Jimmy Kimmel’s Tribute to Matt Damon at the Oscars

  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
  • The 90th Oscars - Live Oscar Sunday March 4th 8 e | 5 p
    Jimmy reveals how much Matt Damon’s acting career really means to him.
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    Jimmy Kimmel’s Tribute to Matt Damon at the Oscars
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Comments • 1 631

  • Jenoris Caba
    Jenoris Caba 17 days ago

    There will never be an Oscars in this millenium greater than the 2017 Oscars.

  • Mahesh M
    Mahesh M 18 days ago

    Hosting a show is no big deal.. Or talent

  • Beatriz Lobo
    Beatriz Lobo 24 days ago

    What happened with Matt Damon? What's the story behind this? I didn't know he was a joke to North-America

  • M.
    M. 27 days ago

    Darth Kimmel!

  • Sai Subhash
    Sai Subhash Month ago

    Wrap it up, we wanna go home. LMAO.

  • One Dee
    One Dee Month ago

    "Makes two words feel like three words... "

  • Zeal spunky
    Zeal spunky Month ago +1

    I like what jimmy did here, too funny.

  • talin nalo
    talin nalo Month ago


  • teo
    teo Month ago

    I don't get if they are hilariuis, serious or what

  • Surigen 12
    Surigen 12 Month ago +1

    this is hands down the best running gag in the history of humankind...

  • saeta
    saeta Month ago

    Worst part is, even is all fake and a joke, Kimmel is quite right about Matt Damon's lack of real talent. Dude basically plays himself with different wardrobes in each film

  • Keith Murray
    Keith Murray 2 months ago

    Fully thought for the longest time that this was a fake movie. Can't believe its real.

  • Fern Dickey
    Fern Dickey 2 months ago

    I love these two. ❤❤❤

  • Kncperseus
    Kncperseus 2 months ago

    Jokes aside, I liked that movie

  • juan sanchez
    juan sanchez 2 months ago

    Sorry jimmy, i'm here for Matt Damon...

  • Mobstermario19
    Mobstermario19 3 months ago

    The first time I tried to watch this, my phone made TVclip stop working. Even my phone hates Matt Damon. Dang it. Shouldn't have called it Jimmy Kimmel. Stupid decision for 2 reasons. 1. MD. 2. Why?

  • Tito Real
    Tito Real 3 months ago

    I don’t know what are these two are waiting to make a movie together

  • Kim Dracula
    Kim Dracula 3 months ago +1

    I love their faux feud

  • cupcakepower
    cupcakepower 3 months ago

    "We want to go home!", lmao!!

  • Melissa Belissa
    Melissa Belissa 3 months ago +1


  • Vengatesh vegetio
    Vengatesh vegetio 3 months ago +1

    Am i the only one who hits the like button each and every time while seeing damon & kimmel in one video?

  • Derick spawn
    Derick spawn 3 months ago

    That was so amazing!!

  • alanfender123
    alanfender123 4 months ago

    1:49 they look so hammered up there lol

  • Manish Vr
    Manish Vr 4 months ago

    Why jimmy hates Matt so much ?

  • Yuri Dragonovich
    Yuri Dragonovich 4 months ago

    Ben Affleck and *Guest*

  • Agam Jammu
    Agam Jammu 4 months ago

    wrap it up we wanna go home. Hahaha

  • Misa Toons
    Misa Toons 4 months ago


  • Brian Arzola
    Brian Arzola 4 months ago

    Why is there just a Dr.Beat Metronome on the conductor's stand?

  • william nicholas
    william nicholas 4 months ago +1

    Dont watch the Oscars any more since its a liberal circle jerk and political whos who, nothing to do with film anymore, BUT this was really funny, I thought it was a spoof, but this actually happened on Oscar night lol

  • sachin vernekar
    sachin vernekar 4 months ago +1

    It's one of my favorite movies....

  • trap queen
    trap queen 4 months ago +1

    "And guest. Wow"

  • Steven Barry
    Steven Barry 4 months ago +1

    *And Guest*

  • Brosprodution Productions

    We bought a zoo was a good movie and Johanson

  • TeeJay SK
    TeeJay SK 5 months ago

    Ben affleck should get an oscar for single handedly ruining batman

  • frankie sanchez
    frankie sanchez 5 months ago

    Team DAMON! Screw Kimmel lol

  • Vengatesh vegetio
    Vengatesh vegetio 5 months ago

    Wrap it up......We run out of time matt😂😂😂😂

  • Lyric Llama
    Lyric Llama 6 months ago

    Don't let this you from the fact that I didn't say distract

  • Anto Joseph
    Anto Joseph 6 months ago

    Mark Wahl berg.....is so much worse

  • Sadie Gregory
    Sadie Gregory 6 months ago

    The theater was completely empty 😂

  • asexul forever
    asexul forever 6 months ago

    OMG hahahahahah

  • fooloof
    fooloof 7 months ago

    My favorite clip yet! I lost it when they showed it was Jimmy conducting. Great job!!!!

  • Dalle Smalhals
    Dalle Smalhals 7 months ago +1

    Phantoms' a Great movie!

  • Joonyup Kim
    Joonyup Kim 7 months ago

    What a guest!

  • Ismail Benchekroun
    Ismail Benchekroun 8 months ago

    1:04 - 1:06

  • Ram 2500Cummins
    Ram 2500Cummins 8 months ago

    Apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time; 2003-now

  • Shahil Ashraf
    Shahil Ashraf 8 months ago

    I really do love jimmy kimmel but I feel like this hate between matt and jimmy is now becoming really over rated

  • Pat Tanackered
    Pat Tanackered 8 months ago

    I love how Matt and Ben still make each other laugh like they are still kids

  • hank
    hank 8 months ago

    Will Jimmy Kimmel celebrate when Matt Damon dies or vice versa

  • wandaba
    wandaba 8 months ago

    looking at them talking on stage feels like both of them are trying so hard to control their laughter and it makes me laugh so goddamn hard

  • Rob  Holveck
    Rob Holveck 8 months ago

    Matt Damon made America great again by moving to Australia. ..
    Lifetime Hipacrit achievement award goes to him for sure...lmao

  • Jimmy Cen
    Jimmy Cen 8 months ago +1

    0:24 Makes two words, sounds like three words
    *Why not?* = *I don’t know*
    😂 Kimmel a savage

  • Brandon
    Brandon 8 months ago

    I would fly halfway across the globe to see Jimmy Kimmel perform stand up comedy.

  • Vloggin' Vlogs
    Vloggin' Vlogs 8 months ago


  • Roberto Silva
    Roberto Silva 8 months ago

    I love this feud😂😂😂

  • Margot Gorske
    Margot Gorske 8 months ago

    Ben A; the Affhole is a rapist jerk like his brother

  • Grant Lockwood
    Grant Lockwood 9 months ago

    Matt: I actually really liked that performance
    Ben: Really??

  • Ryan Kassim
    Ryan Kassim 9 months ago

    I love this ongoing Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon feud. I guarantee they’re best friends in real life

  • Sai Ganesh
    Sai Ganesh 9 months ago

    2:07 is the best part😂😂😂

  • Autotrope
    Autotrope 9 months ago

    Not enough people are talking about guys who aren't Matt Damon

  • Emre Ilhan
    Emre Ilhan 9 months ago

    Am i the only one that is angry at jimmy kimmel for ruining the presentation speech and alfred hitchcocks quote?

  • Andrew Mark Dransfield
    Andrew Mark Dransfield 9 months ago

    matt damon is actually a great actor

  • Elianne Nascimento
    Elianne Nascimento 9 months ago

    This is the longest standing fake feud in Hollywood, and I am LIVING for it.

  • leo yuan
    leo yuan 9 months ago

    what movie was that?

  • BiancaMV
    BiancaMV 9 months ago

    I think those two have some issues🤔

  • LV223
    LV223 9 months ago

    This actually made me smile.

  • paul hennessy
    paul hennessy 9 months ago

    Wrap it up we wanna go home 😂😂

  • Vince Edwards
    Vince Edwards 9 months ago

    That was really funny!!

  • Prash
    Prash 9 months ago

    The music was actually beautiful., Can anyone tell me the name??

  • Nathan V
    Nathan V 9 months ago

    Haha so good

  • Ali Mostafavi
    Ali Mostafavi 9 months ago


  • photopicker
    photopicker 9 months ago

    Always a clean but outrageous giggle .... OK well not always.

  • 2011leoc
    2011leoc 9 months ago

    Kieth urban is the best looking woman there!

  • Yao Xiao
    Yao Xiao 9 months ago

    it's been a year. time goes so quick.

  • Hay Stack
    Hay Stack 9 months ago

    that was good lol.....those guys still look real young too just need a little hair dye

  • orry townes
    orry townes 9 months ago

    elegant gotcha

  • billy bob
    billy bob 9 months ago

    i didnt know these retards were even capable of not feeding off of trump for ratings... lol they probably should have seeing as they broke records this years with worst viewership... oops!

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun 9 months ago

    matt damon is stupid

  • Madalin Pana
    Madalin Pana 9 months ago

    89 oscars was 10x better than 90

  • Jordan Harrington
    Jordan Harrington 9 months ago

    Dream Girls song there?

  • wolfjedisamuel
    wolfjedisamuel 9 months ago

    This was my favorite part of the Oscars in 2017, second to Zootopia winning best animated picture and first to the "La La Land" - "Moonlight" mix up finale.

  • Gateaux Q
    Gateaux Q 9 months ago

    I’m not afraid to say that this made me make strange choking crying laughing noises

  • chiangui24
    chiangui24 9 months ago

    We Bought A Zoo made $120 million on a budget of $50 million, so that would be considered a pretty big success.

  • huarachudo47
    huarachudo47 9 months ago

    Matt Damon is such a cool guy... and a good sport.

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes 9 months ago +1

    Last year's Oscars was so much better than the boredom of this year's.

  • Mike Jarrett
    Mike Jarrett 9 months ago

    Shame no one watched that bollocks tho isn't it, lets hope they bring back a comic who can tell jokes next time and give hypocrite celebs the treatment they deserve-Ricky gervais and seth mcfarlane dbl team will get people to watch it again-NO POLITICS!

  • Saundra Stephen
    Saundra Stephen 9 months ago

    This came up as I watching the 2018 clips - so glad to see this tribute was before he dissed the #MeToo movement and all the women speaking out about sexual harassment!

  • Goatmayn Kortar
    Goatmayn Kortar 9 months ago


  • Albert Richard
    Albert Richard 9 months ago

    It could have been better this year

  • ADAM
    ADAM 9 months ago

    i auditioned to be in this movie ahah

  • Cedric Nguyen
    Cedric Nguyen 9 months ago

    Why does Kimmel taunt Matt so many times?

  • Rob C
    Rob C 9 months ago

    LMAO, "... and guest." The trolling by Kimmel on Damon is too good.

  • Jack West
    Jack West 9 months ago

    I like the video but how come they have tension between them?!?

  • Cristina Arias
    Cristina Arias 9 months ago

    I love that movie haha I always cry when I watch it. It's sweet

  • Ty Piper
    Ty Piper 9 months ago

    "Ben Affleck and Guest"

  • Firestar
    Firestar 9 months ago

    lmao ben looks so full of life here compared to his interviews for JL

  • Ninja Panda
    Ninja Panda 9 months ago

    this was the best moment in Oscar history :)

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 9 months ago

    It's like Batman and Robin....if Robin had no real attributes to offer Batman and was easily killabl.....yeah yeah it's JUST LIKE Batman and Robin.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 9 months ago

    Love Ben & Matt together