The Laptop Guide for Creators

  • Published on Aug 29, 2019
  • A guide to buying the best laptops for video editing, photo editing and other creative work with a focus on the Adobe Creative Suite
    Double Screen ZenBook -
    4K XPS 15 -
    Razer Blade (I use this) -
    MacBook 15 -
    Aero 15 -
    Acer Concept D -
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  • mohamed al ashiq
    mohamed al ashiq 2 days ago

    You need a numpad for 3D Visualisation works. It will affect the workflow drastically

  • Harsh K. Shah [behind-the-scenes]

    Heads up, for video editing work especially in 4K make sure your GPU has at least 4gb of ram because otherwise you won't be able to add more than 2 effects onto your timeline. If you aren't going to add effects and color grade than any GPU works but for color grading and adding effects you will need something along the lines of of 1660ti and above.

  • Von Faulks
    Von Faulks 6 days ago +1


  • Arhl
    Arhl 8 days ago

    I'm Interested in illustration comics and concept art development. Content creation. I always see the apple as one of the industry artist.. but is very expressive. I want a creative laptop that doesn't lag and can last for a good amount of layers. That can be responssive. Which one you could recommend. No more above 1,500

    • cwli1
      cwli1 7 days ago

      Search for "AMD Ryzen 3700u laptop"

  • Raphael Rangel
    Raphael Rangel 9 days ago

    Many thanks, Dave!

  • Muddassar Ali
    Muddassar Ali 12 days ago

    why all TVcliprs are so focused on content creators, what about a normal user or technical personals??...... I think you guys should put a disclaimer on your page that our reviews are just junk for all other users

  • Ocie Thomas
    Ocie Thomas 14 days ago

    Would you recommend the hp elitebook folio 9480m for lightroom and photoshop?

  • Nikita Gotov
    Nikita Gotov 14 days ago

    what about surface laptop 3?

  • Fiend
    Fiend 15 days ago +4

    All I learned is the new joker was 2 months ago, time flys

  • davidhunternyc
    davidhunternyc 15 days ago

    Apple isn't listening. They are fixing what they did wrong in the first place. That took several steps backwards and now they're back a square one. We still don't have ports. The battery and hard drive is soldered down. We own the computer but Louis Rossman can't fix it after warranty. We still have to buy dongles that do not work. How is that listening? By the way, where can I get an ISL9240?

  • Roberto Giannotta
    Roberto Giannotta 15 days ago

    Very informative video. I'd have one question though: when are 64GB of RAM worth considering, in a laptop for 'creators'?

    • Roberto Giannotta
      Roberto Giannotta 13 days ago

      @John Harnetta: actually there are tasks which tend to fill up all the memory they find - i.e. when working with After Effects or Cinema 4D - but I'd like to have some more detailed information about that.

    • John Harnetta
      John Harnetta 13 days ago

      It's a bit overkill. But if you can get it, no one will stop you.

  • davidhunternyc
    davidhunternyc 15 days ago +1

    Uggh... don't be politically correct. If you can have just one laptop what would it be?

  • Raghav 1701
    Raghav 1701 16 days ago

    Please also make a video for "laptops for architects"

  • nobles117
    nobles117 18 days ago

    What are the best laptops for CUDA programming/running?

  • Amol Mategaonkar
    Amol Mategaonkar 19 days ago

    Where is Surface Book2 ? Surprized to see no mention of it.

    • Dagmar
      Dagmar 16 days ago

      i think thats because its over 2 years old... but i was surprised too

  • Bryan Talavera
    Bryan Talavera 19 days ago

    Dave! Can you make a video on the Razer Blade Studio Laptop please? It looks tempting and don't know if it's worth it 🤔😅😭

  • Saje
    Saje 20 days ago


  • Shubham Patil
    Shubham Patil 20 days ago

    What about non Adobe CAD and CAE softwares like solidworks, NX, ANSYS, hypermesh?
    Unfortunately some of them are windows exclusive.

  • Lawrence Cavens
    Lawrence Cavens 23 days ago

    Hi David - uh the terminology {Plugged up}?? Hmmmm sounds abit funny as I got abit of a giggle out it , I think it would sound a bit better if you said { while you're plugged in }

  • abc def
    abc def 23 days ago

    ***Note: Intel Graphics cards are not supported with Element 3D***

    ***NVidia GPUs on Mac OSX Mojave are not supported due to graphics driver limitations.***

  • Snow
    Snow 23 days ago

    What do you think of the msi stealth for adobe premiere and gaming?

  • Andre Sulistian
    Andre Sulistian 23 days ago

    I love that closing statement

  • Sujith P Nair
    Sujith P Nair 24 days ago

    What about Macbook pro 13" ? Is that useful for video editing?

  • Yeasoddo
    Yeasoddo 24 days ago

    Does the razer blade get very hot?

  • sandro ineichen. photo & video

    why going with the vega 20 GPU when u can have an eGPU Vega64? ... I mean I do 90% of edits in office.. not "on the fly" and the eGPU is like 10x more powerful than the mobile one. And it's even cheaper.

  • PJ Yelo
    PJ Yelo 25 days ago

    Can u talk about Pr vs FCPX plz?

  • Jacob Dickson
    Jacob Dickson 25 days ago

    Hello! My name is Jacob and I’m an MBA student at UT McCombs researching creators and the technology they use. I’d greatly appreciate if you have 5 - 10 minutes to spare to help my team by filling out this survey: As a thank you for your time, please provide your email for a chance to win $10 Starbucks gift card.

  • Zakaria Abed
    Zakaria Abed 26 days ago

    Short and easy thnks dude

  • Satyam Kumar
    Satyam Kumar 26 days ago

    The ZenBook Pro Duo doesn’t have good Delta E values. Would you still recommend it for colour accurate work?

  • Jon-Mark Wiltshire
    Jon-Mark Wiltshire 27 days ago +1

    Pretty surprised the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme isn't on the list. High power 6 core, discrete GPU, highly expandable ( two M.2 slots, upgradeable RAM ), 4K HDR or OLED touchscreen, TB3 + USB A + Full size SD reader, Windows Hello login, all with Thinkpad toughness and reliability. I spent 18 months comparing all the options and ended up choosing the X1E and it gets my vote for everything except mediocre battery life and just an OK (not bad) trackpad.

  • FoxFX
    FoxFX 27 days ago

    Any advice for 3d artists- people doing art for games which require high end video cards?

  • Subrata Debnath
    Subrata Debnath 28 days ago

    Make a video on Acer predator triton 300

  • CJskate Tricks
    CJskate Tricks 29 days ago

    *Proceeds to buy m15 with i9 32gb of ram and a 2080

  • Darius Sirius
    Darius Sirius Month ago

    Hi Dave, I really like your review style. Smart, to the point, informative....but....not always. I feel that this video, titled 'The Laptops Guide for Creators" is incomplete. It fails to address a whole section of creatives: the music creators. What you have here is 'The Laptop Guide for GRAPHIC designers and VIDEO editors". But what about MUSIC content creators? Getting a suitable laptop for music (music creation in DAWs like Cubase/ProTools/StudioOne/Live...) is a huge challenge.
    Here is a few facts:
    1. Music creators use laptops either as a secondary computer (in addition to a desktop) or as a main workstation. Some, use it for live performances.
    2. Traditionally, getting a PC Laptop has been riddled with huge issues. In the past these issues included stuff like having the necessary firewire chipset (like the Texas Instruments one). Audio driver issues. Latency issues. Drop outs produced by other background tasks getting in the way...etc....
    3. Conversely, Macbooks have always worked for audio right out of the box. But, these are now riddled with a whole new set of issues, like: the new Catalina OS creating a complete havoc for audio apps with audio companies telling people not to update to Catalina!. The new T2 chip negatively affecting audio performance...almost each Mac OS update having some negative effect on audio apps, requiring people to wait and wait for suitable patches from Apple and audio devs...etc....Not to mention that Macbooks are now glued inside and if anything breaks there is no easy rather than wait a day to repair the laptop and continue working, we need to send the laptop away for weeks on end....
    So, with that said, there is a huge need to provide information on music-suitable laptops for music creators. I mean, if you are a video editor/graphic designer just get the laptop with the best screen, great CPU and a powerful graphics card. Easy. Job done. But it's not that easy when choosing a PC laptop for pro music creation. The same laptop that may work brilliantly for video/graphic stuff, may not perform well for pro audio. That's one of the reasons why there are companies that build laptops tuned for pro audio performance. Not trivial.
    So! Please go back to the drawing board, and do another video. One that encompasses music creators. Get a pro audio person to help you along the way and create a definitive guide to the latest laptops for audio (by this I mean, not a laptop for spotify/apple music/arranging music in your video project, but for music DAW use: Cubase/StudioOne/Logic/ProTools/Ableton/ with audio cards. What audio card can you use? Firewire? USB? Which USB type? Etc, etc....).
    Note: I write this as a music content creator who uses both PCs and Macs. I know how it is on both sides of the computer platforms....

  • fayyazb
    fayyazb Month ago

    Just what I wanted to know! Thank you very much Dave!
    A quick question.
    What is apt for intermediate user getting into Motion Graphics with After Effects, Cinema 4D and Blender etc. Been using Mac all my life but unfortunately Mac quality going for a nose-dive while price is sky rocketing, so pretty open for a ...ahem!...a PC for the first time!
    Would really appreciate your expert advice. Thank you, again.

    • cwli1
      cwli1 28 days ago

      I build my own AMD desktops. Unfortunately I don't have so much experience with laptops but I know that the Huawei Kepler Matebook D is fine for video editing & 3D graphics, with many pleased user reviews. With ryzen 2500u, 4 cores, 8 threads. The only issue is its maximum of 8Gb of RAM.

    • fayyazb
      fayyazb 28 days ago

      cwli1 Laptop preferably, so I can connect to external display. Thank you.

    • cwli1
      cwli1 28 days ago

      Laptop or desktop?

  • IVeverm0re
    IVeverm0re Month ago

    Some other points to consider:
    1) Look into the workflow of your creative work. If you don't use Adobe in your workflow, then the variables you want to consider might change. Right now, people are trying to get off the Adobe ecosystem as much as they can, but you might be stuck with it if the people you work with are using it.
    2) Maybe you're a maker but you're not making videos or editing photos. That will could affect your decisions. For example, if you're an app developer, chances are you probably need a Mac.
    3) Comfort in handling the equipment. If you're using the device to "make stuff", then you'll be spending a lot of time with the device so make sure the form factor and build quality matches your work/life style. If your habit is to just throw stuff into a bag, then get something that can stand up to it. Typing experience is also important.

  • Alfonso Herrera Mora

    What about the RTX Studio driver? Does it improve performance ?

  • mattchu_chow
    mattchu_chow Month ago

    I have no experience in this but Im looking to go to a film school, anyone wanna recommend what laptop i should get? Im leaning towards either a macbook pro or razerblade pro

  • Ashish Choudhary
    Ashish Choudhary Month ago

    Tech channel for non tech guys. It should be taken as a compliment.

  • Nielsf2704
    Nielsf2704 Month ago

    I wonder how capable the new Asus Proart Studiobooks will be like the W500 with the 4k 120 Hz display.

  • Junward Soyosa
    Junward Soyosa Month ago

    Is there any chance to have one of your old macbook? 😂😂 that is pretty expensive here in Philippines 😫😫

  • Meizu Mikki
    Meizu Mikki Month ago

    Thanks bro 👊

  • Ashin Ep
    Ashin Ep Month ago

    Which is the laptop is better for maya autodesk , adobe premiere pro , phktoshop, web codding

  • Marlon Orellana
    Marlon Orellana Month ago

    what about the msi p65?

  • paraparama
    paraparama Month ago

    Do you have nay recommend for a bugdet video editing laptop ?
    Since I don't have high budge, Im looking through 'gaming' laptop territory with fairly good screen color reproduction. I'm now considering on the Lenovo Y540. It is cheap (compare to workstation laptop) and comes with 6-core i7.
    the screen is also 'okay-good' (I found that the 60Hz one has about the same color reproduction rate as 144Hz so I would opted for the first.)

    • cwli1
      cwli1 Month ago

      The Huawei Kepler Matebook D is fine for video editing with many pleased user reviews. With ryzen 2500u, 4 cores, 8 threads.

  • Pacoste
    Pacoste Month ago

    OPENED MY EYES! Thank you, forever!

  • Big Will
    Big Will Month ago

    I need a laptop for music production what do you recommend Dave Lee

    • Big Will
      Big Will Month ago

      Louis Treffer thanks

    • Ludi Lendro
      Ludi Lendro Month ago +1

      Check for low latency... With dpc latency or latency mon.... Stay away from Dell xps 9570....

  • Galen Long
    Galen Long Month ago

    Not a huge MacBook fan, liked them back when they actually built a real laptop being the big 17" but since they have eliminated that size I'm just not interested in paying 5 k for a baby laptop. Have you checked out any of the custom laptops built by Xoticpc ???? If so, what are your thoughts on them?

  • Dallon Ghan
    Dallon Ghan Month ago

    I'd like to see laptops with thunderbolt review

  • N Ho
    N Ho Month ago

    @DaveLee How about the MSI PS63 with the 1650 max-Q?

  • EE CC
    EE CC Month ago

    Hahhahaha!!! Total bullshit. I’ve worked at a multinational company that creates thousands of unique creative products each year. We hire writers, photographers, designers, retouchers, artists, sculptors, and every type of creator you can imagine...and they all use Macs for almost 20 years now! What is this about, “only this last year are Macs good enough?” If anything, our company could not function without Macs. And I come from the PC world! I even built PCs before, but creators in real business know Macs. PCs are good. This isn’t about bashing PCs, but let’s get real, people!

  • TheBeybladeSport
    TheBeybladeSport Month ago

    Nice. Jesus Bless

  • Intelligence Injection

    How would you tell if something is color accurate if no one knows what others see exactly

  • lunaedits
    lunaedits Month ago

    What’s the best laptop for adobe after effects?

  • Limxzero
    Limxzero Month ago

    The "graphical chip"... 🤨

  • Xavier Schattel
    Xavier Schattel Month ago

    No Surface products...??

  • Isabella Yuki Cross

    Sorry not being goid at english can you confirm me if i get it right? So other Macbooks other than Macbook pro 15 is still have problem with Adobe or upgrade apply for all macbooks?

    GAURAV PP Month ago

    0:54 Munna jhund me to 🐖🐖 ate hai , 🐅🐅 akela ata hai , apple is 🐅🐅

  • alejandro polanco
    alejandro polanco Month ago

    hi Dave
    Make a video about the offers that will con of gaming laptops on this coming Black Friday

  • vannak keo
    vannak keo Month ago

    Wow! I didn't know that about the batteries before. Thanks very informative