"COLOR OF LOSS" - January 2018 Challenge of the Month!

  • Published on Jan 3, 2018
  • Download the Coloring Page here: www.mediafire.com/file/ao2d9wsht79g191/Apocalypse-Ghost.zip
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    DEADLINE: January 23rd 2018
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Comments • 2 093

  • Draw with Jazza
    Draw with Jazza  Year ago +508

    I hope you will all join me in welcoming Huion to our illustrious monthly challenge lineup of sponsors! For anyone who's surprised or curious about the 'behind the scenes' of this change feel free to check out the vlog (tvclip.biz/video/abWSeXEJHs4/video.html) - we're really excited to be working with Huion and have a video review of one of their best tablets coming to you soon!

    • the red Diamond
      the red Diamond Year ago

      Draw with Jazza whay you dont make a super sayan transformation plisss

    • Josh Burris
      Josh Burris Year ago

      The Derpster Games that’s what I thought

    • neko123321
      neko123321 Year ago

      Meh... I forgot about this... and I was actually gonna do it... but I guess next month >.< will be the day

    • Midnight-Storm
      Midnight-Storm Year ago

      What is an Unscouted artist and a scouted artist?

    • AutomaticArtist
      AutomaticArtist Year ago

      TA Dah what are you having trouble with?

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Year ago +1

    I NEED DAT ObNoXiOuS but CoNsIsTeNt SHIRT IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!

  • XxGingerWolf GachaXx

    Love your vids!

  • Eden Newman
    Eden Newman Year ago

    Hey guys, I would like to know what you think of my drawing, it would be much appreciated if you could go check it out on Newgrounds. Username: 3den

  • C hung
    C hung Year ago

    Even though the contest is over can I still download the page?

  • Lifemademe Paul
    Lifemademe Paul Year ago +1

    omg I have been waiting since the beginning of this year for the results to come out (bad joke..I know 😁)... but seriously when are the results coming out, I have this feeling I won something this time around! 😇

  • Gymnastics Sun
    Gymnastics Sun Year ago

    I forgot the deadline where in the 23rd i thought it where the 28th informed rePly hard on it and now no one will get to see it :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  • Árni Ólafsson
    Árni Ólafsson Year ago

    When are the results coming?

  • WhatThePotato
    WhatThePotato Year ago +1

    Guys, I don't know, but I just checked some of the entries for fun. Then I was just checking my submissions, but I couldn't find mine. I couldn't even find the entry in the 'your feeds' area. What am I supposed to do? I mean the deadline has been gone too so I can't reload or anything...

  • alanimations
    alanimations Year ago

    I hope someone makes a grayscale version of this

  • Axel Morales
    Axel Morales Year ago

    Hey Jazza, I havent been able to create an account on Newgrounds! I´ve been trying all this week long, did this only happen to me?? what could i do?

  • Cambri Jenson
    Cambri Jenson Year ago

    I can't seem to figure out how to upload art on newgrounds.com Help?

  • Kat Flores
    Kat Flores Year ago

    Aw sad I missed out. I was coloring for hours with Krita but got a bug from it and my whole computer started freaking out. :( Well good luck to everyone else. I really liked this months coloring one. Hope there is another challenge of the month like this one.

  • Annika Zomerman
    Annika Zomerman Year ago

    Omg I missed the deadline because I was studying all yesterday for my Chemistry final 😞 man standardized tests ruin everything.

  • Piyu
    Piyu Year ago

    its just yesterday
    ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff frick.

  • Amateur Strikes Again

    JAZZA, It won't let me publish it... :(

  • Olga P
    Olga P Year ago

    Entries are closed, good luck everyone!

  • KelticStar
    KelticStar Year ago

    Not sure if mine can be seen, but here is my entry if anyone wants to look:
    Good luck everyone~

  • Tirinha do Dia
    Tirinha do Dia Year ago

    I´ve coloured for three days and can not upload in the page. Gives me this message: Error!
    Sorry, you cannot join at this time. Disapointed.

  • Maya Trenow
    Maya Trenow Year ago

    I just tried to do a (super duper) late submission but it won't recognise the image attachment :(((. Guess I'll just have to wait for the next comp

  • Alli Grimes
    Alli Grimes Year ago

    Is it before the 23rd or by the end of the 23rd?

  • Anna Aria
    Anna Aria Year ago

    Oh god....hopefully by the 23rd can mean on the 23? Hopefully? Otherwise I’m screwed.

  • Art with Jimmy
    Art with Jimmy Year ago

    I submitted my entry, but my wife is working on a watercolor of the artwork, and I wanted to know what the actual cut off time is. Is it midnight in Jazza's time zone? If so, when is that in the USA?

  • Lynx Love
    Lynx Love Year ago

    PLEASE HELP!!! I can't sign up to New grounds no matter how I do it and it just says error and tells me to contact support and they haven't answered yet. Is there any other way to join the competition? *cries*

  • SleeplessSkeptic
    SleeplessSkeptic Year ago

    newgrounds says my file is too many pixels but i used the jpg he gave i dont understand and im gonna run out of time

  • Team Sarscast
    Team Sarscast Year ago

    My submission:

    • Team Sarscast
      Team Sarscast Year ago

      That happened to me too. So I used snip tool and pasted my image into newgrounds. Hope this helps

    • SleeplessSkeptic
      SleeplessSkeptic Year ago

      it says my file is too many pixels but i used the jpg he gave i dont understand

  • Bonita du Plessis

    Can I still submit my picture tomorrow?

  • Immortal Velociraptor

    I literally had one little bit left to do on this piece that I've spent this entire month on. I was so proud of it, even though I'm a beginner I did quite well. But anyways, my computer decided to turn off mid way which made krita crash and delete all my save files. I dont have time to start over. I'm so sad. 😭😭😭. Hopefully I'll have better luck next time

  • Jasmine Delorey
    Jasmine Delorey Year ago

    yes, tag it with that coloro floss guys lol

  • Krezlit
    Krezlit Year ago

    am I still able to enter this challenge, im in a different time zone, Australia is about 16 hours ahead, I still have about 11 hours until the 23rd where i am

  • Roseblossom9029
    Roseblossom9029 Year ago

    Does it need to be in before or on the 23rd

  • Catlovera1 !
    Catlovera1 ! Year ago

    I haven’t finished and the deadline is tomorrow. Ugh!

  • Sya Fika
    Sya Fika Year ago

    Please help!! I can't create an account on Newgrounds. I don't know what to do T.T

  • BengeDraws
    BengeDraws Year ago

    Got my laptop back from the repair shop I STILL HAVE TIME TO DO AN ENTRY!! So I'll be working on that in the morning!

  • John Day
    John Day Year ago

    I have an idea for a Challenge of the Month, you could have participants create a logo that represents the artist

  • mac and cheesios
    mac and cheesios Year ago

    The color of
    I I
    I I
    I __

  • Uni Uni
    Uni Uni Year ago

    I can't sign up to newgrounds because it is banned in my country 😕 Can you give any advice to what to do. I worked really hard on my piece and don't want it to become trash.

    • KelticStar
      KelticStar Year ago

      well if you want, i'd be willing to try and make and account for you. just go to my channel and click the about tab. next to the flag (under views) there should be an option to message me. once you message me we can talk about the account.

    • Uni Uni
      Uni Uni Year ago

      KelticStar First I coudn't get to the site so I tried it with VPN and got to the site but then couldn't sign up

    • KelticStar
      KelticStar Year ago

      Is it just signing up is the problem, or you can't get onto the site at all?

  • Hanne Søvik
    Hanne Søvik Year ago

    I can't seem to be able to upload mine... I can't find anything on Newgrounds that might help me.. It just says: Images may be no larger than 25000000 pixels square. The deadline is just 2 days away, and I'm really worried I might not be able to submit mine now.. Worked so hard as well.. Can anyone help me?

    • SleeplessSkeptic
      SleeplessSkeptic Year ago

      Hanne Søvik I ended up resizing my canvas but idk if that reduced the quality :/

    • Hanne Søvik
      Hanne Søvik Year ago

      I ended up having to publish a cropped version of instead then link to the original.. :/

    • SleeplessSkeptic
      SleeplessSkeptic Year ago

      having the same problem

  • Rishi G.
    Rishi G. Year ago

    Ahhhh! Just Submitted Mine!!! I am legit soooo scared. I probably won't win but at least i had loads of fun doing it!! rishig.newgrounds.com/follow go check it out!!

    • Rishi G.
      Rishi G. Year ago

      KelticStar Thanks for that

    • KelticStar
      KelticStar Year ago

      I know what you mean. Good luck in the beginner contest~ And don't give up. You never know what will happen.

  • Chad
    Chad Year ago

    i think u could have made the prize 1 or 2 (maybe 10 eheh) copic markers cuz some of us dont have a good laptop or computer..just a suggestion :)

    • Chad
      Chad Year ago

      btw i entered..mine is on page 7..if u were wondering XD ehehehehe

  • Ethan T.
    Ethan T. Year ago

    how do you submit your work in progress images!!!???

  • Jakeboy DR
    Jakeboy DR Year ago

    How do you submit to the competition

  • Jenna Wood
    Jenna Wood Year ago

    can anyone tell me if we have to include photos (thought out the process of making) of our work in this entry? I'm new to this and know we have had to in other entries but I'm not sure it was mentioned in this video.

  • TNArtist
    TNArtist Year ago

    Just uploaded my entry. It was fun. Thanks Jazza for the contest.

  • Pag no
    Pag no Year ago

    I'm so sorry for my ask,but i'm new so i don't know really well the rules .
    So I'm 14 and i become drawing one year ago.
    Where do i publish my drawing?

  • erin jimison
    erin jimison Year ago

    Finally submitted mine. It took longer then I expected since this is the first few times I've done digital art, but I had fun playing with it and learned a lot.

  • Jack Whitty
    Jack Whitty Year ago

    Hey guys, for those who did the competiton via photoshop - how did you all go about with uploading the image 16x16px? It says l've used too much pixels and l don't know how to go about with uploading it?

    • KelticStar
      KelticStar Year ago

      i had that problem as well. i used Krita (a free drawing program) to downsize it.

  • Lanie
    Lanie Year ago

    L O S S

  • Patrick992 Roblox

    look up my picture on newgrounds patrick9923.newgrounds.com/follow

  • The Pony Quake Otaku

    So does the art have to be the coloring book page you showed? Cus that's all I saw at newgrounds

  • TechniCuller Concepts

    Just uploaded my entry today... hope u see and dig it!


    Help I just finished my challenge and not sure if to put it under beginner or the other one I ended up doing digital painting which I have only done 1 other piece and other than that never used that medium

  • Raise a Glass to Freedom

    "You MUST include a link in the description of your final submission leading to a ‘mid-development’ source (image or video) showing the entry is your original creation, but DO NOT tag more than one piece of art on newgrounds (only tag your final entry, not any work in progress entry) or you WILL be disqualified"

    I'm sorry, can someone please tell me how to do this?

  • Silvitrine
    Silvitrine Year ago

    I understand that he said basically "no altering the linework" but I'm curious if changing it from solid black lineart to coloured lineart counts. You're not taking away or adding anything extra as it's still the same lineart. Can someone please answer this for me?

  • Hiro-P
    Hiro-P Year ago

    What pen that works for my laptop's touchpad?

  • SpenceBot 2000
    SpenceBot 2000 Year ago

    This is the guy that should be making those coloring sheets that you get in restaurants and doctor waiting rooms.

  • Katherine Garlock

    Okay, I'm trying to upload my entry, but it keeps saying that my image has too many pixels. I've tried resizing my picture, changing the resolution and converting the PNG file to a JPEG, but nothing is working :( Help!

    • Hec Tor
      Hec Tor Year ago

      what i did is i took a screenshot and cropped the rest out and that seemed to work. Good luck

    • Katherine Garlock
      Katherine Garlock Year ago


    • Hec Tor
      Hec Tor Year ago

      did you get it to work? because I'm having the same problem

  • Karolina Moreno
    Karolina Moreno Year ago

    We are able to use paint right?

  • Katherine Garlock

    If we are going the digital route, can we change the opacity and/or color of the line work?

  • Lily S
    Lily S Year ago

    Whenever I click download and I download it, the picture never comes out "clean" there are always pixels around the picture whenever I make edits, any one know how I can fix this?

  • Retr0
    Retr0 Year ago

    I cant enter in order to download the image it is in a zip file or something and when I try and download it says I have to BUY something in order to open it. why should i have to buy something to enter a competition

  • ParadiseofDarkness

    sta.sh/0plq4etvzyb the psd version & sta.sh/0245hqihm6vb this is the png version

  • The Defector
    The Defector Year ago +1

    Hey Jazza newgrounds keeps saying when I try to upload it that they only accept 25000000 pixels square

    • The Defector
      The Defector Year ago

      SleeplessSkeptic Gaming go to your drawing software go to size of picture make it so that it has the same dimensions when tou shrink it by like minus 300 aldo make it in pixels

    • SleeplessSkeptic
      SleeplessSkeptic Year ago

      how did you fix it? would love the help. im running out of time

    • The Defector
      The Defector Year ago

      nvr mind fixed it

    • The Defector
      The Defector Year ago

      BTW love your vids mate

  • Unsubscribed Animation

    Not to be rude, but this is very forced. It doesn't encourage creativity like your challenges should.

  • Hill ART
    Hill ART Year ago

    Starting the year off with a dark challenge but I like it haha

  • Tacos -
    Tacos - Year ago +1

    How old can you be to be in beginner category
    Is 12 young enough
    I'm pretty advanced for my age at drawing but I don't really use color pencils much

  • Chester Joseph
    Chester Joseph Year ago

    Ok...january 21st..my birthday, i get copic markers...**inhales**......

    Just don't be lazy or forget

  • DaVenci
    DaVenci Year ago +1

    I am going to lose bad! I'm sooo out of my league...


  • X1
    X1 Year ago +1

    Your videos are such an inspiration to young artists like myself, I always find myself improving after I watch one of your videos. The effort you put into your TVclip career must be exhausting, but I think we all want to thank you for sharing your spectacular talents with the community!😀

  • aCup of Tea
    aCup of Tea Year ago

    Never thought I would participate but I might try this one. Just a question can I adjust visibility of the lines? Like let's say if I paint over some lines and they get thinner or if I lower the opacity for some parts for focus ( I don't mean to delete the lines entirely bot softening them)?
    Thank you.

    • My Little Twinkie Dash
      My Little Twinkie Dash Year ago

      Yes, you can. Jazza stated that you can change the lines just don't change the details inside them, if you get what I mean.

  • Ric Drawings
    Ric Drawings Year ago

    I'm just compuse on how I uploaded my entry. Is it alright to upload on Forum Index and hash tag it with #COLOROFLOSS?

  • TwiLord
    TwiLord Year ago

    Colour o' Floss

  • vinay vancheeswaran

    How do I make an account on new ground it keeps saying I can’t join at ‘‘tis time ??

  • vinay vancheeswaran

    Is changing the colour of the black lines of he line art itself allowed ... like the black line work to like yellow ??

  • Jacktott
    Jacktott Year ago

    So if you You win the Huion you get it for free?!

  • Calista Robertson

    I've tried and tried to color it, but it won't work with my art apps, I only have mobile. 😢😠

  • Broken Wrist
    Broken Wrist Year ago +1

    jazza I am coming!

  • crowned-skulls
    crowned-skulls Year ago +3

    If I was to add minor blood in the image (example stain in the clothes, etc), would that be okay?

    • XxXAnOXxX
      XxXAnOXxX Year ago

      the official rules say "violence must be PG13 and not too gruesome" i have seen a few entries that have a bit of blood in them. i'm sure a few stains are fine

  • Crafty Jazzy
    Crafty Jazzy Year ago

    Um how do you upload to New grounds, I have never used it before and I just created my account. I am also doing this on a phone, can someone help me?

    • KelticStar
      KelticStar Year ago

      If you look at the video description, Jazza has an info page. Click on that link and it will provide all the information you need, including a video on how to upload your entry to Newgrounds.

  • Lifemademe Paul
    Lifemademe Paul Year ago

    Why are art legends entering the beginner category on new grounds? 😂

  • Angel L'Mae Roberson

    Can I request that you contribute to your own contests? Meaning that you do whatever the challenge is as well? It’d be nice to see what you come up with

  • andrew sherman
    andrew sherman Year ago

    hope someone can help me, first time entering contest. I have submitted my entry to new grounds and it comes up on my profile page, but I cant find it when I search "colourofloss" even though I tagged it. I can see other entries, is this because I'm not a scouted artist. cause I'm unscouted and want to make sure my piece can be found.

  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen Year ago

    what is scouted/unscouted?

  • Daniel Peace
    Daniel Peace Year ago

    sellout bitch

  • The Beast Gamer
    The Beast Gamer Year ago +1

    Please, please, please can you draw vaas from far cry 3BTW ur my favourite TVclipr!

  • Finnly
    Finnly Year ago

    OMFG Jazza thank you so much, that is my favorite piece from your character design sessions, I’m so happyyyyyy😭😭😭😭

  • _ SassySaucyxx _
    _ SassySaucyxx _ Year ago

    Jazz the music played during the prize section is very loud... You cant change it now obviously but maybe for the future, its kinda hard to hear you

  • _ SassySaucyxx _
    _ SassySaucyxx _ Year ago

    This is the best birthday gift I could ask for(my birthday is the 3rd)! Im so so happy this is a colouring competition cause I'm not practiced enough at drawing to have confidently competed in past challenges

  • K9bek Bekbol
    K9bek Bekbol Year ago

    we're do you buy your colour pencils Jazza

  • Lawjington Smythe

    Can someone PLEASE help me! It took me 3 days but I don't know how to upload my image on newgrounds.com do you have to sign up to the website?

  • Terry
    Terry Year ago

    can anyone help me? I want to upload my piece to newgrounds, but it says "Images may be no larger than 25000000 pixels square." and i don't know why that is or how to change it. I just saved it as PNG wihtout changing anything

    • Terry
      Terry Year ago

      nope sorry. But if you figure something out, please let me know, and I'll of course do the same. Let's hope we can do it

    • Hec Tor
      Hec Tor Year ago

      did you get it to work because I'm having the same problem

  • zar art
    zar art Year ago

    why is newground soo fucking hard to access

    • zar art
      zar art Year ago

      that's it i gave up i've been trying to sign up on newground for a dozen time,thank you 4 hosting such fun challenge, i wish i could join it

  • Daisy Olivares
    Daisy Olivares Year ago

    Can u change the color of the lineart?

  • Drew Graff
    Drew Graff Year ago

    I would enter but I don’t have the time cause I have midterms coming up...
    I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the next one though!

  • skilarbabcock
    skilarbabcock Year ago

    Pin this comment

  • redyuki121
    redyuki121 Year ago

    hope fully you can see min hope i did it right

  • Matt Tian
    Matt Tian Year ago

    I read it as Color of Floss lmao

  • Teresa Tomás
    Teresa Tomás Year ago

    I can't open the download file_ do you have a different version of it @Drawwithjazza ? :(((

    • Teresa Tomás
      Teresa Tomás Year ago

      oh damn, thanks man 🙃

    • Lifemademe Paul
      Lifemademe Paul Year ago

      Teresa Tomás it's a zip file, you have to unzip it first. Google how to unzip a file if you don't know how to do it

  • Kipper Red
    Kipper Red Year ago

    Jazza I have a question
    I am bad at art
    I try but My artworks never looks that good
    Would It be bending the rules if I were to enter the beginner category since this is the case?

    • Kipper Red
      Kipper Red Year ago

      K, Thanks for telling me

    • crowned-skulls
      crowned-skulls Year ago

      Probably anyone under 14, maybe 15.

    • Kipper Red
      Kipper Red Year ago

      But like what is the oldest age that is applicable to young?

    • crowned-skulls
      crowned-skulls Year ago

      Kipper Red Beginner category is for people who are very new to art or are very young. If either applies to you I suggest you enter in said category.

  • Emilee Brooke
    Emilee Brooke Year ago +2

    Who likes before watching??? Just Me??