Musical Shopping | Rudy Mancuso


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  • Rudy Mancuso
    Rudy Mancuso  2 months ago +5100

    Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

  • Janette G
    Janette G 12 hours ago

    In the girls aisle it is always a mess or empty

  • Salvi50376_YT Gaming
    Salvi50376_YT Gaming 16 hours ago

    The eletronic place looks like the eletronic place at the target i go to hhmmmmmmm

  • reacting With seb

    the music at the end is the best does latinos agree

  • cece
    cece Day ago


  • Макс nope
    Макс nope Day ago


  • Tytrix tv
    Tytrix tv 2 days ago

    3498 people dont want to sing

  • Samuel Parker
    Samuel Parker 2 days ago

    They should actually use these as proper advertisements on T.V

  • Citlali M
    Citlali M 2 days ago

    My sister works at target

  • Huy Pham
    Huy Pham 2 days ago

    Sponsor by Walmart

  • گلسا مرتضوی
    گلسا مرتضوی 2 days ago +1

    so talented❤❤❤

  • Princess Badass
    Princess Badass 2 days ago

    His voice is sooo good

  • Georgia Byers
    Georgia Byers 3 days ago

    ❤️❤️This should be a Target Ad❤️❤️

  • Филип Н.
    Филип Н. 3 days ago

    Best store

  • Tennessee Summer
    Tennessee Summer 4 days ago +1

    walmart has left the chat

  • Flower Clan
    Flower Clan 4 days ago

    That is totally green screen

  • tox Zin
    tox Zin 4 days ago

    These songs t good

  • Briana Urbano
    Briana Urbano 4 days ago


  • Halima Humaid
    Halima Humaid 4 days ago


  • Ana Belen De Raedemaeker

    That poor guy is so used being forced to sing that he already sings without anyone saying anything

  • R_Cenas
    R_Cenas 5 days ago

    Fazes um excelente trabalho! não sabia que eras português mas reparei na tatuagem! Gostava de saber falar fluentemente inglês mas acho que só conseguiria se for para fora...
    Continua assim :p

  • Valmir Isufi
    Valmir Isufi 5 days ago

    There's some music in this ad

  • Kawaii Town
    Kawaii Town 7 days ago +2

    Love from Brazil

  • Livermori Й
    Livermori Й 7 days ago

    Лучшая реклама из всех, что я видела

  • Elis341. Santos
    Elis341. Santos 8 days ago

    Love this!!!

  • Haily Pong
    Haily Pong 9 days ago

    like this if taget dont have fruit

  • tussi100
    tussi100 9 days ago

    great deal!

  • Its ya boi Jeff
    Its ya boi Jeff 9 days ago

    How much did target pay you?

  • Angela Angela
    Angela Angela 9 days ago

    I wish that was my ob

  • Nintendo Noobie N&N Productions

    I like that different section has different genre of music

  • Akira Whera
    Akira Whera 10 days ago

    My favorite part is 2:55

  • Canal do Junin
    Canal do Junin 10 days ago


  • kitty girl
    kitty girl 11 days ago +2

    This is a rhyme song I love it

  • cutiexo
    cutiexo 11 days ago

    they look the same

  • maunuel Castillo
    maunuel Castillo 12 days ago

    I swear that is the target I go to in Buena park

  • rabbit lord
    rabbit lord 12 days ago

    i effing love the way he says 'great deal'

  • SGC Central
    SGC Central 12 days ago

    My favorite song was the food section one and rudys face at the end lol

  • Dj GameGu7
    Dj GameGu7 12 days ago

    Soccer is my third favorite sports mountain biking being the first basketball Being II

  • Diana Melissa
    Diana Melissa 12 days ago

    most talented youtuber I know

  • Dogcrazyness 123
    Dogcrazyness 123 12 days ago

    Anyone notice his name tag sais randy?

  • Dogcrazyness 123
    Dogcrazyness 123 12 days ago

    Anyone notice his name tag sais randy?

  • Cynthia Arroyo
    Cynthia Arroyo 13 days ago

    Who just saw a target cart at the end?

  • Mr.Dillpickel
    Mr.Dillpickel 13 days ago

    my favorite part was the end

  • Sara Satli
    Sara Satli 13 days ago

    I love the target market part

  • KeeperOfSpeed
    KeeperOfSpeed 13 days ago

    These Videos is so funny LMAO!

  • Morales Albert
    Morales Albert 14 days ago

    Do you have a twin

  • Launcher 1993
    Launcher 1993 15 days ago +4

    2:55 the song is Esta Noche-timothy Infinite

  • Kevin Rosales
    Kevin Rosales 15 days ago

    Sponsored by walmart

  • Ariana Aguillon
    Ariana Aguillon 16 days ago


  • MFNasser 309
    MFNasser 309 16 days ago +1

    isn't that that walmart in miami

  • Best Fortnite Compilation

    Whats the outro music?

  • Francis Gamertv
    Francis Gamertv 17 days ago


  • Jon Maurer
    Jon Maurer 17 days ago

    Finally they like you for the music videos

  • Abdur Rahman Perkins
    Abdur Rahman Perkins 17 days ago

    2:50 and the rest of the vid best part

  • Carrie Katz
    Carrie Katz 17 days ago

    If I got this for an ad while watching a TVclip video,I wouldn't skip it.

  • Lorie Hoe
    Lorie Hoe 17 days ago

    When someone use tik tok too much

  • weqwe eweqwe
    weqwe eweqwe 17 days ago

    Always somegirl broke heart

  • Aatiqah Khan
    Aatiqah Khan 17 days ago


  • Aatiqah Khan
    Aatiqah Khan 17 days ago


  • Aatiqah Khan
    Aatiqah Khan 17 days ago

    I am in love with u

  • Aatiqah Khan
    Aatiqah Khan 17 days ago

    U are so cute

  • Aatiqah Khan
    Aatiqah Khan 17 days ago

    Rudy u are so amazing

  • Maribel  Contreras
    Maribel Contreras 18 days ago

    And Rudy sings so good

  • Maribel  Contreras
    Maribel Contreras 18 days ago +1

    You're so cute Rudy😝

  • Kevthegamerisback To rule gaming


  • Bunny Bob [Games]
    Bunny Bob [Games] 18 days ago

    What is my life

  • Monster Of The Depths
    Monster Of The Depths 18 days ago

    3:39 anyone noticed his hair changed??

  • Danesh PALKHIWALLA [11W]

    sounds like he's singing about Lele

  • Zohal Stanikzai
    Zohal Stanikzai 19 days ago

    Sponsored by target 😂

  • Hector almendarez vevo

    This was really good than the other ones

  • Tranissa Green
    Tranissa Green 20 days ago +1

    Great song😘😘😅😂

  • Kitty playz
    Kitty playz 20 days ago

    You are not Rudy Mancuso you look so different from the haircut you got

  • Touria Laghzar
    Touria Laghzar 20 days ago

    the grocery part is de best

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen 20 days ago

    I would love to seeing this when I go to Target lol

  • De magical nuget
    De magical nuget 20 days ago

    This was definitely sponsored by Walmart

  • djamel biad
    djamel biad 20 days ago

    Wooow cool vidéo i love it keep it up Rudy !

  • Samantha Avila
    Samantha Avila 21 day ago


  • Queen Doughnut16
    Queen Doughnut16 21 day ago

    It’s obvious Taco Bell sponsored this

  • Charlie Puth's Biggest Fan

    Great Harmony Rudy

    You always seem to please us

  • Nahal Nejati
    Nahal Nejati 22 days ago

    Rudy how r u so creative?
    I’m amazed

  • Frizzy 0_o
    Frizzy 0_o 22 days ago

    Walmart~ *we are at war...*

  • Isabella Cubas-Villalba

    Wow something like that always happens to me lol

  • Salah Nur
    Salah Nur 22 days ago

    3:12 😍 loved the song

  • khadija ahmed
    khadija ahmed 22 days ago

    That's quarter of the stuff I take from target...

  • Avicka Shannon
    Avicka Shannon 23 days ago

    Target the best place to go to

  • Sigrún Jitlada Sigurðardóttir

    1:34 you look dead

  • Jeannette Cornejo
    Jeannette Cornejo 23 days ago

    this video made target look 10 times better than it already is 🥳

  • rivan Ludji
    rivan Ludji 23 days ago

    Fck for dislike 😂

  • LexTheUnicorn 101
    LexTheUnicorn 101 24 days ago

    This should be the advert for target

  • The Chosen One
    The Chosen One 25 days ago

    I love these musical stuff!

  • Paul Simpson
    Paul Simpson 25 days ago

    I wish he employes would actually sing

  • Markel Richardson
    Markel Richardson 25 days ago

    Seven years Later is a cowboy fan of the game

  • Luz Rodriguez
    Luz Rodriguez 26 days ago

    Have you ever heard that joke that’s says “When you go to target to get one thing and come out with so much stuff.” I think that’s what this video was all about

  • Gen the Gamer girl123
    Gen the Gamer girl123 26 days ago +1

    That looks like the target in Ventura (California) 😆

  • Sarah Diaa
    Sarah Diaa 26 days ago

    omg I can't believe you put an Arabic caption thx I appreciate although I can read English I just love how you considered us Arabic

  • Csilla Horváth
    Csilla Horváth 26 days ago

    It’s sooo funny! I love it!😂

  • Lorie Hoe
    Lorie Hoe 27 days ago +1

    Im the Cashier!
    *SIR THAT WILL BE$1877726265252525252626265*
    Rudy: *_can you put it in my bill_*
    Me: *lat me guess you dont have a pelican, how will i put it in its bill,huh*
    Rudy: *_y-yes, but-_*
    Shop manager Rudy: **SINGS**
    Rudy: *_Here we go again_*

  • Pepe Pepon Pepino
    Pepe Pepon Pepino 27 days ago

    Lol ❤ this video

  • zana Joyce
    zana Joyce 27 days ago

    His name tag said Randy

  • Adriana Romero
    Adriana Romero 27 days ago