Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • Kanye talks about his passion for music and fashion, what he thinks of Donald Trump, Kim’s trip to Washington D.C. to meet with him, the two motivating forces in the world, overcoming fear, being too caught up in the past, how he feels about people being mad at him, his daughter, his fashion brand, the meaning behind some of the songs on his latest album, his porn preferences, recording his latest albums, mental health, being bipolar, and wanting everyone to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment.
    Kristen Bell Explains Medical Condition and Pool Gloves tvclip.biz/video/cFgqZb9O-TE/video.html

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    Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West
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  • porgie pie
    porgie pie 22 seconds ago

    Kanye is little toasted but who's more honest than him!

  • Maries Moments
    Maries Moments 2 minutes ago

    Kanye’s smile is too sweet!

  • Alex Tamby
    Alex Tamby 6 minutes ago

    I just love how everything becomes silent when Kanye speaks it's like you have to listen. It's just amazing.

    DENISE JONE 15 minutes ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is such a kiss up. What would it take for him to wake up and walk away? Kanye is a smart man, they try to make him seem stupid, I wish he would put them in their place. There is a strong large black community out there that is hard working and have reached middle class and beyond the rappers and movie stars, they need to stand up and let their voices be heard. #walkaway, you don't have to be a Republican, just be a independent thinker and vote your morals.

  • Mr O
    Mr O 16 minutes ago

    He's a good negro like Omarosa....oops my bad.😄

  • Leonardo DaVinci
    Leonardo DaVinci 29 minutes ago

    Only crazy people with money say what this mofo says.

  • Jooby Tondray
    Jooby Tondray 30 minutes ago

    I think Jimmy nailed this interview. He asked really great questions and wasn't trying to provoke Kanye, while keeping it light and letting Kanye talk.

    DENISE JONE 34 minutes ago +1

    More of these black democratic puppets need to stand up and #walkaway. They need to see for themselves they really don't care about them, they just use them. When he sees how they treat him when he tries to break away should wake others up.

  • Emir Mojica
    Emir Mojica 36 minutes ago

    everything Kanye is says is so deep his mind is way too creative for some people to grasp the feeling and meaning of what he is saying.

  • Luke Not Skywalker
    Luke Not Skywalker 38 minutes ago +1

    Jimmy lying to Kanyes face and constantly using Kim as a weapon against Trump has to be the most classless ignorant thing I’ve seen from MSM this week.. Regressive left is disgusting!

    GMX GMX 39 minutes ago

    not teaching kids how to manage a bank act, but teaching them about slavery...powerful stuff...WOKE.

    GMX GMX 44 minutes ago

    jimmy can't silence truth, no matter what jimmys masters tell him to do.

  • voilaviolamh
    voilaviolamh 45 minutes ago

    Please, Jimmy, families were being torn apart during Obama's time. You or anyone else like you didn't a single peep about it. Hypocrite.

  • Jake Velez
    Jake Velez 45 minutes ago

    Kanye West needs a podcast

  • voilaviolamh
    voilaviolamh 48 minutes ago

    "He's black, so he must think and believe how I think he must think and believe. If he thinks anything else, I'll automatically deem him insane and brainwashed." That's *actual* racism. That's the most common form of racism left. Blacks have enough of that from other blacks, they don't need it from racist whites who apparently think blacks only exist to bolster their political party. Think about it, the Democratic party's best interest is to keep blacks feeling down and oppressed and like there's no hope other than to vote for the left. Lbj said, "I'll have these ni**ers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years." And here we are. Blacks are still enslaved today, and they play the role of their own prison guard, insulting and shaming each other from thinking anything different from what the left has conditioned them to think. Ain't it awfully convenient that the right is all evil and racist, yet the left is good and moral and on the side of blacks? Unrealistically convenient. They do the same with gays. If you don't tow the Democratic party line, you're told you have internalized homophobia, that you're self homophobic. They're doing it with women, immigrants, Hispanics, Muslims, anyone they possibly can. They're trying to lock you into/brainwashing you into believing your only hope is to vote for the left, cause the right hates you. I can't believe ppl are only finally waking up to it.

  • Frank Zen
    Frank Zen 53 minutes ago

    Jesus! Jimmy is too desperate to shoehorn Donald Trump into this interview! Just do the damn interview and let it goes where it goes. Everything's not about Trump! It's old already!

  • Redz Randomz
    Redz Randomz 58 minutes ago

    Ooooooh a A Real TVclip video for me once

    SMARTON FILMS 59 minutes ago

    6:48 it's called accounting...

  • Donavon Pengelly
    Donavon Pengelly Hour ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is such an idiot; anything for a laugh. He just says random BS. He interrupted a lot. It was hard to follow Kanye also. What a train wreck.

  • gohansaga1
    gohansaga1 Hour ago

    Kümmel is such a turd. How can you tell when Kimmel is lying? The cameras are rolling!

  • Tari Blevins
    Tari Blevins Hour ago

    Hey Johnny Werewolf, Would you have been this upset back when the government was 'taking' Native American children to be raised in State run schools? Where many were abused and died in childhood? You just now realized America isn't perfect?

  • Frank Zen
    Frank Zen Hour ago

    "Why not try love?" is rejected from the same side that claims #LoveTrumpsHate... even Jimmy himself rejects the idea of love... Still not listening and trying to lecture him... That's why they're a bunch of hypocrites!

  • Jasmine Johnson
    Jasmine Johnson Hour ago

    I do not like majority of what Kanye is saying (probably none of it), but this is a solid interview. You can tell Kanye is extremely intelligent. No matter what you think about his process of thinking.

  • Frank Zen
    Frank Zen Hour ago

    A lot of what Kanye is saying is going over their heads and their reaction is anger instead of trying to absorb it and understanding it...

  • Kevin Neal
    Kevin Neal Hour ago

    Jimmy Kimmel doesn't like black people

  • Amal Mukalel
    Amal Mukalel Hour ago

    Look up amazons ceo documentary

  • Frank Zen
    Frank Zen Hour ago

    Haters failed to stop his album from being number one! Much love for Kanye!

  • C Ksz
    C Ksz Hour ago

    Elegant man??

  • Studio24/7
    Studio24/7 Hour ago

    I knew it I knew that he misses mom

  • Lizee J
    Lizee J Hour ago

    love love love love love this entire interview

  • Hoody
    Hoody Hour ago +1

    Jimmy trying too hard to be funny as always

  • J C
    J C Hour ago

    FIRST OF ALL, it wasn't trumps policy, he inherited it, and has actually taken steps to reverse that step. SECONDLY, it is the parents that have taken an arguably dangerous journey to get them here, either through the desert or hiding in a vehicle. either way the people that helped them make that journey are not good people. the same people deal in human trafficking, drug trafficking and gun trafficking and the people trying to get in this country themselves might have had the stipulation to also transport one of those things. and they forever in their dept. So when ever a parent puts their child in danger, they are separated from each other to evaluate the safety of the child.

  • J C
    J C Hour ago

    FIRST OF ALL, it wasnt trumps policy, he inherited it, and has actually taken steps to reverse that step. SECONDLY, it is the parents that have taken an arguably dangerous journey to get them here, either through the desert or hiding in a vehicle. either way the people that helped them make that journey are not good people. the same people deal in human trafficking, drug trafficking and gun trafficking and the people trying to get in this country themselves might have had the stipulation to also transport one of those things. and they forever in their dept. So when ever a parent puts their child in danger, they are separated from each other to evaluate the safety of the child.

  • Sumit Singha
    Sumit Singha Hour ago +1

    Kanye Shakespeare WEST ""

  • Cptn_Avery
    Cptn_Avery Hour ago

    Obama started the process of ripping family's apart at the border, but the media still makes it look like its Trump...

  • Ice Berg
    Ice Berg Hour ago

    correction Donald trump don't like poor brown people

  • Doruk Gündem
    Doruk Gündem Hour ago

    I mean blacked is good

  • Mediawatcher
    Mediawatcher Hour ago

    13:30 😑

  • Guylaine Martel
    Guylaine Martel Hour ago

    I will be so HAPPY when these LEFTISTS useless late night talk-crap shows ALL get CANCELLED.

  • Emilio Estrada
    Emilio Estrada Hour ago

    Jimmy kimmel is an unamerican scumbag who pushes liberal agendas on his show

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 2 hours ago

    Didn’t Donnie Darko refute the love/fear dichotemy 14 years ago?

  • Michael Brady
    Michael Brady 2 hours ago

    I bet fouseytube watched this 😂😂😂

  • Kris Weatherford
    Kris Weatherford 2 hours ago

    Why wasn’t Kanye allowed to answer the question about Trump? Cut to commercial and change the subject was lame

  • Logic central
    Logic central 2 hours ago

    Interesting to see what TVclip chose to force to the top of its trending list. Jimmy Kimmel got owned in this interview, then he said something so stupid and dishonest Kanye had to bite his lip and think about how to let him down gently. Jimmy the dishonest scum bag employed the tactic called Gish Gallop. A series of retarded statements that are said in quick succession, don't take a long time to say but take a long time to rebut.
    A few words should pop to mind when watching this garbage. Dishonesty, lack of integrity, liar, manipulator etc there's a number of ways to desribe Jimmy Kimmel. A comedian is not one of those words. This man is about as charismatic as an old mans testicles and he's about as funny as finding out you have cancer.

  • Shaun Ellis
    Shaun Ellis 2 hours ago

    Jimmy didn't say one word when Obama was separating family's at the boarder esp in 2014. 90% of the pictures shown when the press flipped out this year were from 2014 of kids in cages!

  • 4Nabo
    4Nabo 2 hours ago +1

    9:37 to 11:25 only the WOKE will get this.

  • dachetz
    dachetz 2 hours ago

    Fried Kayne

  • Sunny maroju
    Sunny maroju 2 hours ago

    7 deadly sins is he referring to fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

  • Matt D
    Matt D 2 hours ago

    Jimmy, actually you're LITERALLY wrong. Dead wrong. This separation issue has been going on longer than when Trump was even put in office. This happened even during Obama's administration, only difference is Obama didn't bother doing anything about it. Trump did. This issue isn't because of Trump, the reason why kids are separated is to tell whether or not they're actually related to the "parents." In the end, we have no idea. Are we suppose to take them on their word? Take the word of people illegally sneaking in to the United States? I don't think so. It's protocol. Child trafficking is a huge issue at the border so anyone could kidnap children, take them across and then if caught, create a big sob story about how they're related. We can't just keep them all together because not all of them actually are families. Some were taken. It's sad, yes. But I don't think using this blatant lie to further your viewpoint helps anyone at all.
    Also, 11:19
    Try the lowest black unemployment rate in history.

  • EDZA
    EDZA 2 hours ago

    2:34 he found himself laughing

  • Tarell Bellamy
    Tarell Bellamy 2 hours ago

    Welp I'm now gonna watch some Blacked.com since it's Kanye approved

  • Shaun Ellis
    Shaun Ellis 2 hours ago

    I hope to see Ye on the Campaign trail with Trump in 2020. MAGA KAG

  • Shaun Ellis
    Shaun Ellis 2 hours ago


  • William Deamer
    William Deamer 3 hours ago

    Do you like fishsticks?

  • David Hingston-Yahyaei

    Ye major, no matter what anyone says.

  • Jesse Lapham
    Jesse Lapham 3 hours ago

    Notice how after Jimmy makes his statement about Trump and as Kanye is going through a thought process, Jimmy cuts him off, goes to a commercial break and then when they come back they divert completely away from the topic.
    You're bringing someone onto your show to speak. Let them state their opinions and what they want to say, and don't interrupt it with your own agenda. That's fine in a debate or conversation, but for a TV interview, let the interviewee speak his or her mind.
    Maybe it was a time-related thing, where they had to go to a break there was no time to get lost in thought, but then they completely change the subject when they come back to the interview.
    That's some bullshit.

  • Spaceboy Miller
    Spaceboy Miller 3 hours ago

    Trump fixed the families issue at the border, actually. Do some research, Jimmy!
    Those policies were made by Obama, not Trump. Damn...
    Not just that, but those that cross the border is their parents decision. Trump is just enforcing the law and the u.s.

  • Dom1118
    Dom1118 3 hours ago

    Kanye is a goat

  • Ismael Placa
    Ismael Placa 3 hours ago

    Terrible manipulation on Jimmy's part. Kanye did a great interview in spite of all the lies, bad intentions and manipulation by Jimmy.

  • NATIVE latinos fucktrump
    NATIVE latinos fucktrump 3 hours ago +1

    Democrats are not the ones who are trying to take away people's Health Care Medicare Social Security cut veterans benefits off under Republicans Millions would die Democrats did not call neo-nazis good people

  • Zen Davis
    Zen Davis 3 hours ago

    Donald Trump supports the RICH. Kanye West is RICH..... I guess it makes sense🤔

  • rai ZOR
    rai ZOR 3 hours ago

    Rappers should remain rappers

  • Robil Pathiyil
    Robil Pathiyil 3 hours ago

    yo does kanye has the grill to sound white, cause this man sounds pretty white rn lol

  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear 3 hours ago

    Kanye G.O.A.T.

  • Militantreturns
    Militantreturns 3 hours ago

    @13:47 the creator of blacked got the best free publicity ever smh

  • JustCallMeRock
    JustCallMeRock 3 hours ago

    Jimmy cuckel and his bias

  • Angela Cruz
    Angela Cruz 3 hours ago

    I watched this high 🤣🤣🤣

  • Legolas
    Legolas 3 hours ago

    Think for yourself, question authority.

  • Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson 3 hours ago

    Man Kanye wants to be all philosophical and You can tell jimmy is not digging it lol

  • gerry amani
    gerry amani 3 hours ago

    Genius ye.!

  • Georgia Reilly-Grima
    Georgia Reilly-Grima 3 hours ago

    he would be so hard to interview, such a passionate speaker and keeps preaching his free thought, just amazing to listen to and hear

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 4 hours ago

    Once a thug always a thug

  • Eigh Plus
    Eigh Plus 4 hours ago

    pppppppp 9:48 lol

  • Patrik Nessbo
    Patrik Nessbo 4 hours ago

    Kanye is wrong in many aspects

  • the breaking news
    the breaking news 4 hours ago

    Love kanye

  • red beard
    red beard 4 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • Graeme Goldsworthy
    Graeme Goldsworthy 4 hours ago

    Once a meat head always a meat head hey Kanye

  • riss s
    riss s 4 hours ago

    Ye is right. The news, and society brainwashes black people to only like one thing, everyone is different and can choose what they like. People get mad if different. Mind ur own business and do u.

  • skuloop
    skuloop 4 hours ago

    damn the media hates trump.... every late night show just pounds the hate and division

  • Vitamin Sea
    Vitamin Sea 4 hours ago

    Anyone else daydreamed during Kanye speech or lost attention? 😴

  • Moataz Mattar
    Moataz Mattar 4 hours ago

    This guy is so self-obsessed it makes everything he say so fake deep

  • Love Yourself Always
    Love Yourself Always 4 hours ago

    Man I love him!!!♥️ 🇺🇸

  • Avenger No1
    Avenger No1 4 hours ago

    Kanye pulls facial expressions that scare me 😂😂

  • Sebastian Walach
    Sebastian Walach 4 hours ago

    I didn't know he is actually bi-polar. It makes sense now, how he is overly confident of what he is saying. But at 11:26 you can see how easy it is to leave him without arguments. I don't care, I just hope people are not really taking him seriously. It seems like he wants to be another John Lennon, but he is not.

  • Young Lord
    Young Lord 4 hours ago

    I have heard of many artists that didnt get the proper recognition because of being too ahead of their time. Kanye West is more than a HipHop Artist and a producer. He definitely fights for a lot of causes and the hiphop community can't keep up with his ideas.

  • No name Asshole
    No name Asshole 4 hours ago


  • Noémie
    Noémie 4 hours ago

    much smarter than I thought

  • Ann V
    Ann V 5 hours ago

    Jimmy is such a liberal. You can tell by his snide comments about President Trump. It seems as though he learned nothing about being tolerant and loving by this interview.

  • Luciano Paschoalini
    Luciano Paschoalini 5 hours ago

    This idiot Jimmy doesn’t understand because he leaves in a bubble how important it is to keep the wrong people out. Just get a visa and come in in legally that’s all.

  • Jonathan Lauritsen
    Jonathan Lauritsen 5 hours ago

    Kanye watches his wife on Pornhub...

  • Vanessa Marquez
    Vanessa Marquez 5 hours ago

    “Express themselves without fear of judgement” AMEN 👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼💗❤️💜 I LOVE KANYE ! REAL RECOGNIZE REAL AND I LOVED HIS SIMULATION about the two year old. GREAT WAY OF THINKING. I wish I could talk to him in person! Kim is very blessed to have this man in her life because I feel like he opens her eyes to everything. I have a fiancé who opened my eyes to everything. I used to be very closed minded but I’m really glad there are people in this world that open other peoples eyes. Without him I feel like I might have been still very closed minded. And Everyone can have their own opinions too I feel like Kanye is all about free thinking and having free thoughts and I feel like he is wondering why PEOPLE HATE ON PEOPLE ABOUT HAVING THEIR OWN OPINIONS AND EXPRESSING THEMSELVES. Why can’t we all just respect people’s thinking and opinions? Where is the love? (Black eyed peas) lol We are all different. I am Hispanic and I support trump tbh. And I felt like what Kanye had said that I “can’t say it out loud” and I felt like people will hate me and judge me but at the end of the day who are they to judge me? No one !!! Only God can judge me -(Tupac )lol so yeah this comment is me expressing myself without fear of judgement.

  • liahkim crow
    liahkim crow 5 hours ago

    Put a beat on this and it would be his best song.

    JOHNY BIZZ KENYA 5 hours ago


  • Therese Nydahl
    Therese Nydahl 5 hours ago

    Far better than I expected.

  • Aip Vnature
    Aip Vnature 5 hours ago

    Love him!)))

  • David Ljubojevic
    David Ljubojevic 5 hours ago


  • frlind
    frlind 5 hours ago

    Galileo did not get his head chopped off.

  • Ka'pella Nuwavin
    Ka'pella Nuwavin 5 hours ago

    I swear Kanye reminds me of myself.

  • Warhammer_Titan JalenR

    n why can he just answer the question why do go into mind reading mode telling us about how he thinks we view society in a very confusing terminology

  • Bunny Duckling
    Bunny Duckling 5 hours ago

    Jimmy man, stop trying to bait Ye’ into making negative comments towards our president. Have you not any morals left in you that you constantly have to find ways to encourage divisiveness amongst the people. It’s nice to see men who still upholds their values in the face of adversities, unlike you Jimmy.