Thurman Law:Domestic Violence

  • Published on Feb 24, 2012
  • Domestic Violence Is Still Taking People Lives Today.But The Thurman Law Was Set In Place Back In Late 80's Early 90's.Lets Put A Stop To Domestic Violence.
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Comments • 18

  • Yvonne Buckland
    Yvonne Buckland Month ago

    Why not no pics of him buck eh ??

  • karen lovett
    karen lovett Year ago

    She's still beautiful. I know abuse first hand. I'm no less beautiful and no less a woman. I have to add to my comment..... That son of a bitch beat me on a daily basis for 7 and a half years. I have burn scars on my legs, my nose has been broken 5 times. I was luckier than Tracy. When I left, he left me alone, maybe because several states seperated us, but he left me alone.

    • Afrojoe Da Wookie
      Afrojoe Da Wookie  Year ago

      karen lovett i know a girl who was in a 11 year abuse.she was abuse and rape.she left her abusive ex-boyfriend.but she still has sex with her abusive ex-boyfriend.she won't leave him alone.she keeps asking for a good man but she over looks a good man causs of his color and her still having sex with her abusive ex-boyfriend and she send nudes to other guys

  • D H
    D H Year ago

    Also nothing has changed. Women are still being abused, every second of everyday. Especial y on game day. I volunteer sat a shelter, and on game day usually at night, we get so many kids and women, we have to send them to another shelter in a different county. Because we don't have room. We got kids and there mommas sleeping hallways, computer room. It makes you sick, when you go home at night, knowing what they have been through.

  • D H
    D H Year ago +1

    Because no matter how many times you try to, and they just show, don't mean shit. When the police get involved they don't give a shit. I lived throng this , left me with a busted ear drum, can't use my right arm, swooling eyes, and stabbed in right shoulder, and lower back. and guess what? they let him out of jail, because his parents make a shit load amount of money. Is uncle was his attorney. And he gets custody of my children. I have to live on nightmares, take meds., and that is his defense. I'm not not fit to care of my kids because of him. he is fit, but I'm not. I guess that is how the system works..

    • D H
      D H Year ago +1

      Thank You Tyesha McCoy. I will pray for you as well. God Bless You.

    • Tyesha McCoy
      Tyesha McCoy Year ago

      D H smh well I will b praying for you immensely dont give up

    • D H
      D H Year ago +1

      Thank you for your concern, but he is a mason, and his family is rich. There were things I didn't know about him until after my kids were taken. I have a court appointed lawyer who is trying to help me. I don't have the money to get them back right now, but I will never give up. I know God will help me. Also his cousin was in prison for 3 years, for almost killing a black man. He is a racist pig. When you meet someone they don't tell you that they are a child molester, or a woman beater etc.. It's not until they have you under control.

    • Tyesha McCoy
      Tyesha McCoy Year ago

      D H if I knew you id help u kidnapp them and move to a different country hope u get your babies back

  • Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts 3 years ago

    Thanks for bringing attention to this issue. Great commentary.

  • Indian sage
    Indian sage 3 years ago

    I'm sorry for Tracy,but I dont feel sorry for her,she should've lefted bucks sicki retarded ass along time ago,but no her ass kepted going back to buck are you kidding me,she lucky she ain't dead,I'm sorry I could never be with a man who beats me,even if he loses his temper yelling at me I'm out the door,every relationship I've had with guys not one of them hit me,one tried but he didn't thank god,yes the police was wrong to,but Tracy kept going back like other women,then those men got ya'll asses in the hospital bed almost dying but yall thought they would change,I dont feel sorry for battered women because they know better,I feel sorry when kids involved in that dumb ass shit,if he hit you once and you got back it will get worst,again in sorry what Tracy went through but she knew better.

    • Afrojoe Da Wookie
      Afrojoe Da Wookie  2 years ago +1

      Indian sage amen.i know a girl who been in a abusive relationship with this guy for 11 years and he beat her,rape her and he drop her off at the mission.but she still loves him and has sex with him.she won't date a black men cause she was talking to a guy that work at the mission and he use her for sex.

    • Ace
      Ace 2 years ago +2

      Going back you say ! well alot of us are dragged back,.Or beaten trying to get away black&blue,.We don't just hang out wait around to see when our next punch is, or next stabbing,.Its easy for u to think we hang around cause we love him for hurting us,.

  • Chloe Rankin
    Chloe Rankin 3 years ago +4

    I think that Buck Thurman should have gotten a death sentence, not a restraining order. He's the one that should die brutally. It is so WRONG to treat people like that.

    • pSS SS
      pSS SS 2 years ago

      I agree 100 percent Tracey got the ultimate sentence and Buck's sentence was way to light for this vicious act I cant believe he only had to do about 7 or 8 years from what I understand this happened in 1983 and he got granted parole in 1991 I watched that movie and my jaw just literally dropped when the police completely neglected her help

  • Afrojoe Da Wookie
    Afrojoe Da Wookie  6 years ago +1

    He Should Of Gotten Life In Prison.But He Out Now.