KETCHUP CAKE | Great Canadian Heinz | You Made What?!

  • Published on Aug 27, 2017
  • So what happens when you bake a cake with a beloved condiment? Ketchup Cake, duh? New videos every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday!
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    This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to know what a ketchup cake tastes like.
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  • Marisa Ryan
    Marisa Ryan 2 days ago

    I might need to make this for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She loves ketchup. 🤣🤣

  • mslvc2011
    mslvc2011 5 days ago

    this cake reminds me of when I empty my diva cup

  • Jessica Logan
    Jessica Logan 21 day ago

    She lying!!!🤮

  • Nonconman
    Nonconman 24 days ago

    I am intrigued I think it will taste very good

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    Hubert Cumberdale Month ago

    Anybody else thinking that that was going to be her "FITOOOH" moment?

  • CologneCarter
    CologneCarter Month ago

    In nature an alarming red is a warning not to eat it. And this cake with its red and white coloring reminds me of fly amanita.

  • El tarot de Dorcas
    El tarot de Dorcas Month ago

    🍅 🍰

  • Janet Browning
    Janet Browning Month ago

    The idea, I bet, for this cake, came from "tomato cake". I made it one year for our local fair & won a blue ribbon on it. It is so different, but doesn't take like you'd think it would.

  • ClodFillet
    ClodFillet Month ago

    When she cut into the cake 👀

  • ericalbany
    ericalbany Month ago

    Must try, after all, I love tomato soup cake

  • Omar Mohamad
    Omar Mohamad Month ago

    I'm gonna make this cake as soon as I get my hands on some baking pans.

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Month ago

    Red food coloring? Wouldn’t it be plenty red from the ketchup alone? Of course, that would only be bright red, instead of frighteningly red. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

  • The Muffin Man
    The Muffin Man 2 months ago

    4:09 you can tell she lyin she went to go spit it out


    If there's anything I like better than honey and ketchup, it's baloney and whipped cream --- and we haven't got any!

  • L Hull
    L Hull 2 months ago

    I’ve made a tomato soup cake, tastes like a rich spice cake, and I’ve made a mayonnaise cake, chocolate flavored, and very moist. Couldn’t taste main ingredient in either.

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D 2 months ago

    That’s crazy! I would love to make this and trick my friends. I bet no one would guess ketchup.

  • Velvet Cyberpunk
    Velvet Cyberpunk 2 months ago

    My mom used to make a salad dressing (Miracle Whip) cake and it tasted like a spice cake too. It was really good. If I had the recipe I'd give it to you but it's long gone I'm afraid.

  • liv kealy
    liv kealy 2 months ago

    yes, officer this video.

  • Intrakyt Dale
    Intrakyt Dale 2 months ago

    you are literally the Asian Jennifer Garner!

  • Amanda Ramirez
    Amanda Ramirez 3 months ago

    Do you actually finish your food or let it go to waste

  • Purple people In my head

    The Campbell's tomato spice cake is a very old recipe but it is actually delicious

  • Sandra Mackin
    Sandra Mackin 3 months ago

    Red food colouring is a carcinogen .... I would omit the food colouring. ...

  • i want REVENGE
    i want REVENGE 3 months ago

    0:57 this looks familiar...

  • David B
    David B 3 months ago

    if you would have added cocoa and pecans, you would have had a katsup red velvet.

  • Lyric Skyes
    Lyric Skyes 3 months ago +1

    Yum! Red velvet *takes bite* is that f*****g ketchup?!

  • Sunni
    Sunni 4 months ago

    I would trick my husband with this as he loves Red Velvet Cake. 🤣

  • mr. boss
    mr. boss 4 months ago +1

    This is actual dirt

  • Roo B
    Roo B 4 months ago

    My daughter made a thunder cake in class a few years ago. The base was a can of tomatoes. Despite that I was weirded out by the Ketchup cake. I came across the recipe this evening and notice the advert on the back of my ketchup bottle. I went to their website and thought.... Emmy has to do this one. To my delight she already did! Made for enjoyable dinner entertainment. Cheers! From a Canadian.

  • Miss Eww
    Miss Eww 4 months ago +1

    A Low Budget recipe for red velvet cake....

  • ghostbeast_
    ghostbeast_ 4 months ago +1

    I have a ketchup phobia. this is extremely disturbing to me

  • Rizu Chan
    Rizu Chan 4 months ago

    I absolutely hate ketchup....

    This is my worst nightmare.

  • Anneliese Hanson
    Anneliese Hanson 4 months ago

    Seems like a very similar recipe to the King Arthur flour "Mystery Cake," which is a spice cake made with tomato soup as the secret ingredient. They often print it on the back of their flour bags.

  • Pdot 75
    Pdot 75 4 months ago

    You should make tomato soup cake!

    ASHERUISE 5 months ago


  • Denise View
    Denise View 5 months ago

    Glad you can't detect catsup. Cuz I don't like catsup.

  • kadijah adams
    kadijah adams 5 months ago +1

    This is how people get hurt at the cookout lol

  • ᛁᚱᚾᚱᛁ
    ᛁᚱᚾᚱᛁ 5 months ago


  • Southern Bella Donna
    Southern Bella Donna 5 months ago

    If you would never know it was ketchup or had anything to do with ketchup then why make a ketchup cake exactly?

  • Dallas Reinhart
    Dallas Reinhart 5 months ago

    The sad part is Heinz isn't even made with Canadian tomatoes anymore. Boycott Heinz!

  • Brooke -
    Brooke - 5 months ago

    Proud to be Canadian

  • Alina Nechiporenko
    Alina Nechiporenko 5 months ago

    Does Canada have something about tomatoes? They have tomato lays, now cake?

  • savannah itsfunnehfanzoey101 roblox

    Funneh Will be So Happy :)

  • jus
    jus 5 months ago

    You know I thought the top 10 ghost videos and paranormal videos were the dark side of TVclip and I started watching those. How the hell did I end up on the very dark side of TVclip? What the hell is this. I’m gonna have nightmares now.

  • TerribleTonyShow
    TerribleTonyShow 6 months ago

    As a canadian, I've never tasted it.

  • uhavemooface
    uhavemooface 6 months ago

    I really don't like ketchup but I would probably try eating a little bite of this cake. Other then that no thank you on the ketchup.

  • roşe møønlıghț
    roşe møønlıghț 6 months ago

    Bitch I know you fucking lying

  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson 6 months ago

    Much like Red Velvet Cake or as we called it in our family, cancer cake

  • Olga Petrova
    Olga Petrova 7 months ago

    kinda red velvet

  • Rob Brown
    Rob Brown 7 months ago

    When I was small we often had tomato soup cake with cream cheese frosting. I have the recipe if you would like it.

  • S.E. Miller
    S.E. Miller 7 months ago

    Weird... Not sure why Canada celebrates Heinz considering Heinz ketchup is an American. There was a plant in Canada but only for a short time. Anyways looks good will try making it.

  • Ohmypinkytoe
    Ohmypinkytoe 7 months ago

    Yucky balls 😂

  • Olivia Brocklehurst
    Olivia Brocklehurst 7 months ago

    i'm canadian and my grandma and my mum both made a cake with a can of tomato soup in it that i think is similar to this. i had tomato soup cake for my birthday a couple times! it's delicious, a little carrot-cake tasting with the spices, not tomato-ey, a spice cake like this one. i haven't had it in years but now i wanna try it again!

  • maria gregory
    maria gregory 7 months ago +1

    yo dis bitch dont like it u can see from her face like if u agree

  • stranayadevushka
    stranayadevushka 7 months ago

    I'll take the kitty litter cake, instead. Looks can be deceiving!

  • Midget Boy
    Midget Boy 7 months ago

    That would go good with mustard ice cream 😂

  • Adam Bryan
    Adam Bryan 7 months ago

    This is just like a Tomato Soup cake. Same concept but it uses canned Campbell's tomato condensed soup. It's delicious! Also, the red food coloring is highly unnecessary. I'd omit it. The cake would probably be more of a beige/orange color (like a spice cake) as the tomato soup cake has that color.

  • Kat35 Lulu
    Kat35 Lulu 7 months ago

    Emmy every time I bake a cake the middle ALWAYS bulges up..... how or what do you do to assure the top cooks out evenly and doesn’t “bump up” or swell up in the center? Your layers here were perfect!!!! And you’re a doll.....

  • ArmedHippy76
    ArmedHippy76 8 months ago

    Wonder how it would look without the food coloring...? :) might have to try.

  • Brian Escobar
    Brian Escobar 8 months ago

    This looks waaayyy better than how Philipsolotv made his ketchup cake😂.

  • Boi Sthap
    Boi Sthap 8 months ago

    Sooooooooo Im gonna make this cake withoooooooout the ketchup