Year ago

      Evil Peter
      I know. In more general popcorn making you add the butter and roll it around to coat it, I don’t like just pouring butter onto it because it makes it soggy and poopy.

  • Mister XVS
    Mister XVS Year ago

    Sony should get him to direct the Uncharted movie and THEN use that leverage to persuade Chris Pratt to reconsider the role of Nathan Drake.

  • Eliza Gaskell
    Eliza Gaskell Year ago +8

    DC/Warner Bros won't hire James Gunn -- Jame Gunn has issue and baggage, which WB can do with out - they have enough issues to deal.

    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift Year ago +1

      John Castiel I’ll give it a year-never before WB hires him. That’s my humble prediction. xD

    • John Castiel
      John Castiel Year ago

      Eliza Gaskell it was reported that they and other studios already tried to get him.

    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift Year ago +3

      Eliza Gaskell I don’t think they’ll ever hire him either, neither do I think “they have to”

  • Reddish Data
    Reddish Data Year ago

    I can see James Gunn doing a Suicide Squad movie

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago

    The toxicity has gone down because it's SEEMS, not is, like things are going their way. With the failure of Solo, rumors of Kathleen being in hot water, and serious belief that Johnson will not get a trilogy. Plus the Clone Wars announcement probably helped. And Dave not being heavily involved with Resistance suggest he might be taking on more responsibility. I'm not a big believer in the "people are inherently good" argument, especially when there are other possible explanations.

    B1RD P3RSON Year ago

    Bruh u sipped that water like 15 times...

    • B1RD P3RSON
      B1RD P3RSON Year ago

      Siedious Swift I guess but i think there is a better time to hydrate not while your making a video

    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift Year ago

      B1RD P3RSON gotta stay hydrated. Thirst is the first sign of dehydration.

  • Official Filmilen

    I think James Gunn is going to direct a DCEU movie

  • qwerty407
    qwerty407 Year ago +1

    most of the scenes in avengers 4 are already shot, Dave Bautista leaving MCU shouldnt be a huge issue.

  • Joseph Owczarek
    Joseph Owczarek Year ago

    Lacy Chrebet in Lost in Space was my crush.

  • Kizaru
    Kizaru Year ago +35

    18:33 Headline topic.

  • Jamal Salih
    Jamal Salih Year ago

    If it were me, I’d write that the snap reunited Drax with his family and he chose not to return.

    • Wade Wilson
      Wade Wilson Year ago

      Jamal Salih exactly

    • Jamal Salih
      Jamal Salih Year ago +1

      Wade Wilson I could role with that. You’re saying Drax can be content, being that revenge against Thanos was his motivating drive to fight.

    • Wade Wilson
      Wade Wilson Year ago

      Jamal Salih yea unfortunately hahah drax could easily just be content with thanos being defeated after it’s all said and done

    • Jamal Salih
      Jamal Salih Year ago

      Wade Wilson dang it! He did say that, didn’t he?

    • Wade Wilson
      Wade Wilson Year ago

      Except thanos didn’t say that people would die..he said they would cease to exist. That doesn’t sound like you go to an afterlife. Gamora is in the soul stone but that’s a special instance

  • Lawrence Kin
    Lawrence Kin Year ago +5

    I'd like to see James Gunn direct the "Green Lantern Corps" movie next. He's the best guy to helm a superhero ensemble film.

    • Q,s music
      Q,s music Year ago

      DayTripper couldnt have said it better. Gunn will make the corp a joke.

    • DayTripper
      DayTripper Year ago +1

      Lawrence Kin but why do I feel like he will just try to make it like Guardians? Which yes that is a bad thing considering how much more serious the Corp is. I want a director who will focus on willpower.

    • Benerji
      Benerji Year ago

      Lawrence Kin I’ve always thought JJ Abrams would best suit a green lantern movie

  • ryiin
    ryiin Year ago +4

    Rush is a great movie. James Hunt what a guy.

  • Thor Fornes
    Thor Fornes Year ago +2

    Please Dont give Pedophiles chance to direct a movie..See'n Gunn in a picture where he is playing out his perversity...

    • John Castiel
      John Castiel Year ago

      Mie R you can add fox news to that list as well.

    • Mie R
      Mie R Year ago +7

      Good thing Gunn isn't a pedophile then. I think you should stop reading Breitbart news and the nonsense they're peddling on Twitter and Facebook.

  • The Loud Bostonian
    The Loud Bostonian Year ago +6

    Easy fix on the drax situation he chooses not to come back cause in the snap universe he is already reunited with his family.

    • robotic2000k
      robotic2000k Year ago

      Nice but his contract snaps on a different tune

    • The Loud Bostonian
      The Loud Bostonian Year ago

      SuperShanko oh I totally agree, just probably the easiest way to write off the one character that may not want to return. But I am fairly sure that at the end of the day Bautista will return regardless.

    • SuperShanko
      SuperShanko Year ago +2

      The Loud Bostonian
      Yea, but then that depends on how the snap works, and then it gets iffy on having to explain why one person “chooses” not to return while trillions of others do.

  • Q,s music
    Q,s music Year ago +11

    This is a bad move if WB/DC want him. They can find better directors.

    • remliqa
      remliqa 11 months ago

      +mt productions
      Only an idiot would condemn a man for making horrible jokes years ago.

    • Kevin Smith
      Kevin Smith Year ago +1

      WB won't feel like they struck a goldmine if yet another weird and disturbing thing comes out about Gunn. I say pass on WB hiring Gunn and allow this guy to work somewhere else. DC/WB doesn't need a potential ticking time bomb like Gunn (Talent or no talent).

    • Q,s music
      Q,s music Year ago +2

      It sickness me how much people defend this man.

    • Damian
      Damian Year ago +2

      How? He's probably one of the best directors out there

    • SuperShanko
      SuperShanko Year ago +1

      Mie R
      That’s half true, but I know what you mean. There’s also directors that will put their essence into it which will clash and people will riot, while Gunn has that synergy of weird which fit GotG

  • The-X-Factor
    The-X-Factor Year ago +29

    Can you put time stamps for the questions on your videos?

      OMEGALAH Year ago +2


    • Nate Shanks
      Nate Shanks Year ago +1

      I've been asking that for so many times 😩 c'mon John, I don't want to scatter through your videos and look for that main question as the title of the video.

    • D World
      D World Year ago

      I was thinking the same thing, lol.

    • D Super
      D Super Year ago

      thats too much work

    • Caleb Bradford
      Caleb Bradford Year ago +7

      The-X-Factor You know how many questions he has to answer? He would have to time stamp so many questions.

  • Seweryn Mazur
    Seweryn Mazur Year ago

    huge dislike for the conor-khabib ignorant prediction. 0 understanding of conors movement and of khabibs takedown technique.

  • Archerpool
    Archerpool Year ago

    James Gunn would be a great choice for a Hellblazer/Constantine Film. Although I think Edgar Wright or Guy Ritchie could do it better.

  • Nabil Iman
    Nabil Iman Year ago

    I'm just so fucking tired of hearing about James Gunn.

  • TimbulaTheSpidermonkey

    I said it to a friend the other day and now I can't get the idea out of my head. James Gunn to direct a Plastic Man movie!!! Make it happen, DC.

    • DayTripper
      DayTripper Year ago

      TimbulaTheSpidermonkey yeah that’s exactly what I’m saying. Swamp thing has never been know for humor. He’s got more of dark, horror, and mystical elements to him, all things that other directors can do better than Gunn.

    • TimbulaTheSpidermonkey
      TimbulaTheSpidermonkey Year ago

      Gotta agree. I love James’ work and Swamp Thing is in my top 5 comic book characters, but NOOOO!!!!! I want a dark fairytale Swamp Thing movie. Someone like a Guillermo del Toro. Plastic Man would work because of the sense of humour he has. It would be a perfect fit for Gunn’s style.

    • DayTripper
      DayTripper Year ago

      Alex James nooooo!!! What is wrong with you. Have you never read a swamp thing comic in your life? James Gunn is the last person you want doing swamp thing. Sorry but no.

    • Alex James
      Alex James Year ago

      TimbulaTheSpidermonkey I'd love him to do Swamp Thing. Idk why it's not really the tone I'm used to from him. But it'd be interesting

    • Wiggler
      Wiggler Year ago +1

      TimbulaTheSpidermonkey yeah I can totally see why. Gunn made softcore Porn movies and Plastic Man can stretch all of his body parts. Great combo

  • Dark&Twisted
    Dark&Twisted Year ago +1

    It's possible to re-cast Drax in the MCU, but it will take some serious getting used to for whoever they re-cast as Drax.

    • Dark&Twisted
      Dark&Twisted Year ago

      From what I've been reading from on-line articles to his updates on twitter, He's pretty much had it with Disney/Marvel, I honestly think after GoTG#3 he will be on his way, given the level of positive appraisals he recieved for his BladeRunner2049 Sapper, I think he might just explore such type of characters heading into the future.

    • SuperShanko
      SuperShanko Year ago

      Depends if they’re going for a Guardians 4 or such because it is such a noticeable replacement. I would bet they force him to stay.

  • Johnny Skinwalker

    Maybe they don't have to bring all the heroes. Anyway it would suck if they magically bring everybody back.

  • Ray Wilson
    Ray Wilson Year ago

    I would laugh it that happens but WB is interested in him

  • Carlos Zavala
    Carlos Zavala Year ago

    Question here John, what exactly is a companion video?

    • Ham Burglar
      Ham Burglar Year ago

      He answers questions he didnt get time to answer in open mic and the main show.

  • Soul
    Soul Year ago +5

    As long as they use his script for vol 3, I'm good

  • Raghu Seetharaman
    Raghu Seetharaman Year ago +1

    Right now the DC Streaming universe will only be available for North America but that can change but no idea when. Right now they just said it air Fall 2018 for the US. I thought it would be available in Canada but not available at the moment.

  • McDavid Deserves Better

    Yay! Last video before bed.

  • Tristan Sheehan
    Tristan Sheehan Year ago

    Yeah i should have been more clear with my question. when i said cut i mean the one cut from the early draft

  • George Locust
    George Locust Year ago +3


    • Siedious Swift
      Siedious Swift Year ago


    • Dark&Twisted
      Dark&Twisted Year ago

      Well in that case, Happy Friday and good morning to you too.

    • George Locust
      George Locust Year ago

      Damn, well I live here in Los Angeles so its 4:56 am :P

    • Dark&Twisted
      Dark&Twisted Year ago

      It's 13:48 in South Africa, about to knock off work.

  • Diego Larios
    Diego Larios Year ago

    Daddy Campea THICC