• Published on Jul 25, 2017
  • Hey Chicken Nuggets!
    So this is my advice for all of you freshman out here.. even though all of this will probably fly out the window when you get to 9th grade LOOOOOLLLLL
    No but fr take my advice, it will help you in the long run.

    If you're reading this, when does school start for you?

    We are almost to 100k!!!! Woohoo!!!
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  • KoffeeCosplays
    KoffeeCosplays 3 hours ago

    This girl took my pen... It was a good pen and now it's gone- I crave revenge for my pen.

  • random 18
    random 18 13 hours ago

    I'm going to 9th grade this year and already all the 8th graders in my grade are as u describe it drug addicts like dude what is up with society...everyone's changing becuz they seeing everyone change and so they follow like no u dont have to do that

  • Breanna Franklin
    Breanna Franklin Day ago +1

    Don't be worried aboyt friends because once you graduate you will never see them agin

  • She hungry
    She hungry 2 days ago

    that damn thumbnail tho 😭😂

  • kaiya_yuki
    kaiya_yuki 2 days ago +2

    I just graduated from 8th grade

  • ジョイスJichu
    ジョイスJichu 3 days ago +1

    Class 2023?

  • LlamaLife9664 ;-;
    LlamaLife9664 ;-; 3 days ago +8

    Sometimes I wish I was just friends with some of the people in the comments cause you guys legit make me lmao💀💀💀

  • Big Red
    Big Red 5 days ago +2

    don't date seniors. better yet, don't date at all

  • Kia Sup
    Kia Sup 6 days ago +9

    School ends in 3 days I'm happy but im nervous next year a whole new chapter starts freshman year class 2023

  • Micah Ogarro
    Micah Ogarro 6 days ago +1

    This girl was obviously not popular in High School

  • Person Something
    Person Something 6 days ago

    I'm going to be a senior and I have to take a sophmore class since I didn't take it my first two years due to a full schedule

  • eleventeen
    eleventeen 8 days ago +4

    "try your best,
    don't try to hard"
    I feel like I'm getting mixed messages.

    • Gwen Musich
      Gwen Musich 5 days ago +1

      eleventeen she probably don’t try to be someone that you aren’t. Like try your best academically but don’t try too hard socially.

  • Why Pooh
    Why Pooh 8 days ago

    Juss a small youtuber tryna grow ya feel me 😂 ? help me out mamas 😘

  • ziv simchon
    ziv simchon 8 days ago

    I'm going to be a freshman in fucking 4 weeks and I'm hell of not being ready lmao. ANY OTHE ADVICE?

  • Destiny Jourdan
    Destiny Jourdan 9 days ago

    I'm a junior and I second everything she says.

  • Jayy
    Jayy 10 days ago +6

    Yooo this was so needed. Im starting freshman year of highschool next yr and im sooo nervous thank you!!

    F R E E D O M F3REVER 10 days ago +5

    Where my class of 2023 @ 💓

  • Cameron Jacques
    Cameron Jacques 10 days ago +13

    Class of 2023 wya

  • Thaliyah Ayla
    Thaliyah Ayla 11 days ago


  • sarah hooks
    sarah hooks 12 days ago

    !!!!omg ur so pretty!!!!

  • :3 Csenge
    :3 Csenge 13 days ago

    THIS👏🏻IS👏🏻EVERYTHING👏🏻I 👏🏻NEED( but for real thank you so much)♥️

  • min holly
    min holly 13 days ago +4

    I'm a junior what am I doing here

  • Ghostie_pal 1213
    Ghostie_pal 1213 15 days ago

    Honestly it really isn’t that deep. I watched these and they made me think that it was going to be way worse than it was. Chill out, be focused, and do you. You’ll be fine. 💕

  • Grace Clover
    Grace Clover 16 days ago

    I’m a freshmen rn but I have one day of school left and then I’ll be going into my sophomore year

  • OkaySarah
    OkaySarah 16 days ago +1

    Class of 2023? Anyone?

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon 17 days ago +1

    Class of 2024

  • Bread Master
    Bread Master 17 days ago

    I’m class of 2022, (would’ve been 2021 but nope, I’m a late bloomer; born in December). I got into Renaissance and there’s meetings during the summer. I was hella scared for go to the first meetings.
    I was terrified for nothing. They were all cool and sweet. Nobody paid any attention to me; just how I want it.

  • Genesis Burke
    Genesis Burke 17 days ago

    MIND YOUR BUSINESS!! Not just freshman but freshman especially. Don’t ruin your experience caught in drama, especially upper classman drama. The “tea” doesn’t always taste good 😂

  • forever unknown
    forever unknown 18 days ago

    I cant tell you how many times this year my ELA teacher mr tyehimba has showed us this video like he shows us this video at least ever month because were in 8th grade

  • Name Last name
    Name Last name 20 days ago

    Omfg this is the best video out here I love her :))

  • Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    1:42 I wish someone told me this earlier. I regret always trying to fit in and being unhappy with myself in the process all because I was scared to be a loner.

  • 4everlarry_
    4everlarry_ 23 days ago

    i just finished freshman year.. i should’ve watched this video💀

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 26 days ago +1

    My schools gpa is disabled

  • Kelcei Avakian
    Kelcei Avakian 29 days ago +1

    I am gonna be a freshman next school year so thanks😂😂

    • Tea Time
      Tea Time 11 days ago

      Me too 🤣 I’m kinda nervous

  • yasmine renee
    yasmine renee Month ago

    after this summer im finna be a freshmen 😁

  • Emma Rayne
    Emma Rayne Month ago +3

    Anyone class of 2023?!?!?!

  • Ellise Walton
    Ellise Walton Month ago +5

    *CLASS OF 2023* WYA?

  • Laur W
    Laur W Month ago

    I love the intro ♥️

  • gabriella
    gabriella Month ago +1

    Class of 23’ 🎓 I go to a junior high and high school for me starts in 10th grade. 🤧

  • CactuzChan
    CactuzChan Month ago

    why am i here i’m a 7th grader

  • jfjksdj
    jfjksdj Month ago +1

    this actually helped alot, going into freshman year soon :))

  • Petty Pancakes
    Petty Pancakes Month ago

    Y’all have 180 days of school??? 😳

  • zeinab makki
    zeinab makki Month ago

    I watched this 10000 times never gets old

  • Morgan DeAnn
    Morgan DeAnn 2 months ago

    Don’t send the nudes...........unless they’re boom. Lol I quickly exhaled through my nose.

  • Arianna Alise
    Arianna Alise 2 months ago +2

    Class of 2023 🎓 💓

    • ALEX
      ALEX 2 months ago +1

      Arianna Alise period!! 🧡🧡

  • hey ciara
    hey ciara 2 months ago +2

    I start high school this year (class of 2023🤪✨) this video really helped me. Even though I’m still a little nervous I now know what will,help me survive 4 more years of jail *cough* I mean school 😂😂

  • abbie mitchell
    abbie mitchell 2 months ago +8

    class of 23 :) you’re so cute woah!! thanks for the advice bbg :)

    • Fatuma Abdi
      Fatuma Abdi 20 days ago +1

      abbie mitchell I’m class of 2023 too

  • Zhina Malek
    Zhina Malek 2 months ago

    I don’t get the class of 2022 thing... don’t bully me... 😂

  • Angel Lyrics
    Angel Lyrics 2 months ago

    Don't send the nudes (unless they're bomb)

  • Aissaade Negus
    Aissaade Negus 2 months ago

    I just got my acceptance letters.... SO SICK of the 8th grade

  • Natalie Parker
    Natalie Parker 2 months ago

    Don't listen to older guys tryna say your different cause yeah you maybe different but he aint all he want is sex and nudes

  • Amyah bishop
    Amyah bishop 3 months ago

    That I to was weird.

    I like it.

  • k Destiny
    k Destiny 3 months ago +1

    I LOVE YOU!!!!❤❤❤❤

  • tess ploder
    tess ploder 3 months ago

    another one; if u were popular in middle school, you wont be anymore in high school
    - no one gives a crap who ur dating
    -dont listen to seniors trying to flirt with u

  • I'm salty like that
    I'm salty like that 3 months ago +8

    I'm in 8th grade right now I'm about to be a freshman and I'm nerves honestly going to have like anxiety attack 😂 first dat

  • Ashleigh II-//
    Ashleigh II-// 3 months ago

    I am watching this in the middle of my sophomore year and I don’t know why but- I’m here

  • Mymy Urie
    Mymy Urie 3 months ago

    Freshman in 2021 and im already mad scared

  • Dejoy Rosso
    Dejoy Rosso 3 months ago

    I love how u talk!!! aww lmaoo

  • Felix Lee
    Felix Lee 3 months ago +1

    Any class of 2023?

  • Shayla Graham
    Shayla Graham 3 months ago

    3:30 MOOD!

  • Josena TM
    Josena TM 4 months ago

  • //SuperAsh4U//
    //SuperAsh4U// 4 months ago

    I'm a freshman in college why am I here😂

  • Rukia Mohamud
    Rukia Mohamud 4 months ago

    I’m going to 9th grade and I’m freaking out. Okay, I’ll try my best next year but right now I’m in junior high and I definitely have straight A’s. Thanks xoxo

  • Savannah Grace
    Savannah Grace 4 months ago

    or real FA am i right??? 💀💀

  • wack
    wack 4 months ago

    also do not play your speakers hella loud in the hallway please, that's the most annoying thing ever 😫

  • Alesia Burger
    Alesia Burger 4 months ago +2

    I'm going to be class of 2023 and I'm nervous af for going into highschool.

  • Dime Dime
    Dime Dime 5 months ago +3

    #classof2023 anyone?

  • Chan
    Chan 5 months ago

    I'm being positive mom😂

  • lexi s
    lexi s 5 months ago

    I would LOVE to be friends with someone like you!!!

  • lexi s
    lexi s 5 months ago

    I LOOOOOVE YOUR EYES!!!! They're so pretty!!!

  • Awatif Omar
    Awatif Omar 6 months ago


  • Sarah Stevens
    Sarah Stevens 6 months ago +1

    I have this one lunch with no friends. Literally I eat alone in the bathroom and watch Grey's Anatomy

  • Gerald Vanhardenberg
    Gerald Vanhardenberg 7 months ago +1

    Oh and if a senior wants to date you..........

    Turn around and RUN

  • Frances Lopez
    Frances Lopez 7 months ago

    1.have good hygeine
    2.dress well
    3.stay out of drama
    4.have a sence of humour
    5.make as many friends as possible yourself
    7.dont care to much about what others think of you
    8.focuse on school work but also have fun a cool bubbly person that everyone wants to be around

  • Ashley deoleo
    Ashley deoleo 7 months ago

    Ur so funny I'm subscribing😂

  • M and C channel funny Nd fun

    Thanks for giveing me the advice

  • sparky squishypaws
    sparky squishypaws 8 months ago

    love the intro😂😂😂😂
    "I'm being positive mom"😅😉
    (who else is watching September 2018)

  • Addyson Campbell
    Addyson Campbell 9 months ago +1

    Have at least one senior body guard at all times. If you are cool like me you’ll have 5. Escorts to class and all. Just don’t talk to them unless talked to. 😂

  • Potatoe • 80 years ago

    Idk why I’m watching this I’m only 11

  • Snow Cream
    Snow Cream 9 months ago

    I already fuck up my freshmen GPA.

  • Rycah Ladines
    Rycah Ladines 9 months ago

    I love this video thank you sm! Other videos will make their advice like 40 mins long who tf has time for that but this is quick and straightforward so shanks 💓 and I start this Wednesday and I'm beyond nervous and anxious and I think about all the bad stuff and everything might go wrong :( I was watching freshman vlogs before this and it didn't help really considering how some of them vlogged in the middle of the year or they just recorded their morning routine and came back to record when they got home so it doesn't give me much of an insight of how the first day is rlly gonna be

  • i like namjoon more than tae and kookie

    I’m just a 7th grader and most of this advice can be used in my grade

  • Eliana
    Eliana 9 months ago +1

    i like actually wanna vomit im so nervous

  • julie mo
    julie mo 9 months ago

    sis i laughed so hard omg

  • Samantha DeGroot
    Samantha DeGroot 9 months ago

    "its important to be friends with teachers because then you can skip in their classes and they won't say anything" *five seconds later* "don't skip class!" -_- ehat do you want me to do woman!?!

  • 90's barb
    90's barb 9 months ago

    bro why am i watching this im in the uk
    tbh i just really love her afro and her hair in general ernjfndskj

  • Hailey Shah
    Hailey Shah 9 months ago

    Idk if this is me, but you look like Zendaya a bit 🌸🌸🌸

  • that_lil _kitty
    that_lil _kitty 9 months ago +1

    girl why are you preaching! freshman orientation was today and i was like these people i dont really fw no more cause they dont really care. and this dude was my fwb and like fr he aint even say hi 😂 amazing how people change rude asses

  • Arielle B.
    Arielle B. 9 months ago

    How old is she

  • Puthinator
    Puthinator 9 months ago +1

    This video made me more scared 😐

  • Shugarr Msp
    Shugarr Msp 9 months ago

    the thumbnail tho 😂

  • Unknown Temptation.
    Unknown Temptation. 9 months ago +2

    they took down quizlet unfortunately :(

  • Kylee Bush
    Kylee Bush 9 months ago

    I’m going into freshman year to a brand new hughscool and I only know like 5 people. Any advice??

  • alysay romero
    alysay romero 9 months ago

    Dude i love the intro

  • SuperSimmons_Jr
    SuperSimmons_Jr 9 months ago

    Anyone else go to Curtis?

  • Aura Bean
    Aura Bean 9 months ago

    Wow the buns on youe hair are so cute i wish my hair would doo that my baby fine hair dont stay up for nuthin

  • Sierra kitten
    Sierra kitten 9 months ago

    Bruh this is the best advice, I finished my fresh year and, everything she said, amen

  • Ana Duran
    Ana Duran 9 months ago

    Omg am reading all this comments and i just kinda wanna put them all in my same high school (which i will start in 2 week, as a freshman)

  • Keenaatee
    Keenaatee 9 months ago

    That is the biggest truth about the fights

  • Razan Al jaf
    Razan Al jaf 9 months ago

    Girl didn’t quizlit shut down 😭