Anime Mix - Legends Never Die [AMV]

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
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    Music: Legends Never Die (feat. Against the Current)
    Program: Vegas Pro 13, After Effect
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  • Lily Bear0117
    Lily Bear0117 Day ago

    All hail the king of amvs

  • GuilleGamer VA
    GuilleGamer VA Day ago

    you could have used a better scene of dragon ball 1:09

  • JusssTsk8
    JusssTsk8 2 days ago

    Its so good! Ill take another please. Its ok ill wait.

  • Bruno Z
    Bruno Z 2 days ago

    This is the best AMV that I have ever seen

  • FortnitePRO 2.0
    FortnitePRO 2.0 2 days ago +1

    Whats the Name of the Anime at 1:00

  • FortnitePRO 2.0
    FortnitePRO 2.0 2 days ago +1

    Thats the best Amv what i see in my life

  • T
    T 2 days ago

    Anime is so beautiful and so epic, but I always wondered why a lot people don’t like it or think it’s weird. A lot of these anime’s are better than most TV shows tbh.

  • karise baron
    karise baron 3 days ago

    This was perfect 😭😢😢

  • Goukens Yolo
    Goukens Yolo 3 days ago

    Goku vs jiren ?

  • Septiani Nur Hidayanti
    Septiani Nur Hidayanti 3 days ago +1

    This is so damn cool. Coolest video ever😁😁🙌

  • Afiqqs Syahid
    Afiqqs Syahid 3 days ago

    Where noragami

  • FiveInnerGates god
    FiveInnerGates god 4 days ago

    Most inspiring video ever😢😭

  • Sab Durakion
    Sab Durakion 4 days ago

    1:11 or 1:12 just after Goku's scene, which anime was it?

  • Unloyal Hoe
    Unloyal Hoe 4 days ago

    Are you religious? Then here is your god

  • Tomas Gomez
    Tomas Gomez 5 days ago

    Falto sword art

  • EcoPlays
    EcoPlays 5 days ago

    Where is the clip at 0:57 from?

  • Uveer Madho
    Uveer Madho 5 days ago

    What animes at 1:12 and at 1:20?🥺🥺

  • KAMISAMA97 Mana Vaham
    KAMISAMA97 Mana Vaham 5 days ago +1

    _All I can say_

  • Alihan A
    Alihan A 5 days ago +5

    2 years old but still legend

    Beceause legends never die

  • VinFJ
    VinFJ 5 days ago

    1:11 anime name anyone?

  • Pizza Einhorn
    Pizza Einhorn 6 days ago +1

    Legens never die...

    Why died Itachi when legends never die ????:(

    Best AMV i've ever seen 😊

    • ImThatOneGuy
      ImThatOneGuy 3 days ago

      Can i Get 1k Subs For No Reason At All. You didn’t have to be so toxic. Just let someone enjoy an amv without being so negative

    • Can i Get 1k Subs For No Reason At All.
      Can i Get 1k Subs For No Reason At All. 3 days ago

      you wanna know why.. bcz naruto fanbase is absolutely cancerous..i'm kinda glad they killed itachi in the series....

  • Lamir THE G.O.A.T
    Lamir THE G.O.A.T 6 days ago

    i know its old idga flying f

  • Lamir THE G.O.A.T
    Lamir THE G.O.A.T 6 days ago

    The edits are godly man😎

  • Dj Power
    Dj Power 6 days ago

    Whats the show with the dude with the lighter at 38

  • celeste akiza
    celeste akiza 7 days ago


  • sl1ckf0x
    sl1ckf0x 7 days ago

    The first beat drop shoulda been Minato using Rasengan on Obito while trying to defend konaha.
    I saw a Naruto amv of this and that shit was good. But otherwise it's awesome

  • Ahanaf Taher
    Ahanaf Taher 7 days ago

    Boruto is not a legend nor will be ever

  • Cassiopée bc
    Cassiopée bc 7 days ago

    Wait where is soul eater

  • ABxxD
    ABxxD 7 days ago

    01:34 😭

  • Aceshot -
    Aceshot - 7 days ago

    I got chills watching this..

  • SoonToBeFamous
    SoonToBeFamous 8 days ago

    Anime at 1:12?

  • FA3K BOi5
    FA3K BOi5 9 days ago +1

    This made me want to rewatch every anime I’ve seen

  • MQHQAWI 123
    MQHQAWI 123 9 days ago +1

    When I hear I ded THIS WAS BEST AMV EVER very nice!Very very very nice blue flash

  • Shaneal Prasad
    Shaneal Prasad 10 days ago

    No jojo

  • Haruka Chan
    Haruka Chan 10 days ago

    Rate? 100038293729737282919389228393829282937292828/10

  • Haruka Chan
    Haruka Chan 10 days ago

    I love this so much like SKEkdnddk

  • Katara 2
    Katara 2 11 days ago

    check out
    YouDMC's channel that dude got some good stuff 😎

  • DuDaDrüben
    DuDaDrüben 11 days ago

    im impressed sir, im very impressed

  • Gia Pro Gamer
    Gia Pro Gamer 11 days ago

    წარმატებები თუ ნახავ ამ კომს დამიგულე ახლა გავიგე რომ ქართველი ყოფილხარ❤️❤️❤️

  • Abhishek Kero
    Abhishek Kero 11 days ago

    Nice one

  • Pj Nrv
    Pj Nrv 11 days ago +1

    Omg!!! This is so so so soo cool!!😭😭😭 i'm crying😭😭😭

  • Tina Ballin
    Tina Ballin 12 days ago +1

    This song makes me remember when i was done with puberty

    Ps: this was the best amv ive witnessed

  • _PsychoOtaku _
    _PsychoOtaku _ 12 days ago +2

    This makes me so proud and happy to be a part of the anime community

  • Jason Maatouk
    Jason Maatouk 12 days ago

    More Tokyo ghoul??

  • OctipusPrime 5
    OctipusPrime 5 12 days ago

    anime in 1:10?

  • Varlius
    Varlius 12 days ago

    I love Noragami ♥

  • Ahmad Faour
    Ahmad Faour 12 days ago

    Goosebumps everywhere from the 1st second

  • Devin Hyams
    Devin Hyams 12 days ago


  • Anime TV
    Anime TV 12 days ago


  • Justified Arrogate
    Justified Arrogate 13 days ago

    Best. AMV. EVER

  • Infinity
    Infinity 13 days ago

    The best fucking amv ever

  • karen owais
    karen owais 14 days ago

    احلى AMV شفتو بحياتي 😍😍😍 good job 😘

  • Isaac G
    Isaac G 14 days ago

    I like how the whole last part was mostly naruto

  • Anyora
    Anyora 14 days ago

    1:11 anime?

  • Moreno Musadat
    Moreno Musadat 14 days ago

    Epic!!! Post Notification on!!

  • Soap Prod.
    Soap Prod. 14 days ago

    Best AMV I've ever seen, awesome work ! Congrats dude

  • Zeus TheFarous
    Zeus TheFarous 14 days ago

    I am such a big fan of you edits can you check mine out 🙏

  • meme team
    meme team 15 days ago

    we can never compare it that many amv's are better than this. but i must say that there is this one video, and i am strictly saying the editing is phenomenal and amazing. the anime, if you call it that, is actually not as popular as these and definitely looked down upon by the first series, ATLA- Avatar The Last Airbender. but the link of this video is here
    the video is absolutely stunning. the anime is quite great as a wonderful sequel to the first series, ATLA. i totally recommend.

  • meme team
    meme team 15 days ago

    i feel so bad for asking because i love a lot of these animes. very much the epitome of wonder and beaty and epicness. but i do not know the name of the one with the girl in pink hair and red glasses. i have seen her countless times but not sure what anime it is and would love to look into it.

  • Omar Xicor
    Omar Xicor 15 days ago

    1:19 anime please?

  • vedik gupta
    vedik gupta 15 days ago

    U a LEGEND

  • vedik gupta
    vedik gupta 15 days ago

    Dude this is some real shit man u dopee

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson 16 days ago

    Where're seven deadly sins at???

  • Christine Poe
    Christine Poe 16 days ago

    This is amazing. I screamed. And does anyone want to take the time to list the anime for me?😂💀 I know a few but I want to watch all of them!!!!

  • May Reui
    May Reui 16 days ago

    what are all the animes?

  • iFaTall
    iFaTall 16 days ago

    So it has finally a million now?
    I knew it :D
    remember watching it first time at 200.000 views xd

  • Gaming revolution
    Gaming revolution 16 days ago

    This Amv has all Mt favourite anime
    Attack on Titan
    Full metal Alchemist brotherhood
    Fate stay night unlimited blade works

  • Nagisa Furukawa
    Nagisa Furukawa 17 days ago

    Where is nagisa

  • Revati N
    Revati N 17 days ago

    i almost cried

  • aris manuel
    aris manuel 17 days ago

    Best AMV

  • Irie Mageo
    Irie Mageo 18 days ago

    I like all of the animes in here, showed all the good parts

  • Sakura Fan De Karma Akabane

    super je viens de commencé je t'invite à venir sur ma chaine et me dire ton avis bisous super boulot en tout cas

  • Xxtakensoul
    Xxtakensoul 19 days ago +1

    Actually the best

  • Over Tube
    Over Tube 20 days ago

    So nice!😍

  • Panda G0D
    Panda G0D 23 days ago

    After watching this I need to get my hands on some more anime series
    So far I only watch
    One punch man
    Seven deadly sins and
    Hopefully my hero academia

  • T. L
    T. L 24 days ago

    What’s the anime on 2:33 plz

  • praveen naik
    praveen naik 24 days ago

    this is 1 heck of amv

  • ayman moumeni
    ayman moumeni 24 days ago

    1:12 name please

  • Gamer Bar Bar
    Gamer Bar Bar 24 days ago

    I want the studio of blech make a new series from blech is a legend i know all from blech and i like the story

  • Gamer Bar Bar
    Gamer Bar Bar 24 days ago +1

    Heee.... i am cry why naruto series noy continue y i know they continue in boruto but naruto still make my heart so sad i like naruto series

  • Meet Xx_Sloth_xX
    Meet Xx_Sloth_xX 27 days ago +1

    THIS AMV IS 1000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10

  • Animatrix 2
    Animatrix 2 27 days ago

    This is the best AMV i have ever seen

  • TakiTam Polaczek
    TakiTam Polaczek 28 days ago

    where is draling in the franxx ;_;

    HANNES BESTER 28 days ago

    all the scenes match together. keep makin more anime mixes. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucas Ebben
    Lucas Ebben 28 days ago

    What anime is at 2:00 I know that in the description it shows all the anime but I don’t wanna look up every single name to find it

  • Infamous
    Infamous Month ago

    beyond perfection

  • shinigami-Xx
    shinigami-Xx Month ago

    everybody likes the song and no one plays league of legend

  • sushma tiwari
    sushma tiwari Month ago

    2:40 anime name??

  • Elvengard
    Elvengard Month ago

    2:00 name of thé anime ?

  • Bilal Khawaja
    Bilal Khawaja Month ago

    2019 ?

  • DeeDox
    DeeDox Month ago

    What are all the anime’s in here like everyone some I don’t know

  • GESTO Gamer
    GESTO Gamer Month ago

    1:59 illuminati comfirmed!!

  • hamza lovers
    hamza lovers Month ago

    Great work Bro 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥.🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥.

  • Ali osman
    Ali osman Month ago


  • N.S.H Sama
    N.S.H Sama Month ago

    J'aime vraiment la musique elle est trop belle 😍 en plus avec les anime c'est magnifique 😘😘

  • BigHausDawg
    BigHausDawg Month ago

    What was the anime at 0:50-0:52?

    • Akher Alam
      Akher Alam 27 days ago

      BigHausDawg mob psycho 100

  • Rashura
    Rashura Month ago

    0:58 What is this? A movie? :O

  • Spider _637
    Spider _637 Month ago

    jo did the amv change?