Vikings vs. Bears | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

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  • Farmageddon Snyder
    Farmageddon Snyder 10 hours ago

    0:21 number 21 wide open u idiot bradford SMH

  • Nathan wood
    Nathan wood 2 days ago

    I was more impressed with the ad at the beginning of video

  • OH Yeh!
    OH Yeh! 3 days ago +1


  • Mike L
    Mike L 3 days ago

    Why are you watching these spoiled brats - NO MORE NFL - EVER

  • Mike Kall
    Mike Kall 3 days ago

    fuller looks so bad in these highlights! The dude can't read offenses AT ALL

  • Goat 8722
    Goat 8722 3 days ago

    If mike Floyd gets good Diggs, Thielin, Floyd and Roudolph that's a scary receiving core

  • Kabok YT
    Kabok YT 3 days ago

    That Juke Tho...

  • hank horton
    hank horton 4 days ago +1

    fuckem..,traitorous bastards

  • QueenFanPiper62
    QueenFanPiper62 4 days ago


  • Oliver Mohs
    Oliver Mohs 4 days ago

    job well done

  • Diana Bernal
    Diana Bernal 4 days ago

    I it laggy for any one coz it the video is fo me

  • periklis tounas
    periklis tounas 5 days ago

    That pass interference call on tre mcbride was bogus

  • pej f
    pej f 5 days ago

    First pass play over 30 of the season for the Bears is from the kickers throw. Lol. QB bs still haunting the Bears. At least that loser Cutler is gone.

  • Sophia Morris
    Sophia Morris 5 days ago

    Precisely prominent celebrate flip enthusiasm regulate term entrance radiation wonder

  • Joe Lengerich
    Joe Lengerich 5 days ago

    That was a good game.

  • bill harvell
    bill harvell 5 days ago

    All Bradford wants to do is count his money.

  • Daniel Ray
    Daniel Ray 5 days ago

    I can't understand why Gruden was so surprised by McKinnon's output. I've been watching this man for years, now, and he reminds me of another Darren Nelson. I've always found him to be a high percentage asset for my Vikes.

  • Stephen Battle
    Stephen Battle 5 days ago

    Watson over trusbisky

  • Gordy Michael Bridgeford

    much deserved defeat

  • Jorge Alvarez
    Jorge Alvarez 5 days ago

    Too bad the defense lost momentum against the Vikings, because once they changed QBs... Their offence started rolling and poked a lot of holes in the D. Bears should of ran the ball more! Cohen should of not been trying to get fancy with his runs. Nice TD trick play on special teams! Trubisky did a good job keeping the game alive but he got too predictable throwing it a lot to Miller (receivers need to step up).

  • Junky Fury
    Junky Fury 6 days ago

    What is "Duck, Duck, Goose"...? It's "Duck, Duck, Gray Duck"!

  • MB2010
    MB2010 6 days ago

    0:16 what was this man thinking holding the ball for seven seconds in the opposing end zone?

  • PrinceDiamondAmonte
    PrinceDiamondAmonte 6 days ago

    Trump can't hurt your rating as much as my investors and friend globally can! You choose NFL! Trump is giving you to the fist!

  • Allawi Alsabbar
    Allawi Alsabbar 6 days ago

    Nice game

  • Warlock_52
    Warlock_52 6 days ago

    Blair Walsh would have missed that field goal like if u agree

  • Bruhh
    Bruhh 6 days ago

    First pass play of 30 yards or more thrown by your punter.

  • Gavin Bonar
    Gavin Bonar 6 days ago

    This was a great game in the second half

  • Graziele Santos
    Graziele Santos 6 days ago

    Brasil GO PACK GO

  • Blue Bird Films
    Blue Bird Films 6 days ago +1


    Let the war begin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Samarthya Pandey 6 days ago

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  • Scott Korin
    Scott Korin 6 days ago

    The only highlight in this suckfest was the Star Wars trailer

  • Candy
    Candy 6 days ago +1

    *Never forget to remember that Americans BOYCOTT NFL*

  • Pov Pranks
    Pov Pranks 6 days ago

    Vikings get ready for your biggest challenge this Sunday, Rodgers is a BAAAAD MAAANN

  • Doyoan
    Doyoan 6 days ago

    Not a bad debut

    THE NIBIRU NEWS 6 days ago

    Winners only belong to the strong and clever

  • YayYaysCorner
    YayYaysCorner 6 days ago

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  • Nathan Guertler
    Nathan Guertler 6 days ago

    Vikings need my boy Matt kalil on the team again! Also, I coach a 13 youth football team in Cali. SoCal Trojans baby!!!✌ if anyone is interested check out my vlogs! Until next week!

  • Johnny Mnemonic
    Johnny Mnemonic 6 days ago +1

    NFL? Happy to dislike!

  • Victor Nguyen
    Victor Nguyen 6 days ago +1

    The officials in this game were atrocious. Please fire them.

  • Jason Zimmerman
    Jason Zimmerman 6 days ago

    I mean at least they got the touchdown first, which is most important. But, a lot of these teams are so worried about the few seconds of celebration that they're not getting the points. It goes to show why teams like Green Bay are just that much better and are held at such a higher standard. They are worried about getting points and winning the game. (Not a Packers fan). Celebrations-cool, losing the points because you're setting up the celebration before you get into the endzone-horrible.

  • zachary davis
    zachary davis 6 days ago +1

    But I think its ridiculous that...

  • Master Of Disguise
    Master Of Disguise 6 days ago +1

    They playing duck-duck-goose come on bro

  • Mark G
    Mark G 6 days ago

    Yay Bears! Another season down the toilet!

  • darkiller76521
    darkiller76521 6 days ago

    Who is statistically better? Bears or Vikings?

  • lineflyer1
    lineflyer1 6 days ago +1


  • Cheezy Truth Network
    Cheezy Truth Network 6 days ago +1

    How do people still watch NFL knowing that it's all scripted?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 days ago

    I don't think Bridgewater can handle NFL...he looks like he should be labeled fragile handle with care.....and I'm a Vikings fan.

  • Sharon McCray
    Sharon McCray 6 days ago

    As a Vikings fan it's so sad that u have to still be scared of them missing a field goal that close

  • Quinton McDonough
    Quinton McDonough 6 days ago +1

    duck duck grey duck 🦆🦆

  • cv cv
    cv cv 6 days ago

    Bradford is trash. I dont know why MN people worship him so much. Dude suck so bad it's not even funny.

  • blackjackcz
    blackjackcz 6 days ago

    Great to see the Vikes pull out a win with a few seconds remaining. SKOL!

  • D3cline ツ
    D3cline ツ 6 days ago

    Minnesota and Chicago were watching the MLB Playoffs the first half of the game and wanted to have similar scores.

  • Quincy Zarn
    Quincy Zarn 6 days ago

    Wait till the bears play on our field😁

  • Attack_Dog513
    Attack_Dog513 6 days ago

    Trubisky has proven himself over Glennon, I would say.

  • Dinie09
    Dinie09 6 days ago

    GG Bears, or rather, refs. So many flags. SKOL! Also, FTP.

  • William Meek
    William Meek 6 days ago

    The ONLY highlight was the trailer.

  • Captain C Music
    Captain C Music 6 days ago

    Bear Down

  • Kevin I
    Kevin I 6 days ago

    Oh word, so the Vikings got me excited again.

    Vikings, we're together for ever. I put that on purple!

  • Danielle Shropshire
    Danielle Shropshire 6 days ago

    Bears suck... Dead last of the nfc north by the end of the season.

  • Moses Devadass
    Moses Devadass 6 days ago +1

    I’m a Bears fan. If we wouldn’t have gotten so many penalties and got some people that know what they’re doing, we would’ve beaten the Vikings in the first half.

  • StoneThug Music
    StoneThug Music 6 days ago

    Bless Donald Trump For Getting Black Folks Back Together, Buying From One Another, Talking To Each Other, it's "Wonderful"

  • 3duTuoY 3MTA3
    3duTuoY 3MTA3 6 days ago

    There’s far too much hype over Trubisky’s performance in my opinion. However, if you’re a Bears fan anything is better than what they’ve had. His decision making was poor and he should have been picked off 2 more times. In reality he didn’t produce a single point on offense because his lone TD pass would’ve been intercepted by a better safety that can judge the ball better. The Vikings waited far too long to yank Bradford and they wasted the entire first half on someone who couldn’t even move. The Viking’s defense bailed out the offense yet again.

  • kid behind the keyboard

    Bradford looked horrendous

  • soundautomatic1
    soundautomatic1 6 days ago

    yay, no Watson comments!

  • Kyler Bailey
    Kyler Bailey 6 days ago

    2 hand-offs and a shovel pass that fooled the Vikings defense for a safety! One of the best I've seen

  • Rick sowa
    Rick sowa 6 days ago

    I went to this game (I live in Chicago, but I’ve been a Vikings fan my whole life), it was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. It’s crazy how much the game turned around when we pulled Bradford and put in Case Keenum. It’s an ugly win, but a wins a win. #SkolVikingsSkol

  • SSSDestroyer Gaming
    SSSDestroyer Gaming 6 days ago

    Bradfords a fuking turtle. 1 hes slow. 2 he gets hurt when you touch his shell (pads)

  • Winston Xiong
    Winston Xiong 6 days ago +1

    Good Lord Bears suck...

  • Anita Jones
    Anita Jones 6 days ago

    Good game nice quaterback bears!!!

  • Temprel Storm
    Temprel Storm 6 days ago

    Bears loose...Shocker.

  • pantherteen1
    pantherteen1 6 days ago

    That 2-pt conversion trick play is lit. Never in my life have I ever seen an option play being pitched to the quarterback by a receiver. Whoever is the OC for the bears, that is lit

  • Justin Pearson
    Justin Pearson 6 days ago

    Clutch pick by a clutch player. Skol vikes

  • Hector Zavala
    Hector Zavala 6 days ago

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  • Outlet30
    Outlet30 6 days ago

  • paysonfox88
    paysonfox88 6 days ago

    It's astounding how good a game between two teams that don't have real quarterback's can go.
    Vikings are playing hot seat now with 3 below average QB's and Chicago never really has a good QB, so it evens out.

  • Carson Doak
    Carson Doak 6 days ago

    1:15 EXPRESS HUT!

  • korlu01
    korlu01 6 days ago

    Trubisky will be the next Aaron Rodgers

    • Jason Quito
      Jason Quito 6 days ago

      korlu01 I somewhat agree dude there was some small moments in the game that reminds of Aaron but Trubisky still has long ways to go if he wants to reach that potential.

  • ThatGamerJake
    ThatGamerJake 6 days ago

    If my Acepha T9 Pro video gets 1,000 views, I’ll give it away! No joke! It’s on my main page :)

  • A Tree
    A Tree 6 days ago

    damn, these rookies nice!!

  • William NoTell
    William NoTell 6 days ago +2

    F*ck the felons

  • William NoTell
    William NoTell 6 days ago

    BOYCOTT THE NFL National Felon League !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William NoTell
    William NoTell 6 days ago

    1600 NFL players over 800 have felony convictions.

  • Jcs11_
    Jcs11_ 6 days ago

    the phone 8 is trash *DON'T RECOMEND*

  • TADufine
    TADufine 6 days ago

    I no longer care about anything N F L

  • Jesus Beltran
    Jesus Beltran 6 days ago

    Add me

  • MD
    MD 6 days ago

    I like vikings but I feel like some of them were paid to do bad jobl

  • Juan Caudillo
    Juan Caudillo 6 days ago

    Vikings gonna take this fat L at Lambeau field

  • Griffin Roach
    Griffin Roach 6 days ago

    Where's Jordan Howard's huge TD run that got called back on a horrible holding call? The refs were horrible

  • Branden Ruiz
    Branden Ruiz 7 days ago

    Good ass game

  • Street Bangaz
    Street Bangaz 7 days ago

  • Majik0715
    Majik0715 7 days ago

    Pretty irresponsible decision to let Bradford on the field at all. Could have cost them the game.

  • Donnie Murray
    Donnie Murray 7 days ago

    If trubisky didn't throw that interception we would have gone into OT

  • Aria 31
    Aria 31 7 days ago

    Winter came for the bears #winterscomingNFL

  • DTM4581
    DTM4581 7 days ago

    Jesus H supporting the Bears is one of the sternest tests a sports fan can endure.

  • ChargerMan2017
    ChargerMan2017 7 days ago

    Its been a long sense ive enjoyed a Monday night football game this game was fun and especially the Vikings celebration of duck duck goose nfl is fun again

  • Alf
    Alf 7 days ago

    I'd rather get mauled by a family of bears than watch a bears game.

  • Z16A6G72TT
    Z16A6G72TT 7 days ago

    Viking fans wishing for teddy like hes going to be our savior. Have you not seen teddy play at all since hes been here? He sucks when he had two good legs. Now with 1 good leg? Yeah, go figure. Most over rated vikings qb ever. Only reason hes even still on the team is because vikings spent a 1st rd pick on him so the front office dont want to look stupid. Keenum is way better than teddy, trust me.

    • bill harvell
      bill harvell 6 days ago +1

      Z16A6G72TT You seem to be overlooking how young Bridgewater is. He still hasn't even developed yet. He did quite well, considering his age and time in the NFL. How good he can become remains to be seen. Keenum is consistently up and down at best.

  • Sir Films
    Sir Films 7 days ago

    Duck duck goose

  • Shahid Hunter
    Shahid Hunter 7 days ago

    I love u bears keep trying we get another one Chicago 4 life south side

  • rjay erge
    rjay erge 7 days ago +1

    Too many running plays the Bears should have focused more on passing. I was sick of seeing long third downs because 2 draws to Cohen only nabbed 3 yards. If the coaches allowed Trubisky to throw it more I believe this could have been a different game. Also, receivers are total garbage and I still hate how they got rid of Alshon... Next year once we get rid of Fox's over-conservative ass and draft some decent WRs, we will become a decent threat in the NFL. For now, I say keep Trubisky get what you can, hopefully a wild card, if not simply prepare for a better season with a new coach.