Iron Mans TRUE HIDDEN WEAPON in Avengers EndGame

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
    Thumbnail art by: ultraraw26
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  • Dj Ganaban
    Dj Ganaban 3 days ago


  • Andrew Villavicencio
    Andrew Villavicencio 16 days ago

    i do

  • Adnan Baso
    Adnan Baso 19 days ago

    He have chanse

  • Xavier Albeza
    Xavier Albeza 21 day ago

    Yes he has

  • Shxmixx Hxzrixx
    Shxmixx Hxzrixx 21 day ago

    Tony Stark is very genius

  • zah Xd GAMING
    zah Xd GAMING 27 days ago

    Tony strk legend

    SFS PRO DESIGNER 29 days ago

    Good bye stark 😭😭😭

  • Mehul Kumar
    Mehul Kumar Month ago


  • Ebaby O
    Ebaby O Month ago

    I think the we pen is the infinitegolnet

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Month ago

    I think he can

  • Lindsey Guffey
    Lindsey Guffey Month ago

    iron man died

  • Tyler Batti
    Tyler Batti Month ago

    You or cool

  • it's just charlie
    it's just charlie Month ago

    Tony bait Vanos by snapping him

  • Josh B
    Josh B Month ago

    MCU was the worst version of marvel I've ever seen especially the civil war arc.

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green Month ago

    This probably would have gone down if Thanos was still alive but they killed him off far too quickly in endgame that Tony wasn't focusing on a way to kill someone who was already dead. Instead, focusing on reversing what was already done. Had Thanos been alive, we would have seen a way better suit than the one in Infinity War to prepare for the fight that none of the avengers saw coming in the end

  • Topper Barnard
    Topper Barnard Month ago


  • Ironbulldog
    Ironbulldog Month ago

    R.i.p Ironman

  • unathi mlonzi
    unathi mlonzi Month ago

    Yes yes he has a 12345678910 percent of a chance

  • James Lee
    James Lee Month ago +2

    I think the avengers will win because I have watched it No spoilers!!!

  • Evan Emgushov
    Evan Emgushov Month ago +1

    I Want Tony Stark/Iron Man To win over Thanos

  • Super Mecha Death Christ

    why didnt thanos just snap in double or triple the resources for the universe? instead of killing half the population? isnt that his whole argument that not enough resources? then again we wouldnt have a cool movie to watch if that were the case...

  • Sahil Hosssin
    Sahil Hosssin 2 months ago

    Tony has a chance to defeat thanos

  • Andrewsuperawesome channel


  • mattimus
    mattimus 2 months ago


  • Kervin Vinie Montero
    Kervin Vinie Montero 2 months ago


  • Von Isidro
    Von Isidro 2 months ago


  • Babukhali Mgps4
    Babukhali Mgps4 2 months ago

    Well.he is the only avenger whom thanos feared

  • Austinplays _
    Austinplays _ 2 months ago

    Iron man killed thanos he definitely stands a chance against thanos

  • Marsha Hayden
    Marsha Hayden 2 months ago

    If the stones don't work against each other then how did Thanos hurt Dr strange with the Stones? hmmm

  • Gerald Smith
    Gerald Smith 3 months ago

    His mind and soul was his best weapon

  • Shoba Vass
    Shoba Vass 3 months ago

    i dony think iron man can beat thanos i know he can bet thanos

  • Mel Dumayag
    Mel Dumayag 3 months ago

    iron man has a chance beacuse of his father

  • Dark Sider
    Dark Sider 3 months ago


  • gab C
    gab C 3 months ago

    Holy tallido Batman
    The Birdman Just gave me the bird

  • Luis Mejia
    Luis Mejia 3 months ago +2

    Remember when tony made thanos bleed he should have used the sword instead and cut his head off.

    MEGA F4IL 3 months ago


  • gab C
    gab C 3 months ago

    Tony Starks secret hidden weapon has got to be his middle finger
    Otherwise known as the iron man bird

  • Renata Karaseviciute
    Renata Karaseviciute 3 months ago


  • Nihal Mohd
    Nihal Mohd 3 months ago

    I think iron man is back

  • john Mwale
    john Mwale 3 months ago

    he has a chance

  • Nathan Rull
    Nathan Rull 3 months ago


  • Walter Faherty
    Walter Faherty 3 months ago

    Interesting explanation of the endgame movie(which i have not yet seen)

  • Hamdi Maxamed
    Hamdi Maxamed 3 months ago

    Tony is worthy of thorns gamer

  • Gato Naranja
    Gato Naranja 3 months ago +1

    (Stones cant be used against each other)
    Thanos: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Chase Levy
    Chase Levy 3 months ago

    Badassium more like badf&$kium

  • subashkannan360*
    subashkannan360* 3 months ago
    Wayanad kurumbalakotta kerala

  • alijah allen
    alijah allen 3 months ago

    I do

  • Donna Ulanday Ulanday Donna

    I watched endgame so he deafeted him

  • Jack Stubbs
    Jack Stubbs 4 months ago

    I think tony will win

  • Diedra Ward
    Diedra Ward 4 months ago

    He does have a chance

  • TboyHi8
    TboyHi8 4 months ago

    Tony is dead

  • Zombie Grizzly
    Zombie Grizzly 4 months ago

    By the end of End Game there are now only 2 surviving realities. Survivors of the Thanos snap. One reality that finds Thanos leaving it to go to a 2nd alternate that we are all familiar with where he dies twice. It seems to me that Marvel can dabble in two separate realities and not more than due to the Thanos snap in all the other realities. Thoughts?

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson 4 months ago


  • Redhead Update
    Redhead Update 4 months ago

    Well this ended up completely irrelevant except for the Tony Stark saving the day

  • Yousef Hossaink
    Yousef Hossaink 4 months ago


  • The creative Cousins
    The creative Cousins 4 months ago

    Tony has a 100 % chance

  • Sajjad’s Life
    Sajjad’s Life 4 months ago

    he dies

  • Rick Dejager
    Rick Dejager 4 months ago

    And I'm a kid by the way using my grandpa's account

  • Rick Dejager
    Rick Dejager 4 months ago