I Try DOODLE ART! - Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

  • Published on Nov 30, 2018
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Comments • 6 593

  • Maska Clientes
    Maska Clientes 4 hours ago


  • wij 22
    wij 22 Day ago

    I love the way you presented doodles 😍😍. I was doodling when I watched this video and I now feel much more motivated and inspired to continue my journey in doodling so that I can finally come out with a whole page doodle, which will be created by my own expertise (not copied from Pinterest)😹😹. Thank you so much!!.

  • Cristy Deming
    Cristy Deming Day ago

    Straight from the beginning it looks like you doodle just fine! (No immature jokes intended... Though I did giggle)

  • Leah Livingston
    Leah Livingston Day ago

    Respect to Jazza's neighbor's who continuously hear him shout "I'm an adult!" all day long. LOL

  • NachbarStein
    NachbarStein 2 days ago

    I can't help myself with the need of colouring all those shapes.

  • Jekjek Laron
    Jekjek Laron 2 days ago

    But are you an adult?

    ISABELLA MERRIGAN 5 days ago

    Is doodle a sexual joke I'm confused and don't wanna be left out b the way jazza is using it I feel like its another word for a dick

  • Kris10 Lowe
    Kris10 Lowe 5 days ago

    Doodle with jazza

  • Яков Созонтов

    Take doodle textures for characters and make epic art. Some portal, spiral thing, strong staying lion, or man with pencil or etc

  • Bkry Shadow
    Bkry Shadow 7 days ago

    That t-shirt is epic

  • Tianna Elizalde
    Tianna Elizalde 10 days ago

    I feel like jazzas vids ground me, weirdly... Like when i watch him move from left to right it calms me somehow. That printout, had i done it, i would have been all over the place. Down at the bottom, in the middle then the 2nd square. Idk why it calms me but it does. I wish there was some kind of advice/trick for me out there cuz i have like 17 projects i start then i go off to the next one

  • Alex_ PlaysRoblox
    Alex_ PlaysRoblox 10 days ago

    I can doodle art and its rlly easy and fun to do

  • Darcy Nedeljak
    Darcy Nedeljak 11 days ago

    9:50 hehe doodle

  • HappyMerLeigh
    HappyMerLeigh 12 days ago

    “After a day of playing with my doodles-“
    “...and have fun with my doodle”
    *Now, if you want to try playing with *your doodle* either with your friends or by yourself”

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 15 days ago

    For art class we had to do alot doodle like art. Art where we just let ourselves free and didn't think. She also let us doodle on a pair of shoes on our last class.
    I tend to doodle random arrangements of shapes or stupid faces. I don't tend to just make patterns. I also end up just blacking out and drawing an entire image sometimes.....

  • Nathan Games3503
    Nathan Games3503 19 days ago +1

    Do you like my doodle?

    Lol you get it or you don't
    If you don't be happy and stay that way because you are innocent VERY innocent lol

  • Tigerlone wolf
    Tigerlone wolf 21 day ago

    I don't know why he kept laughing :/

  • Mmm Bacon grease
    Mmm Bacon grease 21 day ago

    Check out vexx “mmm bacon grease sorry just eating bacon grease you want some” vexx makes doodle art

  • Hyper Faultic
    Hyper Faultic 22 days ago

    I do this all the time, except I call them more abstract than doodles

  • Susan Daniels
    Susan Daniels 22 days ago

    Oh my goodness...you sure cracked yourself with doodling. 😂

  • Krekker Recer
    Krekker Recer 24 days ago

    I remember when we had to doodle in arts class....when I draw I take ambient icclusion and reflection into consideration while shading(yes realism to that extent)...so I drew 2 lines and gave up...

  • Crispy art
    Crispy art 26 days ago +1

    just ask vexx

  • Davi Nunes Souza
    Davi Nunes Souza 27 days ago

    Vexx: what did you say.

  • Bloxy
    Bloxy 27 days ago

    I just want the work sheets tbh xD

  • Robbie Shields
    Robbie Shields 28 days ago

    Haven't watched the whole video yet so I don't know if you end up doing this but in my opinion doodles look cooler when you can intertwine the patterns with more concrete objects/characters/subject matters. Kind of like using the patterns as a background that also merges with the foreground and ties different aspects together.

  • Cow of Duty
    Cow of Duty 29 days ago

    Once you know how you will love playing with your doodle 😂

  • Leah Rodriguez
    Leah Rodriguez 29 days ago

    I’m american. I don’t understand

  • Nadine Soltau
    Nadine Soltau 29 days ago

    I know this as 'zentangle'. I have first encountered it as a therapy-skill for occupational therapy, and it is actually quite useful when working with patients with anxiety. Some people I go to class with do this during class when they are very stressed ever since we learned about it and it is amazing how much it can help!

  • Anthony Mandina
    Anthony Mandina 29 days ago

    I'm confused, what does drawing have to do with playing with yourself?

  • Tobias Pitman
    Tobias Pitman 29 days ago

    These doodles look like the zen art I learned about and tried in my art classes throughout my middle and high school years

  • Kelly Kingsbury
    Kelly Kingsbury Month ago

    so basically I was scrolling on youtube on my moms computer and found this and I watch him on my regular computer with my account but I wanted to draw and doodle while watching buuut I could not find my sketch book and found out by looking outside (by the way I have two big and I mean BIG dogs) I find you guessed it my sketchbook outside and the only thing left was scraps of my good art at I had some goooood stuff in there

  • tjQueen
    tjQueen Month ago +3

    My dog likes to draw.

    You could say he's a LabraDOODLE.

  • Gaming Mastermind
    Gaming Mastermind Month ago +1


  • MLP. Heartbreak
    MLP. Heartbreak Month ago


  • Joker
    Joker Month ago

    Doodle with Jazza or Draw with Jazza??

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Month ago

    My doodles are more stupid

  • Rosemary Valenzuela

    What the frick does doodle mean in Australia bc in America it just means a form of art

  • Paul Leonardi
    Paul Leonardi Month ago

    ROFLMAO you're hilarious buddy

  • -ineffablyflawsome
    -ineffablyflawsome Month ago

    Omg that shirt gives me life

  • 10000 subs no vids Gretchen the dog


  • Артём Маринченко

    Let out your inner doodles

  • lolo88lolo
    lolo88lolo Month ago

    Quite possibly the most beautiful doodle ever?

  • lolo88lolo
    lolo88lolo Month ago

    Quite possibly the most beautiful doodle ever?

  • Alexander Dixon
    Alexander Dixon Month ago +1


  • WereElf
    WereElf Month ago

    You are having lots of fun with your doodle, it seems xD

  • Kyle Redfern
    Kyle Redfern Month ago

    I tried skill share but everything is premium it’s sooo anyoying!!!!!! Ahhhhhh

  • Jayde Wardle
    Jayde Wardle Month ago +1

    Thanks! I deffs will be playing around with doodles now. 😂😂

    • Sophie Bruner
      Sophie Bruner Month ago

      If you want patterns you can good Zentangles, that's what this is called typically... xD

  • charlie pamer
    charlie pamer Month ago

    do a dah dah piece about brexit

  • Medium Kaffeebohnen

    ***Vexx has joined the chat***

  • Abbey J
    Abbey J Month ago

    For any non Australians: as an Aussie child the word Doodle is used instead of saying penis

  • biggy cheese
    biggy cheese Month ago

    Oh I thought I clicked on a vexx video jk

  • Sarah Whorton
    Sarah Whorton Month ago

    why did he crack up at the word doodle its just drawing?

  • Gay potato
    Gay potato Month ago

    The Scarlett Ibis anyone?

  • OH yes
    OH yes Month ago +1

    Tee he ‘doodles’

  • BOOF3R
    BOOF3R Month ago

    Such a cute little doodle 😁

  • KEX
    KEX Month ago

    Vexx better

  • Flame Productions
    Flame Productions Month ago

    Does doodle have other connotations that I am unaware of???? Is it an Australian thing??? Is it everywhere outside of the US?? ??? ??????

  • Flow Bandz
    Flow Bandz Month ago +1

    Do more of a vexx style

  • Abigail Oberhauser
    Abigail Oberhauser Month ago

    I can't be the only one who took a few minutes to figure why he was laughing about the word "doodle" cause I'm not Australian

  • Sanfa Dee
    Sanfa Dee Month ago

    Honest, this looks much more like mandala than doodles

  • zack williams
    zack williams Month ago

    My brother's nick name as a child was Doodle Bear.

  • Vicky
    Vicky Month ago

    Smoking a lot of zigaretts hee burnig site it just a little thee hee - Michael jackson

  • Allison Bracy
    Allison Bracy Month ago

    I'm waiting... I'm waiting... hum-de-dum...


  • I do stuff On youtube

    What's wrong with the word DOODLE?!?!

  • Creativity.land999
    Creativity.land999 Month ago

    Are you SURE he is an adult...

  • Shaky Prod
    Shaky Prod Month ago

    So I guess Floral Doodle smells good...

  • Gabriel Moreno Raboud

    I like his merch because it's not just plugging his channel

  • Logan Easley
    Logan Easley Month ago +2

    0:57 bruh I watched this at like 3AM and I thought that was my mom calling me and I panicked lol

  • 3d_panda
    3d_panda Month ago

    I am marveling in awe at your doodle lol

  • Unicornscanbemad
    Unicornscanbemad Month ago +3

    Other youtubers= We're just gonna *go* *with* *the* *flow*

    Jazza=hold my sharpie

    Also Jazza=basically homeschools himself about doodles*

  • DrawingByAdel YT
    DrawingByAdel YT Month ago

    please do pancake art that would be great as you are good at every. single. thing.

  • DrawingByAdel YT
    DrawingByAdel YT Month ago +1

    when his thumbnail drawings drawn in the time span of 5 minutes is better than you actual drawings you spend a day working on.

  • sonam wangdi
    sonam wangdi Month ago


  • 100HourSave
    100HourSave Month ago

    Someone had been watching PeterDraws

  • KoKoR gelir
    KoKoR gelir Month ago

    Doodles make everyone can feel they're artist, even don't include any art of them.
    (Exceptions are exist.)

  • Mario Stelzner
    Mario Stelzner Month ago


  • kim hughes
    kim hughes Month ago +1

    Jazza can even make a quick simple doodle into a masterpiece

  • LiterallyMusic
    LiterallyMusic Month ago

    Legit the only art I'm good at 😂👍

  • Sydney Gannon
    Sydney Gannon Month ago

    The ideas from my doodles are from music so I listen to music and what ever thing comes to my head I would draw it (I would listen to relaxing music not the music with words)

  • Mark Collao
    Mark Collao Month ago

    im fan here :)

  • MrMurmandramas
    MrMurmandramas Month ago

    I am not native speaker - why is Jazza so amused with this word “doodle”? Does it have something to do with “meat” euphemisms?

  • Darlisa Riggs
    Darlisa Riggs Month ago

    Check out the work of Eni Oken if you want to see some amazing use of doodles

  • L U K
    L U K Month ago

    I've never seen someone laugh about doodle

    VYBZE Month ago

    Celab with vexx

  • StartArtSmart
    StartArtSmart Month ago +1

    Do you Do Doodles, Jazza!? :)

    ...I didn't know this type of Art was called DOODLING. Because I watch "Peter Draws," every now and then. And that's what he mostly does on his channel...

    Thanks for sharing!

  • ali alqaffas
    ali alqaffas 2 months ago

    dude just look at vexxx

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 2 months ago

    I like to have fun with my doodle

  • fun every time
    fun every time 2 months ago

    Doodles = Vexx

  • Soph H
    Soph H 2 months ago +1

    Nice doodles. 10:23 reminds me of the patterns in my art therapy book

  • catkitkitycat 60
    catkitkitycat 60 2 months ago +6

    The shirt says “adult” on it...
    Can’t say doodle without laughing.

  • ThatGamer Christian
    ThatGamer Christian 2 months ago

    When jazza did his little doodle after the first class he made a zentangle doodle drawing

  • Eleana
    Eleana 2 months ago

    10:27 and 11:56 that’s what he said

  • Lisa Gaddis
    Lisa Gaddis 2 months ago

    "I hope you love my doodle" 😂🤣

  • Eleana
    Eleana 2 months ago

    I am always doodleling in school

  • Ben17ism
    Ben17ism 2 months ago

    When you need a lift,
    When you’re feeling low,
    When you wish that things could go your way,
    There’s a little gift
    Everyone should know
    Try it, and it’s sure to make your day!
    It’s called doodle, doodle, doodle!
    Doo d’doodle doo doo d'doodle doo!

  • Lisa Gaddis
    Lisa Gaddis 2 months ago +3

    He said he got a bit playful with his doodle 😂🤣

  • DragoCat Tilly
    DragoCat Tilly 2 months ago +1

    And it was today we realized that Jazza was a vampire... Jazzpire? Vamza? Idk 0:28

  • Niko Swaim
    Niko Swaim 2 months ago

    When doodling, take your own advice : RELAX! The definition of a doodle is to scribble/ draw something Absentmindedly. So just draw what immediately comes into your head without worrying about the final outcome. Doodling is about letting your mind run free and not worrying about whether it's organic or realistic. PS. Love you Jazza and your work.

    • Niko Swaim
      Niko Swaim 2 months ago

      PS. No offense, but the first attempt was a better doodle. Because you weren't following anything but you're own interpretation. The final attempt just feels like a collage of skillshare courses. PS. Still love your work.

  • Sophe de la cruz
    Sophe de la cruz 2 months ago

    Actually there r many different ways of doodling. U can do doodling in your style like doodle a scene but it is sort of liked mushed up together. The thing is I think it is better to simplify the characters like Vexx

  • Saee
    Saee 2 months ago

    why is he laughing every time he says doodle