NORA OR ANNA? 2 TYPES OF GIRLS || Your choice by 5-Minute FUN

  • Published on Nov 28, 2019
  • Lisa or Lena? Not interesting anymore. NORA OR ANNA, that's the real choice!
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    There are 2 types of girls. Which one is yours? Make your choice:
    00:02 Hills or sneakers
    00:09 Late to work or not
    00:25 Full skincare or forget to remove your make up
    00:42 Put Christmas decorations or not?
    0:56 Organized or messy?
    1:18 Pleasant morning routine or just waking up?
    1:32 In a relationships or #foreveralone
    1:47 Introvert at the party or social
    2:05 Stay late or leave early
    2:11 Black coffee or white coffee
    2:26 Books or movies
    2:47 Sport or laziness
    3:00 Salad or burger
    3:17 Perfect eye line or smoky eyes
    SO? Anna or Nora? Make your choice in the comment?
    #types #girls #fun
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