Iron Mans TRUE HIDDEN WEAPON in Avengers EndGame

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
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  • Jack Stubbs
    Jack Stubbs 5 days ago

    I think tony will win

  • Diedra Ward
    Diedra Ward 5 days ago

    He does have a chance

  • TboyHi8
    TboyHi8 8 days ago

    Tony is dead

  • Zombie Grizzly
    Zombie Grizzly 9 days ago

    By the end of End Game there are now only 2 surviving realities. Survivors of the Thanos snap. One reality that finds Thanos leaving it to go to a 2nd alternate that we are all familiar with where he dies twice. It seems to me that Marvel can dabble in two separate realities and not more than due to the Thanos snap in all the other realities. Thoughts?

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 12 days ago


  • Redhead Update
    Redhead Update 13 days ago

    Well this ended up completely irrelevant except for the Tony Stark saving the day

  • Yousef Hossaink
    Yousef Hossaink 14 days ago


  • Salvatore Colella
    Salvatore Colella 17 days ago

    Tony has a 100 % chance

  • Sajjad’s Life
    Sajjad’s Life 19 days ago

    he dies

  • Marshmallow Marshmallow


  • Rick Dejager
    Rick Dejager 25 days ago

    And I'm a kid by the way using my grandpa's account

  • Rick Dejager
    Rick Dejager 25 days ago


  • Noah Branch
    Noah Branch 26 days ago

    I am Ironman

  • Wyatt Lockwood
    Wyatt Lockwood 26 days ago

    Yes he does

  • Devin Dawson
    Devin Dawson 26 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Emie Abadinas
    Emie Abadinas 26 days ago

    Tony really can kill thanos

  • evi erlin
    evi erlin 26 days ago

    And tony will snap in endgame sorry i spoil it

  • Baby Criss
    Baby Criss 27 days ago

    I did it!

  • Exekiel Nodora
    Exekiel Nodora 27 days ago


  • EsJuan2023'_' _
    EsJuan2023'_' _ 28 days ago

    Anyone else watching this when end game alredy came out '_'

  • maruf boss678
    maruf boss678 28 days ago

    Is there a movie of average vs thanos in animation ???
    If there is so what is its name or the website to download it???

  • Stunky Squad
    Stunky Squad 29 days ago

    He can kill thanos

  • poundoxx croxyy
    poundoxx croxyy 29 days ago

    Ding dong

  • Sammy J Storm
    Sammy J Storm 29 days ago

    I believe Iron Man can destroy Tanos

  • Refael Gez
    Refael Gez 29 days ago

    I think Marvel could save tony by a so many ways, it's sucks that he died at the end...
    The secret weapon could be the reactor, or something new with the element that tony discovered, or even new suit with better nano tech.
    Thanks for the giveaway and great content!

  • Manoj Singh Negi
    Manoj Singh Negi 29 days ago

    actully thanos was the real father of tony stark.

  • Manoj Singh Negi
    Manoj Singh Negi 29 days ago

    kitna chutiya katoge janta ka. sub ne ek hi filam dekhi. to bhosadiwalo tumari teen ankhe hn kya jo kuch jyada hi fikh jata h tumko

  • Darian Franklin
    Darian Franklin 29 days ago

    Love it

  • Logan Mosquera
    Logan Mosquera Month ago


  • Jasmine Soans
    Jasmine Soans Month ago +1

    Really smart

  • Kiki & Nino's adventures

    I loved endgame

    FRUIT QUALUIT Month ago

    Hang on a minute, if you can't use the stones against each other then how was thanos able to destroy the stones with the stones if this establishes that they cannot be used against each other?????

      FRUIT QUALUIT Month ago

      But the avengers didn't destroy the stones, thanos did and he only had the original 5 so was he able to do it?

    • Patrick Ularte
      Patrick Ularte Month ago

      Against each other right?..they didnt say against it self.... Maybe they cant use the blue stone against the red stone.. They duplicate the stones so they used red stone against redstones

  • Richard Bergeron
    Richard Bergeron Month ago

    All the science in the avengers is as real as the realm world of Cinderella...

  • Jk Lg
    Jk Lg Month ago

    Has a chance to defeat Danielson game

  • jessica robertson
    jessica robertson Month ago

    The weapon is his brain

  • Dora Juarez
    Dora Juarez Month ago

    Ego MCU the ego stone

  • Nancy Lira
    Nancy Lira Month ago

    Spolet aleret

    YO MAMA TV Month ago

    He can beat thanos

  • angie choi
    angie choi Month ago

    Tony has a chance in endgame

  • Cale StJohn
    Cale StJohn Month ago


  • Alla Khelly
    Alla Khelly Month ago


  • lego boss
    lego boss Month ago

    ironman dies in end game

  • sankar dude
    sankar dude Month ago

    When u find it u will die

  • Skife X
    Skife X Month ago

    He dose

  • Sergej Apostolovski

    Tony will snap with the gauntlent

  • Melissa Dunn
    Melissa Dunn Month ago


  • Gamex2304
    Gamex2304 Month ago

    Spoiler alert

    Love You 3000 Tony ❤️❤️

  • EEmpatNoTujuh Tejoyuwono

    I am MCU

  • Pam price
    Pam price Month ago

    I think he dos

  • Myles Olson
    Myles Olson Month ago

    It’s his brain

  • Myles Olson
    Myles Olson Month ago

    Yeah he wins

  • Patrick Maldonado
    Patrick Maldonado Month ago

    Tony will

  • bunnywonny //
    bunnywonny // Month ago

    his fingers.

  • Girlie Jose
    Girlie Jose Month ago

    He definetly snap him

  • SavMass Gacha life/Fortnite


  • Hybrid_Robin
    Hybrid_Robin Month ago

    Yes I think so

  • BEAR G
    BEAR G Month ago


    DOUBLE D Month ago

    Tony is but the most adaptive avenger but if I had the money resources and adaptability that tony has I would find a way to combine the stark tech iron man suits with the ant man suit and than figure out how to conduct the power of all 6 stones in both tandem and sequential use I’d ligit find a way to be the the greatest soldier of all time and than I would use the stones to fix all the problems of the multiverse

    • DOUBLE D
      DOUBLE D Month ago

      Oh btw I would also incorporate Thor’s hammer and axe as well as capts shield hawkeyes bow and the hulk buster as well as the speed of quick silver and than attach web slingers to the wrists and last but not least the abilities of doctor strange wich I would have downloaded into the data bank of my A.I so my suit can utilize all of this and I can activate all of these things with my mind

  • Popoy Porsuelo
    Popoy Porsuelo Month ago +1

    Mark 1 to Mark 85

  • AndrewTV The Gamer
    AndrewTV The Gamer Month ago

    I bet he Snaps Thanos

  • Niko Celjo
    Niko Celjo Month ago


  • Toxic
    Toxic Month ago

    Who here after Avengers Endgame

  • Christine Tarquinio

    Tony hAs a chance i know it because I saw the movie

  • Beau Krastel
    Beau Krastel Month ago +1

    His true hidden weopen his......HEART❤😭 rip tony stark

  • gwizzzkid
    gwizzzkid Month ago

    I believe tony has a chance to beat thanos but after I do t think it will end well

  • Armando Señires
    Armando Señires Month ago

    Yes but tone stark died

  • ranjit thiyam
    ranjit thiyam Month ago +1

    Tony will win against thanos

  • Orlando Ordanza
    Orlando Ordanza Month ago

    I believe

  • Danyae Dmacky101
    Danyae Dmacky101 Month ago

    I saw endgame and it does not end well for tony

  • Damien Fast
    Damien Fast Month ago

    With the infinite stones or the snap

  • Matt Berry
    Matt Berry Month ago

    I think he does.. lol and i did all the steps

  • AJ The Great
    AJ The Great Month ago

    I think iron Man has a big chance to kill him but he might need a little help# I love your videos

  • Kristin Chiong
    Kristin Chiong Month ago

    I want that gauntlet

  • Brandon Eric Rumbo
    Brandon Eric Rumbo Month ago


  • MooCow
    MooCow Month ago +1

    Tony stark's most powerful weapon is flex seal

  • keith banks
    keith banks Month ago


  • Amanda Felver
    Amanda Felver Month ago


  • Maddi Duke
    Maddi Duke Month ago

    Iron Mans most op weapon.

    Thanos blood

  • TheFortniteDiamondFilms

    I think he has a chance

    KNB KING BIRD Month ago


  • Tyrone love roblox Brown

    He will beat thanos ass

  • Zach Boden
    Zach Boden Month ago


  • TTV Duck
    TTV Duck Month ago

    Your give away is a rip-off, because the time stone is blue instead of green

    • Dash Star
      Dash Star  Month ago

      It's an official marvel one so no

  • Alisa Johns
    Alisa Johns Month ago

    Im just realizing now that the Ark Reactor could be why Tony could snap easily, while Bruce-Hulk struggled. It absorbed enough energy to make it easy, but sadly still wasn't perfect enough to absorb all of it, therefore he sadly died from the immense power. RIP 3000

  • EbicGamer
    EbicGamer Month ago

    after all these theories that came before endgame, it really makes endgame look disappointing

  • CChristopher Medina

    Is it me or that bold guy remind me of thanos

  • Renzell Cabanting
    Renzell Cabanting Month ago


  • Ownage Is_our_dad
    Ownage Is_our_dad Month ago

    Nano tech

  • Joshua Ramos
    Joshua Ramos Month ago


  • Shon Hender
    Shon Hender Month ago +1

    I think he does

  • Drew Higgins
    Drew Higgins Month ago +3

    Tony was able to make thanos bleed in endgame so he might stand a chance since he knows thanos's weaknesses

  • MR T
    MR T Month ago


  • Ken Nguyen
    Ken Nguyen Month ago

    Yea he does thanos probably would stand a chance but Tony has a 67%

  • Kelli Menear
    Kelli Menear Month ago

    Yes he does Iron Man can


    His true weapon his mind

  • Farouq Merican
    Farouq Merican Month ago

    He will take the gauntlet and snap his finger

  • Anthony Martinez
    Anthony Martinez Month ago


  • spy arsanal
    spy arsanal Month ago

    i want that gauntlet

  • nestor ricafort
    nestor ricafort Month ago

    He will win and give the infinite gotlet

  • Green apple Fruitubers

    He has