You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

  • Published on Apr 20, 2018
  • This might be one of the most important videos I've edited in 2018. After everything that has been going on with the privacy crisis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg going to Washington to speak with members of Congress, I felt that this video was timely. I think social media can be good but we must be careful with how we use it.
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    Cal Newport
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Tristan Harris
    Steven Kotler
    Chamath Palihapitiya
    Steve Bartlet
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  • Daco Krofnarski
    Daco Krofnarski Hour ago

    five days without using fb, twitter and instagram and i'm doing great.

  • 6social 6path6
    6social 6path6 8 hours ago

    The thing about society is there a deep rooted loneliness residing in the hearts of many... So, like a fisherman casting a net... They broadcast their lives for the hopes of catching some fish for intimacy and companion/friendship... And when there are prospects... When things don't work out as initially expected, adjustments are made and before you even know it, your entire life story are on many sites when you link your accounts... Becoming an unconscious addiction... thus becoming routine and a new normal way of life... Because hey, you now have "friends" with whom you can relate with... Lol
    Then there are those who put a story out there that is anything but true, with the agenda of just to generate more profit.. an extension of the predator, prey system. Which one are you in your new online life...
    And when the lines become blurred and the two can no longer be distinguished from the other... Talk about cognitive dissonance. But that's another subject all by itself

  • Honkler the Conkler
    Honkler the Conkler 10 hours ago

    Instagram perm deleted. Best thing I've done for my mental health. You realise how pointless it is. Your brain tells you you have done the wrong thing. Keep strong if you are thinking or have done the same thing. You are on the right track. Peace and love to all ❤️

  • Spyrohiphop
    Spyrohiphop 23 hours ago

    How did you guys get people to notice you and build your following without social media cuz I kinda need I for that

  • LivinIn America
    LivinIn America 23 hours ago

    I’m so thankful that I grew up in the 1980s before any of this social media and high tech robot AI shit

  • CNN Goggles
    CNN Goggles Day ago

  • X. coco
    X. coco Day ago

    my son is 9 months old... its ridiculous how hard it is to prevent others giving him cellphones or showing him videos on TVclip etc.. I hate it. Everyone is always trying and discussing with me saying I'm stressing too much about it while all I'm trying to do is to raise him right in a real world and teaching him values and not sitting him in front of a display so I have less work...

  • Örjan från falun

    Fuck him

  • H1dden1s
    H1dden1s Day ago

    Really felt for the woman at 7:25, dunno it just got to me. That face.

  • Deebow 08
    Deebow 08 Day ago

    Marc FUCKCER-BURG.. never had a f/b account.,, ty JESUS!!!🙂

  • Trickster Boy
    Trickster Boy Day ago

    Real talk.. I barely used social media ( excluding TVclip, and even with TVclip I did actually take a solid break for a little over 2 weeks just to get my mind right ) in 2019 and actually simply took a break for almost 4 months ( When I did post something outside of those 4 months, even then it was not that often ). The most important thing about these social media platforms is that they truly are designed from the ground up to take your attention for not much in return. It's seriously not a joke, and if you ever find yourself in a position where all you are doing ( in free time ) is consuming social media, please take a break. The only exception ( for me ) is watching these very kinds of informative and intensely thought-provoking videos here on TVclip, since it's videos like this which can actually change your life for the better. With that said, I wish you a great day!

  • Bob A
    Bob A Day ago

    What a dumb Ad prior

  • Enoch Cheelong Ahn

    Are you woke?
    It's the same thing with everything in this kingdom owned by the Prince of the air.
    Including our education system to make us into working slaves, sent to indoctrination centers by our ignorant parents.
    Your mandatory this and that, especially vaccines to poison us since our infancy by our own ignorant parents.
    The monopoly of mainstream propaganda media (including cartoon networks and religious channels), which our parents allowed is to watch.
    We are born into this kingdom and groomed to become mindless zombies, but once we start to understand things such as this and understand what's going on in this world, then and only then will we start to seek for Truth.
    And the final Truth always leads to Yeshua and He will unveil your eyes from these deceptions and set you free.
    Parents, guard your children from the devices of Satan with all costs. They are treasures given to by YHVH.
    Mark 13:37
    And what I say to you I say to all: Stay awake.

  • Vanguarded_Heart 117

    i use TVclip/Google just to listen to music and watch random videos to pass some time whenever, but I've never used FB since it's introduction. I've only noticed how websites like Facebook amount to the societal dysfunction and contribute to the decrease of social community and friendship building. I use a laptop for practical usages like graphic design and music connected to my bluetooth, and I try to limit my phone usage for communication with my job and family. Social media in general is overall a misstep in social development i feel. I've also gotten back into CD collecting and enjoy browsing video cassettes at my local store I go to. I've missed out on the last 20 years since the 2000s, i want that time frame back.

  • MJruling
    MJruling Day ago

    I aim to disown television and if possible, a smartphone.

  • Ezra Easley
    Ezra Easley 2 days ago

    10:30 sucking his own dick so hard Lol 😂

  • Shafiul Semon
    Shafiul Semon 2 days ago +1

    If theres a problem you close it .

  • Batphink Reynolds
    Batphink Reynolds 3 days ago

    WHY do we have to see Zuckerberg's sly weird looking face in the thumbnail?

  • Anon Girl
    Anon Girl 3 days ago

    Religion says look at yourself.
    Grace says look at the Lord Jesus Christ. Religion says look at your works.
    Grace says look at the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ for our sins.
    Religion says you must give God your life. Grace says God gave you his life,
    just receive. Religion says you must love God. Grace says God loves you.
    Religion says God comes and goes based upon your behavior. Grace says once
    saved I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Religion says sin can remove
    you from salvation. Grace says once saved you are a purchased possession sealed
    by the Holy Spirit of God. Religion is dead and can not give life. Grace is the
    Lord Jesus Christ and all he gives is life!

  • Melissa Scott
    Melissa Scott 3 days ago

    You tube helped me to build my company.

  • Bam Bam Flint
    Bam Bam Flint 4 days ago

    You Tube is different. You can watch and learn from so many informative and truth videos that you find nowhere in the television medias.

  • SPAMALOT Camelot
    SPAMALOT Camelot 4 days ago

    Never been on Facebook or social media I value my privacy and don’t seek fake friends or approval

  • Scutum
    Scutum 4 days ago

    Ironically and annoyingly your video could also be out of a casino:the visuals, the annoying background music...

  • Justin S
    Justin S 4 days ago +1

    honestly I think my dog is addicted to TVclip

  • Tommy Lynn
    Tommy Lynn 4 days ago

    Everyone on earth is being programed even by government and sociaty it's starts the first day somewon enters school

  • Joe OConnor
    Joe OConnor 5 days ago

    Recognize the beast

  • Joe OConnor
    Joe OConnor 5 days ago

    It is the beast
    The power of distribution and transformation
    All energy is in constant distribution and transformation even social energy
    It is how we are deceived and manipulated

  • Donnie Bugden
    Donnie Bugden 5 days ago

    Facebook destroyed the information age in favor of addictive disinformation for use of cybernetic control over people's lives. They control our country and our society. The would like neurotech to wire us to the computer using silent communications built by MIT using EEG and AI. They also want there own economic program using digital currency this is a sign of total and complete control over society and self.

    • Donnie Bugden
      Donnie Bugden 5 days ago is my blog and research on topics of society, technology and art. I develop generative neurofeedback systems and build a narative about technology, media and art. The technology is close to controlling all people their are not laws governing the fundamental principles of society. Protection of privacy and the mind of a person. Look into MIT Norbert Wiener and his warnings about his research and the creation of Cybernetics. Also the Macy's Group meetings. They use these type of principles to control people and nations

  • Alan Cadieux
    Alan Cadieux 5 days ago

    You are only 2000 years behind what John wrote in the book of revelation, Lucifer seeks to focus our attention away from God. Resources are not supposed to be used to control you, you are supposed to be in control of them.

  • Daniel Marius Filipan

    Don-t need it, don-t use it .

  • Emily Burton
    Emily Burton 5 days ago

    I don’t even use or no how to use email

  • Yaya Hide
    Yaya Hide 6 days ago

    I'm trying to delete my Instagram and whatsapp but without them I can't reach people and friends bcuz everything was related to them especially whatsapp.

  • Tieshka Sanders
    Tieshka Sanders 6 days ago +1

    Wow. This is deep. I was just talking about this today..

  • Berkay Yaşar
    Berkay Yaşar 7 days ago

    I was in intensive care,
    Just thinking about of life like 5-6 day was like 1 month. We are wasting our time in social media.

  • Ikesh Pokhrel
    Ikesh Pokhrel 8 days ago +1

    Facebook should be banned all over the world. Then we will find the real peace.

  • Elohim's Servant
    Elohim's Servant 8 days ago +1


  • katuno ngunaihe
    katuno ngunaihe 8 days ago

    I really hate social media , I get anxious when I post something on Facebook , or WhatsApp

  • Treasure Detector
    Treasure Detector 9 days ago

    Best thing I ever did was delete my FB profile and stop using. Now I'm clean. YT for education and entertainment that's it! The social part is a bonus here.

  • Zay Mery
    Zay Mery 9 days ago

  • Doc Dan
    Doc Dan 9 days ago

    I don't like being tracked, all information and activities permanently recorded, so I'm quiting Facebook.

  • Succes Channel
    Succes Channel 9 days ago

    Great video, can i ask what program you use to edit this?

  • noego jimmy
    noego jimmy 9 days ago

    After a year on Facebook of fooling, joking, pranking..., I realized It wasn't a joke for others. Fake face of it was so obvious too.
    I still have a profile and it happens I don't enter it for a year.

  • Patsy Stone
    Patsy Stone 9 days ago +1

    I deleted Facebook two years ago....Fuck you Zuckerberg! Do you even have a soul?🖕

  • Kendrick McQueen
    Kendrick McQueen 9 days ago

    Wow like it

  • Bogdyindahous
    Bogdyindahous 10 days ago

    I'm so happy I got rid of fb. Life is full of purpose, meaning, beauty and mistery now.

    • Bogdyindahous
      Bogdyindahous 9 days ago

      @Jo Pearson Yeah, I know. A lot of promotion is happening on social media but what you need to do is this. You need to limit the amount of time you spend near or with a device that you log on to fb and use a laptop or a tablet to log into fb. That way, you're certain that you won't carry the tablet or laptop everywhere you go and you'll purposefuly use it only for work when you log on. You'll have your freedom back a little bit. Good luck

    • Jo Pearson
      Jo Pearson 9 days ago

      I felt the same when I put it on deacctivate but had to go back. My prob is I'm self employed and have to have it, IG, Etsy and a website to make a living. Wish I could just delete it all but offline there's hardly any jobs anymore. Congrats on making the break.

  • Sue Jee
    Sue Jee 10 days ago

    Man he is ugly

  • StereoDeth
    StereoDeth 10 days ago

    3:53 and 4:03
    And the award for best actor goes...definitely not to that guy! lol #wow

  • M. Celigh
    M. Celigh 10 days ago

    My wife and I realized we both spent a good deal of time mindlessly scrolling the superficial lives of so-called friends (most of whom are acquaintances at best) and we put a stop to it. We also suffered from the need to get likes and comments, and both admitted to feeling let down in those cases where there is minimal response to a post. We have decided to: keep our lives private, let others live their own lives and, best of all, pick up books in place of social media. Like someone below commented, the day seems to have more hours now.

  • Rhonda ManHock
    Rhonda ManHock 11 days ago

    I have to admit . I am addicted to TVclip . As a matter of fact I am on it now .

  • Jezus Nadchodzi
    Jezus Nadchodzi 11 days ago +2

    Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven. Believe and trust in Him for your salvation. :)

  • Alex Kazam
    Alex Kazam 11 days ago

    im the kid who spends like three seconds to look over insta and then play roblox the rest of my time

    YOU WERE BORN TO SING 11 days ago

    Even the way this videos is filmed is also fragmented presentation to create fragmented attention...Its just the way things have done for years...When people repeat stuffs they say, people would get a little angry like you are supposed to fragment and concentrate or repeat same things....While repeat same things is the only ways to finish any task, goal or master a skill....

    Also those documentary used to annoy me.
    This person speaks and then another persons speak a little and another person a little and the others come back until each persons words finish....These are all programming...

  • Cytina Chavis
    Cytina Chavis 12 days ago

    Not me. I just use the internet for information and to get and share truth.

  • Tony Swietochowski
    Tony Swietochowski 12 days ago

    The human being has been hacked.

  • EL GRECO 777
    EL GRECO 777 12 days ago

    I like YT, very educational, arm chair world travel & so many other things I'm interested in & want to learn about. I've never had Instagram or tweet accts. Thinking bout closing my FB acct since I'm rarely on there anyway. I remember the days without social media, I don't believe it's been good for society in general

  • Gerald Muniz
    Gerald Muniz 12 days ago

    scary stuff ! in laymens terms

  • Keith Richards Liver
    Keith Richards Liver 12 days ago

    I have never used Facebook, Instacrap, twitter etc etc. The only form I use is TVclip.
    I don't watch TV. Don't even have a TV in my house.
    I don't need that garbage! Never will!

  • JuaronTheMan
    JuaronTheMan 12 days ago +4

    Ever since I quit social media my attention span has gotten unreal. I can’t ever remember being this sharp mentally. I feel like the movie Limitless now

  • Jaeger Man
    Jaeger Man 12 days ago

    No, first 30 seconds and this sounds like it's not fully honest. Our products and devices are rigged scam technology. Wikileaks vault 7. Edward Snowden.. Our devices are spyware and trackers for the CIA. They can track or spy through our cameras and microphones, as well through our TV's. Also they harm our health. Now it's ridiculous that people would buy a phone for up to 1300.

  • Jovan Spasić
    Jovan Spasić 13 days ago

    Me and my gf turned off instagram and facebook before 5+ years.. Man, the freedom