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Solve Mysteries with Detective Pikachu!

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Get ready to tackle cases in Detective Pikachu, coming to the Nintendo 3DS family of systems in spring 2018! With this tough-talking, coffee-drinking, one-of-a-kind Pikachu by your side, you can talk to witnesses, hunt for clues, and uncover the secrets of Ryme City. Visit our site for more details:
    Official site:
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  • FriedRice2009
    FriedRice2009 26 minutes ago

    Why is this happening?

  • Veerle Heirman
    Veerle Heirman Hour ago


    LE0NSKA 5 hours ago


  • Shadowofdakness Infurnus

    Am just gonna say he's so smart he can the other 20 pokemon

  • Katy Lee
    Katy Lee 6 hours ago

    Down vote for not danny

  • Creator of Twisted Valley

    Boss Baby meets Pokemon.

  • Ida Kao
    Ida Kao 12 hours ago


  • _Grilled_Cheeze_Gamer_ XL

    So gonna get this game

  • matistis
    matistis 13 hours ago

    This seems like a terrible knockoff game... except it’s not a knockoff game.

  • Bre's way to entertain you:)

    Well this shows promise... let’s hope it doesn’t suck xD

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 15 hours ago

    This should be a comedy movie

  • Glass of Milk
    Glass of Milk 16 hours ago

    Why would to make Pikachu's in the most recent Pokémon movie feminine if you're just going to switch it back in this game? Also, why his Pikachu's voice feminine in the first place? According to his tail, it would be an inward curve in the middle of the tail if it was female, like a heart.

  • StarBlazer
    StarBlazer 16 hours ago

    I would never be able to imagine Pikachu with a Danny DeVito voice.

  • kevin Rodriguez
    kevin Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    What makes this pikachu soo special that he can talk???

  • The Sneaky Meowth
    The Sneaky Meowth 16 hours ago

    i f e e l u n c o m f o r t a b l e

  • Darrick Fraise
    Darrick Fraise 17 hours ago

    Pikachu, you can talk!

  • Flaming Doritos
    Flaming Doritos 17 hours ago +1

    Heavy Rain but its pokemon

  • Cameron Donald
    Cameron Donald 18 hours ago

    Instead of the next generation of the pokemon franchise on the switch we get this

    • Nhat Anh Hoang
      Nhat Anh Hoang 9 hours ago

      Cameron Donald this was released in Japan two years ago

  • Samjamhawkeye Gaming
    Samjamhawkeye Gaming 18 hours ago

    Man they need to work on switch titles for Pokemon now 😂

  • Rodolfo Rodriguez
    Rodolfo Rodriguez 18 hours ago

    Pokemon Noire

  • Jim Jurkowski
    Jim Jurkowski 19 hours ago

    No Devito, no thanks.

  • Lord Sodoff
    Lord Sodoff 19 hours ago

    This Pikachu sounds like Alex Jones.

  • TheSleepingFallen
    TheSleepingFallen 19 hours ago

    The starting music.......sign me up

  • jesse shaftoe
    jesse shaftoe 20 hours ago

    pahaha those graphics though

  • Spade F.
    Spade F. 21 hour ago

    qte in a pokemon game

  • Ryan Weaver
    Ryan Weaver 21 hour ago

    Mickey mouse

  • Gage The Ground Dweller

    Can we cancel the entirety of March 2018 please?

  • Elionin
    Elionin 21 hour ago


  • Alvinsland2 and figge plays


  • Space Octopus7
    Space Octopus7 23 hours ago

    I think the deep man voice for pikachu is to much

  • MrSpoko
    MrSpoko 23 hours ago

    bad graphic

  • Jason ジェーソン West ウェスト

    "Why does Minccino keep looking at me like that?"

  • 777Roxen
    777Roxen Day ago

    Is that Kaiji Tang?

  • ifer lyf
    ifer lyf Day ago

    What a weird concept... I like it :)

  • can I get 100 subs
    can I get 100 subs Day ago +1

    La norie: special pikachu edition

  • Grenite Knight
    Grenite Knight Day ago

    Is it gen 6 or 7

  • Errington
    Errington Day ago

    No thanks, Gamefreak.

  • Michelle Ang
    Michelle Ang Day ago

    0:40 hey don't boss me around best line
    Why at the intro pikachu is so cute XD

    TAZIMO Day ago

    3ds? awww this would have been a cute lets play for my channel :( Ahh well XD Game still looks fun

  • Daniel Pope
    Daniel Pope Day ago


  • Nimbull
    Nimbull Day ago

    0:46 is that lumiose city?

  • Captain scrapper Of the Bermuda pirates

    Maybe they could try have pikachu voice a little higher.

  • Kumail S.
    Kumail S. Day ago +1

    Pokemon + Ace Attorney = ^•^

  • Kumail S.
    Kumail S. Day ago +1

    For where is Looker in this

  • Kumail S.
    Kumail S. Day ago +1

    "Ketchup Stain Print"
    *Pikachu slowly liccs*

  • mr spider6145
    mr spider6145 Day ago

    00:58 WHAT THE did the guy just cuss

  • KEY International Academy

    . He was the only one who could

  • Dr. Kirbz
    Dr. Kirbz Day ago

    Question, what console?

    Im hopeing 3ds.

    • Tessa Bain
      Tessa Bain Day ago

      The game is only on 3DS just as the box art at the end shows...

  • IlIBytesIlI
    IlIBytesIlI Day ago


  • ALittleOff
    ALittleOff Day ago +1



    When memes come true

  • Desert Fokx
    Desert Fokx Day ago

    Anyone else think Pikachu sounds like Owain from Fire Emblem Awakening?

  • Me Me Big boy
    Me Me Big boy Day ago

    to be completely honest, i’m not sure if i’m comfortable with a deep-voiced-hard-core pikachu

  • Chris Delaney
    Chris Delaney Day ago

    Reminds me of the TED and Mark Whalberg relationship.

    DSFII Day ago +1

    L.A. Noire, pokemon edition

  • SlowZetta
    SlowZetta Day ago

    5/10, not Danny DeVito

  • Tomas1O1
    Tomas1O1 Day ago

    Oh no he talks..

  • XDescendants LoverX

    Pikachu sound like Ted the teddy bear

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie Day ago

    Detective Pikachu needs to lay off the cigs man...

  • Attack Helicopter

    A small mouse who drinks coffee ventures to save the world with a small child who was the power of a mewtwo to solve some mysterious that don’t matter.

  • Jen ni
    Jen ni Day ago

    What is thiiiis

  • bbq sause
    bbq sause Day ago

    What is this?

  • TheZealousBanjo
    TheZealousBanjo Day ago

    *looks around uncomfortably*

  • Kitty Cupcakes
    Kitty Cupcakes Day ago

    Wait Pikachu talks?

  • coli7330 coli7330

    Shut up and take my money! I wonder if this will end up a Pokemon Phoenix wright

  • John Harris
    John Harris Day ago

    The only mystery I want to solve with Pikachu is where Pokemon switch is at

  • Curlamus Asomus
    Curlamus Asomus Day ago

    The new Phoenix Wright game is looking great.

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez Day ago +1

    Uh this doesnt feel. Like a pokemon game

    • stwbmc98
      stwbmc98 Hour ago

      Bryan Lopez It’s a spin-off. It can be whatever it wants to be.

  • AcademicEndeavor

    wrong hat if you're going for a hardboiled pikachu imo

  • Danielle Pluzsik

    Danny DeVito it is not, but Turbo it is. Pikachu's not the TRESHMAN, but he wishes he was fast.

  • Fleetway Sonic
    Fleetway Sonic Day ago

    This is the most jarring voice I have ever heard out of a pikachu

  • Alnaw Elnaw
    Alnaw Elnaw Day ago

    I can tell that based on somewhere in the US

  • Person on the Internet

    May I ask one more question?

    Who came up with this?
    I mean, I’ll still buy it, but it reminds me of the voice control pikachu game

  • Tikoblocks
    Tikoblocks Day ago

    “I’m the brains, and you are lame”

  • hopeonelove
    hopeonelove Day ago

    Dude! the video game companies are going to kill my wallet, man.

  • akila wickramaratna


  • Dimensional
    Dimensional Day ago

    I’m fine with this as long as it’s not the only Pokémon game announced this year lol.

  • rattyeely
    rattyeely Day ago

    Finally, an English release!

  • Carter Teresi
    Carter Teresi Day ago +1

    I feel like I’m playing a Phoenix Wright game

  • ShermTank7272
    ShermTank7272 Day ago

    Is that.... THE GREAT OWAIN DARK??

  • Nire Myhoney
    Nire Myhoney Day ago

    Seems great but.... do we have to be a male? I think you should let us chose which gender to be if you hadn't added that in

    • Sigils, ETHEC.
      Sigils, ETHEC. Day ago

      It's not an RPG. You're not meant to be playing you or whoever you want. You're playing Tim, living Tim's story.

  • Nicole Graham
    Nicole Graham Day ago childhood doesn’t like this 😕

  • Damon Hill
    Damon Hill Day ago

    Jiraiya ... is that you???

  • Wander5101
    Wander5101 Day ago

    This seems like a parody of Sherlock Holmes, if I had a 3DS, COUNT ME IN!

  • ian lamm
    ian lamm Day ago

    "So we heard the fans, you want more of that plot from the post game of XY, so we made a Pokemon game where you're a detective with a talking Pikachu played by stock New Yorker #1792 instead of getting you someone you really like like Danny DeVito" no, Game Freak, what made you think this is what we want? We have plenty of puzzle games on the market, stop localizing these niche Pokemon titles and give us something we want to play.

  • Samir Malick
    Samir Malick Day ago

    At least we get another game this year... Right?

  • Philip Grantham
    Philip Grantham Day ago +1

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • Ratical Mattoply
    Ratical Mattoply Day ago +2

    Kind of cringe tbh..

    • Lalo Garcia
      Lalo Garcia Day ago

      Ratical Mattoply Said the guy who has Roblox videos in his channel

  • Sir Kel
    Sir Kel Day ago

    Pikachu = Seth Rogan

  • Theonlythinghere

    I love this

  • Robert Tenayuca
    Robert Tenayuca Day ago

    This game is going to be good.

  • Oliver Feinstein

    I'm only going to get this game so I can hear the voice acting...

  • MCMi460Gaming
    MCMi460Gaming Day ago

    I actually might buy this.

  • Rusticabcd
    Rusticabcd Day ago +2

    Unfortunately it was Ryan Reynolds, but I'm just going to pretend it's Danny Devito.

  • Katie Gaming
    Katie Gaming Day ago

    March What

  • saltcontainer
    saltcontainer Day ago +1

    so wait we got a detective pikachu that talks and is in a realistic setting.
    Nintendo bless you

  • David Bannister
    David Bannister Day ago

    That's not Danny devito

  • Copy Pasta
    Copy Pasta Day ago


  • Unbraced Rat
    Unbraced Rat Day ago

    This is just such a meme I love it

  • Joannes Silmaro
    Joannes Silmaro Day ago