1970 Mercury Cougar Boss 302 Eliminator: Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 272 V8TV

  • Published on Sep 15, 2018
  • 1970 Mercury Cougar Boss 302 Eliminator: Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 272 V8TV
    This 1970 Mercury Cougar is not only fitted with the Eliminator appearance package, it’s also sporting the Competition Handling package and the legendary BOSS 302 V8 backed by a 4-speed! Did we mention the Super Drag Pack 4.30:1 gears and locking rear differential? It’s an all-original car, and one of only 5 built as equipped! From The Brothers Collection.
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Comments • 84

  • Luke Meier
    Luke Meier 8 days ago

    You can tell he had a lot of fun doing the narration on this one....lol. Good job, we had fun listening to it too.....

  • carguy1979
    carguy1979 6 months ago

    Hash tag Cougar is a dangerous tag-just sayin’. Maybe #MercuryCougar would’ve been better.

  • Jeremy  Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 6 months ago

    My favorite pony car made by Ford. I'd take this car over a BOSS 302 Mustang any day. Cougars had a nicer interior than a Mustang and they are more rare. I'm a Ford guy but I prefer Mercury's

  • Erik Stenberg
    Erik Stenberg 6 months ago

    My dream car,but in blue and rear spoiler.

  • Jeremy  Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 7 months ago

    I actually like the Boss 302 Cougar better than a Boss 302 Mustang. Also love the 68 Cougar GTE..... especially the 427 version.

  • Saul Santiago
    Saul Santiago 8 months ago

    Great Machine!!! My Dad had one Cougar red with the 289 Engine it was a great Car it bring me good old memories of my Family😎

  • Stucifer
    Stucifer 8 months ago

    Beautiful car for sure. What I find odd however is that this mean looking car with a "super drag pack" does not have any kind of ram air induction. That hood scoop is a decoy. It is not functional

  • Owen Lee Green
    Owen Lee Green 9 months ago

    Would only do 100 class of Silver State Classic Challenge with that gearset .

  • ROB112
    ROB112 10 months ago +1

    Rare cat there. The Boss 302 Cougar is like under the radar bad ass

  • Ash qelon
    Ash qelon 11 months ago

    11:5:1 compression?

  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German

    Gotta love those "roll your own" 4 speeds! ✌☮

  • Brian Littlefield
    Brian Littlefield 11 months ago

    When will the museum open?

  • Jeremy  Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson Year ago

    Kevin do the brothers have a Boss 429 Cougar in their collection? If so I would love to see it. How many of those were actually built? I figured you would probably be the man to ask

    • tim collins
      tim collins 8 months ago

      Mercury only built 2 429 cougar race cars. one given to fast Eddie Schartman, and one to dyno Don Nicholson.

    • Jeremy  Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson Year ago

      I've heard that Boss 429 Cougars were built but have never actually seen one

  • Choff C
    Choff C Year ago

    Gorgeous, but man....you really have to have 500 plus HP to have fun

  • That's Incredible!

    No camera case dash? That's odd. The walnut was for the XR 7 model.

  • Brubaker Video
    Brubaker Video Year ago

    Much better video here. tvclip.biz/video/Q7ITjri4IDU/video.html

  • Valtress
    Valtress Year ago

    I love old American culture in all ways especially the muscle cars 👏

  • fsca72
    fsca72 Year ago +1

    The only reason Ford ever made boss 302 stangs and cougars was for the trans-am series. Not for the public’s interest but to be legal in there class. NASCAR had similar production rules like that to back then to. Same reason there is the ultra rare ones like Torino talledega, charger 500, Daytona and super bird

  • Randy Bryant
    Randy Bryant Year ago


  • Sam Haines
    Sam Haines Year ago

    awesome car, amazing collection. but just who are these "brothers" we keep hearing about-?!

  • Crown Commando
    Crown Commando Year ago

    4.30 gears worked during the 55 MPH speed limit.

      ROB TOWNSEND 4 months ago

      55 mph speed limit did start until much later

  • Crown Commando
    Crown Commando Year ago

    It's worth a small fortune today.

    • Emilio Sánchez
      Emilio Sánchez 2 months ago

      @Lance fisher no, an original cougar eliminator, I live in ecuador south america, and here car culture is almost non existing, practically nobody knows the existence of mercury, and these muscle cars where mostly exported specifically for someone, since gas is dirt cheap here, around 2 dollars a gallon premium since its government subsidy, muscle cars did pretty well back in the 70' but vehicle prices depreciate very quickly, you can find 65 mustang's with all original parts fully restored and they will go for less than 15k, there is no market here for expensive classic cars, they are just seen as old, even a few years ago before import laws passed a lot of people bought and restored classic cars and shipped them to the usa, since labor is also very cheap restoring a car here from the ground up is not more than 4k, and the base model cougar never even came here, those high end cars like the eliminator, Pontiac trans am, gto's were imported for an specific costumer

    • Lance fisher
      Lance fisher 2 months ago

      @Emilio Sánchez maybe a regular 70 cougar but not an Eliminator or Xr7

    • Cobra Charmer
      Cobra Charmer 3 months ago

      @Emilio Sánchez That's still a good deal. Thanks! John

    • Emilio Sánchez
      Emilio Sánchez 3 months ago

      @Cobra Charmer no, us dollars

    • Cobra Charmer
      Cobra Charmer 3 months ago

      @Emilio Sánchez ; Is that pesos?

  • martin martin
    martin martin Year ago

    2:37 good thing about the rear wing delete , a boss 'stang too is definitely more attractive to look without .

  • Peter Lyons
    Peter Lyons Year ago +1

    Poetry of motion, -in motion. Thank you, Kevin and crew.

  • Ted Roberts
    Ted Roberts Year ago

    Think about it 2200 hundred Eliminators lined up in a long row with every option for u to pick. Time to wake up.

  • Adrian Wevers
    Adrian Wevers Year ago

    Awesome car, it's funny to think about the fact that a lot of mundane family cars these days would blow the doors off what was considered fast 50 years ago. You can't beat the style of these cars though...

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina Year ago

    Beautiful car there nice in yellow and black stripes of course it would belong to the brothers collection

  • Brandon Humphries
    Brandon Humphries Year ago +6

    A rare cat indeed. Very nice car. Often over looked by muscle car enthusiasts. A great performer with the Boss 302, however the M code 351 Cleveland was the best engine option overall in the Eliminator. 13's were easily achieved with the 351C when equipped with the 4.10 axle and a set of M&H tires.

    • Brandon Humphries
      Brandon Humphries Year ago

      I'm sure it was a M code Cleveland. That's the 351 4V engine option

    • David Ilijevski
      David Ilijevski Year ago +2

      Not sure what code my father's eliminator had but it was 351 Cleveland was a beast

    • tracycolorado
      tracycolorado Year ago +1


  • herculano guimarães
    herculano guimarães Year ago +10

    it's a bit sad that the mustang overshadows the cougar wich in my opnion is a better car

    • Jeremy  Thompson
      Jeremy Thompson Year ago +2

      I agree. Mustangs are a dime a dozen and Cougars were definitely a higher quality car than a Mustang with a little more chrome and a much more comfortable and quiet interior as Mercury's had more sound deadening insulation in them than a regular Ford did

  • Brenda Snider
    Brenda Snider Year ago

    Far from a Mercury fan but got to admit this is one pretty cool cat .....

  • Joe_Cris
    Joe_Cris Year ago

    Funny, a redline on the speedometer, not on tachometer. Sky is the limit on revs but 70mph is where it gets dangerous LOL

  • Stephen Morgan
    Stephen Morgan Year ago +4

    Thanks for this. My second favourite car of all time is the 69/70 Cougar Eliminator. Ford GT is first. 911 is third.

  • Jeffrey Reynolds
    Jeffrey Reynolds Year ago

    Kevin, another great episode and a nice reminder of the other TVclip posts of those specialising in keeping the hot Cougar flame burning!

  • stefan koles
    stefan koles Year ago +1

    I love this channel so much

    • V8TV
      V8TV  Year ago

      Hey thanks Stefan!

  • TheAcworthdude
    TheAcworthdude Year ago +2

    All ways heard "the urban legend" that a few Boss 429 Cougars were built ?

    • Sherman Potter
      Sherman Potter 10 months ago

      @V8TV are they hiding in the brothers collection?

    • V8TV
      V8TV  Year ago +5

      A pair...

    • TheAcworthdude
      TheAcworthdude Year ago +1

      Jeffrey Reynolds Man finds one of two rare Cougars in a barn .................:)

    • Jeffrey Reynolds
      Jeffrey Reynolds Year ago +2

      TheAcworthdude - whenever I’ve read the history of the Boss 429, it says there were 2 Cougars...

  • sambaritone
    sambaritone Year ago

    What a beauty!

    JIGA BACHI Year ago +1

    4.30s, no OD...Let that simmer for a minute. 😁 No highway travel for this kitty.

    • Robert Kubrick
      Robert Kubrick 26 days ago

      Never owned a work truck?

    • port nut
      port nut 6 months ago

      @Crown Commando x2 it will cruise 55-60 just fine....Why are guys so afraid of anything over 1800 rpm I swear? lol
      Used to run my 327 at 3500 on the fwy all day never had an issue....z/28 same thing.

    • Crown Commando
      Crown Commando Year ago

      Why not??? The speed limit was 55.

  • socomu
    socomu Year ago

    Hey, why doesn’t this car have the Eliminator black camera case gauge trim package?

    • RTLL
      RTLL Year ago

      Good question; the woodgrain was for the XR7s. A simple build mistake, perhaps? It happened from time to time.

  • MrErikw26
    MrErikw26 Year ago +2


  • Todd Saeger
    Todd Saeger Year ago +1

    Thanks for showing us this rare beast! What a time capsule. This had to handle very well being a small block I bet.

  • High Desert Cougar Club of Oregon

    Great video. Do more Mercury Cougars. :)

  • Brian Cabral
    Brian Cabral Year ago +2

    Won't break into a 13 second quarter mile. Will be all tapped out with no top end pull and fall flat on it's face by 3/4 track just like the Boss Mustang. I had one (Mustang)with a 390 gear and raced others with 4:10 and 4:56 gear and they all fell over bad all revved out by half track and no more speed or time. Like the rest i turned 14.2 on a good day with open headers...those were closer to 15 with a quick throw through the gears off the line but all revved out by half track and got smoked at the end.

    • port nut
      port nut 6 months ago

      ah, someone telling the truth on the inernet for once...thanks. There were plenty of 12, even 11 sec hot rods that wouldnt mph worth beans cause they needed 4.56 to do it. And yes the stock 302 cam was wimpy...it couldnt have a lot of duration as those ports had lousy velocity

    • Tony Elliott
      Tony Elliott Year ago +3

      Brian Cabral
      The 302 Boss engine needs a lot of RPMs to make good horsepower figures. It doesn't make anything until 5,500 and higher. A 4.30 axle ratio helps it see that kind of RPM numbers. Same with the 4bbl. 351 Cleveland. Need stupid RPMs to take advantage of its rediclously large intake ports and valves. But get it into the limits of its rotating assembly and main bearing caps and to a certain extent it's cast steel crankshaft and connecting rods/bolts in the Cleveland as opposed to the 302 Boss' forged steel crank, 4bolt mains and larger rod bolts, the 11.1 351C will make some impressive horsepower numbers.

    • Tony Elliott
      Tony Elliott Year ago +3

      All it takes is a bigger carburetor, open exhaust, slicks and the mid to low 13 second quarter mile is easily obtainable. I had a 67' Mustang S code 390 4spd 335 rated horsepower, 3.25 traction lock 9". 28" tall slicks, which hurts the gear ratio for launch terribly, Hooker Super Competition Headers, an F-427 medium riser intake and an MSD 6AL. 13.15 ET on a cool night. And it's tounge wasn't hanging out. No mater what any source says the 302 Boss made considerably more than 290 horsepower. But it needs to see 6,500 RPMs or more to make it.

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 Year ago +4

      The Boss 302 wasn't under cammed, that was the Boss 429. The Boss 302 cam lift was .477" which actually translated to .577". It was still a slightly stronger engine than the Chevy 302. The limitation was displacement. That's why they barely outperformed the milder 351 with a 4bb1 same was true with 67-69 Camaro's. The Boss 351 added the cubes needed, they upped the compression to 11:1 and upped the specs on the cam and it was just as quick as the 429 able to run 13's.

    • Jeffrey Reynolds
      Jeffrey Reynolds Year ago

      Brian Cabral - thanks for this. It’s a very interesting comment to read as I watch Drag Week 2018 and notice the ‘last quarter’ performance of the top cars. I now marvel even more at how these cars get off the line yet deliver the last quarter that they do. Very impressive.

  • Brian Cabral
    Brian Cabral Year ago +6

    Saw a few of these, had the SCJ 428's in them.

  • GlassTopRX7
    GlassTopRX7 Year ago +6

    Boss 302 had 10.5:1 compression, the Boss 351 and modern Boss had 11:1

    • GlassTopRX7
      GlassTopRX7 Year ago +2

      In independent test it also made about 15 more HP, .5 of compression isn't really that much in terms of performance ~6hp the heads had bigger impact. The DZ's 30 30 cam was more aggressive too which shows how good the Boss\Cleveland 4v heads were for making HP. Shouldn't comes as surprise to anyone familiar with BBC heads as they share a similar canted valve design. Did take a torque torque hit for it though but both engines were peaky.
      In high school ages ago I had friends with both cars a 69' Z\28 and a 70' Boss 302 Mustang and they were pretty evenly matched, the guy with the Boss still has it 100% stock with the original paint. The guy that had the Z\28 swapped the motor and tubbed the car for drag racing before I got out of high school had it running mid 11's in the late 80's with I think a 350 stroked to a 383, it was crazy fast for street car back then.

    • David Ilijevski
      David Ilijevski Year ago

      Yup u corrected it

    • Crown Commando
      Crown Commando Year ago +1

      The 302 had better heads but lower compression than the Z28

  • Gene Simmons
    Gene Simmons Year ago

    Sequential tail lamps?

  • GlassTopRX7
    GlassTopRX7 Year ago

    You guys must have ESPN, I was just wondering if any Boss 302 went into the cougar and was not motivated to look it up. I thought the Eliminators all got big blocks not a Mercury fan and ones typically featured mags were all big block cars.

  • Man O War
    Man O War Year ago +34

    You never realize how much you miss these reviews until a new one pops up. Thanks guys.

  • David Brittingham
    David Brittingham Year ago +23

    Had the same car in orange. Same options but had the rear spoiler and different wheels.. I was just a kid. Wish I knew then what I know now!

    • Cobra Charmer
      Cobra Charmer 3 months ago +2

      @Dale Pearce ; Relax man. "Same options but mine also had the rear spoiler and different wheels". There, is that better for you? Also YOUR grammar? "That would be NOT the same options." Should've typed; "That's not the same options".

    • Alexander Curtis
      Alexander Curtis 6 months ago +1

      You had a BOSS 302 Cougar?

    • Danny Calley
      Danny Calley 9 months ago +3

      D.B...….XR 7 ……..blue …….428 CJ …..4 speed......brought 5 Escambia county deputies home one night $$$$$$$$

    • Dale Pearce
      Dale Pearce 9 months ago

      So the same options but different. That would be NOT the same options.