JungKook (BTS) - "IF YOU" Cover [The King of Mask Singer Ep 72]

  • Published on Mar 7, 2018
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Comments • 6 177

  • tori
    tori 26 minutes ago

    that shit's beautiful yo

  • Rohani Yusrin
    Rohani Yusrin 2 hours ago

    This video publication is my birtdhay,😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ts •Freakzh•
    Ts •Freakzh• 9 hours ago

    He’s the only idol who like if you so much either than other idol, 🙃

  • Lau Raeta
    Lau Raeta 12 hours ago

    The first I watched I know that voice, because who army that didn't recognize our beautiful bunny voice?

  • Feby Pane
    Feby Pane 12 hours ago

    Jungkook saraghae😍😍😘😘

  • HimaniAK 4ever ARMY
    HimaniAK 4ever ARMY 12 hours ago

    I would recognize him by the way he walks 😂

  • Mylene endoloe
    Mylene endoloe 15 hours ago

    Yeahhh love jungkook voice nice he so handsome love her

  • Imae Quinn
    Imae Quinn 17 hours ago

    I miss Bigbang so much i just don't want to cry 😭💔

  • jiaa vengers
    jiaa vengers 20 hours ago

    this video makes me cry 😢

  • Caxctus
    Caxctus 22 hours ago

    Knew it

  • RapscallionLovesPorn

    [Verse 1]
    Geunyeoga tteonagayo
    Naneun amugeotdo hal su eopseoyo
    Sarangi tteonagayo
    Naneun babocheoreom meonghani seoinneyo
    Meoreojineun geu dwitmoseupmaneul baraboda
    Jageun jeomi doeeo sarajinda
    Sigani jinamyeon tto mudyeojilkka
    Yet saenggagi na ni saenggagi na
    Ajik neomu neutji anhatdamyeon
    Uri dasi doragal suneun eopseulkka
    Neodo nawa gachi himdeuldamyeon
    Uri jogeum swipge gal suneun eopseulkka
    Isseul ttae jalhal geol geuraesseo
    [Verse 2]
    Geudaeneun eotteongayo
    Jeongmal amureochi anheun geongayo
    Ibyeori jinabwayo
    Geudael ijeoya hajiman swipjiga anneyo
    Meoreojineun geu dwitmoseupmaneul baraboda
    Jageun jeomi doeeo sarajinda
    Nugungal mannamyeon wiroga dwelkka
    Yet saenggagi na ni saenggagi na
    Ajik neomu neutji anhatdamyeon
    Uri dasi doragal suneun eopseulkka
    Neodo nawa gachi himdeuldamyeon
    Uri jogeum swipge gal suneun eopseulkka
    Isseul ttae jalhal geol geuraesseo
    Oneulgachi ganyeorin biga naerineun narimyeon
    Neoui geurimjaga tteooreugo
    Seorap soge mollae neoheodun uriui chueogeul
    Dasi kkeonae hollo hoesanghago
    [T.O.P/Seungri] heeojimiran seulpeumui mugereul
    nan wae mollasseulkka
    IF YOU IF YOU (If you, if you)
    Ajik neomu neutji [Taeyang/GD] anhatdamyeon
    Uri dasi doragal [Taeyang/GD] suneun eopseulkka
    IF YOU IF YOU (If you, if you)
    Neodo nawa gachi himdeuldamyeon
    Uri jogeum swipge gal suneun eopseulkka
    Isseul ttae jalhal geol geuraesseo

  • Nanda Kishore Singha

    I know his voice he is bts jungkook l love your voice jungkook

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Day ago +1

    𝕀 𝕔𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕕

  • Chlo Romero
    Chlo Romero 2 days ago

    that voice is giving me goosebumps

  • นิด มณี
    นิด มณี 2 days ago

    Love his voice and love him too😆😆

  • Trran quila
    Trran quila 2 days ago

    Why this song? So slow and I can't hear his voice -_-

    CLAYMOREMOOSE 2 days ago

    I need to know this song who’s it by I can’t find it!!!!

    • Iram
      Iram 20 hours ago

      bigbang 'if you.' :) written and produced by G Dragon, the leader of Bigbang. It was from their MADE album in 2015.

  • Ariana Ulloa
    Ariana Ulloa 2 days ago

    Que lindo kookie❤😙❤😙

  • Ariana Ulloa
    Ariana Ulloa 2 days ago +1

    Que lindo kookie❤😙❤😙

  • Kimberly O
    Kimberly O 2 days ago

    This is amazing....even though I don’t know what he is singing I can feel it....

    • Kimberly O
      Kimberly O 19 hours ago

      Iram Thanks 🙏

    • Iram
      Iram 20 hours ago

      The english lyrics are on youtube :) search 'if you' by bigbang

  • joonieslov
    joonieslov 3 days ago

    He will forever be my highlight of this show

  • The Fay
    The Fay 3 days ago

    2019?​ Love.​ Bigbang​ &. BTS

  • Ping Teng Yew
    Ping Teng Yew 3 days ago

    The way JK holds the mic

  • Ping Teng Yew
    Ping Teng Yew 3 days ago

    2019 January? 🙆🏻

  • save me
    save me 3 days ago

    Hearing the voice: Jeon Jungkook-

  • Unicorn Anne
    Unicorn Anne 3 days ago

    Any 2019?

    BOBSAIDHI3 THE KING 3 days ago

    Junkook always has that smooth voice

  • Jamie Yu
    Jamie Yu 4 days ago

    Omg....Jungkook just melted my heart because of his voice....Beautiful

  • tanisha
    tanisha 4 days ago +2

    jungkook breathes:
    me: wooowww

  • Neo Kwon
    Neo Kwon 4 days ago +1

    Jungkook is one of BTS member.

  • 리사saranghae
    리사saranghae 4 days ago

    Is it weird to say this was what made me stan bts more? Fire made me fall in love with them first but jk in this was just...

  • Talented buddies
    Talented buddies 4 days ago

    Watch when he shows his identitytvclip.biz/video/WmLg-fY4i8o/video.html

  • Talented buddies
    Talented buddies 4 days ago +1

    Jk sings
    Me: wait I know him is it jk
    After sometime pulls of mask
    Mc it is jk
    Me: yasssssssssssss I was right

  • Elise 26
    Elise 26 4 days ago +2

    His voice is a chorus of angles 🎶

  • J-HOPE is my hope
    J-HOPE is my hope 5 days ago

    Every army's knows he's voice so well we all know it's him just when he breaths

  • Kadian Tracey
    Kadian Tracey 5 days ago +1

    Honestly....he cannot hide that voice. It's one of the sexiest voices in Kpop...hell in the world

  • Maryam Elmi
    Maryam Elmi 5 days ago +1

    I’m getting emotional once again.☺️💜

  • Rico Angelo
    Rico Angelo 5 days ago


  • Riche Lou De Castro
    Riche Lou De Castro 5 days ago +2

    I'm so shocked of his sweet voice I wish I could see him in person to hear his voice I feel I'm in heaven when I hear his voice singing if you😍
    I love BTS♥️
    Army Forever😍

  • Minh Thư Lê
    Minh Thư Lê 5 days ago

    Giọng của Jung kook thật sự rất ấm áp

  • phybelle
    phybelle 5 days ago +1

    Damn golden maknae!!!!👏👏👏

  • Agustina Diaz
    Agustina Diaz 5 days ago

    Hermosa voz kooki cada vez me enamoro mas😍❤

  • Ezgi Su Cebeci
    Ezgi Su Cebeci 5 days ago +1


  • x_Autumn_Leaves_x
    x_Autumn_Leaves_x 6 days ago +1


  • Angie C
    Angie C 6 days ago

    This many dislikes?? Can't you reconize talent? I bet not

  • Jungkook's Wife
    Jungkook's Wife 6 days ago

    Omgggg, my heart melted when Jungkook starts to sings and when he breaths 😆😆
    But imagine if Taehyung was also in the Mask Singer 😆😆😆😆

  • Prudence Mignonette
    Prudence Mignonette 6 days ago

    You immediately hear that it's Jungkook' voice though even if you can't see him haha. He sounds so beautiful all the time ugh I'm in tears😭😭😍💕💖🎶 I love him so freakin much

  • เด็ก บ้านๆ


  • Litzy Zepeda
    Litzy Zepeda 6 days ago

    Como ocasionar mi muerte por tan angelical voz 😍💜👏

  • Mary Sieu
    Mary Sieu 7 days ago +1

    I expected an IU song.. lol what am I thinking

  • Engie
    Engie 7 days ago

    Sing to me😍

  • ᴋɪᴍʙᴇʀʟʏ ᴀɴɴᴇ

    heck yes

  • Lynsey
    Lynsey 7 days ago

    I was hoping that he'd take off his mask lol

  • Hugo garcia-jimenez
    Hugo garcia-jimenez 7 days ago

    Who’s here after the American version!

  • razil af
    razil af 7 days ago

    sounds like taeyang(?):)))

  • Unknown J
    Unknown J 7 days ago

    I may not understand what he’s singing, but it’s just so beautiful hearing it in Korean. I love jungkook and his sweet voice

  • thrice bang
    thrice bang 7 days ago


  • Navi Navi
    Navi Navi 7 days ago +1


  • Mandela Adel
    Mandela Adel 8 days ago

    its 2019, and i still watch this video and crying over his voice

  • Camille Rose
    Camille Rose 8 days ago

    I would already known it's my beloved Jeon Jungkook . His voice is so unique ... I love him so much and love his voice so much ... I love you so much Kookie ❤❤❤

  • katherine Hermoza
    katherine Hermoza 8 days ago +1

    awwww que bonita voz #jungkook😢😢😢

  • Akali Dixon
    Akali Dixon 8 days ago

    So Sad to say that Americans have botched and ruined this show

  • OP Amornn
    OP Amornn 8 days ago +1

    โอ้ย หลงรักเสียงจองกุกเลย

  • Agfa Ines Metrika
    Agfa Ines Metrika 8 days ago

    it's Jungkook!😂🙋💕💞

  • Jungkook Fan
    Jungkook Fan 8 days ago


  • honey kookie tae
    honey kookie tae 8 days ago

    Been here 100th times because of jungkook. He may not have the power as the original singers, but the emotions and sincerity in His voice makes the song unique. Sorry, but i never appreciate this song not until jk sang it. He is not just singing but he is telling a story. It's a gift how someone could make the audience listen and feel the song. You can tell upon the reactions of the audiences and the panels...

  • AStitchInTime
    AStitchInTime 8 days ago

    It's so easy to tell it's him.

  • bangtanfever
    bangtanfever 8 days ago

    The way he is holding mic! We no its our maknae♡

  • Maria Jose aguirre
    Maria Jose aguirre 8 days ago


  • Sonyeon Dans
    Sonyeon Dans 9 days ago

    Its so sweet his voice is holy❤️

  • Iqra wraich
    Iqra wraich 9 days ago

    I really need to start watching this show

  • carla Turihuano
    carla Turihuano 9 days ago


  • md rakib
    md rakib 9 days ago

    Excellent voice 😊😊😊😍😍😍

  • Army Extra
    Army Extra 9 days ago

    ...orgasmo auditivo weon...

  • Naz Naz
    Naz Naz 9 days ago

    hampir 1 tahun Jungkook

  • Aisah Aisah
    Aisah Aisah 9 days ago

    If you Jungkook 😘 :)

  • Anggia Gi
    Anggia Gi 10 days ago

    Im touched...really

  • lexy vamp
    lexy vamp 10 days ago

    It's 2019 and i still cant stop watching this

  • Yessel
    Yessel 10 days ago

    Jungkook is an angel

  • Maj Dee
    Maj Dee 10 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Aleyna Seda
    Aleyna Seda 10 days ago

    My bias V but I am so proud of our talented maknae 💜

  • Kim Ami
    Kim Ami 10 days ago


  • Intan Ayu
    Intan Ayu 10 days ago

    From Indonesia ! : Btw, gue udh tau ini suara Jungkook 😅, suaranya ketahuan bangeeeeeet 😆. Ya, kayak V lah ya, kalau ketahuan itu juga karena suaranya yg khas alias kayak berat-berat gimana gitu 😅

  • Nur Izzati
    Nur Izzati 10 days ago

    Her voice make me melting 😍

  • December 25
    December 25 10 days ago

    I love Jungkook voice

  • J Kaur
    J Kaur 10 days ago +1

    Jungkooks voice is so soft and gentleeeeee

  • Ms. Army
    Ms. Army 10 days ago +2

    3050 anyone?

  • min min
    min min 10 days ago

    Where i can watch the full video?

  • Ms. Army
    Ms. Army 10 days ago +28

    Jungkook has an unmistakable voice, so it’s easy to guess him. It would have been even easier if it was Tae’s lol. His voice is deeper than the Mariana Trench.

  • Christ James
    Christ James 10 days ago


  • Leonardo Ponce
    Leonardo Ponce 10 days ago

    Jungkook 💜💜💜

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 10 days ago

    I knew it was him before he even breathed. That’s how much I love him uwu

    BTS ARMY 10 days ago

    Jk says one word I shout jungkook!!!!

  • Potatoe Ham
    Potatoe Ham 10 days ago

    Jk- *Inhales*
    Me- wHEE Z E *_THE MAKNAE_*

  • erm sure about dat
    erm sure about dat 11 days ago

    0:32 he already knows that it's jungkook, i think he's a big fan of bangtan hehe

  • Kirsty Jones
    Kirsty Jones 11 days ago

    The vocals, AGH ARMY for life! ❤💙💚💛

  • International Play boy!

    Jungkook voice is so beautiful and calming ....
    I'm not crying....

  • Layla Krayem
    Layla Krayem 11 days ago

    Ahhhhhh jungkook stop doing this to me. It’s too much.

  • Dash Storm
    Dash Storm 11 days ago

    Omg the goosebumps will not leave