The Truth About R Kelly & Aaliyah

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Ben Zand explores allegations surrounding the sex life of R&B legend R Kelly, including rumours about his relationship with late singer Aaliyah.
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Comments • 2 935

  • Ross & Jenn
    Ross & Jenn 12 hours ago

    And this white guy why is he all up in it somebody always trying to destroy these legends specially the black legends

    DAMON CLARK Day ago

    R Kelly Is Sickman

  • gia Bredicran
    gia Bredicran 2 days ago

    So ELVIS MARRIED HE'S WIFE LISA WHEN She was 14 ..and so many other Then and NOW still do .so lets not ACT brandnew . I still will Not mute R.kelly

    MINERVA SILVEN 5 days ago

    It’s all about the money parents selling their kids for money and better positions 😡Teach your kids how to be independent to have dignity respect for themselves and if you want to succeed in life hard work and dedication is the 🔑 if he was broke not famous with a regular job probably different story🤭Regardless if it was R Kelly or a regular dude please girls don’t be drag into materialistic things be yourself and have respect for your body and your life🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Ariss’s Fashion Tips
    Ariss’s Fashion Tips 6 days ago +1

    Surviving r kelly people literally revealed this. They slept together

  • BxgorJess
    BxgorJess 6 days ago

    I’m just now there any video anywhere or interview anywhere where there’s a reporter or anything of that sort asking R.Kelly w the proof in their hands that he went & married her after lying about her age, asking why did he do that?. That would be an interview worth seeing. People are asking him stuff like “have you had sex w a minor or whatever” & even if there’s video as “proof” they seem to say he’s innocent because they can’t tell it’s him or if the girl is underage. So...if they have solid proof that he married Aaliyah when she was still underage & lied about her age, why isn’t there anyone asking him why did he marry her? *scratches head*

  • j h
    j h 9 days ago

    This girl is dead let her rest in peace so all of a sudden you're want to bring this up get some real evidence against this man age of consent is 16-17 to back to our great grandparents and uncle so why going after them my grandmother said my grandfather was younger than her

  • MirrorImageOfYou
    MirrorImageOfYou 11 days ago

    My aunt was married at 15 to my uncle who was then 20. My aunt's mom signed permission for the marriage because she had got pregnant. Aaliyah didn't just run off and get married. I am sure there was a discussion with her mom/parents and she gave consent to this. Sick if it happened because there are so many other women out here of age he could have been with but still it seems legal if the parents gave the ok.

  • KN KN
    KN KN 11 days ago

    All praises to John Legend for speaking up. Shame on you Jay Z and Lady Gaga! You choose to hold your silence when you can help break this culture of abuse on young women by powerful men.

  • KN KN
    KN KN 11 days ago

    He is a sicko. I saw the sex tapes & what disturbed me was that the young girls were also enjoying the sex and pornography with him. I know they didn’t know any better, but the fact they were so into the sexual act really really bothered me.

  • Tricia Thakgalang
    Tricia Thakgalang 12 days ago

    This guy wants to talk but he won't speak🙄🤔

  • Povertyd
    Povertyd 13 days ago

    Eww that woman rubbing his weiner 🤢

  • Satins Mirage
    Satins Mirage 14 days ago


  • Damaris Sanchez
    Damaris Sanchez 16 days ago

    So because he didn't physically see R.Kelly bang Aaliyah it may not have happened? Like he said, where there's smoke there's fire. HE MARRIED HER. He is a predator and i say that bc its clear he preys on young girls bc they are easier to manipulate and control.

  • Callum Hunt
    Callum Hunt 16 days ago

    🤣 the way he says 'imma run out back👉' probably had to stop himself finishing his actual sentence 'imma run out bac real quick, i ain't looking for no mo questions off the MF POlice ya feel me mmhmm already spoke to them MFs I ain't see shiiitt' 🏃 😆 he knows so much more than he will ever say, it's clearly obvious he was complicit.

  • jo Lady
    jo Lady 20 days ago

    😂 you actually reached out to R Kelly? I must commend you for your boldness.

  • Patty Laya
    Patty Laya 20 days ago

    @3:50 dude lying he knew he was with under aged girls..he is trying to stay out of jial ans social criticism..he probably supplied the girls

  • Glorida Howell
    Glorida Howell 22 days ago

    not only is it difficult because of the women are the girls that he get the stuff to you but nobody want to take them to court where they're denying the he did these things people don't have time for stuff like that that's the county or the state is not going to help you when you are denying and then you have girl said he didn't do it to me he had to do it to me so you know don't blame the white man I wouldn't prosecute him anyway they don't have this shit together it didn't make sense what you need to do now is stop his music and I don't know why I'm saying is black people not to stick together when I do that but that's what you need to be born Kat it

  • RainbowInTheDark _7
    RainbowInTheDark _7 24 days ago

    R. Kelly has always been a pig, lol.

  • QDubb
    QDubb 25 days ago

    No loyalty at all

  • Jay Class
    Jay Class 25 days ago

    R.I.P Aaliyah

  • Graham Jnr
    Graham Jnr 26 days ago

    R.Kelly knew it was wrong, he should have done right instead of being the way he was back then.

  • Texas Texas
    Texas Texas 27 days ago

    He’s not going to rat him out!!!
    That’s his meal Ticket!!!!

  • money smith
    money smith 27 days ago +1

    Make sure y'all go interview some people who witnessed Elvis Presley marry and have sex with a minor as well

  • Michael
    Michael 28 days ago

    If Aaliyah was still alive today, I think she would have realized that she'd have to say the truth about R Kelly sooner or later, to protect other girls. I believe she would.

    • Michael
      Michael 27 days ago

      +read news Im from Europe, thats not right, the consent is between underage people, not between adult and a 14 year old u pedophile

  • brittany amos
    brittany amos 28 days ago

    I'm playing verydice and you should too! Use my Friend Code: 281046

  • Charles Salter
    Charles Salter Month ago

    This guy is a lair..just from the things he said,you can clearly he's covering for R Kelly ..he said quote "my loyalty is to the man that changed my life" ..enough said!

  • Own Opinion
    Own Opinion Month ago

    You only rest in peace ONCE! Mentioning her name doesn't mean she'll no longer rest in peace. #SMH

  • James Poe
    James Poe Month ago

    Ole Boy R. Kellys a ChoMo. Been one for years. Different climate in our society now and now he's getting dealt.

  • Reagan sel Asamani
    Reagan sel Asamani Month ago

    Wait Do u have to ask of a Girls age before having anything with her.....that little girl needs to knw she is under age

  • kafiyan Wray
    kafiyan Wray Month ago

    People will get onto R.Kelly and don’t get me wrong he is disgusting for what he’s done BUT where were her parents???She was 14/15 why was she left in the position to be played like that.

  • Phoenix Jones
    Phoenix Jones Month ago

    R. Kelly needs to pay for his crimes. . AND....Aaliyah liked older men who could help her career...all movers and shakers in the industry at the time...Jay Z, Dame Dash, DMX. Doesn't seem so naive and angelic to me.

  • Shaneisha Murray
    Shaneisha Murray Month ago

    He's still trying to protect R Kelly sad

  • Mark Spencer
    Mark Spencer Month ago

    the way some of theseyoung girl dresses ..mmmmmm they should never left the homes llike this

  • Angie P.
    Angie P. Month ago

    it's funny lol he seems high af

  • notorious neil
    notorious neil Month ago

    This man is admitting it, but also trying not to incriminate himself. He knows if he says "I witnessed R. Kelly with underage girls", that he could and would be persecuted for it by us (the public) and possibly the judicial system as an accomplice to statutory rape. He's playing both sides, and trying not to destroy his rep. Now if there were no cameras or mic's, and the questions were written down, his answers would have a whole lot more detail to them. Let's just leave it at that. We all know this man is no saint. He probably helped R. Kelly get any young woman he wanted back in the day.

  • James James
    James James Month ago +1

    I will always like R. Kelly's music

  • Darin Campbell
    Darin Campbell Month ago

    Word has it that Aaliyah was even pregnant by R. Kelly and that's some of the reason he married her! He evidentally knew that a 27 year old impreginating a 15 year old was a recipe for a lot of trouble! R. Kelly has never ceased of being a pedophile snake! He slithers around and ready to strike the next unsuspecting underage black girl he can find! I got his M.O.!

  • Alex Manuel Canizalez

    I wonder if R kelly sabotaged her plane so this shit would not ever be leaked

  • Rigden West
    Rigden West Month ago

    He just lyed then said there were young kids around r kelly..he did it..

  • London's Rock
    London's Rock Month ago

    I really don't think her death was accidental :(

  • G Wiz75
    G Wiz75 Month ago +1

    Elvis Presley and Woody Allen got away with it don't hear nobody going in on them..If you gonna talk better talk about the rest of these sick mofo that was doing the same shit..

  • headlocks76
    headlocks76 Month ago

    Cx lookin ass interviewer

  • clife komana
    clife komana Month ago

    Why are you changing what he is saying

  • clarence steward
    clarence steward Month ago

    If the paper says 18 when she married him then she was f****** a teen you can't go back and just create some age, when it's on paper that she was 18

  • Davina D
    Davina D Month ago


  • Shermz Goodz
    Shermz Goodz Month ago

    Did he just said "I think he is a pediphile "👀😱🤮

  • Brandon Boss
    Brandon Boss Month ago

    To me a pedophile is a person who is sexually attracted to an underdeveloped girl or boy. So basically 15 and under. Because biologically we are attracted to womanhood. Thicc booty, breasts. Its biology bich, cant argue wiith it.

  • Nehemiah Jones
    Nehemiah Jones Month ago

    He sick

  • RadRich
    RadRich Month ago

    This guy's a pedophile, lol.

  • Amina Ahmet
    Amina Ahmet Month ago

    Abusing a girl is very bad, regardless of her age. But it's worse when she's younger and not mature enough to understand it or to protect herself. Having said that, I still think that all these men are playing innocent and angels. EVERY man is the same way: If a girl looks physically mature then they see the body, not the age. Plus, those girls wanted to be with him despite their age and never complained about him being too old. They complained about him being abusive. Meaning, that if he wouldn't be abusive, they would stay with him. No one forced them to be with him in the first place.

  • Praise Empire
    Praise Empire Month ago


    INDLIS Month ago

    We’re dealing with another pedophile that’s even worse than rocker Gary Glitter (who also had a history of sex crimes).

  • Morenita NaTURaL
    Morenita NaTURaL Month ago

    thats disgustin

  • Morenita NaTURaL
    Morenita NaTURaL Month ago


  • Joyab77
    Joyab77 Month ago

    I guess people had forgotten about the baby she lost with R Kelly years ago when he illegally married her??? Heard that straight off of V103 radio station in Baltimore when I was a teen. My mouth dropped to the floor when I heard it! He's been a pedophile and never served time. Everyone knew but nothing changed. Shameful dirty secrets people keep and because of that; he was allowed to continue to do it to lord knows how many other children. Smh.

  • Skylar Annette
    Skylar Annette Month ago

    I wanna kick Aaliyah mama ass bro

  • Devon Patrick
    Devon Patrick Month ago

    Free up r kelly all dem women a money dem a look a true di man is a black man but God God whit r kelly

    LIFE AS SYDNEY Month ago

    i don’t think u can get the truth about R. Kelly and Aaliyah without R. Kelly and Aaliyah both being present like even her parents don’t engage in this it’s none of our business i feel like talking about her is mad disrespectful to her parents cause it’s none of our damn business we shouldn’t be using this to rare him down ... use the other shit

  • Kyra Carr
    Kyra Carr Month ago

    Proof R Kelly tried to set up Carey Kelly

  • Allandra Adams
    Allandra Adams Month ago

    Y’all heard what he said right ? “My loyalty is to someone who changed my life.” THAT right there is the problem. interesting how the people on his team let these things just happen and turn a blind eye because Robert is the boss and their meal ticket. The whole thing just makes me sick. How people could just sit back and watch these things happen and never even think to question it all. These enablers are just as bad if not worse and what’s the most sad is not even these poor young girls parents could protect them.

  • Bété You
    Bété You Month ago

    Guys image Aaliya never died and still in one of R Kelly house🥴😱

  • Bêlla Duchess
    Bêlla Duchess Month ago +15

    R. Kelly's so called right hand man is just as shady as he is. He's trying to deflect the questions and not answer them directly giving just enough of an explanation to make it seem like he's being cooperative in the interview when clearly he isn't because his loyalty to R. Kelly is more important to him than R.Kelly being held responsible and accountable for what he has done. If he was a regular person without the resources to hire a hotshot legal team they would have thrown him in prison so fast and threw away the key and he would have been essentially forgotten about but since he's famous he most likely won't be punished and if he is it'll most likely be a slap on the wrist just enough to make it look like the justice system is still working in favor of the little guy with no voice.

    • You won
      You won Month ago

      he clearly sounds like R-kelly a bit

  • Bêlla Duchess
    Bêlla Duchess Month ago +3

    Oh wow they're dressed alike! Omg and the fact that there is a falsified marriage certificate. Every time I think I have heard everything another cat falls out of the bag.

    • Sarah Plummer
      Sarah Plummer Month ago

      Bella Duchess yep let’s hope the white church officials and Hollywood devils are busted next!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️

  • Sky Darmos
    Sky Darmos Month ago

    American law is strange. In China +14 is legal. In Germany it is +16. Yet in the US it is often 17 or even 18.

  • Ken Ken Williams
    Ken Ken Williams Month ago +5

    This manager needs to Be in Prison right next to R Kelly !

  • Sharonica Robins
    Sharonica Robins Month ago +2

    Wow he just admitted that R.kelly married Aahliyah

    • Sarah Plummer
      Sarah Plummer Month ago

      Sharonica Robins I remember hearing it on my ride to school on the bus when I was a freshman. Knew something was so wrong back then. SAME with church officials and rich white men in Hollyweird. Time is up for people who screw and hurt children!!!❤️

  • Gail Becker
    Gail Becker Month ago

    I don't know why people are so surprised, older men have been molesting and having sex with underage girls for centuries. This is not new, but I am so happy the law is cracking down on it now. I don't who they are and everyone who knew R. Kelly knew he only wanted underage girls or virgins if they were of legal age. There are more girls who have been sexually abused and raped, but they are terrified to come forward because they know the legal system cannot protect them.

  • Spice chick
    Spice chick Month ago

    R Kelly is a disgrace to the entertainment business

  • Carla Pendergrast
    Carla Pendergrast Month ago

    Aalyiah didn't complain and neither did her momma. So wtf

  • Mwhite05
    Mwhite05 Month ago

    how come her parents did press charges? All of this could've been avoided

  • Crystal Sherman
    Crystal Sherman Month ago +7

    Why is he making it seem as if, R.Kelly liking Aaliyah was okay or normal?

  • Male Isac
    Male Isac Month ago

    He is such a lunatic pimp. He needs to put away 👎👎👎👎👎

  • olivia jordan
    olivia jordan Month ago


  • Archie Gardner
    Archie Gardner Month ago

    He was beating Aaliyah too he physically abused her

  • Cerone Brice
    Cerone Brice Month ago

    1st of all he analyzes what was said at the end. Inconclusive. Next!

  • X Gen
    X Gen Month ago

    I feel bad for Aaliyah, she had an extremely bright future. At least she hit the big time and experienced some success before her life was cut short.

  • Markie Harper
    Markie Harper Month ago +1

    Aaliyah had an album called age aint nothing but a number . Poor girl .

  • Carolyna Davey
    Carolyna Davey Month ago

    Rkelly could be doing all this because he lost Aaliyah...

    • Archie Gardner
      Archie Gardner Month ago

      Negative R kelly ass is wrong theres no excuse

  • _bleeding_rainbows_88

    In 1996 I was 20. I was born in 76. January. She was 17 in 1996. She was born in 1979. Shes less than 3yrs younger, or would've been.

  • Love Jesus
    Love Jesus Month ago +1

    The thing is that he asked HER parents for permission to marry AALIYAH..and Alliyah wanted to marry him also because he always been famous and he didn't look 27 yrs old back then..people say he did not kidnap her or raped her or forced her to anything...
    that the good thing is HE asked permission to her parents for them to get married...that it's not like he forced her to anything. People say that he did the right thing by asking permission to her parents for them to get married.
    That it would've of been bad if they didn't got married at all and ask no permissions to the parents for marriage and forced her to be with him and still did what married people do.
    That's what people keep saying...

  • Ch Da
    Ch Da Month ago

    Something is wrong. Smh. This is a mess. People are covering "it" up, RKelly steady denying ALL allegations, the women coming forward is getting backlash, then some people feel sorry for R Kelly, now Aaliyah's mother just want the whole thing to go away, then a lot in the black community feel this is unfair. is a mess. A MESS.

  • Ch Da
    Ch Da Month ago +1 it's a possibility that the men defending him are having some guilt themselves... I am PISSED. You can't stop it. It's been going on too long. These young women are looking older and more bold and yet they're innocent but at the same time they are doing things too early. This is a travesty. I can't imagine having a daughter (minor) and seeing grown men looking at her everywhere I go. This is CRAZY.

  • Ch Da
    Ch Da Month ago

    Hmmmm...first few seconds of the video...a lot of these men (or women) just wont admit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is VERY possible a 35 yr old man would look at 16 yr old girl. I'm sure it happens every damn day every second of the damn day

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher Month ago +4

    Weak sauce negra's like this is why R Kelley been screwin kids for as long as he has.

  • Clarence Harris
    Clarence Harris Month ago

    My man talking oytta both side of his mouth

  • thenovembersag
    thenovembersag Month ago

    This dumb ass first says hes never seen robert do anything inappropriate with young girls and in the same breath says that he had to turn 16 year olds away even if robert got mad at him and also says there was a ceremony between robert and aaliyah. Throw this dumb ass away no wonder he was friends with him hes a dummy just like robert

  • J&J Real Estate
    J&J Real Estate Month ago

    leave this man alone

  • Chima Nnadi
    Chima Nnadi Month ago

    My goodness that reporter is putting words in peoples mouths - he didnt cofirm he was at the wedding - you silly man - getting tired of this emotional journalism

  • Tiarra 1904
    Tiarra 1904 Month ago

    Look I wasn't there so I can't say that I know anything 100%. HOWEVER, this man has given us soooooo many hints and we just seem to keep ignoring them, but I digress....I'll say less I guess (this rhyme was strictly coincidental 😭).

  • Tiarra 1904
    Tiarra 1904 Month ago

    I'm sorry but what was this man Robert doing @ 0:16 to 0:20.....c'mon now.



  • SPIRIT 13
    SPIRIT 13 Month ago


  • Bryan Whiteside
    Bryan Whiteside Month ago +5

    It's funny how he says he's never seen R. Kelly with an underage girl and less than a minute later he says that a girl in the room has a big booty whether a girl is 15 or 20.He knew too. Enabler.

  • smile 4 me
    smile 4 me Month ago

  • Denise Dade
    Denise Dade Month ago +1

    He just switched up his story that quick.

  • Nene Stylez
    Nene Stylez Month ago

    He's not Pedophile he's and Ebephobiliac hes attracted to teens.

    • Ken Ken Williams
      Ken Ken Williams Month ago

      Nene Stylez thank you because people keep saying pedophile which doesn’t match what r Kelly goes after ,, R Kelly likes high school girls.

  • monixed ed
    monixed ed Month ago

    Poor baby girl you at peace now

  • Latasha Jamerson
    Latasha Jamerson Month ago

    Everyone that knew needs to go down with him everyone hell producers mangers bouncers maids parents anyone that knew this was going on needs to charged as well

  • Latasha Jamerson
    Latasha Jamerson Month ago

    First off what mother or father would allow a grown ass man to marry a 15 year old why would you even think it's ok to agree to it