How Video Games are Turning into Movies

  • Published on Oct 16, 2017
  • The only type of video games non-gamers can start to get into are the ones that have hyper-realistic graphics. And then they realize they aren't playing a movie and the disappointment begins to set in.
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Comments • 802

  • Draydon Werra
    Draydon Werra 18 days ago

    Somehow he is so l33t that he can play a ps4 exclusive on an xbox.

  • red fury91
    red fury91 9 months ago +1

    back in the early 80s this title would have been "How Movies are Turning into Video Games"

  • Blopa Blop
    Blopa Blop 9 months ago

    I prefer to play Pokemon Showdown to Pokemon Moon, obviously not because of the graphics, but because the game is more strategic and thus more enjoyable. Of course the graphic improvements are always enjoyable, but they are not everything to a game, they're a feature. While graphics are the part that is used for advertising, game design is what makes people stay.

  • Richard Valdes - Rasmussen

    "I can yell words at you too!"

  • ShellBoss105342 Davis

    If they do this. Do the Arkham Series. And stick to what the games did.

  • Jesus with a Side of Fries

    Grim Fandango is really good even though its kinda old, just saying.

  • Jack Melvin
    Jack Melvin Year ago +1

    One of the final episodes of Escort Mission. I'm going to miss this. Everyone go check out Small Beans @ good times continue to roll.

  • Drew
    Drew Year ago +1

    I love this so much. Do people actually have conversations with each other like this?

  • Liam Mellon
    Liam Mellon Year ago +1

    I don't know about him, but I personally will definitely sit there with my damn filth mouth and take a triceratops-sized shit on Jurassic Goddamn Park

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D Year ago

    Wow this was incredibly underwhelming. I was expecting a Vox-type video and got a shitty skit with kinda shitty acting!

  • angry reader
    angry reader Year ago

    lol Cameron's Avatar is the ultimate counterpoint to graphics being the end-goal of anything

  • astrominersix
    astrominersix Year ago

    Age of empires

  • Samantha Darling
    Samantha Darling Year ago

    I got so fucking mad about him talking about early theatre. I had a comment about video games, immersion and plots but I couldn't focus on it.

  • Harmon o'hanlon
    Harmon o'hanlon Year ago

    Norwegian death metal!

  • normandale1987
    normandale1987 Year ago

    No more escort missions :(

  • Rudy
    Rudy Year ago

    It's weird how you can't hear the fan

  • Half-Life Scientist
    Half-Life Scientist Year ago +1

    FFFFFFFFF- The graphics aren't what matter most, the story isn't what matters most either, it's the GAMEPLAY damn it! Quake has shitty graphics and little to no story, but it's still played by millions of people because the GAMEPLAY was badass!

  • Kevin Alford
    Kevin Alford Year ago

    Probably has something to do with my age at the time, but I got a lot more emotionally invested in PS1 games than I do in PS4 games.

  • The Learned Soldier

    "Norwegian Death Metal" I fucking lost it.

  • Jason Wood
    Jason Wood Year ago

    "I can argue anything. But it would just be to defy you."

  • Cameron Willson
    Cameron Willson Year ago


  • Paul
    Paul Year ago

    “Graphics will always matter” (he says with a PS4 that has 2012 specs) now we wait for the flame

  • LawnPuppy Cartoons

    *Cough cough* David Cage *Cough cough*

  • Joseph brown
    Joseph brown Year ago

    A cracked can you do a escort mission on fable

  • count783
    count783 Year ago

    Now you have to make the next escort mission in TVclip 360

  • Simply Silly
    Simply Silly Year ago +2

    Can Norwegians please not be recognized only for fucking DEATH METAL BANDS?
    I haven't seen a death metal band in YEARS!

  • Julian Price
    Julian Price Year ago

    what the heck is that dang song in the opening to these videos! it sounds like a version of the zelda fairy song or a version of twisted nerve

  • Darryl Jack
    Darryl Jack Year ago

    They just need to fuck and get it over with

  • Navid Haider
    Navid Haider Year ago

    Escort Mission is the yay! Also, newer tech doesn't invalidate older art or its critical value. This show makes me want to get a roommate.

  • Mintaholic Chaos
    Mintaholic Chaos Year ago

    The point of video games is not to have good graphics. The point of video games is to entertain a player. A bad game with good graphics is still a bad game.

  • Raymond XL
    Raymond XL Year ago

    The lighting is crap

  • Dahn
    Dahn Year ago

    You want a superb game with a wonderful story and really loveable characters, without all the bull of top spec graphics?
    Look at Thomas Was Alone.
    An extremely simple looking game, the characters are squares and rectangles of various shapes, but those characters are some of the most loveable I've ever known in a game!
    I was truly sad when I finished that game, as I would not be able to spend time with those characters any more, and I find that VERY unusual!

  • Big Cow Productions

    He should have unplugged the TV at the end lol

  • Picklepineapple
    Picklepineapple Year ago

    Madden longshot is just a movie

  • M A C
    M A C Year ago

    Hmm... I feel like this is falling into what I'll call the Jaws Fallacy. The idea that hi-def graphics are the most important thing above and beyond other stylistic choices. I'm also wondering when Broadway shows, which are heavily stylized, stopped being a thing.

  • Shabuti R18
    Shabuti R18 Year ago

    The best games are like movies. Final Fantasy, MGS, and the last of us to name a few. Its been a thing for quite sometime.

  • ouiouiouinonnonnon

    Cant see a thing

  • John Fremer
    John Fremer Year ago

    i played a video game once

  • YuKi Mekishiko
    YuKi Mekishiko Year ago

    I got here for the bromance and I stay for the interesting videogame analysis

  • reclameshit2015 2016

    I suggest your next video be called. "How spontanous conversation youtube videos are turning into scripted fake spontaneous conversation videos"(Acted facial expressions included)

  • Mike Mcglasson
    Mike Mcglasson Year ago

    It's funny because Mass Effect Andromeda is bad!

  • Timothy Reagin
    Timothy Reagin Year ago

    I like the videos with these 2 dudes

  • The Sapien
    The Sapien Year ago +1

    No, no, no, you're both more than wrong!
    Saying that video games are turning into movies is like saying board games are turning into billboards. And, if I have to explain how nonsensical... so help me I will push the red button.

  • voltronx100
    voltronx100 Year ago

    Dude, I seriously miss these guys.

  • Michael Kidd
    Michael Kidd Year ago

    These speak to me. This spoke to me.

  • MysterTal
    MysterTal Year ago

    I realize the people behind Cracked are casual gamers, if that, but even a cursory glance at Steam and some of the recent releases can defy that "theory" they put here. For several years now, Steam has become saturated with Retro-style games - mostly games using 2D graphics that look similar to the ones we've had back in the 80s and early 90s.
    "Hotline Miami", "Papers, Please", "Faster Than Light", "Moon Hunters", "Tooth and Tail", etc.
    Even some newer, bigger releases are going in a route that isn't necessarily Movie Graphics - "Cuphead" is a hit and looks entirely like an old cartoon. Two of the most popular video games, including the ones most viewed on Twitch, are "World of Warcraft" and "League of Legends" - both of which look old and dated by today's standards. "League" looks like "WarCraft 3" FFS.
    While it's true that AAA games always try to push for better graphics and that video games have been getting closer to providing a cinematic experience, smugly saying that ONLY those parts of video games are what people like about them is a bit off.
    The majority of your time on "Mass Effect" and "Dragon Age: Inquisition" is spent doing the same things you would do in games from 10-20 years ago: grinding enemies ("enemies" are still a thing in most video games), levelling up, resolving quests ("quests" are still a thing in most video games, also), trying not to bump into too many walls while figuring out how to access a certain place that might have a chest in it or something.
    Cinematic-style conversations and cutscenes are still a small part of the actual gameplay. In fact, the most popular, most viewed video games on Twitch aren't even ones that contain any kind of movie-style conversations between characters - they're multiplayer shooter games with zero dialogue. "Overwatch", "Playerunknown's Battlegrounds", "Fortnite"... And their graphics range from "kinda like a game from 2008" to "cutesy 3rd person League of Legends".

  • Theis Fischer
    Theis Fischer Year ago

    You mean Norwegian black metal ❤😊

  • ADDMcGee25
    ADDMcGee25 Year ago

    "Well, I mean, I can argue anything, but it would only be to defy you."
    My attitude in most arguments.

  • bguzewi0
    bguzewi0 Year ago

    "My face is tired." "You're not a pathfinder until you've pathfound something." God, how great was Andromeda?

  • Will Hensley
    Will Hensley Year ago

    Love this shit. You guys need another roommate?

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami Year ago

    Cracked needs more Swaim..Less 2minute videos of crap.

  • Lily Shang
    Lily Shang Year ago

    So basically this was all one big Andromeda diss...

  • donflamingo795
    donflamingo795 Year ago

    Norwegian BLACK Metal

  • Eefje Poppelaars
    Eefje Poppelaars Year ago

    Please label the Escort Mission series in the title, I don't wanna miss these

  • Arturas Karbocius

    All cinematography in video games suck even far cry made joke about that in immersive repetitive missions (Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results), all video games lost fun then you have Adrenalin rush and next day you happy with recharged batteries, all games become drag with story telling make Games fun again, movies theater is about facial expressions and performance games is about fun, quake doom, wolfenstein, all that pretentious, short scenes sucks. Video games developers have so big potentials on movement graphics and action but they all effort put on writing stories i watch first time now i just skip if possible if not possible i go into toilet just to avoid boredom.

  • Matthew McFarland

    So...y'all couldn't think of anything interesting to say about Horizon: Zero Dawn, huh? :)

  • casey stanaszek
    casey stanaszek Year ago

    Is that the original super man

  • Benjamin Filbert
    Benjamin Filbert Year ago

    Here's how it happens
    Some douche who can't play the game says, "If I can't play it, nobody shall. But how do I convince people not to play the game?"
    And then they get a bloated budget to cast a bunch of has-beens and never-will-bes to make it the stupidest garbage to come out of hollywood.

  • playstationsteve
    playstationsteve Year ago

    The only video games turned into movies that would ever interest me are
    Primal Rage
    Donkey Kong
    Pac Man
    Crash Bandicoot
    Legend of Zelda
    Castlevania Lords of Shadow
    Gears of War
    Legacy of Kain
    Prince of Persia reboot
    Those are the only video game themed movies that I would ever take part in making

  • For Mordor
    For Mordor Year ago


  • J. Kelly
    J. Kelly Year ago

    God dammit! I would have watched this two days ago if you'd given any indication that it was Escort Mission. I'm not just mindlessly clicking on every video since Jack left this place to run amok

  • Spirit Anon
    Spirit Anon Year ago

    No shit! Playing most games is more like watching a DVD that skips and you have to keep pressing play to continue. Most games are not games. It's watching a movie clip for 5 mins and then press a button and watch another 5 mins.

  • Jonathan Kruger
    Jonathan Kruger Year ago +1

    undertale has 8-bit graphics and yet its an awesome game. Also dont forget Binding of Isaac

  • toomuchbanana
    toomuchbanana Year ago


  • Goy Wonder
    Goy Wonder Year ago

    why the fuck do you bleep out a harmless word such as "Shit" but you don't have a fucking problem blaspheming my lord and saviour!!???!!WTF!!??

  • Der Absender
    Der Absender Year ago


  • reviewthis18
    reviewthis18 Year ago

    Counter argument: I found Until Dawn to be boring despite the quality voice work and great graphics. Quite simply, too much visual, not enough game play. What about Halo 2? The original graphics don't look that good, but the story was great and the game play was amazingly fun. In other words, this video is wrong, and Cracked has once again shown that they are outsiders looking in rather than actual video game fans. Just remember their video featuring their senior editor repeating Jack Thomson's core argument.

  • Steve the Spider
    Steve the Spider Year ago

    "I can argue anything, but it would just be to defy you." Me too. And my family hates it

  • Derek Wheeler
    Derek Wheeler Year ago

    *smirks* Which is why normal people never read books. Cuz you know graphics matter.

  • Bob Hills
    Bob Hills Year ago

    Damn Dan. That was a creepy outro. Lol

  • Andrew Ambrusko
    Andrew Ambrusko Year ago

    If i ever buy this game, and reach this dialouge scene, ill just leave it there and watch this video again

  • Benjamin Brooks
    Benjamin Brooks Year ago

    Buster Keaton was a brilliant actor!

  • Nathaniel Lawler
    Nathaniel Lawler Year ago

    Norway had black metal. Unkvlt plebs.

  • Timothy Perdue
    Timothy Perdue Year ago

    Honey the title of this video is about 13 years too late.

  • Thicc ness
    Thicc ness Year ago

    It all started with Metal Gear Solid 4 and we all know it

  • Noctis Musica
    Noctis Musica Year ago

    Honestly I have always thought Video Games, the big ones esp., are a level higher than movies in how immersive entertainment can be. Movies have visuals, sounds, and a story. But video games have that as well as being able to interact and even change the course of the story, in some games.

  • MrKingmeander
    MrKingmeander Year ago

    Of course, then there's the Order 1886 which wanted to be a movie way more than it wanted to be a video game and pretty much everyone thinks that game was garbage.

  • Vince
    Vince Year ago

    Games have dlc's tho

  • Lucidly Lucid
    Lucidly Lucid Year ago

    Then Cuphead came and Shoved that opinion up their asses
    also nice video ;)

  • ( . Y . )
    ( . Y . ) Year ago

    Most games are shit

  • Getalife
    Getalife Year ago +1

    Telltale games fuck off

  • Zero Fighter
    Zero Fighter Year ago

    Based solely on the title of this video, I have to say that I think they should have put this out about thirteen years ago at the absolute latest. Seriously. Metal Gear Solid, StarFox, Ocarina of Time, BattleTanx, Hybrid Heaven...; these games all came out in the 1990s, and they were all basically interactive movies. By the time we entered the New Millennium, it was expected that a video game emulate movies, particularly with its cutscenes.

  • Coophack6584
    Coophack6584 Year ago

    Click Bait

  • Chas Gulley
    Chas Gulley Year ago

    As someone who prioritizes gameplay, the n00b actually makes a pretty good point here. However, I think that because games involve the player using decisions and reactions graphics are far less important in games than they are in movies.

  • Doman
    Doman Year ago

    Not Nintendo

  • World to Win
    World to Win Year ago

    Moot? That's a reference to O'Brian's show!

  • Strong Chad
    Strong Chad Year ago

    Does youtube just fucking handpick what they want on trending? 200,000 views in 2 days is not top 50 trending worthy... ContentCop getting 10 million views in like 2 days didnt get trending at all... crooked ass website

  • Ad
    Ad Year ago

    Graphics _do_ matter. They've always mattered and always will. But good graphics (computer graphics which are pleasing to look at) doesn't necessitate realism. The games mentioned at 1:19 are all examples of that, and there are countless more.

  • LAmal Bush
    LAmal Bush Year ago

    I saw The Artist and I raised my hand.

  • waterbomb12habrs
    waterbomb12habrs Year ago

    You stupid games where already movies you can play for the next time I have

  • 1Rekuiem
    1Rekuiem Year ago

    yea fuck citizen kane that movie has bad graphics.

  • Rooks Channel
    Rooks Channel Year ago

    Art style > graphics
    I think 1080p is best with 60FPS

  • Drosta Dorianin
    Drosta Dorianin Year ago

    People who think graphics are the end goal of gaming probably play a lot of CoD. Dudebros, in other words.

  • Willie Whopper
    Willie Whopper Year ago

    There is a such thing as too many cut scenes. My favorite game producers is Bethesda and rockstar

  • Berkeley Pickell
    Berkeley Pickell Year ago

    YES! Grim Fandango was amazing. graphics focus has ruined so many games

  • Blingchachink
    Blingchachink Year ago

    i want to cut that guys carotid

  • JadenK
    JadenK Year ago

    Depth and intricacy do not define good art. This video has a terrible message.

  • A. Lynch
    A. Lynch Year ago

    Hey Gravity, did you see this yet? Awesome web series Hey Sam, did you see this yet? Awesome:

  • xCRUNCHB1T3x
    xCRUNCHB1T3x Year ago

    I wonder how good a movie could be if it was halo tho?

  • TeamSesh97
    TeamSesh97 Year ago

    I thought this video was gonna show examples n stats n shit not some stupid as skit that i dont give a fuck about