MovieBob Reviews: ANNIHILATION (2018)


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  • Stephen Brizie
    Stephen Brizie 4 days ago

    Spoiler about the establishing shot that Bob may be referring to.

    If you're talking about the tattoo, it is paid off. Chronologically the tattoo isn't on the biologist at the beginning. It manifests person to person as they change. It was on the soldier the 11th expedition did the bad thing to, then it was on the on the arm of the medic, it first appeared, it started as a bruise on the biologists arm (re-watch the paddling scene), then close to the end of the movie the symbol of our capacity for self destruction/consumption (Ouroboros) is on the arm of the biologist before she does the bad thing to the biologist. Nifty visual through line. I have no idea how that would be done as well in a book without being too obnoxiously in your face. Time to read!

  • George Kranovich
    George Kranovich 7 days ago

    It's the ouroboros tattoo, right?

  • AkuTenshiiZero
    AkuTenshiiZero 12 days ago

    Who knew that writing highbrow sci-fi was as easy as ripping off HP Lovecraft?
    The narrative style of following clues left by a prior investigation gone awry is a play right out of Lovecraft's book. "The Color Out of Space" is LITERALLY out of his book, and is extremely similar right down to the idea of alien colors mutating the landscape. The fact this eludes so many people is goddam infuriating.

  • Jean Leon Gerome
    Jean Leon Gerome 17 days ago

    I thought it sucked. Stilted acting (and not in the good Bresson kind of way), boring action scenes, and a plot that's just gibberish, not "meditative". I honestly can't believe that this is the same writer as Dredd, one of leanest, meanest scripts I've ever seen in a movie.

  • ProjectThunderclaw
    ProjectThunderclaw 3 months ago

    I'm still trying to figure out why people keep calling this movie "smart".
    I mean presumably it's a matter of differing life experience, but the point is that all I saw was a decent but bog-standard action movie that sprinkled in a few well-worn sci-fi horror tropes for flavor. I Never felt like it was making a point beyond "wow, look at that! Isn't that crazy?"

  • Adam K. K. Figueira
    Adam K. K. Figueira 8 months ago

    You refer to Lisa Frank a lot. Never without cause, but it makes me smile.

  • alaster boneman
    alaster boneman 9 months ago

    my main problem with the film is that mutant alien thingy could have being dealt with but a fucking hell fire strike missile strike or sending some people in to the zone wearing some space suits or at lest offer some protect from the mutant alien thingy that's causing the mutation and a fucking flare gun. the people in this unieverse are made of stupid including our main leads. come on guys you could have at lest discussed the obbturn of haxmat suits

  • Matt G
    Matt G 9 months ago +1

    I followed and enjoyed ex machina, and i like to think of myself as "a thinking man" and i definitely enjoy sci fi, but the actual ending in the light house lost me.

  • Toi O'Kelly
    Toi O'Kelly 9 months ago

    Looks interesting.😊

  • Orion Magus
    Orion Magus 9 months ago +1

    I feel like the movie you described was not the movie I watched. I like sci fi and this was a waste of my time. At least you kept your politics out of this review. Thanks for that.

    • Luzi Fearson
      Luzi Fearson 11 days ago

      This, wished he could do his unbiased pre-Trump reviews again. Everything 'divers' or 'all female' is an instant 3/4 for him and as an non american thats anoying

  • Patrick Chole
    Patrick Chole 9 months ago

    The sound design for that fawwwking bear man.😳 β€œhaaaaallllp meeeee...”

  • karmigero
    karmigero 9 months ago

    The book Annihilation definitively reminded me of the book Solaris

  • nd4spd
    nd4spd 9 months ago

    One of the best directors working today.

  • Wandering Oryx
    Wandering Oryx 9 months ago

    Simone did Ex Machina years ago. Its nothing new

  • ToruKun1
    ToruKun1 9 months ago

    Nice to see Jane Foster and Valkyrie palling around

  • William Bud Latanville
    William Bud Latanville 10 months ago

    I'd like to venture the argument that this (and the novel) aren't Science fiction, per se, but being to the Weird genre.
    Thus I'm not expecting a neat resolution as much as I'm expecting atmosphere, texture, ideas, and probably dread...

  • Cyril
    Cyril 10 months ago

    Great film but they really should have left the tattoo to tell the final plot twist and left it more open than the showing the audience the eye flicker- don’t make an intelligent sci-fi film and then cater to the idiots at the end.

  • B Birdwhistell
    B Birdwhistell 10 months ago +2

    Am I the only who felt that this movie seemed...hollow? I watched it. I liked parts of it. I see what it was trying to do, but I never cared. The characters were never developed enough for Garland's themes to shine through with any real meaning and the overly slow, mostly pointless plot digressions are not excusable when all of your characters have one trait that basically serves as a Chekhov's gun for what will happen to them. The cast are all really trying but Garland, despite being known as a screenwriter first and foremost, seems to have left the writing at home in exchange for cinematic trickery and philosophical allusions. I didn't hate it by any means, but the amount of praise I think its getting seems a little overblown.

    • Luzi Fearson
      Luzi Fearson 11 days ago

      My very thought. It was alright, the bear scene was thrilling AF to me but the characters where all shallow. Would have worked better without the love / drama part

  • Obscene Vegetable Matter
    Obscene Vegetable Matter 10 months ago +2

    Just watched it. There is a word that should have been in every review of Annihilation, but seems to be lacking: Lovecraftian. This is more a modern take on big scale, epic cosmic horror than sci-fi. And it kind of blew me away.

  • Mr.13
    Mr.13 10 months ago

    Bob, mind if I ask a question regarding your film preference?
    Well quality is clearly at the top of your list of values in regards to cinema, I've noted that you seem to favor allegory as social commentary over narrative as philosophical parable.
    Am I wrong?

  • ImmaChiaotzu1
    ImmaChiaotzu1 10 months ago

    Why was this movie released on Netflix? It deserved more. At least The Nice Guys was released near Captain America: Civil War and Baby Driver next to Spider Man Bombing. Why not put it in cinemas?

  • David Vaughan
    David Vaughan 10 months ago

    Went and saw this blind just now.
    Other than a few individual scenes, I honestly thought it was pretty bad. A lot of it was visually cool, and there were 2 or 3 individual scenes (the bear and the fight at the end) that were were great on their own, but pretty much anything to do with the actual story, characters, dialogue, etc, was either super cliche or total nonsense. I really wouldn't call this a "smart" movie.

  • Noble Einherjar
    Noble Einherjar 10 months ago +5

    What was the visual detail that got a few too many establishing shots? I just saw this movie and now it's driving me crazy that I can't figure out what it is.

    • Nicholas Wright
      Nicholas Wright 10 days ago

      Just finished it There's an ourobouros, a snake eating its own tail, twisted into the infinity symbol. We see in on Anya after the first bear attack, and on Lena after Josie walks away.

    • nd4spd
      nd4spd 9 months ago +1

      Pretty sure /I've/ seen it more recently than you lol. But yeah, multiple characters have it, it just kind of inexplicably appears. There might even be moments where it disappears, which would mean a chronology decision? I honestly don't remember either... :p
      Just, noticed it, went 'huh... detail...', and forgot it was in the movie until now.

    • Timothy Streasick
      Timothy Streasick 9 months ago

      This is pure speculation on my part (I saw the movie, like, three weeks ago and so parts are a bit fuzzy at the moment), but as I recall she didn't have the tattoo during any of the flashbacks/narrative she's telling the military, but the camera keeps cutting to it during the interrogation. It's kind of hammering home that she's definitively changed somehow (whether by being an alien or...something) during the frame story. I could be wrong, but I also vaguely recall that someone else had that tattoo during the movie.
      Ready and willing to be called out by someone who's seen the movie more recently than I have, though.

    • nd4spd
      nd4spd 9 months ago

      Yeah but what does that detail mean anyway?

    • Timothy Streasick
      Timothy Streasick 10 months ago +4

      I'm wagering a guess at the tattoo on her arm.

  • orvil grunmeier
    orvil grunmeier 10 months ago +6

    Natalie Portman's character is the only one that seems to have any military training. She is the only one with any sort of gun training and the sole character with any shred of discipline. So I would say calling them a squad of black ops scientists would be wrong, only one of them is military, regardless of what the movie says.

    • Nicholas Wright
      Nicholas Wright 10 days ago

      Black ops doesn't mean supersoldiers, it means hidden budgets for covert work. The whole Southern Reach operation was classified and covert, so they were a black ops team.

    • Adam Labonte
      Adam Labonte 10 months ago +1

      I'm pretty sure Thoresen was also military trained, right? In the film at least?

  • Dennis Kristos
    Dennis Kristos 10 months ago

    Where did you get the AIP tee-shirt? I want one.

  • Grevlain
    Grevlain 10 months ago

    I'm not entirely sure how Bob breaths during his 1000 word dialogue strings. Odd. Impressive.

  • Lauren Pion
    Lauren Pion 10 months ago +2

    In each world there is a lighthouse...

  • Will Mullican
    Will Mullican 10 months ago +2

    Just saw the movie, and I'd love to see a follow-up to this where you unpack some points you made, spoilers included. For example I'm curious which repetitive "visual detail" you were referring to and what it was meant to impart. I tend to enjoy your analysis of theme and how they manifest themselves in the plot, so I'd be curious what you felt the movie had to say about life and love, etc, as they relate to that theme.

    • Vincent Bullock
      Vincent Bullock 7 months ago

      Unicronsupreme aha. I only noticed the obvious one but at least now I know why It was there.

    • Unicronsupreme
      Unicronsupreme 10 months ago +2

      I'm pretty sure that he means the infinity tattoo that shows up on 3 different characters throughout the film.

    • Adam Labonte
      Adam Labonte 10 months ago

      Yes I came to the comments wondering about this too

  • acerimmer2000
    acerimmer2000 10 months ago

    It's skipping cinemas here in the UK and straight to Netflix.

    • Mike Holguin
      Mike Holguin 10 months ago

      acerimmer2000 as it should. It was terrible tbh.

  • Dennis Bratland
    Dennis Bratland 10 months ago

    Ex Machina isn't robots, but sexy. It's film noir, but robots.

    • Dennis Bratland
      Dennis Bratland 9 days ago

      +GammaWALLE film noir /ˌfilm ˈnwÀr/ noun: a style or genre of cinematographic film marked by a mood of pessimism, fatalism, and menace. Ex Machina pessimistic? Yes. Fatalistic? Yes. Menace? Yes.
      The premise: a rich guy hires an investigator to snoop on his wife, whom he treats like a piece of property. He thinks she is might be unfaithful. In reality he's planning on killing her and is manipulating her and the detective. Like in the Big Sleep, when Philip Marlowe is summoned to the mansion of General Sternwood to investigate his daughter, but his other daugther tells Marlowe the General has other motives?
      Or Vertigo? Where the rich guy hires a detective to see if his wife is in danger but in reality he's manipulating the detective in a plot to kill his wife?
      Eddie Muller: β€œIf a private eye is hired by an old geezer to prove his wife’s cheating on him and the shamus discovers long-buried family secrets and solves a couple of murders before returning to his lonely office - that’s detective fiction. If the same private eye gets seduced by the geezer’s wife, kills the old coot for her, gets double-crossed by his lover and ends up shot to death by his old partner from the police force - I can say with complete assurance: you are wallowing in NOIR."
      Ex Machina is a paint-by-numbers noir put in a cool new context. It's excellent, but it does not deviate from the template of its forbears.

    • GammaWALLE
      GammaWALLE 5 months ago

      Dennis Bratland how so?

  • DrownedInExile
    DrownedInExile 10 months ago

    All I heard was H.R. Giger. Yup I'll be checking it out :)

  • Myrth1
    Myrth1 10 months ago

    Before I even start watching it - let me guess, the ending fucking sucks and feels like something from completely different movie slapped to Annihilation's final 5-10 minutes.
    Garland has a very distinctive problem with endings of his movies, especially when left alone with them and they always turn into slasher territory out of fucking nowhere, usually spoiling otherwise brilliant movies (Sunshine, Ex_Machina)

  • Kohhna Dearg
    Kohhna Dearg 10 months ago +1

    Tarkovsky, Ken Russell, Alan Moore... *drops everything*

  • Arvid P.
    Arvid P. 10 months ago

    That sounds totally up my alley! And it's directly on Netflix? Alright then, I'll wait until it's available and give it a go.

  • Eric Booker
    Eric Booker 10 months ago +2

    No movie is "purposefully designed to be divisive". They want to make money with budgets like this.

  • Jay Morrison
    Jay Morrison 10 months ago

    See, I saw it and Imminently thought "Sooo its H.P Lovecrafts 'The Colour out of Space". Space rock, weird alien fungi, messing with local flaura and fauna, indescribable alien?

  • Monique Pihl
    Monique Pihl 10 months ago +1

    I adore VanderMeer’s novels so I was hoping this movie was going to be decent, or at least not horrible. Glad to hear it’s pretty okay. Probably going to check it out now :p

  • Eat Pork
    Eat Pork 10 months ago

    All female Black ops team? That premise is kind of silly.

    • Huntrain Partrain
      Huntrain Partrain 10 months ago

      Don't worry they were dumb, dropping guns and bags everywhere

    • Eat Pork
      Eat Pork 10 months ago

      Keenan Bartlome Trigger warning.

    • Keenan Bartlome
      Keenan Bartlome 10 months ago +1

      Eat Pork not in the context of the movie dumbass.

  • Hanibal Channiblo
    Hanibal Channiblo 10 months ago

    I need to watch this

  • Jason Hayes
    Jason Hayes 10 months ago +1

    I was really looking forward to this...until paramount decided only the US get to see this in cinemas, the rest of the world have to make do with Netflix (and i don't have netflix, i have a cinema pass so i can see big, gorgeous looking films as they were meant to be a cinema) so i'll have to pass on this now. Not that there's nothing to watch, I, Tonya and Lady Bird just came out over here.

  • Stone Kidman
    Stone Kidman 10 months ago

    it says netflix march 12th, is it coming out on there in only a couple weeks?

  • Revanaught
    Revanaught 10 months ago

    I like the sound of almost everything I heard except for Ex Machina (which I honestly didn't like. Didn't think it was bad or anything, I just didn't think it was anywhere as good as everyone else seems to think).
    Also mildly hesitant about the numerous times Bob specified all female strike team. I don't have a problem with an all female cast, or all female leads, or whatever else, though I do have a problem with pandering bullshit. All woman lead for its own sake rather than for an actual narrative reason or because they seemed like the best actors for the roles (an example of this being done badly, Ghostbusters 2016. All female leads for no other reason than to have all female leads). It didn't sound like that's the case from the description, which is why I'm only mildly hesitant, but Bob mentioning it numerous times does make me hesitant.

    • Revanaught
      Revanaught 10 months ago

      Keenan Bartlome Fantastic. :)

    • Keenan Bartlome
      Keenan Bartlome 10 months ago +2

      Revanaught in the context of the movie it isn’t forced.

  • Night Porter
    Night Porter 10 months ago +1

    Looks like SCP: The Movie

  • vazak11
    vazak11 10 months ago

    Sounds neat!

  • Blake Kreitner
    Blake Kreitner 10 months ago

    Dude spoilers!! Give some warning next time.

  • Cm Mosher
    Cm Mosher 10 months ago

    So it's the book but it is still good.

  • tcoren1
    tcoren1 10 months ago

    Sounds like SMT strange journey

  • J. C.
    J. C. 10 months ago +7

    I like that movie better when it was called Evolution.

    • Luzi Fearson
      Luzi Fearson 11 days ago

      clever comment is clever

    • Tskmaster
      Tskmaster 6 months ago

      That's the movie I was thinking about! "A little HP Lovecraft, a little Stephen King" but there was a movie that had this same premise of "excursion into sudden local alien evolution"...oh, it's right there, isn't' it?

  • James Callaghan
    James Callaghan 10 months ago +16

    "Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper designed by H.R. Giger" sold me instantly.

  • Brendan Berry
    Brendan Berry 10 months ago +1

    I don't mind saying your reviews are generally the only ones that I'm interested in anymore. Actually, forget generally, they are literally the only ones that I care about.

  • David Stumpfl
    David Stumpfl 10 months ago

    "A Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper if designed by H.R. Geiger." I love that description.

  • sjhmagic1
    sjhmagic1 10 months ago

    i'm sorry, i can't see any of these women being battle harded anything. I guess they couldn't get Charlize Theron.

    • clariola
      clariola 10 months ago

      sjhmagic1 ironically this movie reminded me a lot of astronauts wife. One of her earlier movies.

  • WDKaze
    WDKaze 10 months ago +20

    A special squad of badass women fighting a grotesque force festering in the heart of the U.S. trying to cover up it's horror with lights and pretty colors...... Wait is this a documentary???

    • GammaWALLE
      GammaWALLE 5 months ago

      β€œtrying to cover up its horror with lights and pretty colors”?
      i don’t get it.

  • Bill Peel
    Bill Peel 10 months ago +1

    I've been looking foeward to this for ages, because Annihilation is such a good book, but it doesn't even have a theatrical release in Australia.

  • Sharles Davis Kendy
    Sharles Davis Kendy 10 months ago

    I was really upset when I found out this wasn’t a Marvel Annihilation movie... *sighs*

  • doran stewart stewart
    doran stewart stewart 10 months ago


  • OnpointomnipotentIIl
    OnpointomnipotentIIl 10 months ago

    What does bob mean by Solaris school?

    • theoriginalsache
      theoriginalsache 10 months ago +1

      It's the same sub-genre of sci-fi as "Solaris" and Bob specifically references the first movie adaptation from 70's.

  • NicolΓ‘s Delgadillo
    NicolΓ‘s Delgadillo 10 months ago

    One of my top anticipated movies of the year. Pretty excited to put out my own review tomorrow.

  • TheOneWhoMightBe
    TheOneWhoMightBe 10 months ago +9

    You had me at "gun-toting lady scientists".

  • Louis Duarte
    Louis Duarte 10 months ago

    Wait, what "certain video games" did Bob mean in his opening?

  • Amazingsloth
    Amazingsloth 10 months ago

    Hope by 'thinking person's scifi' it's not like Ex Machina in that the whole premise turns on Isaac Asimov never having written the 3 laws.

    • Mark Antill
      Mark Antill 10 months ago +1

      Amazingsloth that makes no sense at all, you know robots in Asimov's stories only followed those laws because that's how they were built (and there even were some exceptions to that) in that fictional setting with their positronic brains. Those aren't a real thing any AI we make is probably based of neural networks that are trained not programmed so it would follow what it learnt from its training.

    • Android 19
      Android 19 10 months ago +4

      Are... you saying that Ex Machina is a bad movie because it doesn't follow the rules of a completely different universe?

  • Chris Helton
    Chris Helton 10 months ago +4

    Bob I can’t agree with you more what an awesome time to live in for movies, all my geeky childhood fantasies are being brought to life expanded upon etc if I have to live through the end of the world well hopefully we can finish the new Star Wars movies and infinity wars I’ll be content

  • Michael Keenan
    Michael Keenan 10 months ago +24

    Who gave a giant mutated alligator a machine gun?!

    • Batzarro
      Batzarro 10 months ago

      Michael Keenan It's America.

    • TheOneWhoMightBe
      TheOneWhoMightBe 10 months ago +8

      The only thing that can stop a bad mutated alligator with a gun is a good mutated alligator with a gun.

    • Louis Duarte
      Louis Duarte 10 months ago +6

      Dr. Evil? After he attached frikkin' laser beams to the heads of sharks and mutated, ill-tempered sea bass.

    • Popo Bawa
      Popo Bawa 10 months ago +14

      That would be the Nuclear Reptile Association

  • Nelumbo Nucifera
    Nelumbo Nucifera 10 months ago

    VanderMeer claims neither Roadside Picnic nor Tarkovsky's Stalker were influences. How is that even possible?

    • Popo Bawa
      Popo Bawa 10 months ago +3

      It is possible that those works have had enough decades to steep into popular awareness without most being aware of the source. For example, my kids surely knew about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video games before I told them about Tarkovsky and Strugatsky - assuming that they even remember what I told them. "Eerie abandoned place getting weird" has become a trope of its own.

  • Anthony Hoffman
    Anthony Hoffman 10 months ago

    The opening for these videos are cringingly awful.

    • Keenan Bartlome
      Keenan Bartlome 10 months ago

      Anthony Hoffman I thought this one was pretty good.

  • TheCreepypro
    TheCreepypro 10 months ago

    love me a good scifi movie let's go!

  • Jo Pearson
    Jo Pearson 10 months ago

    Sounds exactly like my sort of thing. Will watch tonight!

  • Daycow045
    Daycow045 10 months ago

    That guy above your right shoulder seems to approve. I'll watch it!

  • Gavin Erickson
    Gavin Erickson 10 months ago

    This is good,wtf?

  • Piorn
    Piorn 10 months ago

    Won't come to german cinemas. :(

  • Unfeathered
    Unfeathered 10 months ago

    This sounds really cool the way Bob describes it, and a recommendation from him is usually enough for me. But a lot of the other descriptions I've read and heard...not so much. And I didn't enjoy the book - mainly because I didn't enjoy the character of The Biologist - but that's on me. I think I'll wait [Edit] Oh. Netflix. Hmm.

  • Joshua Price
    Joshua Price 10 months ago +56

    "What if robot but sexy" is going to be the way I recommend Ex Machina to my friends from now on.

  • Death Alchemist
    Death Alchemist 10 months ago

    So how loose an adaptation we talking?

  • El John
    El John 10 months ago

    Ex Machina was overrated. Come at me.

    • blksbth1
      blksbth1 10 months ago

      +El John
      I actually LOVED Ex Machina but not going to "come at you". I'd rather just leave it at "I respect your opinion even if we disagree". It also doesn't hurt that I can see how people might have been underwhelmed, but for whatever reason it hit all the right notes for me. And at the expense of the following being the slightest of spoilers (alert!) I felt the ending in particular was especially chilling. A friend of mine argued that it could, on a level, serve as a (distant) prequel to Blade Runner. A bit of a stretch, admittedly, but I can see it. Sort of.

    • Keenan Bartlome
      Keenan Bartlome 10 months ago

      I fail to see how β€œrobot but sexy” can be anything but underrated.

    • Penny Gadget
      Penny Gadget 10 months ago

      El John nah, it felt like a 45 minute anthology series script stretched to feature length and Oscar Isaac's character was the only element they bothered to flesh out in response to the longer running time. I was underwhelmed after hearing such good things

    • El John
      El John 10 months ago +2

      Nick Stevens lol you just had to comment

    • Nick Stevens
      Nick Stevens 10 months ago

      El John I might if I'd seen it.

  • Kuanhung Chen
    Kuanhung Chen 10 months ago +35

    I feel so bad about this film, opening a week after Black Panther.
    In my local theater, they have 30 showings of Black Panther this Saturday, only 4 for Annihilation. There is no way this movie will be profitable. I hope the disc sales will be good.

    • Inuheishi
      Inuheishi 9 months ago

      Jason Lasica i agree

    • Jason Lasica
      Jason Lasica 10 months ago +8

      It doesn't help it's going straight to Netflix 17 days after it opened, and only we and China are going to even get theatrical screenings in the entire world. This is absolutely something that should be experienced on the theatrical screen.

  • HadesWTF
    HadesWTF 10 months ago

    So if I liked Ex Machina, I'll dig it probably. Okay.

  • KABOB kabob
    KABOB kabob 10 months ago +29

    It's like a less ambiguous Stalker with a hint of Carpenter/Cronenberg. Enjoyed it a lot.

    • KABOB kabob
      KABOB kabob 10 months ago

      DerMoerpler I loved the first and last 45mins of Stalker but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a tedious experience overall

    • Tim
      Tim 10 months ago

      Same for me. I really wish I could enjoy Tarkovsky more because his movies seem interesting and unique and the camera work is great, but they are just too long and "artsy" (I hate to use that word) for my taste. It's really a shame that Annihilation is not shown in theaters in my country.

    • zomg1337h4x
      zomg1337h4x 10 months ago

      Agreed. The first thing I thought when I walked out of the theater was "Oh boy, a version of Stalker I can watch!" ... I just don't have the patience for Russian cinema.

    • Tim
      Tim 10 months ago +3

      I wasn't sure if this movie would be something I have to watch, but that description sold me

    • Obscene Vegetable Matter
      Obscene Vegetable Matter 10 months ago +3

      That sounds excellent. It's been a must see for me since the first trailer dropped.

  • Jackson Bockus
    Jackson Bockus 10 months ago +80

    β€œLisa Frank trapper-keeper designed by H.R. Giger” could be a poster quote.

    • Philip kelton
      Philip kelton 10 months ago

      big H.R. Giger fan here ... the image bob show...doesn't look like H.R. Giger work.. his work was more about the fears of over industrialization. industrial machines fusion with organic things that look kind of sick ...not pure organic stuff that looks echo friendly

    • N. L. G.
      N. L. G. 10 months ago +5

      Jackson Bockus I'm gonna have to catch this once it's available for rent/on Netflix, because that's the ideal aesthetic, tbh.

  • Akron162
    Akron162 10 months ago

    You only liked this movie because its female led. Be honest. We all now how much of an stupid SJW you are.

    • Keenan Bartlome
      Keenan Bartlome 10 months ago

      Did you even watch this video? He clearly states why he likes it.

    • clariola
      clariola 10 months ago +1


    • Angeloyo Jones
      Angeloyo Jones 10 months ago

      Akron162 what does this have anything to do with sjw?

    • Popo Bawa
      Popo Bawa 10 months ago +2

      I like your ego, because it's female-led.

    • Tissan Young
      Tissan Young 10 months ago +7

      Russo Wintergreen Nice b8 mate.

  • wratched
    wratched 10 months ago +8

    2:01 until he mentioned Tarkovsky. I'm sorry but the Stalker vibes off this are a bit hard to miss

    • bad question
      bad question 10 months ago

      But in Lovecraft, the horror was deliberate. The aliens wanted us to be scared, wanted our worship. Strugatsky brothers showed accidental or at least dubious horror. That's why it's called "Roadside picnic". What for us is horrifying and planet changing, for aliens is a pleasant picnic in backwater part of the galaxy.

    • Whym
      Whym 10 months ago +5

      Lovecraft's "The Color Out of Space", for one.

    • Nelumbo Nucifera
      Nelumbo Nucifera 10 months ago

      Jo, do you have some other examples of the trope?

    • Jo Pearson
      Jo Pearson 10 months ago +4

      Stalker isn't the most original sci-fi concept however. Stalker is merely one of the better known iterations of a particular trope in Sci-Fi (i.e. an alien/other changing a once-familiar landscape into something different aor horrifying).
      You could even argue that the trope is even older than that, stemming from earlier Gothic Horror.

    • happybluedog
      happybluedog 10 months ago

      A nu cheeki breeki iv damke.

  • azamonra
    azamonra 10 months ago

    Reminds me of a not on fire version of the Dark Eden area in Legacy of Kain so I'll give it a shot for the reason alone.

  • Kings and Generals
    Kings and Generals 10 months ago +59

    I got Annihilation ad from TVclip prior to the video. Incephilation? Annihinception?

  • dontrestyourhead
    dontrestyourhead 10 months ago +10

    An incredible trilogy of books, really hope that I end up liking the film.

    • Halscion
      Halscion 9 months ago

      it's nothing like the trilogy. it's less based on the trilogy as much as it's inspired by it. by itself it's a pretty great movie, it just has utterly nothing to do with the books. unfortunately that kept me from enjoy it properly.

  • Copydot
    Copydot 10 months ago +1

    The first book in this series was excellent. The other two...not so much. They felt padded out and unnecessary. I think the story will benefit greatly by being condensed into a single film.

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley 10 months ago +52

    "...agrees to join the exposition (sic)..."
    Sometimes, Bob, your slips are as good as your scripts.

  • RobotShlomo
    RobotShlomo 10 months ago +27

    I know suspension of disbelief is a big part of movie going, but I'm not buying Natalie Portman as a "battle hardened" anything.

    • Jaspaul Sandhu
      Jaspaul Sandhu 10 months ago +1

      For sure. Military training isn't some hulk-out kind of exercise. Most of it is high tier fitness training, so military women end up still having their core figure with a bit more muscle tone, and maybe a small bit more bulk, but it doesn't magically turn them into square-shouldered boxes.
      Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman, after all, DID serve in the Israeli Defense Forces, and she's slender and toned, not bulky.

    • FerociousPaul
      FerociousPaul 10 months ago +2

      I wish I still had it but there was an imgur post comparing women in service in and out of uniform. A lot of them are a lot more feminine and dainty than you'd expect.

    • Jaspaul Sandhu
      Jaspaul Sandhu 10 months ago

      Portman never served in the Israeli Army. It's not required unless you live in Israel. Although she was born in Israel, her family emigrated when she was a little kid, so military service was not mandatory for her, and she's technically exempt unless she decides to volunteer.

    • Floyd Zoyd
      Floyd Zoyd 10 months ago +1

      But you did buy battle hardened Schwarzenegger even though both have equal amounts of actual military experience

    • clariola
      clariola 10 months ago +8

      She sold it. I was surprised. Maybe it's because she's a mom now.

  • dragonkingofthestars
    dragonkingofthestars 10 months ago +1

    "geeger"? that's how your pronounce his name?

    • Arvid P.
      Arvid P. 10 months ago +2

      Yes, though I'm surprised Bob nailed that considering how he usually pronounces "Villeneuve". ;-)

    • Thrumbolt the Great
      Thrumbolt the Great 10 months ago +1

      As a Swiss person, Guy-ger highy amuses me lol But no, it's definitely Geeger.

    • TheOneWhoMightBe
      TheOneWhoMightBe 10 months ago


    • Batzarro
      Batzarro 10 months ago

      Giger please.

    • Copydot
      Copydot 10 months ago +1

      gee-ger like the painter, guy-ger like the counter :D

  • Phil Dog
    Phil Dog 10 months ago +18

    "All Female"
    Shit. You should have lead with that. Stopped the review right there. I am sold. Watch the rest once I've seen the movie.

    • GammaWALLE
      GammaWALLE 5 months ago

      jskrabac does this mean that dead or alive: beach volleyball is leftist propaganda?

    • jskrabac
      jskrabac 9 months ago

      It was such a solid flick. I'll bite, why do you like all female lead casts?

    • Phil Dog
      Phil Dog 9 months ago +1

      Or maybe I just like movies with lots of women in them? Just a thought.
      Also, dude. Take a fucking chill pill. Don't get triggered every time a guy says he likes having women in movies. You look like a jackass.

    • jskrabac
      jskrabac 10 months ago +3

      Phil Dog 🀣 Virtue signal harder, hermano.

  • IronBahamut
    IronBahamut 10 months ago +107

    Surely letting aliens taking over the southern US is a win-win situation?

    • GammaWALLE
      GammaWALLE 5 months ago

      blksbth1 empathy is a two-way street, which the south’s culture has a pretty fucking terrible historical track record of not having.
      and while it’s not fair to pin the sins of the father on the son, the son in this case has decided to glorify his insufferable cur of a father, and has adamantly refused to not make the same mistakes.
      The south continues to indulge and politically empower the racists and homophobes, so the rest of america will continue to indulge in using you as a punching bag to vent our left-leaning frustrations.

    • Fox Mulder
      Fox Mulder 9 months ago

      Isn't that the plot of Scarface?

    • Greg T
      Greg T 10 months ago


    • blksbth1
      blksbth1 10 months ago

      Agreed. Just piling on something hardly qualifies as a joke, but even then I'd give it a pass if that those engaged in doing so would be just as ok with me (or anyone else) doing so when it comes to groups they hold in high esteem (the south obviously NOT being one of them). And unfortunately I highly suspect that wouldn't be the case. Like I said, it's gotten very selective these days with a whole lot of "well, it's ok for us to make fun of this group but it's NOT ok for you to make fun of this other group" going on. Because you know full well that if I, or you, or anyone else were to have jumped on those "what if" groups I mentioned in my last, we would have been met with an altogether far more serious hand-slap along the lines of my original post...which is why I decided to (jokingly) flip the script. And I'm willing to bet those that were so quick to pile on the south probably didn't fine THAT very humorous, even from a self-aware "ok, I see what you did there" perspective. Because I find that critical lens RARELY gets turned the other way within those circles.
      And in all honestly a bit of my original post definitely stemmed from me having just endured an hour-plus "pile on" against one of my favorite TVclip content providers at the hands of one of my all-time favorite podcast groups (me apparently being the extremely uncommon fan of both) where the podcast kept congratulating themselves on "dunking" on this one particular individual...when, to your point, said "dunking" was nothing but mean-spirited put-downs that showcased an almost non-existent understanding or familiarity with that person's views, work, etc. They mainly just assumed that, because they didn't see eye-to-eye with him on a handful of things, that he was garbage and his content sucked and his followers were the worst types of people imaginable and blah blah blah. It honestly pained me to listen to it because a) they clearly had no idea what they were talking about and b) said provider actually invited them to hash it out in person, which they refused, citing the most petty of reasons and c) it was the first time I saw a group of people who I've revered for years, turn ugly - and I mean REALLY ugly - just because on a couple of matters they disagreed with this individual. They, who brought a smile to my face and have made me laugh out loud more times than I could possibly count, mainly because their core strength has always been in talking about stuff we all have in common - movies we like, TV shows we watch, games we play - and enjoy...or not so much, offering ripe (and warranted) jabs on stuff that has fallen short, if not flat-out sucked. And even if and when I'd disagree, they've always at least framed their position from a place of knowledge, making it impossible for me to argue their stance. "Well I liked that thing but I can see their point" and all that. So to see that same team go full-on nasty, displaying more collective vitriol then I ever thought them capable of, aimed directly at someone they clearly had no interest in engaging with or even remotely understanding, for well over an hour, ultimately landing on "and if you like this guy then you are garbage too", well, to say I felt like I had been kicked in the head repeatedly by some of my closest friends is an understatement. And for what? So they on some juvenile level could feel superior to this person, even though they weren't able to tackle any of his positions head on, let alone speak to why he felt the way he does in those regards? And to equate just bad mouthing an individual on the basis of next-to-nothing to "dunking" on him? Sorry but doesn't "dunking" on someone require you to basically outmaneuver their defenses and get the equivalent of a good, clean hit on them? You know, the type of thing that would leave that person's jaw hanging in a "man, you really got me there, I have to admit" type response? To me, that's "dunking"...and they hadn't displayed a single instance of that once in well over an hour, despite self-congratulating themselves on doing just that repeatedly. It wasn't funny, it was just mean, because the (so often lost) point of humor is that there's usually an element of truth to it.
      ...and to that end, is the south ripe for teasing? Certainly! But to your point, just running on "fuck the south, amiright?" is just lazy humor, let alone highly exclusive in nature. It assumes that you're already in on the joke (also to your point of "no punchline provided"), whereas the best humor out there is the type that makes EVERYONE laugh, those on the receiving end included. But nowadays people are all to quick to laugh at others that they perceive as worthy of ridicule...without really understanding them in the first place...while at the same time seemingly wholly incapable of laughing when the cross hairs are turned on them. And nothing spells out "well, then there wasn't really much humor there in the first place, was there?" more than that.
      Sorry for the lengthy rant and thanks for your reply. And to anyone reading this who took part in that "let's pile on the south" but agree with these points, again, you're not the problem. It's those that can dish it out but can't take it and/or have no real understanding of, or appreciation for, the target in the first place that I'm lambasting, Bob being VERY guilty in that regard quite often. Because, taking the south for example, I don't hail from the south myself but I have many relatives there and while they can be quite odd (in my opinion), and therefore worthy of some ridicule, at the end of the day I respect them and appreciate what they do bring to the table...and I imagine they could say very much the same about my Yank ass as well.

    • ArmyOfWalrus
      ArmyOfWalrus 10 months ago

      Agreed, no joke should be off limits and people shouldn't be easily offended. I think the difference is a joke would have an actual set up, which is why Bill Hicks can make a joke about Arizona Bay after LA falls into the ocean. There's not much of joke saying "Hey, fuck the south! Amirite?"

  • castlewise
    castlewise 10 months ago +22

    I'm getting Arrival vibes off of this.

    • nd4spd
      nd4spd 9 months ago

      I actually thought while watching that it would be a great double feature with Arrival.

    • Alexander Case
      Alexander Case 10 months ago +1

      NerdA Itami: [*Tracking Shots through the window of a rusted out car to view the meme, which you thought you were looking from the POV of*]

    • NerdA Itami
      NerdA Itami 10 months ago

      Alexander Case

    • Alexander Case
      Alexander Case 10 months ago +5

      I was gonna say that I was getting Roadside Picnic/Stalker vibes myself.

  • kamenkewl
    kamenkewl 10 months ago +8

    Huh, i saw the trailer and thought it looked kind of awful...kinda glad to hear theres more to it than what the trailer makes it look like

  • davidalex565
    davidalex565 10 months ago +1

    I hated the book... Don't know how they turned it into a movie... nothing really happens in the book.. you can sum up everything in a few sentences and more or less know everything that happened in the book...

  • Darrick Beitinger
    Darrick Beitinger 10 months ago +3

    Wait, is this movie gonna be on Netflix?...

    • Ph@tMantv
      Ph@tMantv 10 months ago

      Popo Bawa This is why America hates foreigners😜

    • Popo Bawa
      Popo Bawa 10 months ago

      I am not going to wait.

    • El John
      El John 10 months ago +2

      Outside the US so I can't wait to watch this without paying for a cinema ticket

    • godofdun
      godofdun 10 months ago +2

      If you're outside of the US, Canada or China yes.

    • simonegreco
      simonegreco 10 months ago


  • Lee Hazell
    Lee Hazell 10 months ago +2

    I was really expecting this to be the 2018 entry of that list you made for your birthday.

  • Ricky Hart
    Ricky Hart 10 months ago +1

    First ;)