Boeing 777X Folding Wingtips First Look

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • After rolling out in March of 2019 Boeing has officially given the public its very first look at not just the 777X but also the folding wingtips in a brand new video! Today I discuss the video, entry into service date, delays and orders while sharing the footage!
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Comments • 457

  • Grummy Plays
    Grummy Plays Month ago

    Going on it

  • Alan Caldoza
    Alan Caldoza Month ago

    can this folding wing tip prevent MCAS from killing its passengers

  • your_secret_halfbrother

    Only 6 costumers 😂😂😂 that's so lame! I knew everyone would prefer the a350😀

  • lorenzoo90
    lorenzoo90 Month ago

    this being very high end cache ing?

  • Tim Yarrow
    Tim Yarrow Month ago +3

    It is a beautiful airplane. And those wings are simply gorgeous. After spending close to 28 hours on a 777-300 recently, I'm excited to see this 777x enter service.
    A question/statement for discussion: Is it possible that the 777x' folding wingtips, with all the advantages they offer, be a possible industry game-changer? I suggest that such is possible.

  • Jamie C. YW
    Jamie C. YW Month ago

    Let’s hope this plane don’t end up like 737 max

    • John Smelt
      John Smelt Month ago

      Jamie C. YW no reason why it should?????

  • jason dutton
    jason dutton Month ago

    So glad I've got a model of this aircraft

  • Jay Deshpande
    Jay Deshpande Month ago +2

    I’ll forever miss the Queen Of the Skies from the bottom of my heart when the 777x and the A350 replace the 747. 💔❤️😘😭😢

    • Adarsh Sharma
      Adarsh Sharma Month ago

      So true, but the queen will still be there in the freighter market. Hope the time never comes when she will have to be retired😥😥

  • Jim Morris
    Jim Morris Month ago

    We will introduce the GE9X engine into our shop in 2021..XEOS Aero Poland.

  • Vossler Home Movies
    Vossler Home Movies 2 months ago +6

    Looks nice but I’ll wait for the Boeing 777 XR Plus with 252gb

  • Hakuna Matata
    Hakuna Matata 2 months ago +5

    b777X or a330 neo?
    b737 max or a320 neo?

    personally, b777x and a320 neo

  • Andreas Pfitzner
    Andreas Pfitzner 2 months ago

    Hello can this idea work without problems?

  • millsathn
    millsathn 2 months ago

    Hopefully they don’t take shortcuts this time

  • hendra kartawidjaja
    hendra kartawidjaja 2 months ago

    Dont trust boeing after lion jt610 incident..
    I'm indonesian...

    • valentino Gaming experience
      valentino Gaming experience 2 months ago

      But most airlines in the world use Boeing b737 with with the highest amount compared to other models .

    ODDJOB 2 months ago

    So Boeing, you are introducing a structural weakness into the very part of the wing which controls stability......are you mad?

    • U20101954
      U20101954 2 months ago

      boeing makes fighter jets folding wings for years so i wont worry too much about it. still i dont think its a good idea to add a folding tip to airliners wing.

    ODDJOB 2 months ago

    Another stupid & unsafe development from Boeing. Don’t ask me to fly on the 777x.

  • Moss
    Moss 2 months ago

    What's the advantage of it folding though, compared to just normal winglets?

  • Luke Martin
    Luke Martin 2 months ago

    I mean doesn't Boeing want to make sure their plane can fly before working on folding wing tips?

    • Appable
      Appable 17 hours ago

      That's part of the design... you need to make sure it flies with folding wingtips because that's the flight configuration.

  • Abidin Shaik
    Abidin Shaik 2 months ago

    Do we need this fancy folding wingtips? OR it is a gimmic to show Boeing in next level of airframe design?

    • Cameron Thompson
      Cameron Thompson 2 months ago +1

      Abidin Shaik the 777X wings are too big for current airports. The folding wingtips allow for the plane to fit in current airports without reconfigurations being made at the airport.

  • Prokercher Gaming
    Prokercher Gaming 2 months ago

    Why airbus and boeing always fight over new plane 😅

  • rockzs74r
    rockzs74r 2 months ago

    Hope this is not another Max

  • Suraj Dey
    Suraj Dey 2 months ago +1

    I love the 777X I think it’s such an beautiful and elegant aircraft. The folding wing tip just looks 😍 I think that’s one of the best USP of the 777X and no other airline has it

    • Murph88
      Murph88 Month ago

      The 777 could not look anymore basic in design. Very bland.

  • jjgreek1
    jjgreek1 2 months ago

    Boeing does make beautiful planes

  • Damien Walker
    Damien Walker 2 months ago +2

    I don't know if I would describe them as breath taking.

  • Me 7989
    Me 7989 2 months ago

    I am for airbus

  • C S
    C S 2 months ago +1

    I like the 777, but this? Boeing: "let's make the wing unnecessarilly complicated with a folding wing mechanism....."
    Even the rotten FAA were sceptical of this.

  • Peizxcv
    Peizxcv 2 months ago +1

    Let’s hope it will not be the new loudest plane in the sky. 777-300ER is so loud

  • claudio ezequiel piña silva

    My favorite planes: Boeing 787 and Boeing 777

    • claudio ezequiel piña silva
      claudio ezequiel piña silva 2 months ago +1

      @ChicagoHOG27 That's right, it lacks style. unfortunately, they will only build it until the year 2021, that is, until they complete the last delivery to Emirates. Apparently it is not a very efficient aircraft, because to make it so, Emirates would have to keep more than 70% in the air and, due to the permanent technical revisions, it does not comply with this agorism. A pity, but it's like that. This news comes out on Wikepedia.

    • ChicagoHOG27
      ChicagoHOG27 2 months ago +1

      @claudio ezequiel piña silva The A380 is a marvel, but it does lack the elegance of the 747.

    • claudio ezequiel piña silva
      claudio ezequiel piña silva 2 months ago +2

      @ChicagoHOG27 Totally agree. Also the most beautiful, in my opinion is the 787. And secondly the 777. and on the contrary the ugliest the Airbus A380.

    • ChicagoHOG27
      ChicagoHOG27 2 months ago +1

      I'm a 787 fan, too. My current value plane is the 787-8. It has range, durability, seating capacity and fuel economy all at a great price-per-seat.

  • Mike Ciulini
    Mike Ciulini 2 months ago

    great intro

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago +5

    I hope this is the first Boeing with an escape button...

  • MrSolardog
    MrSolardog 2 months ago

    What do the folding wingtips do?

    • Mikeske
      Mikeske 2 months ago

      A bit of information. The reason the folding wingtips are used is the actual wingspan of the 777X is wider then the 777-200, 777-300 series aircraft, by using the folding wingtip on the 777X it allows the airlines to use the same gates at airports the the 777-200 and 777-300. The other thing is the wing is actually a new designed composite wing on the 777X.

  • Forza Universal
    Forza Universal 2 months ago

    I want to see Emirates reaction to the launch

  • MrVortem
    MrVortem 2 months ago +3

    I ll be honest, I dont like it. Yet another mechanical part prone to failure mid flight. And no, this isnt a F15 so it cant land on 1 wing

    • Appable
      Appable 18 hours ago

      ​@FrightNightHD It's mechanically locked in position during flight; if the hydraulic systems were to fail they'd stay. The wing in locked position (locked down, not lucked up) is almost certainly also qualified to full flight loads such that it wouldn't fail before the entire rest of the wing failed.

    • Aviation Is My Life
      Aviation Is My Life 2 months ago

      @FrightNightHD well it's will just stay in the position it was in when it took off.

    • FrightNightHD
      FrightNightHD 2 months ago

      It seems like a needless addition to the wing. Seems to run on hydraulics, if those fail then what happens... I hope for Boeing’s, everyone who flies the plane and my own sake that it is reliable.

    • Christopher28fair
      Christopher28fair 2 months ago

      Nah, come on... this is a relatively straight-forward design element with almost zero risk of failing, and several benefits.

  • Brang Zonghus
    Brang Zonghus 2 months ago +3

    Ahhh - the new meat grinding death trap from Boeing - can't wait to see the first one go down...barf!!

  • Jacob Payag
    Jacob Payag 2 months ago

    I think the delays are a good thing. The 777X still feels a bit too early. And not to mention, maybe Lufthansa will keep their 747-400s for a bit longer as the 777-9X would moast likely render the type useless.

  • Martin Horowitz
    Martin Horowitz 2 months ago

    The Boeing C-17 has had folding wing tips since the 90's.....

  • Nandan Patil
    Nandan Patil 2 months ago +1

    Which aircraft do you guys prefer?
    a350 or 787
    a330 or 777
    a380 or 747
    a320 or 737

    • Murph88
      Murph88 Month ago

      A340, 747, A350 and A320

    • Andrea Mendes
      Andrea Mendes 2 months ago +2

      AIRBUS all the way!!

    • fighter5583
      fighter5583 2 months ago +1

      Don't you mean A340 or 777? The 340 was the direct competitor to the 777, the A330 is more comparable to the 767.

  • Jo Eb
    Jo Eb 2 months ago +6

    Wonder if the 777X is also as terribly loud inside like the standard 777.

    • Adraelia
      Adraelia 2 months ago

      That is the best part of the 777, it’s engine sounds

  • Christopher Pace
    Christopher Pace 2 months ago

    The Boeing 777 was always a beautiful airplane and still is.....the 777X is even more "eye catching", the first time that a commercial airliner shall have "folding wing tips" and the world's largest turbofan jet engine, the GE90X!!

  • Flying Fish
    Flying Fish 2 months ago

    Let’s hope that the 777X won’t have any other problem

  • sam
    sam 2 months ago

    777-x will kick arse!

  • ItzTomas
    ItzTomas 2 months ago

    The edge of the wingtip has to be strong to handle being in the air and opening up/closing. Also the durability has to last as many crashes have been a result of durability.

    • Appable
      Appable 17 hours ago

      I can't think of a single time in history that a wing or control surface has failed due to structural fatigue on a commercial airplane.

  • William Jack Squilliam
    William Jack Squilliam 2 months ago

    3:34 press esc to exit full screen

  • John Bamforth
    John Bamforth 2 months ago

    I wonder why Boeing is releasing the -9 before the -8? It seems to me that the 777-200 planes are generally older than the -300 so would be the first that would need to be replaced.

    • fighter5583
      fighter5583 2 months ago

      The 9 has more capacity and is being made to replace aging 747s and some A380s on high density routes. The 8 has greater range, but it's better for red-eye flights or for extreme distances like Perth to London.

  • AceYoPro Senpai
    AceYoPro Senpai 2 months ago

    Lets just say it like this: Boeing is good at inventing stuff and designing aerodynamic wings while airbus uses those inventions in a slightly different way. Airbus is also not that good at making good aerodynamic wings but they have a lot of space for fuel tanks and other stuff. Boeing is basically more experienced than airbus and they are still making mistakes. Airbus did the same in the 1980s when they launched the a320. The a320 had some early crashes too like the 737-Max.

    So in coclusion:
    Boeing is now old airbus and they are recovering from it.

  • The Automaticist
    The Automaticist 2 months ago

    Only took forever.

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 2 months ago

    Nice plane, but let’s hope it’s safe

  • Mike Lee
    Mike Lee 2 months ago +2

    Modern airplanes are not designed for safety. They are designed to save money. Avoid them.

    • ChrisG-
      ChrisG- 2 months ago

      are you retarded?

  • Josh Kettley
    Josh Kettley 2 months ago

    Sucks about the 302 crash the same month but let’s hope this flies soon! Would be a sick 747 replacement and the wingtips just make it look so much more futuristic! Good things come to those who wait but I wished they’d gone with RR for the engine choice, still awesome tho 😆👌🏽

  • Tim Goodall
    Tim Goodall 2 months ago

    Good on you DJ getting the news out there. Love your work. The earlier the better for Boeing bringing out the 777x

  • Adrian Nel
    Adrian Nel 2 months ago +6

    Your videos are short,and to the point. Stick with that style,it works.

  • Karlos Sargeant
    Karlos Sargeant 2 months ago

    Yup I watched The Video with the Boeing 777-9X Wingtip Folded for the first time after seeing The Video it was Awesome I hope that Boeing will get to fly test fly them soon before the end of this year!!!!

  • Alam Kris Official
    Alam Kris Official 2 months ago +2

    Can't wait first flight this plane.....

  • firebolt4564
    firebolt4564 2 months ago

    I'm really praying & hoping that the Boeing 777 Next Generation will not suffer the same fate & disaster that the Boeing 737 MAX is going through & is a huge success for the Boeing Company, and also I really hope Boeing has really learned it's lesson with rushing their planes into service to stay on par with Airbus, and always & will always realize that safety is always & will absolutely & urgently be number one priority before profit.

  • Michael Rodeback
    Michael Rodeback 2 months ago

    I want to see the 777X in Salt Lake. Cuz that's totally going to happen.

  • christopher hennessey
    christopher hennessey 2 months ago

    What a shame about the delays.Boeing is not the same after being taken over by McDD.

    • Charles Jones
      Charles Jones 2 months ago

      delays are nothing new, even before the MD merger.

    SSJCLIFF 2 months ago

    I hope it doesnt have MCAS.....

  • frankpinmtl
    frankpinmtl 2 months ago

    I'm looking forward to the delays on the ground because of a mechanical with the moving wingtips. It's really cool and all, but I'm wondering just how necessary they are? The A380 has a 79.75m wingspan and the 777x has a 71.8m wingspan (fully extended) which folds to 64.8m. Is it really needed??

    • fighter5583
      fighter5583 2 months ago

      It's so it doesn't need to use Airbus gates because of the large span. Doing so gives the plane much more opportunities to find a gate at an airport.

    • Merlin Evseichik
      Merlin Evseichik 2 months ago +1

      Designed to work in exhisting 777 bays at the airports, Airbus bays were designed for the wingspan.

  • FallingTitan
    FallingTitan 2 months ago

    it is a beautiful. but the 737MAX oversights of using 1 sensor and no redundancies is worrisome and makes me wonder how many other small mistakes has boeing made with this all new air craft. how many lives will it take?

    • Appable
      Appable 17 hours ago

      777X is fly-by-wire with triple redundant avionics, like Airbus aircraft. If a sensor appears out of line with the others (this is very carefully defined but depends on a lot of factors regarding how the controller is set up) it is voted out and the other two sensors are used automatically. The pilot would also be notified.

      737 is not fly-by-wire (well, a few components are like spoilers, but not primary flight controls). MCAS only took input from one angle of attack sensor, so if that sensor was erroneous it had no way of detecting that and would respond appropriately to the false data but inappropriately to the actual conditions.

      Fly-by-wire aircraft are safe. Implementing features in a non-fly-by-wire aircraft that control flight envelope alongside the pilot (MCAS) is more questionable - at the very least, checking two sensors and disabling the MCAS system if they disagree is a good idea.

  • Chun Wang
    Chun Wang 2 months ago

    the delay is due to the engine, not the wingtips. The foldable wingtips are to decrease wingtip vortex so to reduce drag during cruise. They are not made for lift, so the plane can still fly without them. They have to make sure the wing structure is strengthened so there is no shearing off of the wingtips during flight, which is as unlikely as a piece of aileron or flap tearing off during flight...